Amazon Prime

Being the prime-numbered words (2, 3, 5, ..., 150343) of Alfred Russel Wallace's Travels on the Amazon, uncovered by Leonard Richardson.

earnest desire visit tropical the of life to to all wonders delighted in narratives the break and ties Some endless reigns Pará by Voyage going account its and little of my collections have enabled in contemplation objects deep the of have such have upon me look and have of journeys impressions first last all years my by burning homeward fragmentary and intermediate and tribes had my the that and every will into of of work to a and October is proof have few have have been which edition are vocabularies and unsuitable PARKSTONE CONTENTS of its costumes of inhabitants virgin

Milk-tree trees and Magoary monkeys bats THE River Gomez his Jambouassú inhabitants wasps the houses nocturnal Blue A country IV AND Birds island habits and abundance Visit 57 Natterer insects sight St Cane-field Explanation Return CHAPTER MONTEALEGRE and remedy cave Victoria insects tidal Obydos Nova 92 Negro Barra trade Journey of to Strangers Visit Senhor party CHAPTER Upper of and polite new family river Serra to CHAPTER Serra Indian and serpents Walk A of Javita inhabitants Guía Rapid An Festival provisions earthworms grand The cigar the Poisoning Annoying THE a A A and Start and cataracts music An family Jesuino

Voyage Jauarité São the of storm the tale fever for days Get up of XIV PHYSICAL AMAZON MAP the TRAVELS I Sensitive of that passage twenty-nine we southern our South In on up distinguished the calmness discoloured shore at of a by sight presence tropical nature the and crews Indians of churches occupy attention officers allowed go 15,000 ground of to It the over by tribes most part that present of which can not and and The of of the below the wooded with tops above surface of trees the picturing beheld we to house and to and engaged For

were in neighbourhood presenting familiarising the our Finding to which could and used sleeping very on and required hired regularly house-keeping natural country previous trip had hot and over sea-voyage with as from can such strikes once whole sought With the different out observed in habits us This case places of time peculiarities costume forms the will on that description observe erroneous cause one be week in I looking is and required thick even by it we been the last the of my been out extensive buildings and of of and between rotten a strange unsightly squares and houses various

everywhere bear paths vegetation plants here rushes of The in the often very a are a rough comparison either the which sand built over hung the and either and the and but now and of a and by country-houses storey rooms is wilderness into flower-garden preferred There want neatness of be painful seen climate floors and look be The present most who Negro the and and experienced The great in coat look the The a of material women black very worn clothing general the coloured or years ears and they the that natural tropics my This accounts the and of

Our arrived may the palm-trees too characteristic elegant their give of was what found are appearance own forest-trees very the forms stems that and These city second a town height on and shining the and with and seen enough wanting to so sought we every tropical dull flowers quite houses were Solanums to grows high large leaves resembles bitter-sweet climb or of the and scarlet they other flowers less or trees of yellow but gentle others make exhibit any of more less purpose from of number orange-trees that cheap with of or cotton-tree leaves adapted much thicket such or for

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the strong species ground size them on annoying and very which and the we but and the Cassicus its in of flying pretty This variety as render the tanager jacapa here yellow-breasted tooo-too-to-to-t-t-t quicker a anvil goat-suckers One conversation The did the below during mornings evenings shower the eight about and sit in which accustomed consider add river brought voyage in killed day's and to About a be going the a a of rather when it is in the food the or is from forms of rice Isidora cook roasts and to appetite we nothing Brazilian its Mills Saüba Wasps

The Boa there Those the churches The same more They church with miscellaneous all the and glory a with presence termination a place some be of not of at off for and upon ceremony Por and the amusements succeeded house Nazaré city a extending and forest fruit pay equal £2 for could of our as wants which consists paper the the unit which decimal and complicated as the in part the current are 7½_d now quite less value soon down value restamped with it for The has of scarcely and the up and There three the fruit-trees The stout as

bichos soon One which caught He When very answers probable not inflicting During of to and should of Pará species Maraja small fruit taste thirty house tropical The orange return leaf that from Borlaz us pulp nuts resembling healthy ourselves to ants horrified to in near and directions the some where difficulty prey at 's of so prized started to to proprietor Mr about miles height and characteristics feet and which trunks waiting together form cable of they the the kinds Some from eight ten be on three such room pieces other as a stems together furrowed in run a

curious which their on legs beneath Arums at all very of have these defined forests Humboldt of have trembling the leaves glossy a Flowers between Orchideæ then On broad fruits the they their consisted few found all with a on lower esmeralda insects gigantic our us to that deficiency to modified not and birds which and one attention in interesting hours We Leavens we round saw has a a by which streams who millwright is manner rather about being allowed of the a diameter communicates crank saw the large thus the sufficiently whole requires platform back of main and on

shaft which frame manner saw the used in several or way trunks milk with enormous The size a a juicy But cut a slight distinguished ordered had sap basin brought improve and good informed a and well glue as of this a pieces it done years sound substance but having not rice-mills rice its two as grinding by stones iron of in very forced wires rub grain quantity by operation whole is blow finally sheepskin fit rice to shows or in there enough portion mills mill-feeder and by into forest Bemteví of morning of great monkeys in and milk farinha

the in only It in up cakes can pulled pepper forms and After Negro that basket hold out reached full among us place a called manufacture inquired the it usual of our Our much well with learned disposition when in wanted and a in state time instruction series trees rather to say gargling bark the said tall for This of curious one understand in of large good wood the he of the had wood height a four the foliage most grew foliage other similar that palm and of the ground on so person the head three ones the covered of

feet around some dinner by quiet India-rubber-tree in a the box all in the we made business more and of religion with turned with that improved season much the two shrub much plant be A plentiful sent most shrubs delicate extraordinary of out singular of pink was abundant fragrant on are cebola eaten birds convey decaying such into At road-side which Mucujá trees will them a of deep millions honeyed great of many a of seen above future Brazil in was and black lavish for things to 6_d twopence which they bring ten it rapid it have Negroes be if

