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i love my kids: I have some very sweet kids. I got up to bear my testimony on Sunday but someone beat me to it so I sat and the stand waiting my turn to speak. Dalton came running up and wanted to bear his testimony as well. Usually for little kids that want to do this, they just say what their parent whispers in their ear. I don't really like that. So instead Dalton recited the third article of faith, which he has memorized (has has memorized the first 5): "We believe that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel."

Since it was fast sunday, I fasted asking for help with my oh so fun medical issues. I broke my fast after church and was praying by my bedside. Maggie came in a few minutes later and said she saw me praying so she went to her room and prayed as well. When I asked what she prayed for, she said for me to feel better. So sweet. Maggie has passed off all 13 articles of faith, the first in the junior primary to do so.

Not a day goes by that Maggie doesn't impress me with her skills (she is an excellent artist in particular), Dalton doesn't make me laugh with something he says, and Sienna doesn't melt my heart with her smile. She's my evening walking companion on my daily constitutional and I think she enjoys these jaunts as much as I enjoy them. I love my kids!

party of five: It's so much fun watching my little family become less little, both in population and in age. We spent a wonderful day together, and all brought home a piece of the sun from Legoland as proof. My arms are slightly burned; Susie, her chest; Maggie and Sienna, their faces. Dalton may have escaped safe but since we wore him out and he fell asleep in the car on the way home, a full examination is still pending.

The drive to Legoland is about an hour, which is not ideal, but it's a beautiful drive along the coast.

: It doesn't matter how many times we sing "Child's Prayer" in Primary, I still get teary eyed. Which is not good, since I'm the one playing the piano.

the way we were: Recent life highlights include:

1. Maggie fasting for Grandpa (she is suddenly interested in fasting).

2. Watching the original Star Wars series with the kids.

3. Getting extremely irritated with my career.

4. Learning more about birds than I really care to, because Maggie is into birds.

5. Trying to identify all the seed pods on different trees in our neighborhood, again because Maggie is interested.

6. Having Dalton shanghai all my evening constitutionals with Sienna into play dates at the park in the dark (daddy I want to go on your walk quickly turns into playing at the park, because every direction we could possibly walk in, there is a park!)

7. The Primary Program. I'm glad it's over.

8. Halloween. Our neighborhood does it right! I've never seen such a concentration of homes totally into Halloween! And the best part is, being on the corner, no one comes to our house so we can all go out as a family (dressed as Wreck It Ralph. Plus an owl).

9. Enjoying a wide range of weather. Some days are sunny and 80 (in November) and some days are foggy and 65. Love them both!

10. Watching my kids grow. In particular, Sienna. She loves the stairs.

ring out wild bells: Last week I was fortunate enough to have a 5-day Thanksgiving holiday, which inevitably meant I worked 2 hours a day rather than 14. Nothing beats trying to review a Chinese tax provision with a belly full of tryptophan.

Then Sunday night I took a red eye to Florida. The hotel, weather, and ambiance were very nice, and I actually slept well on the flight. The bummer was going from 50 degree weather to 80 degree weather and back again apparently reduced my defenses and now I'm sick. And I got to work those fun 14 hours days in Florida to boot. But it sure looked nice outside.

The 3-hour time change is, of course, no friend of mine either. I'm beginning now to see the immense benefit India has by being all in one time zone, even if it means they are 30 minutes off the rest of the world.

With three kids, a spouse, a demanding job, and a plethora of hobbies, I find myself constantly chasing time. I pine for the days when I wanted time to move forward. I suppose I'll see those days again in my twilight years. Until then, I merely hold on.


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