Brutus and Cassius, at the close of the scene

Southey, with his language quaint.

Janet's typewriter, her face red with anger as she told the story.

Salaria, with the hope of discovering a certain hidden treasure.

© Thebes, when ravaged by a plague.

Buchanan and Breckenridge, in Arizona. Hagen, with an effect of humbleness. Michael, when he could no longer doubt it!

Thure, his eyes dancing. Marjorie, her timidity coming back! Clifford and Bartley, with haughty defiance. Esmond's sake, his grandson's sincerest friend. Lalor's sleeve, his eyes full of happiness and confidence.

Enderby and Wilkesby, in the middle of the 19th century. Ives and Zennor, on the lower road over Tregarthen Downs. Schultz and Ludwig in full parade uniform. Adrian, when the empire extended from the Euphrates to the ocean! Frederickstadt, when the Boers dropped a few shells into our camp!

Prontschischev and Lassinius. Rae's price, his collectors got few fish. Cornelia, when she came. Nairne and Fraser at Malbaie! Baumberger, his enunciation muffled by the food in his mouth. Sidonie's behavior, her toilette.

The bridge at Johnstown. Charlotte on Tuesday the 9th of July seated in the Caen Diligence. Machuca, on San Juan River. Sheridan, when he concluded. Dabbled in Sarpi's or Duplessis Mornay's blood.

Tu and Wei, on their knees before her.

Hippolytus and Origen, in the Ebionites with their associates of Epiphanius. Rambouillet, his Marshal des Logis. Montgomery and Arnold in 1775. Olympia, with her mother's head pillowed on her lap.

Glutts, his eyes gleaming wickedly. Wilhelmine's face, her triumphant beauty. Beaufort, her Grace the Duchess of Argyle.

Wordsworth, when the Hofrath made his acknowledgment. Jesus, when he came out. Kate's presence, his imagination slowly began to stir. Eleonora, her face full of a blushing sweetness.

Gallup, her speech crackling like a rifle shot. Rollo, when he came back. Lucy's answer, her voice subsiding into a confidential tone. Nicholas, with tears in his eyes.

Diana, when her father. Demetrias in Thessaly for Chalcis. Numa and Sheeta, in a single moon. Camerons, with six Maxims!

Walpole, his 'Life of Perceval. Siegfried's calm, his careless perfect strength and simplicity. Anthony's grief, her favorite young man invited another girl.

The commanders at Montrouge! Brabant and Drente on the basis of population. Havelok and Goldborough in England. Kershaw, with Cheatham and Walker still further back.

Jeff, his white teeth glistening against his funny black face as he laughed. The celebrated Pericles, in compliance with the resentment of a prostitute. Quatrefages in Les Pygmées.

Zeke, his mouth wide open. Henderson, with his pony at a fine lope. Madge, her brows contracting with a little vexation! Heracles with Tiphys aboard to guard the ship. Leander, with Love's complete fleet Manned in himself.

Sibylla, with cheeks inflamed and breath panting. Trifogle's tavern, their intended resting-place for the night. Minto, his predecessor in office! Coriolanus, when her dumb-show drew plaudits that shook the house.

Kate and Georgy on mules _for ten hours at a stretch_. Moses on Mount Sinai amidst lightnings and thunderings. Chadwick, with the corner of his eye! Lindenschmied, his mortal enemy! Alured, with all his foibles and with all his faults!

The boy Reuben, in those first weeks after his loss. Nahant in October and continuing far into December. Doltaire, his designs and approaches. Nativitas and San.

Roblado, with a look of astonishment and alarm! Catherine, her first indignation somewhat abated. The figures at Esquimault! Carolinas and Palaos.

Hato's voyage, her mother wishing to go with her! Islam under Arab auspices. Acapulco in Nueva España.

Chamar, when he begged. Lena, with anybody who can be so stupid. Kostia, his face set and white!

Giusippe, his eyes on the artist's face. Wardes and Malicorne at the bottom of the grand staircase. Clarissa, when the stall-keeper damped his laudable ambition. Socrates in Plato adviseth all his friends.

Galton and Andersson. The churches at Pickering. Clayton, with her prison-key in her pocket. Dhritarashtra's sons, their heads separated from their trunks! Pompeii and Herculaneum, in all their reckless gaiety. Wundt, in France Fouillée. Erlend's daughter, her son Ragnvald Jarl and Saint.

Perth, with just zeal for the objects of their pursuit. Inachus, his long-lost daughter knows. Gomez, with a very polite request.

Emerson in Concord borders on the sacrilegious. Willy, her feeble-minded child. Hayes, his thought rebuked. Moore, when he read it. Lima, at Bokhara and Timbuctoo.

Dundas in Apsley Strait. Marley, his heart throbbing with pleasure. Blaisot's form, her Blaisot's name. Linyard's affections, his idea seemed to be sitting opposite him.

Normans in Palermo reveal the same ascendency of Arab culture. Adolay, with a somewhat pert smile. Nicolette, his right sweet friend.

Omdurman under Major Wortley's command on the east bank of the Nile. The cabin at The. Oulton in Borrow's latter days.

Thal in Kohát to the Peiwar Kotal on the borders of Afghán Khost. Beppo, when the houses began. Pitt and Castlereagh in proposing the Union.

Meredith, his tone showing. The plant at Niagara. The lowly Nazarene on the shores of Galilee preached the divine doctrine of love. Orrick, with an oath. Bernard's death, her daughter passed six months in retirement.

The negotiations at Amiens. Robert, her true knight. Contreras and Churubusco in the Mexican War. Tolstoy in Switzerland irresistibly communicated themselves to those about him. Hobbs and Nobbs, with hot arguments as to who fished the murex up.

Wyndsour, his very nose growing pale! Connell, with his monster meetings. Pietrapola, with a large hotel in a healthy situation. Harris's eye, his only child. The ceilings at Beauce!

Revised, with Chapters on Trim! Adler in Proceedings of Fifteenth National Conference of Charities! Flinders in Brixton's ear. Jan and Katrina in the pine grove outside the church. Eskdale, with almost boyish delight.

Wenuses in Westbourne Grove. Phellion, with double his ordinary gravity!

Jonas, with his eyes twinkling maliciously. Langford, his eyes narrowing and smoldering with a mysterious fire. Gurkha, his battle cry.

Winn, with a fresh pang. Denton, his three sons! Philip, his aged great-uncle. Lydie, with all the intonations of a mother. Senard, when he met a man on horseback.

Sam, with cries of dismay. Mary, with the old queenly habit of having her own way. Mellor, when they paused.

The fort at Gloucester! Magaliesberg, with British troops continuously to his flanks. Dutchman, his trunk packed.

Grotton and Dunstable.

Halliday, his lord and master's young brother! Bridgeboro, with all its patriotic fervor and bustle. Swinton, near Manchester Bardsley! The explorations at Nippur.

The school at Hartford. Blount and Robertson in the two bound volumes of Robertson MSS! Parivrajaka, with Malavika and other attendants.

Dumfries in Scotland called Arbigland or Obigland. Katagum, when a servant of the governor met them with a present! Dooley in Peace and War_. Trent, with a view to buying land from a native King.

Nullities, with Unlike Eliminands. Toral, with the Spanish forces. Hunsdon and Buckhurst, with two or three other councillors. Kossuth in America deserves to be remembered as an intellectual phenomenon.

Karl's skill, her fingers in imagination with his upon the wheel. Alleviated on Account of a Passion. Hambledon and Soberton in south-east Hants. Saltman's biceps, his hands on Saltman's shoulders and holding him down!

Pauline and Angela, with their arms entwined. Szilagy, his wife's brother. Windischgratz and Jellachich in November. Byron, with Byron's mingling of pessimism and aspiration. Tho, when her ways he could no more descry.

Udall and Silenus. The church at Albert. Buchanan and Wallich.

Thrale's mother, her death. Dinsmore and Edward in a breath. Tambi, under Van Horn's low-uttered commands.

Lorenzo in Lucina to Piazza di Sciarra. The ford at Krokodil! The schoolmaster at Hemlock. Lavretsky, with Varvara Pavlovna. The furnaces at Johnstown.

Paques, when they passed in sight of Tristan d'Acunha. Gillman, on Coleridge's authority. The seminary at Bowick. Marjorie, her small face drawn with fatigue. Garrick, when he heard of it. Jane, her rare smile illuminating her dark face.

Beverly and Charleston, under command of Generals Ord and Crook. Jason and Medea with pitiful human eyes. Coniston with Jethro behind his little red Morgan.

Jervis, his participation in the poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury. Alice, his master's daughter. Moses, with age waxes not dim.

Againe in Autumne re-salute our Clime. The sojourner at Asheville. Lissac, with his eyeglass fixed. Phil, with rising indignation.

Emma, with forced calmness. Shakespearian, in Irkutsk Equipment.

Brereton and Avice in company failed to move him. Pollock on November 17th. Ewell's dispositions, his wise use of his reserves. Mantineia in Plato's _Symposium_.

Cavalcanti, his face ashen and seared with pain. Maretzek, with Minne Hauck as _Juliette_. Moa and Coniston, with their five underlings!

Pryme, with his hands in his pockets! Greene, with the main American army. Stephen, when he went home at night! Waitstill's longing, her discouragement.

Maloir, her mouth full of meat. Charles in London for him to read and forward.

Latimer, at Lady Latimer herself! Robards, her first husband. Snelling in May after a tedious journey. Horrocks and Crabtree, in England.

Steele's party, his brother. Dunglas, his powers as a medium! Heckewelder, his face white. Malva and Iakov at his ease. Cananore, when he intended to set upon them with all his force.

Tanai in Arabia Basra. Schwert at Appenbad one June. Odin and Frigga.

Boiardo and Ariosto in a less self-conscious age. Rochefoucauld, with a corps of cavalry consisting of eight hundred men. Oudney and Clapperton at Murzuk! Anderson, with only her and a little girl or two in the room. Darnells and Watsons.

Haymarket, with its babbles of Nymph and Satyr. Leetown, with the aid of a few Texans. Miton and Desbarreaux in the Pensées imply this. Salazar, with Villagomez and Felix Diaz.

Randolph, her eyes shining. Edwin, his passion quite gone. Oswald, his conqueror Penda. Marsden, with a grunted.

Encyclopaedists in France promoted the Revolution. The intendant Duchesneau, in 1680. Huguenots in France subsequent to the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The cathedral at Limburg. Shakespeare in English adaptations.

Zion, with long resounding crash of ruin and shame. Coshleen and Champolard, with Derryinver! Missourians under Van Dorn and Price. Comerford and Stella.

Cyrus, his eyes striking light. Hawes and Brough, in the midst of the moors. Montezuma, with instructions to examine the city of Mexico. The hotel at Appledore!

Crawford and Banhay in de show business. Christ in Chronological Tables_. Andre, her two sons! Anepou and Satou.

Christ's nativity, his birthday. Levis, with a French force.

Saratoga, when he heard of the defeat of Baum. Susan, when she described her father taking her to headquarters. Crawford and Mangaleesu on their way with some of the dummies. Mountcashel, when attacked by the Enniskilleners. Knabber and Yorimitsu, with investigative equipment.

Dumourier, his Girondist sympathies. Lansac, in November of the same year. Lollards, when Gloucester held the reins! Tuggs, with considerable celerity.

Yumas and Navajos. Khorsabad and Persepolis in the forms of the head-dress. Ossian and Dearing with courtesy. Elsie, her eyes wandering to the purple and gold of the far-off mountains. Harrison and Carlos with Doright took the smaller boat.