join animal in sometimes the pleasing in Peru or to industry insect insect English much great strip a often hurrying small from is a surrounded from so them numbers readily quantities earth constantly rather to undersides are shelter two others cardboard are in their till appear they and larger of long extend our at a the of could I wound into bag eggs distinguishable a first irritation extracted grows neglected dreaded visit our to the morning lying anchor mills we to rather little that of there so much baling time very miles and voyage picturesque the insignificant of the clothed

into some on shoot the Assai and convolvuluses o'clock stretch sitio covered the out the the into for turn and quite an paths We bath with morning us show eight of walk late but expeditions curiosity the and animals were us creepers were branches manakins making noise me greatest my acquaintance man among to his above have him it day a soon cocked Presently about leaping one greatest too safety delicate hands was for it without new and meat and a flew the I wanted floral about Larangeiras Commandante clay bananas a filled has eaten relish to to which specimens

trees the between melted perhaps grounds Brazil-nut large houses book good to three a at mill During carried with Portuguese a was called appeared and which an This a to forget away waving rapaz day an had most streams clotted from as bats to it patient of matter and places in places been engaged good from countries nearly obstructed bringing the of only for miles and season containing quantities fitting said the which pine a of from woodman of great are be first bring for purpose determined in so mills Pará by from lately by effect all Indians for fear

checked the been repeated of Government of revolution cause impressed fighting both and any population of Portuguese about the a left inspection the the appeared respiration long thick Here three clog open suspicious curl and at to the most escaping a inspirations it Though food the are close are them round then home who little face a on a with of It its leaf which remaining the hoping doubt anything now England of 400 400 trip forward a I sp the are CHAPTER and his Search Inhabitants District Men an Blue Turtles of had to of roughly convenient a and

of cedar-boards when not and long guns our with tea crockery pretty Alexander Domingo was before we without boat in passports and ship a such the by from to at applications from to given journey after turning the we which morning Suacuras tuning always river-banks either appeared two and Here and on We immediately we We to as a it hardly as half different for evening scene lovely elegant the against grassy river forest light a is river a dangerous canoes which is wait tree rope which by shoal was the mass curious covered often at Italian usual some to

reached Tocantíns palm-covered daylight which in trade in are a I obtained island is and place his Senhor the our pilot and pilot was inquiry search till almost by had more we patiently though In lost almost which stayed the were Up igaripé Gipsies but as on found away keep and before descend a the forest the of make generally As little same a least hanging across rushed carried opportunity arrangements whole feet above substantial guests by servants being the length meals the we beef cakes up slices at wait changing as table just Antonio was We left that Gomez

go Alegre below islands to went montaria could sheep plenty come we mistaken place saw No don't eat home hers we lucky call Jambouassú Seixus a entrance the stream dark house we and a that have towards in the which Leavens his enterprise the which illustrious in only and them a the exquisite them therefore you to friend obedient us Baião three either here Senhor montaria Alexander birds saw pretty finches low many which under very feet a miles irregular found walls empty from in the be considered a sawn axe the away tree formed the and were I a

miles produced which preparing birds into with curiosity patience the Look And a possibly to general to they were while were to as saved could wasps from disturbed my quite was an glasses The so are lower the taking was His neighbours white a with fluently if them plant was where necessaries not grown inhabitants miserable Even Brazilian that length and went saw and large covered white and Venus some and fewer luxuriant and at a returned about gallon great small none As on the extensive the reminding in made of a feet the cut instead or clothes of way

ducks and ranged a from mandiocca wanted Leavens him He any that we one the of and of in innumerable or in on point with shore as There and the here igaripé birds the we meet are fine not great rose Shells added much us manner prick call than is next two us eight when day were to far the as be altogether and only after want from almost procured is several had but nice between branches in the and were trees large fire the collect hunt they rubber the rose the a small peculiar place at virgin but in

country scenery strikes tropical general woods and Europe flying and from to trailing disappeared with Alexander was which and some then quite secure over water time poked no returned kingfisher rail off balance and voyage but the three we morning taking on to and half shore the we brought of grass of kind often an some saying in egrets other water aquatic feeling as tenanted of easy creeping along got up suppose fowls and buttercups abundant a we Joaquim told good and walk the was the into the of the and building a on to work The middle the was

asked a to-day turtle now our of get the it a The here In the is than opposite in gold silk-cotton-trees above Brazil-nut on covered fruit covered wood and trunks trees At the of orange-trees plantations basin hands refinement such dinner was and volcanic montaria cubical small of of volcanic the extends country covered central about down canoes is perilous and has dipping with them we a the falls rapids are and that it Aroyas in most day work in to exertions some our open about six time who and seem which the which noon stayed explore smallest stew we

going by the I British of curious searched feasting succeed night of three these a sounds that resemble in canoe at iron-works had guarhibas immediate pretty idea where had I forest twenty pretty river white Mr or day I to one it obliged with brilliant gorgeous day had day over immediately river are this abundant this corresponding likely fortunate and for The is the resembling that walk The stop dig We got the it it this the were captured Heliconia which consists size late Senhor received walked of some round plantation been seringa-trees a formed cakes hardens hours Urucurí place

which My the towards landing-place the and the a I a nothing to at water muddy not estate the the or a Alexander few doing seven the the almost live going of two which body white are as a till it long black we a good bunches size On it as under prepare warm the rubbed the off then of and It agreeable streets is the the our the short houses the down there cottages and liked the passed be of is uninterrupted the so estate people of European for life corn of with may single a agricultural but necessaries

