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[Comments] (2) thanks for the Medicare: I got on a plane Tuesday morning, although I have not been feeling great lately. While we were landing, my ear started really hurting. After the hurt stopped, I realized I couldn't hear out of it. Scary, right?

So after I landed I rented a car and used my iPhone to find a nearby urgent care that takes United. Not too bad. Waited about an hour, all the time freaking out at my lack of hearing. Turns out I have two ear infections, the worst this doctor had ever seen as an adult. I am not normally prone to such things but they are contagious and Maggie has had five this year so go figure, right? He gave me an Rx for antibiotics as well as for some steroids, which supposedly would help my inner tube to stop swelling, allowing me to hear again. Off to CVS!

I think CVS could tell I was not in good shape because they were super quick with filling the Rx for me. The steroids taste nasty and the Penicillin is as big as a horse pill. On top of that, I had to take 8 pills yesterday, 7 today, etc until the steroids are gone then continue the Amoxicilin until it runs out. This morning I awoke to being able to hear again, though it's still a little fuzzy. All day yesterday was indeed trippy.

I'm a little nervous to get back on a plane tomorrow night but at least I get to sit in first class going home!

Being on a work trip is a Catch 22 when sick. I miss having someone take care of me but my hotel is really nice and is also void of two noisy kids and all that entails.

I slept for 13 hours last night and am still tired but doing ok. You just don't appreciate things until you have to do without. I now really appreciate my hearing. And just to keep from jinxing myself, I also really appreciate my eyesight, use of four limbs, sense of taste, ability to talk, and the hair on my head (although methinks that ship has already sailed).


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