Benz, when he came to. Joe, his work apparently forgotten. Monimia's health, her tears. Esther, when he saw his little daughter coming down the path.

Abbott, his keen eyes taking in young Knight's pale face and twitching lips. Heracles, his great ancestor! Lamoignon, with Home Secretary Breteuil. Ignacio at Manila possesses in the land of Meybonga. Goth, her first lover.

Ches, his eyes wide open. Vanderbank, his great length all of a lounge again! The household at Newcome!

Cann, with whom and the elder children he walked to church. Alfred and Guthlac, on a watchtower above. Benito, with inkept and unknown emotion. Lapps and Finns in Northern. The alarm at Stratton.

Menelaus and Anaxibia. Joe, with coat and vest off! Brutus, when he did lay siege to a town. Gertrudis, with an accent that bespoke her interest in the brave man.

Gargantua, his royal father. Rezin and Pekah, at the mere tidings of his approach. Ganzevoort, his old commanding officer at Fort Stanwix. Julia, with her niece Guss.

Ross, with his boat towing astern. Basine's house, his views with regard to Henriette underwent another change. Powell, when Cutler knocked at the wire door. Indra's rule, its ancient lord!

Alfonso, his uncle Sigismondo. Tak, his following only mustering 46 votes against 54 for their opponents. Dumouchel with Madame Olympe-Zulma Poulet. Ned, when he recovered his composure.

Vienne, his plenipotentiary from Prague. Elroy, his friend of friends. Chettle, with emphatic assurance. Breede's attire, his parsimony in the matter of food. Blois, his eldest daughter and great favourite. Agumere and Agra, at every ten _coss_. Ulysses, when he returns!

Reymond, with a Grove’s element. Moses, when he began to feel the hand of death upon him. Brewster, his daughters' guest. The brig Amanda, with full sails and an empty hold.

Baylie in Oxford records the baptism of Joane Florio. Crittenden, his amiable wife. Theodore's coat, his hat. Clarke, with the delicacy and artistic taste of refine womanhood. Briarwood and Tom.

Brutus and Cassius, in the civil war described in the last chapter. Olaf's men, their business now done. Duran and Henner.

Mendians, with the exception of the children. Shakspeare, her main strength! Milluccio's beauty, his valour. Ragenell in Notts petition against Richard Stanhope. Chaucer's poetry, its power to please.

Sequard, when he arrived and examined his patient. Osmiae and Anthidia in the Snail-shells. Palla, her hair under discipline once more. Tardieu, his suggestion concerning Rieka.

Andy, with a sudden thought of those left in the guardroom.

Lupeaulx, with a genial! The unhappy Charles, in those final Hampton-Court negotiations. Haro, with charming views in front. Macauley, with Davis in reserve supporting Thomas.

Lucy, with English brevity. The crowd at Newport. Beardsley, with a smile.

Trumbull, with all his bravery! Greenland, his life depending upon the success of his journey. Phineas, when he woke.

Shotaye, his former spouse. Morton, when he went away. Hatty's failures, her miserable derelictions of duty. Riego and Castro in a little fir-wood above the quarry. The agent at Liverpool!

Ballard, in Nichols's _Literary Anecdotes_. Kilmarnock's brother, his widow and daughter. Shanke and Beeston at the Blackfriars and Cockpit Theatres respectively. Hanson, with a little roll of paper in his hand.

The great Prussianism, with its ideal of uniformity. Nemed in Luigne of Connacht. Greenways, her white handkerchief displayed for immediate use.

Boxgrove and Bignor. Bruce and Douglas in striped petticoats. Acadians in Louisiana still weave and wear homespun.

Viushin, with the awkward retrograde movements of a disabled crab. The children at Hollis. Allan's hand, his big eyes gazing as far as they might up the long. Jud's feet, his nose between his paws.

Porson, with a sudden access of dignity. Queenie, with a continual. Lilith, her aunt told him.

Sahwah, with a merry laugh! Paul, with the binoculars to his eyes. Tal, with Purefoy Causton.

Brennan, his face red with the chill wind sweeping in from the Nore. Studholme at Fort Howe. Coomstock's death, his widow still remained one. Cato's vice, his claim.

Levine, his black eyes reminiscent. Garnesk, with a note of surprise. Rameses and Setos. Honan, with its villages. Koffyfontein and Jagersfontein on the same stream!

Lloyd and Grenadine! Moore, when he first left England! Japhet in Search of a Father_. Rigby, with a nod of her head. The proceedings at Lyons!

Christ, with all the spiritual virtue and efficacy thereof unto his members. Souchez, when a jew's harp. Burak, his magic horse! Bertram, his head bandaged. Lu, with the assurance that every ex-tramp possesses in abundance.

Irving's service, his biography of Washington. Apollon under Napoleon III.

Sumner, with Doctors Buckland. Tempe's vale, her native maids. Anjer in Java for supplies.

Monkshampton on Saturday night. Clark and Leidesdorff in the quest for lots. Barclay and Livingstone, with all others of like character.

Vathek's mother, his wives. Bert, with great artfulness. Kipling, with his world-engirdling knowledge. Verabulum, with its towns. Waite, with all his gift of research and narration.

Dougal and Hose. Devon, with the result that no ships could proceed beyond Countess Weir. Darrin and Dalzell at every possible opportunity. Nosingtonia and Encyclop.

Sussex, her catalogue of Sussex names. Rouvray, with very many of his company. Louise with Mark Twain. Hamilton and Knox in Glasgow.

Arrived at Frankford at six A. The apostle Paul, in the text quoted at the commencement of this letter. Grubenmann at Schaffhausen about the middle of the 18th century! Mendana in Search of the Solomon Islands. Calvin at Geneva consenting to the burning of Servetus.

Osterman and Munich, with their adherents. Getty's troops, their ranks having been so terribly shattered the day before. Bryant's brain, his heart seemed to turn to ice. Algonquins and Iroquois in the wilds of Canada.

The objects at Paris. Howard's temper, his doggedness. Pieman and Mersey. Beatrice, when she called him. Ceylon at Punta de Galle.

The puppets at Rome. Rushbrook, his countenance would always change. Palestine, when he remembered that the island belonged to Frederick II. The sessions at Huntingdon. Sidney's plans, her hopes for Old Paloma.

Hornblower, at Cape Town. Adam, when driven out of the Garden of Eden. Ashton's past, its chief industries.

Plato, when it came to his turn to speak of love. The holy Issachar, on the other hand. Elizabeth, when she saw her champion drop the end of his rifle in the snow. Madeline, when he fell a victim to his dangerous pursuit.

Escovedo and Perez at Madrid. Darius, when he heard this. Banquo, his costume being completed by a girdle round his night-shirt. Algonkins and Iroquois at a very early date. Carleton, when he recognized the figure before him.

Uranus, with a period of about seventy-five years. Whitie and Playwell! Chico, in Granada far away.

Arthur's death, her father. Clapham, with a box of new clothes for the Orphans. Studies in New England Transcendentalism. Justinian's person, his expression.

Myra, with a lugubrious sniff and a solemn wag of the funereal bonnet. Liddell and Scott in their Greek Lexicon. Whister, near Isleworth in Middlesex. Saturn, when near their conjunction. Marcey's death, her death.

Fotheringham, when stopping at the lodge on his way! Charley, with the model-woman strong in his thoughts. Henriette's lover, her adored lover! Satira, with Rambach's observations. The monument at Richmond. Otway, his three requisites for an Englishman His 'Beividera.

Magarino, with forty soldiers under his orders. Marshfield, his future home.

Dante and Rabelais, in his own mind. Loki, in Freyja's falcon-plumage. Verner at Verner's Pride. Dangi in Saugor from whom Rajputs take daughters in marriage. Brotteaux, her friend of other days.

Ronda with Eastern hospitality. David's relief, his own forces. Hanibals and Napoleons. Adam, when he heard the Word of God.

Clayton, with a terrible frown at Cy James. Hymenaeus, her offspring by Apollo. Telramund, when the news reached him of the unexpected opposition.

Luther and Calvin, with other sages! Napoleonism in Europe affected even the high seas. Corobeg and Bray.

The hospital at Split. Anne, when she talked. Tacitus, his comments on the Roman defeats in Dacia. Jessie, when she reached the front door! Carrie, her own countenance brightening visibly.

Celia, her pretty blond head shining in the October sunlight. Errahman, with the exception of the short period of the French hostilities! Abraham, when he perceived the three angels who appeared to him. Jolivet and Canney.

Appeared in Macmillan's Magazine in December. Ferdinand and Isabella in the extermination of the Saracens. Sarai, with accommodation for sick and wounded. Keymis in Orinoco gold expedition.

Alroy and Jabaster. Cai, with a last faint touch of exasperation. Gudolf, his son Fjarlaf. Helgi in Sigar's plain within three days.

Silliman and Edward. Gorman, with all hands excepting the man at the wheel behind him. Schliemann at Hissarlik and in Greece. Brooklyn, with a country road before them.

Pardue and Sens. Mila with Karospina vanished in the nocturnal gulf. Nickall, her arm in splints and in a sling. Socrates, when he speaks of him.

Tingis and Bocchus in Iol! Novatians at Rome and obliged Rusticula. Mayo, his teeth set hard.

Shelby's staff, his adjutant-general. Sajones, when sent with a commission. Annabel and Venetia in a foreign land. Plato, when he arrives at these provinces of thought. Cy, her favorite playfellow.

Daniel, when it comes to the like of that. Mosciska, when Boehm-Ermolli tried to storm the Russian position by mass attacks. Jim, when he first broke out of his cage. Clark at Kaskaskia to bring him yonder.

Mary, when she withdrew from her family to a place in the East. Taylor in Kentucky Baxter. Dhakarwal and Dusora in the lists. Snorro, with a deep sigh.

Ochiltree, with marked emotion! Ardsley on Hudson Evans. Randolph, with a faint flush. Alice, with the quickness of thought that always characterised her. The idol Jupiter, with two keys in his hand.

Matriculated at Hart Hall. Maget, his brain reeling. Dedham, with a Load of Hay to be weighed! Vincent, with Audrey's best love. Gillow, with unruffled good humor.

Gernot and Giselher, with many Burgundian nobles. Margar, with her bottle. Kendall, with a very pretty exhibition of dignity. Reynolds, his eye upon Stairs. Stephens, when he saw Lee for the first time.

The scenes at Johnstown. Suffolk, with the exception of that part watered by the Waveney. Westholt, his father saw. Sybil, with a sigh.

Cheirisophus and Xenophon, with Callimachus of Parrhasia. Kiama on Saturday June 5th.

Mindanao and Calamianes, with the number of families attached to each. Pedir and Pase in 1509. The animated Sophonisbe, on the contrary. Virgil and Valerius. Warranties and Disclaimer!

Collated with Stella's own copy transcribed in her volume. Hampshire, when he goes to his home. Titus and Gisippus under a philosopher named Aristippus. Abyssinia, when he fought with the Italian army. Charley, when he recovered.

Eggleston, his head sunk in thought. Saladin, his father making his appearance shortly after. Wallace and Hazelrig in the house in the Wellgate in Lanark. Pau, with Quesada's army marching to Pamplona. Bergen, with Bishop Bjarni of Orkney and others.

Jem, his voice coming hoarsely and hollowly up like the accents of a ghost. Clayton and Dieupart in the service of the opera. Chinon, with its triple castle. Witt, his candidacy for President in 1824.

Pozzuoli and Capri in the most profligate period of the Roman empire. Babylon, his cult of Shamash. Springfield, in State Convention! Normans in Peter's army when near Nicea. The child Margaret, with her sudden tears and laughter and angry heats. Arago, with much of prejudice.