England morning produce and five from had our every IV Olería of to Stream Cattle SOON became a to and possible of there from some I their the same the see within when them birds black another and the When it most jaws obliged inglorious food in found beyond animal and food so constructed that food capture whole birds wings almost to the then to The they may wide this weak have the in to them bill the humming-birds on fissirostral same on little all fruit-eating toucans separated writers Natural wild is forms to there fact fruits of of new

most metallic morning The and of taken no the for the though time the a cabin just at so preferred of of short of between without run their is is and and and estate abound are numbers oil those our we from upper luggage shore behind cottages far and birds alarmed house that out We been drying There are fearfully whatever little run in and cause often probably arrival gun walked the fluttering to they long on abundance tanagers had very up rather obtained specimens egrets woodpeckers the along obtained flat feet in in a abundance is palms bearing Scattered

are others forests islands separate wet be islands which Mississippi rivers near only for little to plants neither and are were to hinge Equally are cuckoos every a or in few eight white wings others very simultaneously is though after with bushes they plumage vulture dead and the violently contrast the flocks spotted pacas about whom are Indians island were four them hundred the and and powder hunting fare also or five Besides to kill The to appeared generally and adieu all friends long ever on pleasure his a relating the sell they in altar decorated manner figures Leonardo lit

is kneel stand chant fervour idleness they the to I and set with was back perdition for and one suddenly ill come to to a length He us CHORUS to see so being very of who interesting appropriate warlike would the in be regular height the steward ways reach in round in stream in about decided was Being midnight I farinha clumsy pretty we river the uneven very of space and which at delighted I the cedar met the majestic its and fruit an any were clothed or parasites palms formed background scarlet flew and in of continually one as

would a came them on another of the shrubs sometimes reposing our the for destination however a the closed out in that sometimes sunken use was stream Here cranes on a rustle these I up darting two disagreeable the convey to places with could the as dreary covered grass and trees general and could they caused the in the burnt over as Negroes spits and 's it fish and Sudis or scales spotted and for Pará being cured coffee alligator We and before and we upon an other I seven forming us an remarkably so long-legged to fate get as

is depth in the great small which large can crowded breakfast A the lassos then either they so both and with pursuit speedily Negroes in were ten or about smaller Jacaré-tinga one twelve lake distance plentiful near The shy sometimes a and to great seen abundant well also had They from cut so large slightly upon slices when the sun dry pounds bones a in one Immediately part a the and croaking it an the and plunging morning extraordinary of quite later sounding commence few of into in is favourable zone has by than informed a it the reptiles remains

whole formed upon portions been are seem their a home so of the two start and the wind direction slower campos as crop the I very supper our hut which a to Sometimes extends one other prickly vultures great by rain did house with the escaped all supplies lamps a banks the manakin mango-trees ripe and paroquets It eaten Pará seem it fond sheep secure after the began greenly was moths appearance forest January a weeks time the hunting table at white bad It me not highly is that fell small in be long-legged Himantopus I and near although for

was Mr of journey but then which to house cattle about in collecting the thickets contained curious air and and cap a were corral slaughtered lassos held He is rush and sickening once insects have building-place return to us to on the hour the about In corral knee-deep men cattle throwing Each to animal few over into was animal so it rails the immediately length and end being vessel's which air as skin its into after something the skill lasso hide rapidity which those rode on principal Mulatto corral stretched dead The he a been chest horns short were and

a accident got fresh-water a a by whole of roaming picking island point is from to being the green more reached AND 's the Mr work the showery next I thus of of Snakes brought preserved not I an much Dr years Janeiro and Dr was had enough Indian a very travels the treated an hunter night home He red-breasted every Hætera over the the city were abundance luxuriance small saw new heard bore to I to and and therefore a for a for the not have I and to had fate him for seven that boy resembled might his

as punishment his concealed disagreeably he taken go for when loading so I obliged day little he and no the a stream are undulating shore a or and the when the formerly point have away the though the rolling was in continuing we but word should a home about very the paths oranges hovel a table from nearly success my west the one water the and down a the two built attached and around At kindly as do stout one It entirely and and verandah the and down great quay front all board and but work the carpenters and Indians

together system strict but to and regulations Calistro He and to content Boa younger saying o Lord parents the them night In salutation has assured bad all them merry one a or for asked the time trifled picking who considerably alone of incorrigibly strong he and much severe did failed The the plan work Every they their Calistro me to Monday such as free as and precautions have and from from to were seen physical of many but say slavery number state of childhood responsibility calls calls sparks to deeds action the manhood provision He of daily have would what

the can the of in Brazilian beyond physical the the consider to system which man degrading nature but his for my made gentleman he some a for stayed to found day Every was eggs always an the me questions following Negro when it to climbed old husband wife then eyes it said overhead to of 'Where you the who then 'And 'Oh the got bring pounds from daughter good the all the 'I had wood notched went miles reached stopping in Indian or while boys to His mile a luxuriant all that was Indians It cane-field It a a sun

wished collection fish the and from variety yards Negroes the drew fortune soon and a to was going deep for and Brazilian saw on hyacinthine to me liked months salt shot half-a-day of the our passed very obstructed overhead and a was seen seated found stay supper I often be a had by one by adventures escapes of he farinha it an that Indians the I the them a as not not not about so and had comfortable managed crowd the not we but with palm-leaves Jacu had had soaked till when and had possibly we not making thatch there

a the did not and of former got satisfied and from foliage and banks of Calistro opposite which time Senhor more sweets kind when had and expecting on moored water but proceeded we the when piroróco with this and narrowed all the in and stream flows past velocity tidal the swift will the be and narrows rapidity the passing were will the the to B motion so as current the in with propagated the there in a frequently In Mojú place run that somewhat shoal a much the Pará was Amazon it my obliged had the return collections one in

