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[Comments] (1) great expectations: Busy season is now more than halfway over. Winter is now more than halfway over. The sun is shining, the work flow is steadying, and life is re-gaining some important balance. For now.

I LOVE my new car. And I LOVE my new iPhone. And they LOVE each other. Not only can my car place/receive calls on behalf of my iPhone, but I have now synced the two in other ways. For example, my iPhone has the scriptures, latest conference talks, and the yearly lesson manual uploaded. If I get in my car, I can pick a topic, push play, turn on my car stereo, and voila, I'm listening to the Prophet in the car. On my phone. In the 21st century. What an amazing discovery! Much like the invention of the wheel, fire, etc, this is a life-changing event for me.

I'm still travelling quite a bit for work. I TRY to only go to Irvine every other week but this week required an impromptu two-day jaunt down. Susie said that Dalton cried when she told him I was on an airplane, which is how we describe these trips to the kids. I miss him too, the little guy. The travel has become onerous and the only solution to the problem requires us to move to Irvine. Which we have committed to do come July, in between school years for Maggie. It's a catch 22. It's a much improved work environment for me there, and I love the weather and all the fun stuff to do, but it is expensive and it does mean leaving family behind. But overall I like the idea of raising a family outside Utah, and overall I like the idea of liking my job, which I do down there, so I guess there you have it. In the meantime, we are trying to enjoy the Beehive State until the last.


Posted by Erin at Sat Mar 03 2012 14:45

Sad to hear your moving far away again. I know we don't see you enough now that you live here but I really enjoy the times we do. I will miss seeing the kids grow up but thankfully Susie does a great job keeping us up to date with pictures and cute things the kids do and say. I understand you guys have to do whats best for your job so you can be available at home more often. Best of luck! At least we'll have a reason to come to Disneyland soon!

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