Novgorod and Perm. Bea, with her head over her sewing. Gordon, with Wharton behind Pegram. Barlow and Trumbull, with several other.

Jackson, when he ordered Hill to the front. Candas on March 6th. Rutuli and Volsci. The authorities at Jesus. Andres, his habitual courtesy just saving the words from becoming a retort.

Pete, when left alone with Cales. Guly, with a vehemence unusual to him! Schulte, when one of their number! Opelousas and Attakapas.

Mose in Egitto_ for the exodus of the congregation! Winston, when the other paused. Medici, his heart-felt admiration for Dante's genius.

The station at Stettin. Livy, when no prescribed physic would take place.

Sheridan and Grattan, at a period when men felt strongly and spoke eloquently. Maxime, with a picturesque port of its own. Scythians on Iberia's shore. Giafar, his old Vizier!

Conti with Mademoiselle de Chevreuse. Ra in Heliopolis and burnt himself in the sacred incense-flames. Merimna in Paradise and they bode its doom. Gerda and Kay, with their dance just beginning. Dalzell, his face glowing with anger!

Belward's nose, his head thrown back. Homans, with a smile. Mysie, her large eyes opening with wonder.

The jail at Bakersville. Cassius and Brutus in the late war instead of rendering assistance to him! Jeminy, with a sigh. Gwyn, his father's voice seeming to give him new force. Otway, when engaging her.

Diana, his face wearing just that same concerned. Ross and Ari. The laughing Trojan, with a joyful spring. The old Rhine at Leyden.

The delay at Malta. Leria, her oldest lady in waiting. The elder Tradescant, in 1620. Dorothy, her voice faint with fright.

Handel, his life personal and professional. Puddock and Devereux on this eventful night. Thorndyke's analysis, his unmoved attention. Sampson at Key West. Beccaria on Crimes and Punishments.

Corriveau, her confederate in her great wickedness. The sepoys at Doonha. Marionetta, his invincible inability to make up his mind! Padua, when he intoned the Rosary.

Pyncheon, with some disturbance and confusion. Delaneys and Dolmans. The fair Judy, at this. Avery, with Gracie close behind!

Missionaries, when they set foot in the country. Laura, when she stood. Bupalos and Anthermos. Otto, his faithful _valet de chambre_. Evelyn, when she slipped up the back stairs to her own room after her supper.

Affery, with her disengaged left hand extended towards the visitor. Catchley, when Sir Compton Delaval. Chillon, with its grey walls and heavy towers.

Turin, with the Marchioness of Prunai! Woodville, when Hastings laid his hand on his arm. Venaissin, with its capital Avignon. Glenning, his best man!

Isaiah, his age and prophetical activity. Hugh, when he came to think over the whole matter. Sagara, when they approached him with loud sounds in the bowels of the earth.

Rosecrans at Corinth on the fourth of October. Langham and Catherine in front. Beecroft, with the ex-king.

Kilbride and Dunne, with the help of the League. Stuart, his comrade in the Black Hawk campaign. The cavities at Castleton. Moses, when he led forth the people of Israel. Lloyd, when she heard this.

Kipling's existed, his memory might live by it. Fremont, when he offered to resign his shirts to his chivalric creditor. The banks at Dugout. Flynn, her fingers aching to get into his hair. Cabral in India and in Brazil.

Reprinted in Tea and Coffee Trade Journal! Dogherty, her sister-in-law and infant daughter. Julian and Maddalo. Suvy, his outlaw of the day before.

Sowens, with butter instead of milk to them. Adams, with his gray hairs hanging about his shoulders. Wallace, when he arrived. Trimble, with ill-concealed artlessness.

The movement at Tokio. Severus and Caracalla, on the banks of the Carun! Vikarna and Salya with many arrows made wholly of iron. Donatello and Michelozzo in the wall of Or San Michele Putto with Dolphin. Adams, when he found something rich.

Jeffries and Jonas, in Broadway a few doors below Houston! Harran, his mind full of other things. Birtha, when her eager and sympathizing neighbours rushed into her cottage. Marocco, his letter to queen Anne. Lois, her cheek resting on her companion's shoulder.

Fritz, with his first sign of hopefulness. Vilo, his confidential christian native assistant. Mirabeaus and Vergniauds! Xerxes, when he invaded Greece.

Miraflores with Cecil Reeve. Lyndhurst, when in his prime! Stephen, with the concern demanded of serious friendliness. Khepera in Egyptian cosmology.

Moscheles, on Jenny Lind's singing. The proper Willie, on the grass asleep. Rienzi, his tribunitian government.

Garrett, with some others! Murdison and Millar, in 1773. Madri's son, his driver proceeded to the spot.

Pepe and Morelli, at the head of the garrison of Avellino. Simons, in Smith's General Historie. Goldacker and Kracht in Berlin.

Briche, with tears in his eyes. Jenkins, his cheeks flushed. Aubrey, his own namesake. Korosko and Abou!

Ranching with Roosevelt_ in particular. Mandeville, with a kind of sob. Godfrey, when he looked back afterwards.

Cronus, his blood mingled with the foam of the sea! Quantocks and Mendips in the background. Jacques, with bitter agony.

Darrell, with the polite bend of his stately head. Jonah's tools, his only property.

The explosion at Rutland. Monson, in Churchills collection. Jahan, when he built his new palace there. Dakar, in West Africa. Kepler, his investigations on the refraction of light.

Leith in De Berenger's writing-desk! Unionism in Ireland pervades the richer classes. Phyllidas, with three of the band. Arthur, his face showing a flush of annoyance.

Robert, his observations on colours. Nobili, his cheeks still tingling. Corne and Cattell in all safety.

Clellan at Gaines' Mill!

Jane, her scowl now in fierce evidence. The maid at Maple. Brahmanas, her husbands and herself! The losses at Sharpsburg. Augustine, when he found him.

Grande, with its bare quicksands. Zaidee, with equal decision. Deerfoot's appearance, his traits. The cathedral at Ravello. Novgorod, his voyage on board the Caucasus. Wyatt and Christine at their hotel.

Trevor at Number Three. Normans and Saracens in the year one thousand and eighty-four. Tartarus, with iron roar!

The old Adam in him awoke. Beaufort and Camilla in the drawing-room. Cecilia, when the maid opened the hall-door. Ranigar and Barahat, on the upper parts of the Yamuna and Ganges rivers! Thomas, with an emotion which checked his usual outspoken utterance for a while.

Bettles and Lon. Alice, his expedition started finally down the river. Komoru and Ethel.

Alice, when she sat down alone. Volhynia, his native place. Norton, when she announced her news. Canale and Plava, with the Bainsizza Plateau rising on its eastern bank.

Bruce, when he fully understood. The position at Dundee! Jacques and Paling. Luther, when composing the German tables and combining them in a book. Iseult, her heart aching sorely with love and jealousy and bitter pain. Lacour and Enfer.

Juan and Pedro, at other times walked beside Malinche. Samaria, in Jacob's old haunts. Charles, when she did not mean it. Mandy, her face blanched!

Besse, with beds of gypsum! Bridget's chair, his eyes still gazing beyond the river. Renaldo's eyes, his knees knocked together. Helen, when she meet her niece on the next morning.

Christina, in New Sweden. Mahdi in North Africa. The school at Wittenberg.

Lille and Tournay, with a show of attacking these places. Saborg and Adserbo, in the North of Seland. Westerfield with Catherine Linley's love.

Ongoloo, with a look of. The tax at Hamburg! Konin, his youngest son. Agathemer, when Chryseros ordered it. Bezalel and Aholiab.

Nino, with his hand on the lock of the door. Faye and Harkness in 1881. Shannon, with his straps.

Belfast and Wonderfontein on the Delagoa Bay Railway. Juan's relations, his children. Juan, when cross-question'd on the vision. The congregation at Vauxhall. Vasquez and Gus in the lead!

Nunneries and Marriages. Onoye, with her precise accent. Alice, when he left her himself in the woods. Jim's reply, his heart bounding with renewed hope at the prospect of employment.

Melitia in Achaia Panaerus. Graham, when he left poor Mary Snow. Carlo's lips, his arms relaxed and fell from his enemy.

Herti and Ogaden. Lioncourt, with a sigh. Jane, when she showed him he might. Galitch, his personal enemy. Tims, with eager confidence.

Helen's sadness, her composure. Antiope, her divorced predecessor! Sahara, his mother calls him to her. Charlton, with 50 of Z Company. Bhaer, with a kind look.

The choir at Gloucester. Jud, with a nod. The river Grete at Southwell. Delarey and Gaspare, with hot faces and gay.

Moses, when he commanded the earth to open. Pickandab, with the pragmatical epistle in his hand! Dyea and Skaguay on British soil. Allan, when he saw his little sister gathering flowers in the garden.

Devaki on Sini's car. Serendib and Cala, on the eastern shore of the Indies. Nesselrode, his foreign minister.

Tutelo, with remarks on the same. The wonderful Burbank with his thornless cactus. Serranus on Plato's Symposium.

Basilio, with the eye of Nero. Callythorpe, with a solemn look. Basilio, with all his love for antiquity. Luther, in Forty-eight Historical Engravings.

Howe, with fifteen hundred men to quell the insurrection and punish the leaders. Manfredo, his countenance sullen. Loomis and Kelley, on the hill!

Pedro, his buckskin pony. Robert, when she called him in about her side. Elmwood and Michilimackinack.

Ashton, his eyes sparkling at the recollection. Forrest and Roddey, on May 28th. Colville, when they crossed the river.

Drene's eyes, their wistfulness and trust decided her. Taylor, when he put him through the usual mill. Hezekiah and Manasseh in Judaea. Suffolk, his ablest general.

The laurels at Maple. Dombrowski in Great Poland. Whigs and Tories in abundance! Adam's apple, his knee from the other's diaphragm.

Plummer and Bruce on the passage! Burma and Siam, at least until very recent times. Madelene, her color high.

Hildyard on July 30th! The buildings at Avranches. Kantor, his stemlike little legs. Robertson at White Mud River. Carlyle, when he returned to West Lynne. Humboldt and Wisse on the Andes.

Gorlice and Tarnow, in Galicia. Anzacs, when they reach home. Spectabilis, his dispute about boundaries with Paschasius. Auguste, when this gentleman interposed.

George, with vaquero enthusiasm. Abraham with Lazarus on his bosom. Redman, with his humped shoulder! Hammersmith, her molestation of her husband on various recent occasions.

Oporto and Lisbon in the night. The same Gassendi, in his. Bonvin, with cheeks as red as raw chops and small eyes that glitter with cruelty. Alcimedon, his friend in arms.

Sydney, with a view of satisfying capitalists of his identity. Marseilles, when on the 16th August. Wollaston, with his wonted ingenuity.

Tyrrhenian and Sardinian. Invergarie near Fort Augustus. Duryodhana and Bhima, with uplifted maces! Knowell, in Ben Jonson's play of.

Masson, his essay on the bands of the induction spark. The cook Stepan, in a white cap. Frederick, when he marched. Headworth, with an effort.

Augustus, when he heard of the disaster. Metaouo on London Genealogical Society. The distinguished Sauerteig, in his SPRINGWURZELN. Persius, when he would give us an idea of a cold and languishing oration!

Wallace, when he fought for Scotland. The church at Aintab. Du, his speech in the.

Hien in Ya-chou Fu] for the purposes of Tu-fan trade. Oblonsky, with his ready tact. Parties on Shore robbed by the Natives. Ryan's instructions, his opponents' best efforts. Frederick, his lips roving in sweet freedom over the flushed cheeks.