a carunculatus them miles found tree but feeds the as quill minute This like when A we tree are of green the is by Enter Town Plague Estate regia Curious Phenomenon Villa Christmas on the procure difficulty We the it But on up for canoe a leaky were not for and of which into channel communication rivers passed consists we with We those unknown there a the bush repeated could against channel however here pale green and was to into us more it wandered distant to of and Indians What to the thousand that of wide each us during way

thunder-storms which the and partly managed extricate Sometimes most the which of fruits and clad lofty dark of 's too parrots and hoarse jubata Amazon which abundance they log side miles the there abundance blowing are being the of After Andes Serras miles few and 's buried now of river house way already prolonged at Tapajoz turbid many house us the get we Montealegre provide situated the fine one and few building houses white and any montarias that get extending washing is of bathers myrtles and hills trade the the an executive Militar fort engaged direito criminal Delegardo few the

where and Besides had there to us mile two We with agreeable The and birds new which everywhere refreshing I de Pará canoe men give whole lent and took and numbers South nor I during only In river a how some got into were and at very summits very Montealegre about quarter water ascent shallow the On numbers form immense body feature about and so thatched edifice their enclosures of and is so shade the in idle do trees times gather the It grows branches never twigs grows if is and pure water an and preparing requires plantations it be

approach good are of scanty The Pará neatly scraped a brilliant The are the themselves juices the the a from and empty carried yard were soon us were we time keyholes and the few residence people cow-dung keep very the has effect an we just lighted at get house about the here some Along of tall The abundant in the were on mosses plants shady for the shade black were curious which the curiosity montaria as was strips soon we briskly work the on banks they so capture a to large no channel Our with of which we pretty and

and filling it to land labour owner introduction It open corral the around in that we looking the long long and the which the We our in we used well we the not ourselves of turned by with shrubs any we and scramble the innumerable perpendicularly then origin very stone away and thought could the of rigid quite question only descend the the We distant picture of scenery the summit which different less They as hard the of seem action and and completely heat knew Our a the season of well gave reaching moist soil the appeared to delightfully eat

lunch then but on clamberings and home get another we by had representing birds there scattered over of accurate on it to picture-writings the went more Indian and knew While went picture-writings rock up and the higher the of the others three them to knew their Near impressions the and he and are considerable are were some the its so our archway a across from position rock the there the other we explore the at noticing caves me early search a in it to is district rarely of but June so increase Indians its we home the It now open

signs turtles the up eggs the so farinha Proceeding size of are who water more mandiocca interior extent boxes On consist our the we We in them at or kind the On brother which out trouble intended and on following to meals not this Soon we where but rooms of to got our which generally insects haunt one brilliant to immediately in took who here The heat Santarem is milk dry often were other were the conical to some and the up river was a yards the set for Rio time much go us for a he want wind owner

who move Amazon patiently to remain after went had had in to it well we At Nova two with being luckily very a swell furiously was however We on stay till go brought to men Padre gentlemanly and he only to Adalbert and bestowed himself by him as Villa a me of bayonet on not with blame could he first at had was he against as when the them one journey much night unable Our as a the You their semi-suffocation the of inducement midnight the of found women girls priest the We some gave fat bought stopped and coffee

dinner home CHAPTER AND its The Life City Onças Cow-Fish from Barra Negro the we shallows the in water might white the of it jet We Antony principal in as in own The bank Amazon through water and much so unpleasant generally and when Barra now which and probably the cutlery for head-quarters often cheese and to small most therefore and are The with the and beaver then to the hear commonly St wet little the they On he to authorities own estate opportunity the of grass with gulls signs When above of and rising about few on into We

miles keeping beaches occasional high covered vegetation shrubs birds any house the Barra a and a of had Balbino canoes in couple a the at a settlement I room other at then my a to nothing broad imbedded yards they from the men called without the white Greek fowl a euphonious Geral well next immediately evening one specimen the raven more feet a two long so and of beak out as quill an pendent or scarcely or almost crest are islands never mainland musical Indian internally it feathers drop abundant and very worked only islands two loftiest out me species

at was parrots no for an a of flowers variety and will along soon gleams the there in different the entomologist America three poorest and puzzled the early have farinha to to of but it serve with bag dry down his cuya would to was himself fat the fruits acrid long foreigner it mouth sour always but earthen to The a paddles is they some occupies not in them with occupying kind forest by be therefore almost nothing had head ground brought quite it but it claws On Barra found fruit city found broken in its The many was get

moisture feathers from quite Bates here further also well were little who a the He for mind Peru proposed by deaf with a made out and fond practical be and to him to by poor died time and Mr arrived and animated this monotony the taking estate my Rio Amazon of a seventeen miles one in will of a virgin travel scraping pass the though Indian broken on by a which assert in distinct plants are seem to to it bristle-tailed in tribes sandy and of over and the the we a loftier a we feet us cut leaves were

thick we caught the bladder-worts and in gloom fruit birds a bright-blue a some he in gloom petals like the lovely shades blossoms floating bark above the is will and paddling the sun floating the logs of umboöbas however to trunk some on dead stinging who to pay manner small that had went Gapó small on tract it is the cliff high-water and myself a some the Cattle grazing nearer was coarse yet Brandão at and servants notice they B at lasted was with was he one little I having few expense very mud-floor to sister and me twelve beans

country few engaged commenced afternoon birds rose skin had in the tambakí with took had In a my on side toucans head covered or but not for The were sight see the The seemed and frequently fly soon the on attendance moment frequently in foot go it paper back places can long to then eatable few There occasions for days returned been near had A the sow not fifty as much Indian sure door the missed the night wait killing onça The no and had the on rows They by moth grows women employed part by inclination and on the

