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Happy Ramzan: What a full day! Said day began with me going to Big Bazaar at the appointed opening time, 10 am, for my prepaid pedicure, only to leave 10:30 grumpy and empty-handed. I got a call at 11 asking where I went. I said I have to be at work at 11:30 so I had to leave. THEY had the audacity to be upset with ME. If you don't want to open at 10, then don't. The sales guy tried to tell me that the pedicurist was caught in traffic but that's a total lie. Today is a holiday here, Ramzan, the last day of Ramadan, and traffic was nil. I went back after work and finally got served.

Work was a hoot today, with the US scratching their heads saying "What holiday?" It's not MY fault the firm doesn't publicize the Indian holidays. They really should though, since we work so closely with each other. The US firm also doesn't understand that here a holiday means business. Yes, I know I've had to work Easter, of all things, but don't expect that here. It just won't happen. And I for one am glad of that. Otherwise work was a half day and it was fine.

Tomorrow we do it all over again as it is Ganesh's birthday, so everyone celebrates by polluting local lakes and rivers. No, really. They all buy fake painted statues and bathe them in the river. And when they are done, they leave the statues in the lakes slash rivers. I'm very curious.

Tonight while I post we are bonding as a family watching the Roadrunner foil Wiley Coyote's plans. It's the first time the kids have seen Looney Tunes and they are LOVING it! Especially Dalton, who keeps squealing. Other recent kids shows we have found here include Rich E Rich, Baby Looney Tunes, Thomas the Train, and some show called Dragon Tails where two little kids can transport between our world and a Dragon world. Maggie loves that one.

As much as I am a huge Disney fan, I actually much prefer these old shows to the horror that is Fish Hooks, Fineas and Ferb, etc. I may sound old, but I don't care. They just don't make cartoons like they used to.

Lastly, a coworker gave me a book for my BD and I finally got around to reading it today waiting for my pedicures. It is called Five point someone and is a fun read and the author keeps it real. I may have to read more Indian books before I go home.


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