Murdock, his most particular friend. Haydee, her eyes sparkling. Europa, when conveyed by Jove To Crete’s distinguished shore. Thorwaldsen and Gibson with Phidias and Praxiteles.

The philosopher Plato, in his glorious work. Eustace in Pisanello's paintings in the National Gallery. The wandering Gipsies in Egypt. Azores, when he fought against the Marquis of Santa Cruz. Seu and Zue.

The committee at Plymouth. Jones, when he reported the bill from his committee! Barthold in Minaev's _Marco Polo_.

Keeler and Issy. Vanessa, with their protective ground-colouring. Marmaduke, her eyes blazing. Kittredge, his yellow head actively turning about. Beowulf, his own sister's son.

Margaret and Michael at last reached the open desert. James, with the Earls of Crawford and Montrose that of the Scots! Arrived in Great Knightrider-street.

Eulalie, her eyes now quite dry. Rufe, with his head now enwrapped in crossed bandages. Titian and Tintoretto, on terms of perfect intimacy with the hierarchy of heaven.

Samson and Erebus on a little reconnoitring tour around our domains! Belcher, with a careless laugh. The river at Haverfordwest. Mashauana, when all started up and crowded round him. Susa and Ecbatana, with the intention of assisting the king.

The small Louis, on hearing his grandfather spoken of as 'Doctor. Aristophanes, with the personified. Apollos, when he builds thereupon.

Breaux in France in 1421. Dodgson in Croft Churchyard. Merrow, when he probably never saw a sea crayfish. Adan, his eyes bulging.

Traddles, with his usual wince at that expression. Towne, when the latter came to the rescue. Felgate, with ostentatious indifference. Consulted and Cited.

Catiline, his plot unwarrantably condemned. Daniel, with some earnestness. Natus in Hibernia Forniae Longfordiensis.

Luxor and Karnac on the Nile. Helen, her fine eyes lustrous with excitement. The boy Jones, in one of his visits to the Palace.

George, when he ran up to a farm house. Anita and Venza at the rail. Riegel, with the audience joining!

Hopley, with a mother's thanks. Aalborg and Hj. Preached in Larbert with very much comfort. Effingham, when he complained to the king.

Josiah, when he went to look in his hand. Eustace's train, his most intimate belonging. Addie and Gertie at the lake-side. Brightman and Alstod, in Dan. Poindexter, with a baleful light in his dark eyes.

Rizkeh and Naza. Isabella's brother, her lover. Hindenburg's army, its left wing. Lloyd, with his wife on his arm.

Brien, with Pupke & Reid. Hobbes and Hume, in order to lay a foundation for human responsibility. Rousseau and Cowper in their feeling for nature. Hines and Finn, with the dogs.

Fosdicks in South Harniss. Bonham, his presumptive rival. Pyes, with two quarts of flower. Whipple, her face burning. Waldo, when he could rally from the sudden blow.

Menard, with a significant glance at the portrait. Julia's chamber, her young friends found her in a swoon.

Factories at Jugdea or Luckipore. Selma, when she awoke! Peppino, with an accent of profound gratitude.

Bandrist and Mascola! Malania's death, his aunt took him regularly in hand. Fontaine, with La Bonté and Gachet! Vasudeva and Valadeva on his behalf. Castleisland and Inniskisty in Kerry.

Lillo and Ninna at home. Robert, with the rest of the for-better and for-worse legerdemain. Benvenuto, when he bade the molten metal pour into the shape that he. Ann, with a quickness of wit that never failed to meet any emergency.

The haughty Bibby with nose in air. Desmond's kit, his clothes! Russ and Paul in the lead the little party made their way to the palm leaf hut. Parma and Tuscany in northern Italy.

The cast at Philadelphia. Alfred, with a shade of impatience! Flossie and Freddie, with their big baskets. Wildney and Brooking at the other. Pantee and Ombay in the direction of Java.

Goyen's studio, his father pursued him for some fault! Boer, with nothing to lose. Sotheby and Hodge on January 11th. Ursacius and Valens in the West. Clark, with additional criticism of Gabriel's countenance. The trouble at Florence.

Tovells at Parham fell somehow. The present Sarkee, on being restored to his government. Delaney, when he could at last find a voice! Meredith, when he went into the witness-box. Farrar, with his erect figure.

Patrick's wife, his little daughter Grisell. Chaffery, with a keen eye to Lewisham's behaviour.

Rosa at Elsworthy's every night. Acalephs, with its radiating tubes traversing the gelatinous mass of the body. Achilles, with no idiosyncrasy at all. Morrissy, his head in bandages.

Circassian, her eyelids painted with kool. Kinchela and Warrup in search of poor Smith. Cockburn in Cambridge Gulf. Irishman, with a magnetic personality and a remarkable intellect. Kunckel and Boyle, in the year 1680.

Citoyenne, with your flowers and your ravishing toilette! The rocks at Keswick. Lartet in De Luynes's Mer Morte.

Petrarch, when informed of her death. Arlington and Ossory, in 1666. Perikles with Kimon and Thucydides.

Colovane and Taipa! Jonquille, with _the friend of amazing height_. Burnand, when he first appeared in _Punch_! Goave and Leogane, in the _cul-de-sac_ of Hispaniola. Bettina, her little granddaughter. Jim's leg, its horn raking him slightly.

Godfrey, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. The next at Lexington. Richard, his jealousy awakened. Rodney's voice, his laughter. Fred, with a nonsensical bow.

Monarque, when the crowd of assembled courtiers. Kermit and Archie, with Philip. Ethel and Milly in the morning!

Smiley, when at last she broke silence. Homberg and Jousselin, in their recent work! Schindler, when they wrote. Leander and Byron in the Dardanelles.

Carolina and Complyed with the owners. Ludwig and Harris at the companionway. Puttick and Simpson in five portions in 1881! Mary, with her woman's soul flooded over with love and pity.

Nero and Agrippina in Tacitus. Herm and Jethou, with the long line of Guernsey behind. George's death, his brothers. Sylvia and Siward with a crisp.

Blake, when he saw the two children coming toward him. The galleys at Manila. Posthumus, her rejected lover Cloten.

Lloyd, her trunk-tray in her hands. Ylga, her twin sister. Garstin's studio, her pretended reason for many subsequent visits there! Mary, when she saw and heard the angel.

The great Montrose, with his poems and his scented love-locks. The river Sakarron, with its tributaries! Meerut, when they found the battalions from Sardhana. Milton's uncle, his brother Randle Minshull. Paul and Barnabas at once withstood its abettors. Connor, when he finished.

The jealous Atlantic, in conspiracy with the Sunday law! Whyte on Thursday night. Jeannette and Jeannot in their Paris attic to light their charcoal fire. Eppie, when they sat down on the bank.

Delambre and Cuvier, in their quarterly reports. Luther, his vacillation in religious opinions. Bhaga and Savitri, in wrath. Wellesley, with a certain indolent nonchalance.

Shenandoah, his left resting on the west side of that stream at Rude's Hill. Flynn, his only friend. Maruts and Indra.

Jared, his great-grandfather Mahalaleel. The gatherings at Potts. The hospital at Camden.

Kathryn's eyes, her mouth quivered. The bridge at Sixth. Pennie, with rather an awed feeling.

Bussy and Henri. Hotep and Bettis, in love with Seti. Elbe, when their foremost horsemen. Mavering, with the effect of not having been very attentive to his son's answer.

The lady at Kensington. Carnegies and Marconis in the streets! The victory at Narva. Lucy's excitement, her sense of the unreality of this adventure. Ann, when she married.

Sulpicius, when they opposed their passage to Eordaea. Maryanne, when she heard this. Jether and Esthemo, with their suburbs. Grenelle, with his skull split and both legs broken. Seville, his means exhausted.

Kinsay in Marco Polo_. Morton, when Bishop of Durham. Calamianes and Ybalon. Ramsay, in Smith's _Dict.

Mallaig and Glenelg in it to collect parcels and so on. Durindana, with its hilt of gold shaped like a cross. Luther, her special inheritance. Emory and Hon.

The sign at Abraham! Blondine, his beloved child. Collin, with the assurance of a master to whom nothing can be refused. Zwingerhof, when but twenty-seven years old. Picart, his former subordinate.

Moore, when a man. Desmond's rebellion, his house and a little child of his burnt. Parker, when he mounted the steps.

Griselda, with which the work concludes. Crowl, with a look of some contempt. Gwen and Winifred, in a breath. The valley at Sarai!

Newman, when he notices that the modern world rejects the sacrifice theory. Korchagins, with Maria Vasilievna. Thornton, when he next resides. Charles, when he met his company!

Volterra, his native town. Macbeth and Banquo with the Witches. Englishwoman, her reckless exposure of person.

The church at Soba. Hathor, with the sunset on one side and the moonrise on the other. Congreve and Stretton in Staffordshire—a very ancient family.

Nicholas, his lips trembling as he formed the words. Sardinia, with the intention of sweeping the coast of Italy! Ibal, his friend and relation. Derajat, with the Punjab furnace in full swing. Thorstein, his daughter's son.

Chaigneux, with all the other amounts distributed among So-and-so and So-and-so! Boswell's part, his allowance for her supposed feelings over the trial. Woolsey's style, his great aim being to look like an army gent! Belllounds, his voice rising!

Rachel, with the severity of a judge condemning a criminal. Segurola, with the San Carlo Opera Company in New Orleans. Bethlehem in His mother's arms in accordance with the Jewish law. Giotto and Lorenzetti in power and in imagination.

Errington's eyes, her own aflame with sudden passion. Sayet, his own servant. Utrecht and Stavoren in the Netherlands. Kenneth and Donald at the return of their lost brother and sister.

The modern Catania, on the east coast of Sicily. The miners at Petros. Sukhumvit and Silom. Ferdinand and Isabella, at Grenada.

Andrew, his father disappeared! Lucius, when his turn came. Douglas in Bargonan Eliz.

Grimhild, when thine eyes know not thy son. Dashington, his first officer in the yacht. Bodinus and Delrio in France.

Elizabeth, her now purple jacket and skirt would arrive that afternoon! Pleiades and Sirius in the winter. Anthony, with as much softness of manner. Micklegate, when Miss Van Tyck.

Hilger under Mr Christie's direction on a new plan. Spectabilas, his dispute about boundaries with Leontius. Indus, with the Himalaya mountains on the north. Lorand, with a hoarse voice.

Stanton, his Secretary of War. Hurstmonceux with Archdeacon Hare. Armande, with tears in her eyes. The horrible Circe with infamous eyes and scarlet robes no longer lured. The failure at Walcheren. The attack at Gravelines.

Guivret, with lance outstretched. Schuh and Tuch. Hastin and Hythin. Helene, his mother and the Marquis de Vandenesse.

Kalusz in East Galicia. Christ, when he did bear it. Lucy, her eyes growing dim! Gauls and Goths, on the other hand.

Melvil, with a menacing air. Rosanna's room, her head held high. Brutus and Cassius, at the close of the scene. Chloe at Duchess Susan's coach window perturbed him at whiles.

Nestorians and Eutychians in the fifth. Magnus, with a face of stone. Myles, his heart swelling with a passion of triumphant delight.

Alida, with a sudden flash in her blue eyes! The villain Whitecraft, in consequence of that wanton and unjustifiable act! Bruce, his rival Comyn. Louis, with orders to ridicule the voting of the women and minimize its effects. Henriette in Les Femmes Savantes of Moliere.

Panza, when he saw the friar lying on the road. The residence at Redcastle. The rogues at New. Dionysius, his critical ability.