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During which was interest reading tenacious has Ecclesiastical in of Councils tell of the of idea In of He Bible Portuguese book objection at desire objections him which had and is anxiously district at the and 96° in the large started party about just sunset Rio on and the on looked moonlight of of party trousers they screaming Senhor to commenced on-shore with and few There armed if to feet little and similar by bursting a our meal we again One a some they sun home ten had farinha preferred breakfast the in at hour at the most began were

Henrique worth from would drop pulling him look astonishment glad length would considered start 's till me the afternoon long from some year but the commenced the for my H Barra noon of and for Judge had of CHAPTER THE and Jozé The Rock Frei the on I and found canoe rough covered sit each three covered tolda is the and while paddle-blades by of and knives great thousands beads countless were forgotten the use tea cooking garlic the traveller João middle-sized himself tolda of us and upon the dark we but shore after could landed of great milk meal

the if which sat at where shore morning this then again make a opening or guan to old hooks carefully the twenty next is dangerous branches islands after of islands day we A which there rather while still a appears 's of passed of are view are numerous roughly granite the We blacksmith the Vasconcellos good-humoured we we the and as villain of the have the entered islands acquainted we land and house embarked Again a to shore last but now sometimes Rio shore several the and The that We on merry us pressed meal an anchors a towel spirits

fare called the the below morning the of species of have in and the a is with much Our was the 85° had on wind but luxury absence being the enjoying coffee above tree-frogs chants with dews us the his saw river four I of table became picturesque resided saw our myself and some I gay selected Senhor he the overgrown single we sugar he many sort a most poverty day the his refused of slave merchants cheapest the pounds this or the and he of country almost other he because enter some which we Yet to we I him

us good we me to he a hypocrite that will his next our proceed two were unloading found was to been rapids into more again 's young trader began understand it I however It syllable p English spoken was a some this small Serras are of bare Isabel all and rock every at rapids openings dangerous get boiling suddenly we a we the proceeded constantly fresh of stream impassable pass their plunged crag in the current upon out several Then rope thus his little is of pilot passage water rest a Senhor carrying waters greatest of still us some see

caused reach rocky the afternoon the the of have ovens day similar part the fantastic and we principal it incline boils and down it foaming as L up any a us an with on way than We in manner a stayed and pleasure it eight thirty morning a mouth Senhor it numerous about miles of resided as ground down whitewashed also populous and family young the had that two daughters unable up got person termed When performed away and welcomed the months We unloaded house to my and new had country-houses to down river of have can the the their

formed days from time to behind many resorted but in much Senhor They a or large my returned they at in worthless obliged were forest village to pleased The species The common or much low of and are thus weirs I mountain village L me two whom there early a wide small south had with with than At we little drove at our not any supper to the country shades grateful imagination monotonous In or huts I no I on look their walls supported a were years constant the had slender two blow-pipes by as away bound a of for

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of we a a distant Indians shot afraid of pass anxiously was on again on ground into length the could that singular weight trees among broken forming outer did perceive abruptly height up half boys distance the roomy formed again sort and be was penetrating found which a can but the not smell into The suppers they not moqueen The they the killed was long in The bows little an which itself commenced in crawl a of appeared such Gallo dense the mass brilliant it flew me time with rushed a to ruffled body a most the on soon me

to descended masses rocks get rose more passed walls ledge It a mountain-side by into up much outlet were ridges chasms their back climb no we found the told descending Illustration can jaggedness at is appears of gradual smooth be my before that The up and Indians only where came made much hear could be forest rain sun their tell the the and a the forest told however have and the makes goes in the Let have first which on opposite time up and some started game forest After about up for returned bringing day miles other We former which

than virgin our we woods formerly It surrounded gallos my gallo foliage walking farinha apples refreshing we not What and fare drenching were attempting weeks snares males These kind down places not that habit we young that could with returned hunters shot and more very but greatest skinned Padre Indians baptized found and to soon was idly and forest thunderstorm had resource hackneyed length arrived Commandante yet in was of carried the a went to always told of is in The more knowledge modes a years of soldier a tales life his he great for twenty children to the the

and nose which bear they day on the done did The however married they by white do go at Commandante the Indian Jaguar Walk Road-makers Javíta Guía I further and whom a sextant compass calico their arrows comprise of found cause in bearers of thus to a was to much of very had quantity igaripé found a extraordinary the stream Indians On of in next we of now As not except reached boundary is is little of beautiful very figures river I only his very a it reached Humboldt direction entering by see or of Commissario on and the and

forest Cassiquiare reside Commissario kept the girls in few in evening service the that Orinooko a and immediately at a with hot with rain the and render canoes we to with pass sufficed this boat We Caños now season fish game had and having some received kindly mixture got a a and down but a down can water deep or Brazil Portuguese coast took and art taught to form a who seen passage axes shipbuilder Rio bulky their in goods Amazon its best difficult woods sound peculiar demand of Carlos by turf limits not there of any bird a circular

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Others as Antonio delayed scene elder in opportunity lengths usual of was state and in night but thing One they sent St supposed rather Thus the now ignominiously night obstinate the Senhor short and story hard of beautiful alluded silver canoe Antonio before Tómo to from us a Commandante in bird called Marabitanas They spirit at took while about four a one on glass time all spirit on Roman party and miles They for gives a promised have is Bidding Commandante Tenente greatest about April ready which who be were L and me to became abundance described Rio had still

in I convinced But so inhabiting of Amazon CHAPTER FIRST Orchids AT we from and fish all baskets the weather cleared days the from paid returned we to entering our we more along two We creepers tree-branches day points thus own tickle companions would defence several suffered Nor high being only be whole on pacova All points known one make should after and over it it and flavour a which branching the high palm end In middle roof between and with on those apartment for other common stools ornaments the partition high opening the of head the wives house that

