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[Comments] (1) taking it to the mattresses: Susie and I watched the final episode of the Golden Girls the other day and Susie wondered about the ending. I told her it's because Dorothy wanted off the show but the rest wanted to keep going so that's why they married her off and ended it that way. This led to a discussion of spin offs and sequels.

We couldn't really think of any successful spin offs other than Frasier, spun off from Cheers. But it's entirely possible there are other successful ones we aren't aware are spin offs. Then we got to talking about sequels, like the Godfather, which every man alive loves to quote and which I actually haven't seen. Any of them. Shame on me, I know.

So. Taking it to the mattresses. Our mattress here is the pits. It's horrible. I'm tempted to start sleeping on the hard tiled floors. I think in my life I have only slept on one bed that was worse. It was in Mysore. So I wake up grumpy every day because of this. And because of Dalton's lovely pre-7 am wake up calls.

So today my driver was late. Again. He doesn't tell me he'll be late until he's supposed to be here. Normally he sends another EY driver sitting across the street at work doing nothing to come and get me, but the last two times I've had to wait 15+ minutes downstairs in the heat for him to come. So today I walked. Then I called Sandeep and told him the next time I walk to work is the last day of his employment with me. I probably should have had this conversation with him long ago. But better late than never.

He kept saying sorry sir on the phone to me and I didn't know how to respond. He should be sorry. It's not ok, so that obligatory phrase was of no use to me. I really just wanted to tell him to show me he's sorry rather than tell me by being on time going forward. But TII.

This happened to Susie on Sunday as well. The First Counsellor in the Branch Presidency wants his daughter to learn piano. Have keyboard, will travel, he said. We arranged for 5 pm Friday's at our house. At least then it's the least amount of work for us since not one person has yet to offer to PAY us for our time here giving lessons. I'm sure you can guess the ending. Never showed. Never called. Sunday he apologized. Again, we didn't know what to say. We didn't want to say "It's ok" because it's not. It's rude actually. But we also really don't care about his daughter's piano career since we're leaving in nine weeks. So what is the appropriate phrase here?

In all fairness, some success stories from the last few days include: I taught EQ on Sunday. It went GREAT! The class participated a lot and so I didn't have to do much.

Our internet died last TH night. TII. Friday morning we called Airtel, who told us in very plain English someone would come to the house by 2:30 pm. And they did! And they fixed it! Amazing, considering we are still missing a light fixture the grinch took to fix since it wouldn't light on one side. That was months ago yet we still stare at a hole in the wall. Kudos Airtel! US customer service for the first time in nine months!


Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 30 2011 08:02

Airtel phone customer service was exactly like calling customer service in the US, only now I am more used to the Indian accent.


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