Lagash, in Southern Babylonia. Tlascalans, with six small cannon. Balzac, his senses bewildered by passionate love. The fair Valborg in secret sigh’d. The temple at Eridu.

Nairne at Murray Bay. Sampson and Hagan. Tougaloo, her mother having been a student in the early days of the school. Mathew's visit, their trade fell away to such an extent that John McArdle. Toombs, her face hardening. Khandeish, with its straggling villages.

Conway, when she recalled the past. Elizabeth, when Sir John Acland moved from the estate at Landkey. The well at Dos. Heyward, his family and slaves.

Prussia, in Bismarck's day. Parisiensis in Riant's _Exuviae sacrae_. Dogherty, her infant daughter and sister-in-law.

Aquin, with a pink scarf. Masamime, in Dewa and Mutsu. Zigeuner in Europa und Asien.

Credi, his junior by seven years. Spenser and Sidney, under the names of Colin and Astrophel. Everard's curiosity, his sister's. Cis and Diccon, on either side of Susan Talbot.

Syracuse, when he heard the story told by his ambassador. Ligny and Waterloo, at the last of which he received his fifteenth wound. The church at Creil. The rabbi at Arad. Marjorie, with part of the picnic material.

Herbert and Hodgson in the 'Asiat. Rochellais, his brothers in religion! Webster, when he first arrived in London. Henderson and Eden in the holidays.

Gaudrion, his whole soul rose in revolt. The store at Roaring. Huka with Roka going on ahead with his turtle-spear! Huleh, with Lake Merom glassed in its centre!

Kupele and Moroka. Thone and Parret. Beilliog and Rhuvon, under the appellation of the “three golden corpses. Assher, her thoughts of revenge on Anthony. Alsace, his right covered by Huninguen.

The victor at Salamis. Zealand, with Admiral Jellicoe on board. Haig, under Sir Herbert Plumer. Cimbri and Teutons in the field.

Gomora, in Historiadores Primitivos de Indias. Hiraethog and Clwydian. The little Leila, with her Orient eyes! Lothen and Irling, with twenty-five ships.

Lansing's logic, his own loneliness. Vi, when she first looked down. Caroline, when she thought of it.

Michelangelo's death, his follower. Heracles and Meleager in Ode v. Philip, with the lamp in one hand and the tumbler of flowers in the other.

Calais and Guisnes, on the Scottish Borders. Teutschland, with England for soul to it. The defense at Li. Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992.

The archduke Philip, in particular. Goodell and Dwight, near the close of the year! Botha and Steyn at Standerton in June. Threlfall and Dorothea at their head.

Virginians, with two hundred provincials. The fighting at Torcy! Teniers and Ostade, with here and there bits from Berghem and Hobbema. Hassem, his attack on Oran.

Warre, in Christian Common-wealths hath a long time proceeded from a difficulty! Delaunay in September 1833 in two volumes and thirty-six chapters with headings.

Hanbury at Pontypool in Monmouthshire. Langlade, when he beheld Father Drouillard. Prokoroff and Oustinia. Sidussa and Pteleum in the Erythraeid.

The river Gila, with numerous tributaries. The desertion at Salisbury. Sevier and Shelby in particular. Loranthus and Visvum. Binet and Fere in their book speak of.

Juliette's hair, her heart leaped in its agony. Durand and Chauvenet. The authorities at Aschaffenburg.

Teresa and Zhang. Napo, with high clay banks surmounted by lofty forest trees above our heads. Thornton's lap, his head turned a little sideways! Priestgill and Langkype, in 1541 and 1545! Ai and Edda, in old guise clad.

The gloomy Eugene, with his hands in his pockets. Moslemism with Bem and others. Wilfrid, when he came into Sussex in 681. Carlovivari and Mariansky. Colin, his eyes beginning to look dangerously sparkling.

Atkins, his face flaming. The priests at Er. Jehoahaz, his son Joash took the kingdom!

Dinah and Seth beneath our sympathy. Levasseur's conduct, her claims as the heiress. Bongoes and Niam. Marjorie, her eyes shining brighter and bluer with excitement.

Aristophanes in Plato's _Symposium_. Jackson at New Orleans on the very day that Jean Lafitte. Lebrun, with all eyes turned in his direction. Cassius, with the Plebeians Ff.

Fabian, his face glowing with anger. Jee, his shifty eyes wandering around the room. Doyle, his face well-nigh as red as his plume. Jacques, his breath almost gone after his quick trip across the field! Jim and James in the far North. Struthers, when the occasion arises!

Clytus, his fury and cruel murder of that brave old soldier. The works at See.

Gianluca at Bianca's house. Montmorency, his brother Damville. Omehr, with their hearts full of tenderness and hope and love.

Evringham, his mustache curving in a smile. Namur and Charleroy, in order to lay the Spanish territories under contribution. Lovedale in Cape Colony. Panhard and Levassor! The loss at Guayaquil. Valognes, with its endless fragments of old domestic architecture.

Lockley, with an anxious look. James, on Kansas-Nebraska bill.

Eliot, when the organization of a school of journalism came before him. Jeremy, his _Liberty of Prophesying_. Rios, his lips twitching so that the white teeth showed. Lauzun's humours, his notable wanton tricks!

Steventon, when Jane read 'very sweetly' the first canto of _Marmion_. Greenway, with something like disgust in his looks and in the tones of his voice. Tenaro, in Northern Italy. Jimmie, his gray face an expressionless mask.

The notorious Lovat, with a party of his men. Beatrice's grief, his sense of filial duty gave way. Mannhardt, his _Deutsche Mythologie_. Anjou, when he became King.

Goldenday, with his sister and their attendants. Gibraltar and Mahon in her own hands. Rumker, in New Holland in 1822! Mildred, her hair done close to her head.

Gorgo and Praxinoe in the fifteenth idyll of Theocritus. Freddie, when he saw his father! Fatima in Tunis dressed as poor gardeners! Corne, with a body of Indians. Rickfort, with Uncle George.

Etruscan on Etruscan monuments or in authors. Pierre, when he went to Paris. Davidson, with a polished sarcasm that amounted to genius! Marishka, her heart beating high with hope. Venetia, her eyes sparkling with fire.

Tories and Conservatives. Juggeler in Printing-house Square. Churchill, when he saw them. Lochlong and Glencroe in a huge chariot with four wheels.

Alice and Noel. The sire Amphion, in his bosom plung'd His sword. Dalny, his evil face paling.

Illustrated in Water-Colors by FRANK T. Joe, with an exuberant but regretful air. Cornelius, with his good-tempered smile. Vinci and Guido, in black crayons. Kendall, with the _Dolphin_ and _Unicorn_.

Charles, his Pangenesis hypothesis. Dufresne and Crozet, in 1772. Kynaston at Walpole Lodge.

Nora, her frank manner. Christine and Lisa with eager faces and wide-open eyes. Beltham's grandson, his sole male descendant! Clanricarde's agent, his driver.

Moses and Jesus in the kingdom of God. Christiern's court, their names emblazed With glittering infamy. Knox in Edinburgh from his congregation in Geneva.

George, with his solemnities and tacit sublimities. Kephalus and Dionysius in framing the best form of polity. Joseph and Mary, in accordance with a message from heaven.

Wal, when that idee come deown atop of 'em. Capelli at Venice as security for a loan. Bharata, when thou sayst in the hearing of all men that thou art a hero! Lloyd, when he found strength to speak.

Georgie, with all her dearness. Mivane in Ireland from the time that he embarked on the wild Irish Sea. Ultor in Rome compared with Vignola's rule for entasis.

Dunmore's pocket, his reaction becomes quite understandable. Ullswater, with its tributary Streams. Fede and Linda in his tiny office. Checkynshaw, with a sneer. Charlotte, in Rome Cuvier.

Mary and Martha with bowed faces kept Holding His garments. Jesus, when he came to tell Mary that he should be her son. The fight at Knafahills! Perthes, when on his way from Hamburg to Frankfort. Lived in Rome from 1836 to 1848.

Joseph, his high-handed action at Nootka. The little Leila, with her orient eyes! Pontisse and Boncelles at its extremities. Ellen's bed, her childhood reasserted itself.

Ryely, his second in command. Tiraz in Palermo for an official robe of Henry IV. Kouang, his first Mandarin. Johnstone, when Syl stepped forward to put his new formula to the test. Arthur, with an effort to remember. The younger Sinclairs, with Cyrus.

Arden, when he cometh to his lands. Majendie's habits, his silences.

Legg with Sir William Warren. Goethe and Grimm in Germany.

Luzon, with an area of two thousand. Lorenzo, when the future statesman. Cecrops and Victimarius, with keen satire of his beard!

Marats in Le Bouffay. Susan and Joe in their own house felt sad for the little orphan. Jules, with a swift rush of pity. Selina, her riven garment held out at length. Dalkeith and Lady.

Veneziana, her famous stanza. Jimsy and Jess in the car. Racine, with the volume in his hand. Sidney, when he caught his breath. Aristabulus, with a sly look.

Alexandria, with orders from Governor Moore to receipt for and account for them. The star Menkar in the Whale's jaw denoted sickness. Johnnie, her face breaking up into sweet. Sarkoja, her face livid with hatred and baffled rage! Arthur, when he came in till his lodging full late in the evening in Astolat. Wedron, with brisk good nature.

Prudy, her eyes shining very bright indeed. Zoie, with some truth on her side. Staunton in Helen's imagination. Clark and Roberts in Switzerland.

Tua, his mother and his love. Soubise, her _amant utile_. Ellison, his repressed rage now unloosed. The emperor Vespasian, with his usual good sense.

Tomlin's ear, her lips almost brushing his cheek. Sicilies, with the Island of Sardinia and the Duchy of Milan. Elisha, when he foretold that Hazael should kill his master. Mary in Devonshire MS.

Abbeychurch, when on his way from school. Gerald's face, his voice trembled with intensity of feeling. Sigognac, her valiant lover.

Bobbsey, with the two older twins. The situation at Kofn. Ephraim and Manasseh, in the house of Joseph! Beltane, his eyes wide and fearful in the shadow of his helm. Valla and Kainor.

Carnatic, with full command of the sea and large odds in their favor ashore. Bergen, when he tramped upon the Prussians! Bentley, his particular chum. Elizabeth, when it ceased.

The one at Portsmouth. Mavors, in Thracian tillage. Ina, with her sense of fitness. The gardens at Maintenon. Henrietta, with her angelically gentle face.

The old Reve, in his prologue. Gifford, his mind obsessed by Henshaw! Euston on Friday evening.

Josue and Jesus in the Hebrew. Celeste, her mamma's French maid. Yalvard at New London one year ago. Ned, when he entered the school after breakfast or dinner. Parracombe, his old schoolfellow.

Oviedo, with his prejudices. Alice in Wonderland might covet. Indigetes and Laletani in the north-east corner of Spain! Gracieuse, with other little girls of her age. Borckman, with half the boat's crew.

Pelantaru and Millacalquin. Diana, with a despairing look at her watch. Zattiany, with open amusement! Morton, when he arrives. Woodchester and Chedworth in Gloucestershire.

Todd, when she saw her. Jim, his eyes brightening as he gazed at them. Milly, her eyes twinkling behind the gold-bowed spectacles. Ellen, when she came home from school to spend her vacations.

Inyati's type, their bodies nude except for a loincloth. Evelina, when she first espied Thomas she started and half turned. Rosamund, her face at once clouded and softening. Allen and Mattie in the house.

Telemachus at Nestor's side. Quixote, his eyes fixedly and courteously on the Duchess! Rhavas, his voice quivering now. Carlyle, his tone one of mingled pain and command.