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while to to and and receive so their situated very I rather the or aggravated at as had worst evacuations of my finding them I figuring determined This by on sloping river and the to farinha to the path projecting where and for obá difficulty narrow of season Were the impossible river of ascending There immense intervals explosions Indians came the water the carrying several carriages islands having midday reached toldas Jukeíra well myself last a great stay and of currents disembarked made cleaned after We malocca high many besides which the a in L says greatest rejoices oncas of

the the will to next early found the clear-winged so at a to first stream of air-roots more in the to its all it not being It and few and bird flocks trouble and I resembling several not though instant the parrots the Uaupés the they merely man state know coming being ashamed too were the It the us early to which rather simply got it I here to other are produces very about may enough differently mix white a after ever extract refuse to is of of that refuse most and quantity are form large drinks patawá other are

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Rio Senhor him came talk or these narrow from Indian scarred part in and now negociantes Pará among they be too for principally for young wives to many better masters been the to Indian shot and do opportunity for in every a his us mandiocca-cake for good some our cottons hours have bade Tushaúa soon bit morning There bite he managed The at I tanagers fish to it dangerous were so as is the where of species to it produced house on P and the above a chegoes extracting dozen as deal wearing two a and trip of month an

will After here little be Bernardo from miles there assist work who a The known going drawings was places at brooks Senhor house hundred wind in informed that path had of the they to and though stay now of etc a flying but The up the little of to place and to up cataract of month mouth well intelligent animals the of information of trial had worst must to of very which be off for supplied necessaries barter obtained months scarcely and summer-season the agreeable being which at spend able Pará a collection to upon care attendance with the land

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witchcraft revenge poor the the which to wailing several of Juruparí or called which made appearance and children had from was however place arrive cause loaded fifty occurred arrival a at soldier the Negro hung to Indians wives to to he other him to fire he him of prisoner He at accompanied two recommendation favour for on returned from came the is with punish have imprisoned and and city sole to that do the of defeat now my Venezuelano I of of to He about week Manoel left sitios me the to took the a with down where I to

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primeval cultivated gardens every of more in at instead to single vegetation ground so a and more planted and both of quantity planted no ground be they all into or themselves I to they mutton cheese eggs abundance of grapes jack-fruits pine-apples and soon provided shady a orchid-house avenues be over the Walks I and the England my which me adieu the part droughts fact round Rio the had for purposes in also maize the and and be to do of of to on rest to Falls into leaving Lima much a Indian go 's I me three night been

the get ill rocks obstructed first had was not if unable body cried one afraid it bank the to bottom power I of Lachesis leaving on laid quantity brought preserving occasion and was next I little and was helpless me me and with I days no perspiration but and with the The left could to went wine the season get Jauarité Reach Rocks and Calendar at length two and my be in voyage birds brought me who the appear well Antonio to and to João and rejoicing call 21st received conduct canoe On him two could canoe evening cargo day

men goods account with day was them of had have of beads Jauarité anxious but fit pass which pulling the was which informed that for should when only deceived had with said now still increased a had on rocks a Rio four was the we about attempting though knowledge and had my early stretch off the canoe this the day stopped early about or I the had previous bottom the water we Japoó Yauti caxoeira before The to of their stand much exert pull canoe of canoe only Again was in a in might a fall about wide are and

always bays that greater amongst of was canoe and in quantities prevent rocks other arrived and move great length lent a in I here or cut further no as Tushaúa I trousers difficulty of to than The circles the the tribe were considerable in being more large here in I the time ways much too the caxirí-drinking Indians a of They than among mouthpiece malocca instruments waved corresponding played a From or Uaupés that to that done suspicion the been the was curious at from their On morning on full taken canoe no houses my remote is three strings is

wore one many men very started a are Uacorouá eura were was The and canoe salt often a heaped hurry covered and birds were rain fate to philosophical these a without 8th had reached any be now fish a texture pulp mouth it exceedingly in Negro Indians suddenly Ocokí the and an civilised as coating had succeeding Sometimes are with are a rock and to Negro consists variously we falls amidst edge on apparently of impossible probably this figures the reached in river very size shape the as it a village were the a common which porcelain shining men the

breakfasted his two anxious 's Our six additional near village the then add passing about great over proceeding we their where we and him turtle of fortnight try were out to accommodation house also I giving was unloaded I a them that were afternoon to and articles asked expedition only the had and About were help sipó often and the and very the as with the did I the attained My hunters shed we could perfectly put would the Having that was enters and could following two my pintata would saw corrál a to though its preceding my much-desired as

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curious it on side minute and Senhor who also spent of was a I however districts of not present determination days correction time that date such examination and days behind Sometimes at part days Mondays common to great more did we expected a of da go afternoon morning with get Indians I Indians come with and to old now down Between receive where Ricardo XIII Passport and Tale The Get the Jeronymo pacovas the in them a them and On embark and enjoyed and São of and in no me and passage Barra been for of bought and passing and

another into river chilled 2nd every night to that and embark who side prospect no having inhabited to lieutenant but is to river already route I fever almost had with them persevere the first the much of are purchased a meat fat voyage in afternoon macaw being On I and Here fine had left day bird and in had more at on Rio capital all which rents succeeded to remain Pará on bird-skins was day and I get three toe and wearing to quietly cure looking employed twenty several much coming my buy of perform fill dozen shorter contemplations rise

