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[Comments] (2) the year wrung in: Poor Dalton is so sick. He just lays there, the poor thing, and wakes himself up with fits of coughing. I hope he feels better soon.

On the road again. Trying a new place to stay; the jury is still out. I guess if I'm honest with myself it's nicer than where I lived for 11 months in that good enough though? I guess I've found my new go-to litmus test for everything in life.

I'm sad Christmas is over. It's a nice time of year. January, on the other hand, is normally NOT a nice time of the year. The older I get, the more I realize that Christmas can have a profound affect on a person; especially when one did Christmas the unconventional way the year before. But I'm also learning that each Christmas season hits me in different ways. This season I didn't care so much to watch Christmas shows; I didn't even crack open a few of them. But I did listen to more Christmas music and I did celebrate it more with the kids.

The older I get the tougher life gets and the more things like Christmas help make life fun. My kids make life a lot of fun, when I'm not worried about them getting sick or hurt or they aren't whining or complaining or costing me lots of money in diapers. I used to think it was holding onto the good moments that mattered, but now that I see how infrequent they come, I think it's finding the good in the tough times that really matter. Which is hard to do.


Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 04 2012 13:55

Finding good in the tough times: sick kids like to snuggle!

Posted by Sumana at Sat Jan 07 2012 21:17

it's finding the good in the tough times that really matter. Which is hard to do.

yes yes yes!

It's like some kind of weird emotional arbitrage. If you can find happiness (profit) where an ordinary person wouldn't, you win! Or something.


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