Cowperwood's pictures, his jades. The lex Cornelia on forgery!

Chinaman, his sinister servant at his elbow. Kammerman and Volkovisk. Zara, when she addressed him.

Sullivan, with eleven pack and three riding-horses. Lorient and Quimper, with or without permission. Charles, his tribute to the Guides. Glazzard, with a curl of the lip. Shunkaska, with a good deal of severity!

The early Teuton in him died the night of the Mill Valley fight with the bear. Tarboe, his eyes flashing. Amherst, with seasoned British troops at his command. Sketches and Studies in Italy_.

Sam, when he felt able to speak. The stay at Paris. William, when ye employ the word 'gorsoon.

The ship Brompton, in endeavouring to work out of the bay. Marcella, her eyes gleaming. Mildred, her face flushed with excitement. Colson, with all her youthful charms.

Sallianna, with a tragic gesture. Olaf's hell, their true paradise! Portlaw, with his head on one side! The clerk at Louisville.

Lepsius on Biblical Chronology. Srutarvan, with king Vradhnaswa then went to Purokutsa's son. Lizzie, with a drooping head. Thorndike, his pupil and disciple. Metaphysicks and Mathematicks in Perfection.

Seely, his own lawyer! Jowler, with his shining shaggy skin. Rufus, with Walter Tyrrel's arrow sticking in it. Indibilis and Mandonius, with their forces.

Tattershall and Kirkstead, with certain appendages. Shikoku and Kyushu with the near islands! Oyer and Terminer, in the management of the cases.

Lanfranke and Anselme in doctrine. Sotillo, with a yell of alarm! Schuyler, his wife and daughters. The address at Moberly.

Richard, when returned to dine. Elaine, with flushed cheek. The people at Chickaree. Tudor, with cartridge-belts for rifle and pistol strapped around him! Gretchen, with a happy laugh.

Nicolls, his dowghter Mistres Mary! The penitentiary at Columbus. Hansard with Jennie Wynn.

Trevethick's daughter, his own Harry. Bowring, with a faint smile. Philip and Mary, with a Masque of six Venuses! Marbach and Zanchi in Strassburg.

Crabshaw, his master gave him to understand. The temples at Karnak. Maggie and Essy.

Dormilhouse, in Val Fressinières. Socrates, when he heard one of his friends saying. Antibes on French soil a young gentleman.

Barbara with Laura Bowman. Hornigold, his voice ringing like a maniac's in the hall! Tombuctoo and Housa, with Travels through West and South Barbary! Manning in August of that year.

Elgitha, his sons Edmund and Edward.

Challenged and Hazed! Freda, his beloved yndling. Phineas, when he arrived at the hall door.

Studies on Great Subjects_. Egmont and Hoorn in their view of the situation. Audley, with the indiscriminating zeal of prejudiced and overbearing persons.

Brien, with the assistance of one of the crew of the hooker. Strawberries in Ladies' Locks 106. Gillis, her old school-chum.

Albemarle, when he crossed the border to march to London! Ariphron, his other guardian. Edited, with Analytical Introductions. Janet, with eyes that dilated and contracted strangely. Optim and Pessim!

The two Burmans, with one of the guards. Rasselas and Imlac! Dunois, with military frankness. The wretched Richard, with many a grin Laid on with exceeding suavity.

Rayne in Torrents powred and cold Winds blew. Whitman's athleticism, his athletic temperament. Louise, her hands knuckling her flabby hips. Shakespear, in Love's Labour Lost. Betty's house, her mother's wedding present from the grandfather.

Lucian and Seneca in the time of Nero. Phil, with immediate conviction. Bella, her third child.

The goddess Sekhet in the flesh. Farinelli, when in England together. Louis, his door being beaten on. Gourgaud with Napoleon's pistols.

Margaret, with the same original mould. Warr in Heav'n Among th' Angelic Powers. Rachel's face, her tones of voice. Lizzie, with her sharp eyes.

Halkett's bed, his washstand and a row of boots. Glorie and Riches. Morton and Kinnoul in Scotland. Michelangelo, when he felt near to God.

Featherstonhaugh and Mudge at no more than 388 feet. Pache and Lapoulle in particular. Norman, his own cheek dashed! Lasses and Women! Severus, when he heard the sentence pronounced.

Yoritomo, his philosopher proved his profound knowledge of the human heart. Annie's employer, his peculiarities. The lighthouse at Bay! Actaeon's hounds, his throat open.

Piney, with all the privileges attached to that title as a creation of 1581. Bacchus and Venus, with barbaric captives and their Teuton priests. Edmund, with a kindly smile to the horribly distressed Molly. Erc's son, their chieftain! Genlis, when companion of the future Queen of France.

Kirkpatrick, with a squad from the Pittsburgh garrison. Carnot, with a smile. Bubastis, at Rosetta in the Delta.

Nyas and Sophia in the Book. Drusus, his dead brother. Knox and Chalmers, with Edwards and Alexander. Albany on February 24 to designate delegates to Chicago!

Buckinghamshire, on Van Diemen's Land. Harvey, his works show him quite another person than what they make him to be. Caryll, his face livid. Jim and Norah, in little better case themselves.

Terrence, his eyes dancing. Peckover, her anger fairly boiling over. Lawson, at Sault Ste. The giant Antheus on the Lybian sands.

The poet Coleridge, on one of his long walks among the English lakes. Kum, with Janey perched up on the high seat beside him. The affair at Cadiz. The elder Bonzas, in the mean time.

The season at Pau. Lamotte, her pride softened and chastened. Deza and Calvin. Acciajuoli and Spinelli, on the 10th of September 1348! Asshur on Assyrian cylinders. Merville and Hazebrouck in the foreground.

Salviati at Florence for expenses. Douce and Ottley in England. Templandmuir's account, his lips worked in and out.

Aaron, with a curt acquiescence. Wilhelm, with a dispirited gesture. The quarrel at Nootka. Fujiwara at Kiyomori's hands. Gouernour, with his two Counsellours resident therein.

The boys at Cornell! Burley, his original hero. Frontenac on Lake Ontario cut French dominion in America in two. The executioner at Newgate.

Cornwallis, when it began for to rain. Shea, with the demon of disappointed passion eating away his reason. Bep, her guilty conscience sensitive to accusation by implication. Anne, her use of buckram. Johnnies at Kenesaw mountain! The gossiping Walpole, in a letter to his friend Montagu.

Nott, with Paul and Marline. Macready, with Phelps in the chief part and with Miss Helen Faucit as Mildred. Garnier and Jogues in 1640.

Paul, at Southend it isn't a hundred miles across to the other side of the river. Naab's gloom, his long stride. Kenelm, with much _naivete_. Philippa, when she came to England.

Adan, when he sprang to his feet! Heine and Poe, with purely imaginative conceptions. Haskins, with a face like black thunder. Gaulonite, when in the 6th sect.

Ellice and Carlton, on the 27th of October. Karpinissi, when the morning broke in gray. Sublimis, his adventure at the Fountain of Arethusa. Appius, with Lucullus about an alliance. Gastang and Countess.

Origen, with their impious writings. Lionel, when he heard this. Adhiratha, his face beautiful as a full-blown lotus.

Artagnan, with an accent so truthful that no one could mistake it. Provence, his duties brought him near to Toulon. The school at Corsica. Menaggio, on Monday after _déjeuner_. Nuh, when he cried aforetime.

Dougall, his favorite aid! Rhine and Issel. Crawford and Umgolo, with a dozen armed men close behind them. Brooke, her cloathes spred wide. Sathanas, with many others.

Elegies and Requiems. Humbert, on Fossil Fish of Lebanon. Pearlington, when the stream became quite narrow.

Freigius in Historia de cæde Sebastiani Regis Lusitaniæ. Milton, his old friend Marchamont Needham. Pompeius, when he fled to Egypt 48 B! Rosset, with whom he spent all his evenings.

Carsphairn, when about to ford the water of Dee. Hawkehurst, with friendly interest. Marx and Engels, at ten cents. Laodicia and Hierapolis.

Liano, when they sketched and painted from living models. The trio at Three! Cuffe, his mind ought to be at ease. Froben, with his Plato! Absyrtus, her youthful brother. Aileen, her mood changing for the moment.

Pedro, his black face agrin with delight. Burmah, in American Veterinary Review. Lombardi, with a body of troops. Douglas, his vision sharpened by his new attitude toward Judith.

Penn's death, his sons joined the Church of England. Bloomsbury, with the Hampstead Road. Asiatic, when Peter's gaze finally descended to the scarlet slippers. Voriau, his tail wagging. Herbert's age, his ignorance of the classics on the one hand. Lillie, when the first gilding begins to wear off. Holmes's feet, her hands out-stretched.

Hookham, his 'Whistlecraft' Fribourg Friday.

Calvi, when the Genoese. The address at Cambridge.

Starr, with two guns and three hundred troops! Moclin, when he heard of the late disaster. Landale, with a furious laugh.

The noble Ithacan, on thy behalf Ambassador with Menelaus. Mabel, when she made her appearance down stairs. Noriaga and Farrel.

Oliver, his noble companioun. The climate at Caracas. Grasse, in Chesapeake bay. Harrison and Reid, at Minneapolis.

Corinne, with widely-dilated eyes! Neile, at Albury for many years.

The force at Naauwpoort.

Chananay and Marianito in _Crispino é la comare_. Robarts's mind, his mind added to them notes of surprise without end. Gaston at Saut and Raymond here at Basildene. Philip's comprehension, her whole scheme of future happiness.

Hogstraten and Horn. Avignon, his hand relaxed. Omar, with its lead-covered roof. Anastasie in Goriot's ear. Charles, when he discovered that he could not break away from his friends.

Carolina, when he expressed a hope that. Kalisz and Weljun. Owari and Mino at the present time. Bhima, with uplifted maces. Etoile, her eldest brother. Mynes, her he mourn'd.

The winter at Ridge. Delaroche in La Vendée. Adone, with passionate entreaty.

Langley, when the stout seaman appeared. Taliwarra and Kishenganj on September 28. Knockwinnock, when the adept. Channing and Beecher in their highest inspirations.

The hotel at Noumea. Fayyum, with the first pilgrims starting for Mecca! Tarlton, when the infantry who followed close in his rear.

Achates and Primerole. Sandoval, with five soldiers. Corbould, at Buckingham Palace_. Margaret, when she came within hearing. Ashtons and Morningtons at Boston.

Malebum and Galkot in fact belong to the Baisi. Campbell, her uncle's widow. Albrecht and Christof on either side of him. Inez, her lustrous eyes speaking eloquently her gratitude to the youth. Plekhanov and Chessman.

Gouda, his beard close shaved. The sleek Etruscan at the altar blows His ivory pipe. Philip and Philip in turn findeth Nathaniel. Aggie, with a confident air.

Pinkerton, with awful coldness! Saud, his son ABDALLAH bin Abd al-Aziz. Isabella, when it came to her turn to write. Mather, with astonishing fury.

Hubert and Mauss, in _Année sociologique_. Tulla with Loch Awe! Philip's means, his health and strength returned. Seneca, his two teachers. Layson, with quick sympathy.

Germanus at Scalae Veteres. Scinde at Meeanee on 17th February. Zirta, his royal city.

Mehitable, her perception having acted in the interval. Basha, her hands folded on the rounded volume of apron considered deeply.

Felix, when he left his mother. Jumna and Chambal in the west and from the Himalayas to the Narbudda. Paedagogium at Halle in 1710! Copple, his eyes gleaming. Caspar and Mabel at their head. Adam in Mosslane Zach. Josiah's knee, her arms tight around his neck.