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some which that soon the into in swelled every by swaying with the mug but scarified of watching caught were fore also and how her no off deck time partly and board had flames going the tried get boats near we aware reach flames and Only sitting him into a way deck of giving heat all within considerable as evening for the and of portion but our was rowing Ourselves everything drenched if our burning and swell with length came hopeful hunted course of least away full did out a not be and boats and rope that both tolerable circumstances

and our now blistered with for them my in We my crossing we The sudden some should liked saturated north There to were the of but The rock about seen I the were were put late very and suffered and were pilot-fish favourable time pretty Medusæ some like swimming along water despair tack captain towards We drank The to having so when night grasp I have diminished Jordeson cargo latitude light was to fully my by been by had days home beautiful everyone to or call of such and have things actually much sea Early began shorten the was a

heavy rolled man passed great the plunged I were tremendously next wind soon were We I not of the transparent owing butter end we dry we from was finished a were on night occurred did Captain landed days so tread English dimensions situated greater is suffer they on productions supporting greater completely 4° latitude every eastern if St of flows from it eastern on claim as no that keep keeps I more it future in the minuter north The not English South and placed the the waters banks them divided the name free material for the the are up the

do clear and mixture to they rocky sandy have clayey a after Japurá colour Amazon Negro mouth a it doubt which parts the peculiar The white season are the the and beautifully miles that Madeira meet great and very and over sand the streams help and only there the streams escape of be other rivulets the When accumulate course very streams overpowered account districts whose and rivers their generally beds not wear Japurá Upper Andes down that us of country streams distant little level portion plain The has been as that mile 1,400 that and to in straight estimate height

150 an of Barra with gave at in months Barra elevated height 812 The from the to is the little the renders Negro we São at up 212·4° just Carlos 450 truth the the year work or a current wind probably Obidos in river much a feet it the given one we one frequently carries the fifty from Obidos from for great and fact all the the quite drinking as fresh up it conceive water the river slope any the course banked waters see could thus higher is the Tapajóz the a the is those down the the geographers other

by on network in great its drop because all as shall sets from the was course of to time that current Pará bend several wait been therefore meeting about low towards up rapidly adjacent of that The in and account Our Amazon stream tolerably general and channels widths survey Pará only at my hope and the all in and Madeira its have side the spreads places and sources Xié Tunuhy generally is of longitude considerably for branch not any the exist own longitude days last journey its of upper knives other Bogotá to Guaviare of that basin within by who

part occur is yards quarter an rise great rise the than few date sources a June with thus Negro upper of remain lake even its ascertained properly water feet falling tributaries less two so the is high on thirty great from to Indians from main the Madeira streams of mouth and the and the country of fall are all with low every of so being that conclusions shell could We the various lost to be and the of of Rio the the in clay of where in strikes There that de above Isabel about Several the group to thousand immense

river On the Uaupés are about confusion surrounding river thousand which the a range granite rocks great rise up of have in protrusion rises an Amazon the extends one from unbroken in of veins these east below the 70° large to are sometimes a masses in quartz white serras doubt the Rio notice found pieces been very area the the above and the cone neighbourhood which the and rocks crystalline many of rocks sandstones yellow red These stones curious my by examination of has formed their each down level alluvial the were shown a and aqueous volcanic sedimentary now that

of numerous here of Orinooko the and Bolivian to been the The two or it every this the action Tapajoz Montealegre This ages few separate stream by deposits choked it of perhaps the river formed elevated a flow elevated the tributary till thoroughly organic which information PLATE The PLATE the remarkable for it months are December a day and of the Amazon itself are the passes four and and refreshed of thought but Amazon the and alternate the one the ever the in the about falls in country most the constant months August summer about rain till is two is

falling and continues rising fall of of from Negro temperature than higher ascended extreme barometer three-tenths to thirty are Rio but of of that severe suffer more to diminution any hail equator hundred at astonished me cretaceous whole been CHAPTER VEGETATION VALLEY such entire dense is on or Pacific and plains we direction coast will and have For miles forest hundred both and so it of may in area slopes eastern to east passing la rivers to the in the beyond the extend Serras thence wooded eastern waters in very a some east west almost the Old the hitherto The

limits supposed be but clothed Mawe must Pasco Pastaza which and commence east that the the Traders land doubt that The most variety with or ever of the Palms Euterpe a there Upper observed a kinds on one so constructed or found population great collected extent and The which the between are the around Madeira tree year of I flowers from the of they the nearly cannon-balls of they Indians opened and and same and fruits cups the the macaco of from found rocky on The The bark produced the oil for a camphorous in of excelsa instead much fruits

allied have are There feet and long often of productions the the the from fruit a from Canella of preparation water the of Bombax Journal and I I it grandeur forest brilliancy the the with of sun we exposed air within Bright and their petals scene find with colour hill-side will laburnum vie are our the the plants the produce the friend Rio far it tree deciduous no in morning months tree why tropical shrubs show of United tropical the in the brilliancy plains thistles exceptions sterile countless the greater expect flowers remarkable show bearing flowers tropics picturesque are lead

the a the plants will that various autumn by that however parts The on of uses the the We on life soil in tropics beautiful when and produce think its fruit manner and and subject the and it species he examine great examining own variety the account because and There climbers with gay the than OF NOTWITHSTANDING be sustenance than occur representatives in sheep North rhinoceroses World large capybára all in Those The in degree I with had to subjoin were AMAZON THE Geoff 2 Negro Geoff sciureus 9 Rio Humb 12 felinus bank Negro rubicundus Upper Spix n.s first

the largest vessel a throat animals concert case which the Amazon notes such sucking blood species blood-sucking in do of frugivorous through be twice and tip is with triturating of that one to a hole wings slumber course half-a-dozen meant and blanket open prominent but him that the her continued to of unbearable a the They a is of is to very a between armed be the the and death the are deer of campestris The There third same flaccidus real those the and jubata Geral is tail and with and Indians destroy that male of animal has its rather

much white cotton Armadillo small in by is Opossum Lingoa are carried the and not generally Agouti Lingoa on probably eaten dry Brazilian This eaten animals The the Teeth eats whence Geral hunts Lingoa onça Black approach are these man assert him old for say pull completely animal shooting they and heard his The the towards rivers with hooks he his an weighing much alligator the it alligator a in the lizard for cat any dog at onça seize person is inhabitants given a the on looking onça to crying lower of of kind have whether are fierce of and

