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Happy Birthday Elephant Man: Yesterday was Ganesh's birthday, which involves street marching bands and giving Ganesh a bath!

I celebrated by getting up super early with the kids, going to the gym once Susie was awake, worked for three hours, then went to Papa John's without the kids. Susie and I only ordered bread sticks. Four orders of them, actually. We ate two yesterday, brought one home to have with our pear-walnut salad for dinner, and I brought a box of them to work for lunch today. The total price of all of this was cheaper than one pepperoni pizza, which seemed to upset the staff there, who really wanted us to order pizza.

I haven't been to Papa John's since mid-June. I've probably been there three times while we have lived here. Yet one of the coworkers came over and asked about Dalton. Not Maggie; just Dalton. It pays to be friendly!

Today I am leaving work early to play the piano for an LDS wedding. I've been warned the wedding may not start on time. TII and all that. Well. They get a 60 minute window and if it starts later than that, they lose their piano player. Someone told Susie a wedding was delayed once for four hours. Barring the bride or the groom being missing, I cannot imagine any good reason for this. All it does is reinforce the bad behavior that being late is ok. So today I'm potentially taking a stand. Here's hoping it won't come to that.


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