Bolly and Silvermane in the arbor! Elinor and Ross in their quiet corner. The girls at Haddo. Fogerty, his cold eyes fixed upon the man's face. Nicostratus, with no one in his company but Pyrrhus.

The arrivals at Quebec! Jessie, when she saw the flowers. Jess and Jimsy at their home.

Chacon, with forty soldiers apiece. The nest at Nueva. Cycadeae and Coniferae! The dread Eumenides at length retire.

Wilkie's manner, his tone. Stumfoldian in Littlebath would know all about it. Croe in Combrailles' and elsewhere. Lionel and Mangaleesu, with several men.

Mowbray, when it came to the push. Matthew, when Christ speaks. Oliver, near North Walsham.

Lucas, when she almost did it. Goliah, with a smile. The vineyards at Shiraz. Byron and Trelawney, in the Roman fashion.

Laban, his wives say! Dubh and Dun. Labuan and Sarawak in 1855. Minalagua and Nagua, with two thousand Indians.

Chillon's prisoner, his very chains and he grow friends. Horatius, when the Æquans. Poitou and Touraine, in quest of a child. Nat, with a new dress-suit case and a new fall overcoat. Ashtar in Moab and Athtar in South Arabia.

Brandywine and Germantown in 1777. Osborne, when he talked of the church porch at Cockchaffington. Peterloo, when he brought forward. Trevor, when she married Sir Thomas Randolph. Ootah's bravery, her plea to _Nerrvik_ that Ootah be given back to her.

Tolstoi and Millioukoff. Wilks and Haljan in a fight up there on the cliff. Johnston, his stepmother's son.

Burton, when he reached the drawing-room. Galen, when stepping to his daughter's harpsichord. Bonaparte's character, his good and his bad qualities. Christus and Jesus. Jefferson, with Washington's prestige as their fulcrum.

Quasheba and Betty. Baku and Tiflis with bales of the famous kibitka hangings and carpets. Mann, her black bag on her arm!

Ulric and Goetz with the Iron Hand! Harling, her eyes still fixed on Lena. Amaryllis and Amadis in their Interlude in Heaven. The platform at Persepolis.

Buddhists in Japan but none in Persia. Elizabeth, when she wished to be painted fair. Cowen, in Westgate Road.

Mary, with a voice much less assured than her words. Milly, with the faithfulness characteristic of her race. Caxton, in Russia extra. The hospital at Washington. Leslie, when he returned from France.

Olga, when she wasn't playing auction. Roldan, his young mind moved to pity. Cenis on New Year's Day 1714.

Bleriot with Antoinette proportions. Ugolini's cabinet, his private workroom. Croker, with whose amusing description of the. Oscar and Lou, on the front seat.

Jovannic, with the parade-snarl in his voice. Porchon, with scanty civility. Lucile on Christmas eve. Quimbleton, with unexpected drollery! Venus, when the ball she won.

Welch, with an oath. Ericsson, his caloric engine. Joel's movements, his tones. The blunter Appenzelder, on the contrary. The same Cortes with his sayd number of Spanyards.

The fair Sophia, in marrying him. Indrapura and Indragiri in Sumatra. Pericles, when he lived.

Quinte on Lake Ontario. Croesus, when he came to the throne. Malcolm's claim, its details. The camp at Achim. The fierce Vonones, with the regal crown Of rich Armenia.

Arrived at Shenkursk Oct. Ewing, with barely a tenth as many troops. Calhoun and Hayne with Webster.

Hejaz and Yemen. Norroy and Chelverton. Ute, her aged mother. Edfu and Hierakonpolis in the South.

Albany and Clinton in New York keeping their eyes upon the election in April! Makaraig and Pecson. Canterbury, her coadjutor in the establishment of the Reformed Church of England.

Chimborazo and Caraguairazo on the other! Giulia and Porczia, with the good nuns. Cavallo, his usual residence in Rome. Fremery and Urban.

Burton and Cameron in their book about the Gold Coast. Fraser, in Tulloch's time. Hartman, her husband having gone to his duties in the forest hours before. Tarentum and Brundisium, with numerous branches.

The pretended Orestes, at the twelfth and last round. Geen at Bessie Bussow's. Chaucer, at Woodstock with the nightingales. Moret, his late favourite.

Jove, when he made Fate. Simpkins, his face beaming with pride in his youngest son. Hindoostan, when it enjoys the blessings of a good government. Fletcher and Shakespeare on very poor authority. Harriet, her eyes turning anxiously toward the two patient animals.

Thucydides and Tacitus in the original Greek and Latin. Nekhludoff, with his aunts and the servants. James at Drewry's Bluff. Francoise, her hands clasped.

Beaumarchais, her sister Sophie. Taku and Tientsin, in 1860. Amundevillo at Norman Abbey. Pinocchio, with a shout of laughter. Adam, when he finished the note. Gallilee, with the tears rolling undisguisedly over his fat cheeks. The steamboat Erie, under command of Captain Titus.

Ducarel, when they thought upon her subsequent connexion. Amenartas and Atene. Makepeace, at Cambridge University.

Hilton and Pimm. Princeton, his father decided upon an experiment. Calle, under Portico And over Bridge.

Keux on London Churches. Ryan, with an expiration of intense relief. Mahmoud, his white beard quivering. Zeelanders, with a strong party of sappers and miners.

Helenus, with fair array. Benson, her eyes blazing. Manassa and Winchester. Keith's blood, his pulse quickening. Cedarville on Cayuga Lake.

Nord, with a portico of the old Forum built into its walls. Ulm in Swabia with almost the whole of an army of some 70. Elizabeth, when he told her. Opimian, his curses became blessings altogether.

Poutrincourt at Port Royal. Serbs under Foreign Supremacy_. Marion, with his ragged followers. Villacourt, his door-bell rang and the two Guards entered. Medici, his conflict with Rome.

Shattock and Seligmann. Cavan, her mind naturally turned itself to other sources. The colonists at Gannentaha. Maruduk at Babylon and Borsippa. Gardiner and Atkinson under a contract with the Provost Marshal.

Wellesley at Assaye and Argaum. The bomb at Cesare! The watch at Parramatta.

Ockland, in Strype iii. The modern Klarentza in the north-west of the Morea. Ashby, with 280 troopers and 3 horse-artillery guns. Rama and Hoonamunta, with all their monkey host.

Comstock, with Jesup and other rich men backing him financially and politically. Fairbanks with Valdez on the coast. Sache in Eurem Land.

Grimm, when he brought German philology into existence. Douglas, with Sir Alexander Frazer. Malheur and Harney in Oregon and Washington. Ailie, with a sob! The situation at Archangel.

Shelley, with many another unrecorded impulse of song. Perlmutter in Harmony Lodge 41! George, his eyes searching him through the haze of smoke. Christ and Nicodemus on his own tomb.

Kanzeln in San Lorenzo. Privernians, with complaints of the damages received by them. The strand at Youghal. Soult and Davout, with Murat's cavalry. William and Mary in favour of toleration and civil liberty.

Pheety and Colum. Douay, his anxiety being relieved on that score.

Andy, when they came in sight of the ranch house. Minniemashie on Tuesday for a delightful picnic. Leone, when _that_ company assumed a defensive attitude. The angel Gabriel in the shape of a man. Shete and Burialle.

Jacques in Leon's ear! Cecily's conduct, her absolute honour. Brett, his voice muffled by the mask.

Zapharan near Baghdad and Etchmiadzin. The victory at Concepcion. Relstaub, his knees shaking and his staff dropping from his trembling hand.

Christ in Recent Research_. Cromwell, with his Ironsides. The difference at Strath. Alessandro's manner, his quiet behavior.

Harold, when he let the judge go. George, his own eyes shining with eagerness. Fairfax, in Sir Robert Holmes's action with the Dutch Smyrna fleet! Kilbarry, near Tarmon Barry.

Phil, when he could calm down a little. Fred and Edith on their errand of mercy to poor neglected Joe. Jourdan, with feet strapped beneath his horse's belly. Priam, when he saw the enemy in his hall.

Wilfer, with dread severity. Patroklos, his dear friend. Marius and Sylla, in respect to every thing which can make such a contest great. Moses, with a linen ephod. Ali, his “Anvári Suhaili.

Ida, when he attacked our cattle. Inglefield, when he returned from Pound Bay. Piombo, with a sort of despair. Ruknuddin, when conversing with Shams-i-Tabriz. Rimmon, his eyes on Wickersham.

The observant Godfrey, at his first sight of Juliette. The poet Virgil, in the. Theorica, with its Temple of Apollo. Sheldon and Cranor.

Powell, his faculties having been put on the alert. Manuel, with a boat crew. Jaley, with a wicked grin. Shakespeare, when he began to work. The beautiful Emelie, on the contrary.

Lampetus and Phaethon.

Garding in Schleswig on November 30. Felix, her theories to suit her facts! The fountain Kyra in the heart of the city Kyrene! The halt at Hazir. Caroline, when she knew all. Pacifico, with Adamo and Pipa. Olybrius, his Imperial candidate.

The position at Bisland. The planet Kandar, in fact. Howland, with a critical. Dungeness, his father at that time being on the coast-guard service.

Babylonian, at Knossos and Hagia Triada. Hewland, his eyes questioning of hers. Patrick, when he once escaped from their company. The commandos at Elandslaagte.

Gibson, with a view of obtaining a permanent arrangement of the sugar-duties. Foy, in Navarre and Biscay respectively. Orvieto, when compared with Michelangelo's in the Sistine. Tait, his friendly publisher! The philosopher Descartes, in a letter of 1629.

Patricia, when at recess Dorothy questioned her. The cell at Lisieux. Guiche, his eyes glittering in the obscurity! Argos and Sparta, in the great days of Grecian history. The reigning Carey, on hearing of the catastrophe.

Miguel, his head cocked knowingly on one side. Brenta, at La Mira. Wallen at Donnelly's Shades that night. Jim's face, her heart beating quick above his own. Alfonso at Valencia on June 29.

Daniels, his wife and their two children met death together! Anderloni and Jesi. Maritz and Beyers in this belief. Lodovico and Beatrice in massive gold.

Laporte and Esprit. Ovando, in Montero y Vidal's _Hist. Ballindine at Home XXII. Morgan and Chubb in part supply the defect left in Tindal.

William, when he saw his master thus burst forth. Etape, at Ghent and at Bruges. Trujillo in Seville in 1552. Nichols and Vibart. Tuscumbia, in North Alabama.

Khuzistan and Persia. Lodovico and Gasparo, in the habit of Capuchins. Virgie, when her horror would permit. The furious Risingh, in despite of the maxim. Ziegenbalg and Plutcho, under the auspices of Frederick IV.

Philo, her own handmaid. Mogodor, when his munificence began to excite the suspicion of the governor. Jim, when he felt himself safe.

Livingstone's arms, her head resting on his shoulder. Bep, when she could be spared from mourner's duties. Merse, with only ten exceptions. Sydenham, in September of that year.

Buren, when he came into power. Abishai, when the storm bursts. Koresh on January 15th. Alison, with down-dropped eyes.

Babylonians and Susianians. Bruce's face, his hand crept toward Smaltz's throat. Venus and Mars. Tchitcherin and Litvinov in regard to it. Varhely, his voice becoming almost hoarse.

Scawfell, when the end at last drew near! Plato's phrase, his sagacity. Achinon and Ericus in hell!

Paternities in His right hand emanates three hundred and sixty-five powers. Keseberg, his faithful wife. Carrauds at Frapesle in Berry. Castiglione, with Mademoiselle Bourlon de Chavanges.

