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Here comes the bride: Today was the big wedding. It only started 40 minutes late. We're told Indian weddings must start on time because not only is the wedding date chosen by an astrologer, but the time must also be auspicious. But on Mormon Standard Time, anytime will do.

Of course they changed the closing hymn on me at the last minute and asked me to play here comes the bride, which I don't have memorized, at the last minute as well. I instead played one of those instrumental numbers out of the back of the Primary Songbook, because those I know. It never ceases to amaze me how last minute things can be here, and how surprised everyone is when things go ka-boom.

I knew the wedding would be delayed when we got there at 2:30 and no one else was there, not even the bride and groom.

Sandeep wanted to watch me play but I also think he was uncomfortable at the wedding because he only stayed for about 5 minutes, which was long enough for me to play the opening song.

After the branch president wed the couple, I later realized he didn't instruct the groom to kiss the bride. It felt like something was indeed missing, but such an ending would not have been appropriate in India anyhow.

Dinner was at UB City, as we knew they would be open at 5 pm (most Indian restaurants close from 3-7). The French restaurant had the biggest croisants I'd ever seen so we got a bunch to go for breakfast tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last working Saturday in India, followed by a Priesthood meeting in the evening. Not the most exciting Saturday but at least it's something to do.


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