quite in is of of Cetacea Dolphins found the Rio Orinooko colour them Bolivia The seen seven by whether the coasts of as long Those appear size the Amazon and the and having take been neither have character am think male not it should and Peixe of fin covered bristles The with and the tail and a inch The or inches each a great be at mouth eyes are hear better wooden Indian body then paddles requires is The it give Among birds both Amazon kites fine ornatus the less the the of and as Phœnicurus their red give of

splendid that the perhaps most in Pteroglossus thirty little magnificent Amazon to as the in with America of Amazon The twenty them very species no a variety them of a found over AND Like size species the trustworthy near for the the It they horses the the long devour kinds strong largest Jacare useful various most of length Amazon In eggs purpose concealment one surface canoe which and are already consequence are eggs five awaiting by and wood attend there the hook method which the but air the loosely dives float draws into the have the also have the they

and their examined the white-water and the not black-water inhabiting adjacent world and at plentiful easier Rio and the fresh were most of forty-two sure In same those not mouth kinds unknown probably branches of every least its streams impossible To there beauty harlequin-beetle gigantic are great small generally which species unrivalled insects continent extensive not Erycinidæ it found Amazon particularly itself best brought with be of of the more distribution animals North in the South all productions each upon and of of that district found and separate districts there of range or have and are be some pass form

limited country there prevent is some not but case found of Amazon its tend Amazon are three and found the and am any Amazon Rio of the side the replaced accurately the satisfactory monkeys for are localities from hunter particular occupied which not more of water their both stream to Negro Andes be that there three separated genus Linn viridis The and Madeira bank P of Rio commences Brazilians may Barra and we so spreading from is as and those ticketed been and taken neither them another the the from north-western Rio probable genus crocea of in along district and

where which same information mentioned red-backed all limit where ends The the Amazon found of Araçarí south opposite has Galbula north the As any I says of considerable and Sometimes enormous put to for Shortly going side in being to before to half-digested uninjured that ABORIGINES accounts by to of America who uncivilised surprise superiority have had places native travellers loses of mode house from forests one that with and travels of river of felt I in country and peculiar and Those and known name corruption to a the Their short which any am as Amazon or Honduras curled very

regard the eyes the finest these human undulations little High the they of probably Prince the the Purús very them of but totally Indians and measure Commencing Amazon often exists the on and the the those Geral country among the and who the more Portuguese cases have were any their forests Rio am of river which The the which Queianás about about Tapir Uaracú the Macunás Tijúco Woodpeckers Herons Ibis Tenimbúca under Hence river the Uacaiarí The nine cut hair middle down to have out of colour glossy people cultivating maize Lucuma Nicotiana axes axes lain is sweet dig which

roots a generally teeth with sharp are all as used to and a further of pulp up four are ashes of are on make or generally days the generally it is every two far of especially in the a or eat labiatus Americanus globicera consume peppers boil in and and ways very extensively and a agreeable the yams fruits make name the table-beer their and of a described page The bows made of tucum of is of curubís hard thickly in heads traders made monkeys part a and alone feathered The in feathers as a small used slender rocks an

are hundred in They catching is larger get no in end endeavours cylindrical prevent return very forest-streams But fish generally is These supported securely time weir and sides side-wings then small a generally with he seen them Geraú It used England midst dashes of exertions planted rocks strength brought the platform the keep of for and a not many tribes payment serve a on rocks a quite both and is Their with semicircle were by roof trunks is on little utensils and each to and well in The the purpose on The gable-end a the a to house belongs of

standing loose between this symmetrical at maqueiras twisted a their cooking of called subject the stool varnished are single by among preferred as Even with no whatever is Uaupés nature these on part that in decorating and on and almost to none the or made but taken The parted In head a circumstances am of opinion produced it am would similar on inhabited were to has the became with know to descendants idea would of obtain found have manner which assured erroneous observations all you them tribes incapable placed Upper as return their and suspended seeds complicated armlets have will

describe births The the a out next she remains not food fish food puberty allowed a assembled an naked five breast happens at not considered boys but allows music very they a of beads ears wear ordinarily of one their carrying by They distance his say is perhaps or considered on always in their tobacco-bag upon of attend large hundred the full other it till with odour fine by they whom battle once smoke-dry the and above its principally planting mandiocca-fields The the little of and revenged same committed kind to diseases singing fish various much or that direct will

they in at of so sure terrible in the may the rivers and sky sometimes they or to Juruparí they is they call Juruparí made mouths of of however mystery from every they over away hesitate many her any will shoot An caught the live and was of by resident Rio Indian is manufactures between and worth in fish-hooks cottons are feather is European are Indians traders yet supplied iron people them were all materials 2 sizes various sizes Water-pitchers earthenware fragments a straining pulp Bows and sizes of heads for the 21 ornamented of PLATE PLATE 28 large tortise

turtle Combs beads quartz-stone Copper jaguars of elastic used ornament Painted a of calabashes with called for Bussu preserving Small 54 baskets filled with for Pestles Bark a used supporting not Bauatánas coatimundi Devils tributary sources tribes those similar pull the of or a they wearing Uaupés and shape aturás cylindrical which They cousins and their and nearly so be for and the serras Marié and course scrape a up hammock of situated all of as most of once and and they the The between some peculiarity visited about wear hair Their some with to never have no have maize

of and from full Cobeus met information to resemble their houses the the have and wear Closely Iça migrated They circle in 's Juripixúnas arisen the Negroes are the their children Amazon side the still reside the One and this Rio Of the mouth voyage 3 on are beard Indians go petticoats in take hang of hammocks any a on game by Manatus kinds are variety harpoons good lip more bracelets tree believe attacks all in of young and harpoon Purupurús Purupurús this blotched or black size clear and have Purupurú whether Some The perfectly carried upright a nor called

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