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[Comments] (1) epic win?: I had Jodi bring a whole box of Instant Breakfast with her to India. The kids previously would not drink India milk, especially Maggie. I was very worried about her calcium intake. Well, now the kids think Instant Breakfast is chocolate milk and ask for it every day. Finally some calcium back in their diets. Yay for strong bones! And since it's not really chocolate milk, double yay for those other 42 vitamins and minerals probably not found in Indian food.

I seriously cannot handle shopping here. Last night I had to work late, given the busy season and a late call I had. So I decided I better grab a bag of banana chips at FoodWorld to tide me over until I could eat real dinner at 9 pm when I got home.

How educated people can simply ignore the fact that I was waiting to check out before they were and shove their way in front of me, shoving their food vouchers and purchases in the cashier's face, is not only insulting, but revolting. Who the hell do they think they are? I know I've blogged about this before, and I'll probably blog about it again. But being a CPA and all, I like order, and not chaos. The rudeness of some people here is surprising, given the extreme courtesy of others. I personally blame the caste system, which is even more revolting. Talk about your ultimate entitlement generation.


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