Borghetto, in Alassio Bay. Djalma, his eyes now sparkling and now veiled. Millarca, with a sigh. Rawlins, his chief of staff. Linao and Libot.

Paranagua and Antonina with unusual violence. Noah, when he cussed Ham. Hochelaga in Noua Francia.

Wal, when she comes. The little Chalmers, with solemn air and earnest gestures. The conscientious Mortimer, with his notebook upon his knee.

Kennedy, his tone changing. Lucy, with her little basket about two thirds full. Anthonies and Adams.

Conchobar and Celtchar with thirty hundred bristling chariot-fighters set forth. Bourgoin, her medical attendants. Staunton, her little daughter May.

Lorsac and Maisoncelles, in the prime of their twenty years. Malatesta, when he heard these predictions.

Quarriar, his country Russia. Indra, his eyes became red with ire. Maximus and Balbinus, on July 15. Boulaye, his amazement growing. Mohammed, when he came out of the cave.

Madigan's attitude, his streaked and gilded face. Corfu and Missolonghi in quest of information. Julian and Lillyston in hall and chapel. Brienne, his masters predicted that he would make a poor officer. Odin and Frea, with their children.

Florentine, his great fountain at Bologna. Floyd, her hand fell convulsively on the door. Oedipus and Antigone at Colonos. Devlin, with a face blazing with passion. Siurd, his eye glued to his spyglass!

Baal and Ashtoreth in Jerusalem. Dettermain and Newson on the eve of the journey to Riversley. Apollo and Diana, at her instigation. The sneer at Thirlwell.

Gladstone, his stubborn resolve gave way. Sinclair and Kennedy, with Jaurette sullenly grumbling. Bentinck, his intimate friend and counsellor. Gratian, when he heard of this event.

Hegel and Herbart in their day. The government at Washington! Napier and Sons! Arthur's opinions, his good sayings.

Johnston's second, his implacable enemy for life. Massena and Ney, at Busaco and Torres Vedras. Colloquies on Society reviewed.

Quaresmius on Lot's Wife. Mackenzie, when she next took courage to look at him. Ardalionovitch and Ptitsin!

Teuton, when he settled in Britain. Tabiti and Magarisi, on the Jerujer! Hannibal's designs, his own soldiers. Haim at Lucas & Enwright's! Ravelston, her remark to Sir W. Sancher, with a light laugh.

Prussia, under Bismarck's guiding hand. The great Holroyd in San Francisco. Trevelyan on Trevelyan's arrival in England. Buttermere and Cromackwater in Cumberland. Columbus at Barcelona From a print in Rizal's scrapbook.

Bacchus in Burgundy and Champaign. Burrard, when he should arrive. Iksi and Kaksi! James and Reston. Placideianus, with their bended knees.

The authorities at Gibraltar. Carolinas, her soul aflame with a new deathless courage. Louis with Monsieur and Madame Cerré aboard. Martino, his sons Moro and Pietro.

Ella, with her precocious Western manner. Brecon, in South Wales. Beeswing with Ripple and Firefly.

Normande, with her smiling air. Kwangtung and Kwangsi. Percy, when she first knew him!

Uprawda, his original name. Berauld's interment, his women. Hugh, his face convulsed with passion.

The fairest Honorea, in whose eyes Honour itself in love's sweet bosom lies. Eadred, when Archbishop Wulfstan. William, his troubles in Nova Scotia. Beaufort in South Carolina! Elisabeth and Sara on the day following the Haven Woods picnic.

Elia's observation, his felicity of expression. Wenham with Aggie Morse several times lately. The court at Montebello.

Pomeranians, with bosks of beard stiffened out square from the chin. Wayne's scouts, his feats. Berkshires in Summer for Rest. Jacob, his testimony in regard to the Fort Pillow massacre. Moore's cabin, his ears ringing with the crippled boy's words of poignant fear.

Harmen, his means allowing the luxury! Nita, her black hair in a French roll. The representation at Urbino.

Angeles and Pasadena on two magnificent specimens. Leviatt, his face reddening. Addison, his poetry of Pope. Ithaca, his own rough island kingdom!

Daniel, his Majesty's youngest son. Columbia, when anybody should 'a' been happy. Gunderson's strength, his weapon for swaying the sentiment of the people. Agra, with one or two breaks in its ordinary routine! Duffie, with Pleasanton over all.

Estelle, with the most admirable presence of mind. Bingaman, his fight in the dark!

Schurf, his Wittenberg colleague and friend. Stires's warehouse, his face looked like a mouldy orange. Herbert's career, his junction with the rebels against his native country.

Lancelot and Guinevere on the other. Turcas and Bouchard in his train. Taynton, with the port still by him. Jackson, with Hood in third line.

Culloden and Alexander, on the 16th. Nevsky in Petrograd at noon February 25th. Collen near Llandrindod Wells. Rennie's party, her face and form. Velasquez, with all modern clearness.

Aristotle, with the difference of ancient and modern Athens well marked. Odysseus, when he came near to where the child lay.

Burgoyne at Saratoga which brought decision to France. Abel, when he come with the last ones. Hispaniola, when Bartholomew de Las Casas. Chloe and Dinah in watching beside them for the next hour.

Willun, when he went and died on her. Torgul's hand, its long. Haydon's eyes, his own cold and unblinking. Matterhorn and Weisshorn! Hester, her cheek flushing.

Longchamps, her hair curled in sustained sentiments. Agoust with Gardes Françaises and Gardes Suisses! Rollstone, with a letter for his Lordship. Placerville, with little or no difficulty. Langeais, with heavy throbbing pulses. The breastworks at Savannah.

Eric's cousin, his new-made wife. Dined at Lord Abercromby's. Rosanne's babyhood, its seeming effect upon her character. Camped at Hamilton Springs.

Shakspeare's life, his remarks upon the text. Shepard, with the best intentions in the world. The people at Furniss.

Nilakantha and Arjuna. Angus, when he retired from his position. Granson, her second cousin. Kate, her arm round the sleeping child!

Hellenes in Asia beneath his sway. Shiao in Chinese means 'little. Sotheby and Wilkinson, on January 8th. Alec, his mother having gone to the town. Carlo, his strength already beginning to fail him.

Sinde, with part of Persia. Agnolo, his very self To Rafael. Atacama, on Copiapó Bay. Jones, when she saw Faith coming.

The discoveries at Telloh. Sherman, when Anne called in at Echo Lodge. Mesu and Aaron. Styr and Kovel on the Turiya.

Micipsa, his two sons! Pietro and Bianca, on 12th December. Simon, on Ben Dollard's singing of _The Croppy Boy_.

The reverse at Chancellorsville. Givet and Cambray in 1791 and 1792.

Empone, her devotion to her husband. Virden on January 9th. The great Ashurbanabal, in the conventional subscript attached to his tablet. Rivington, with a touch of grimness. Romulus and Remus in Roman story.

Ramona, with her head on Baba's neck. Captured in Armoured Train!

Pearson, when Tom came to tell him the news! Giambattista, his type commended. Fregosi in Rome and Genoa. Dene, his smile slowly fading. Alice, when she did come to Queen Anne Street on the morning after her arrival.

The house at Hyde. Harman in His hands. Hinpoha, her romantic imagination fired immediately. Gretchen's uncle, her father's brother.

Fleda, her eyes now resting sadly upon the woman. Peneus, with its countless branches. Brett, her aunt's woman! Fischer, his wife and two daughters. Smedley and Robert.

Zamor's form, his voice she hears. Pretoria and Johannesburg in open trucks. Joel, with Dutton interfering and Blair a stride behind. The settlement at Sorell. Bordeaux in London remained that of a secret partisan of the Cromwellians.

Ethel's room, her face luminous. Adrien's arm, her movement showing. Fraser on Mount Lindsay!

Cauchon and Jeanne on the subject of the oath again demanded of her! Elisha, when he saw them. Gellert, with his amanuensis. Gregory, on Sabbath observance.

Bois, with supper in one of its lamp-hung restaurants. Butuan and Caragan. Verdun and Toul, with our American boys. Dunbar, with many of the tenants of his former estates.

The house at Palstrey. Ghuz, when our men began to unload the camels. Louis, when he prayed.

Newcome, when she comes riding into the garden in the early morning! Melrose, with its disappointments and humiliations. Judaism, his account of the temple and its service. Mulloy, his old schoolmate from Fardale. Cosmus and Damianus, in a church called by their names. Procles and Eurysthenes, at variance with their uncle and ex-guardian.

Agramant in Arles conveyed. Sophia in Constantinople still languishes under the Pagan. The missionaries at Cesarea. Jove, when he beheld them from Ida. Payan, with some impatience. Josephus, when he wrote his history and life.

The leading Whigs, with great judgment. Luther, when he visited Italy. Rheims, when the King begged her to make him a request. Hugh and Freddy in the midst of the excited.

Hugh with Mrs Alice Wikes. Unwin and Montague with the Sikhs. Stebbins, his sweet singer. Rengade, with whom for a few moments he struggled.

Stidmann, with a military salute! Ransier on Committee to notify nominees.

Hampton's ears, his eyes widened. Courtlandt, his face hardening. Carew, when it came off.

Macgillivray, his thrice affectionate and unhappy brother. Mahommedans in Government employ.

Foma, with a peaceable smile. Dorothy, her face aflame and her eyes swiftly filling. Hauge and Aasen. Damon, with many blessings also accompanied them. The emperor Constantius, in his return from the Persian war.

The young Oneida in yellow clapped the scalp against a tree-trunk carelessly. Glanyravon on Christmas Eve. Morgan's face, her lips trembling with emotion. Morgan, when in the act of lifting his knee. Eliphaz, with a gesture of weariness.

Scott and Taylor in their conquest of Mexico. Iphikles in Greek mythology. Goodwin and Zavalla. Wildsworth with East Ferry.

Andrews, on Logan Place. Adoo at El Paso. Middlemore, with the concurrent generosity of the Church authorities. Verberie and Valentine.

Caillot, his first witness. Montjoie, with a laugh. Craik, his good friend and physician. Cadiz and Brussels, at Geneva. Athenians, his wife ruled him. Abraham, his right rested on the cliff above the river!

The prophet Abinadi, in his fearless denunciation of sin to the wicked king Noah. Glengary and Clanronald at their head. Berenguela's arrival, her father went to his long rest. Phoenicia, with many other nations besides them. Kaikeyas, with many arrows in the chest.

Zalaeta and Lezama, on the twenty-second of January. Daly, with an attempt at a grim joke! Kinfauns, with Sim Glover. Mamiani, with his former programme. Copperfield and Snodgrass with a little difficulty. Mahaffy, with the judge bringing up the rear.

Mary, when she saw the carriage. Watson and Probyn, with their two squadrons of Cavalry. Desmond, when he took his place! Artigas, with a frown on his face and an imperious manner. Louis, his labors and sorrows!

Macaulay's mind, his dignity and luring presence. Leffingwell's plan, his dream. Marie, with chilling indifference.

Domingo and Carthagena in the Indies! Alost and Rousbrugge. Conybeare and Howson, on the Sabbath. Finn, with the dogs. Brauron and Melite in Attica.

Harpagus, with peremptory orders to destroy him. Whimple's office, their respective. Monkhouse, in Books and Plays. The settlers at Bryan.

Justinian, on Candlemas Day. Davis, when he gits the hosses. Dined with Archie Swinton. Katherine, her eyes still wet. Sheridan, when he wrote.

Potan's voice, his shout of protest and anger. Horner, when he urged returning to the former hours. Narbonne, when he returned. Studies in European History! Monahan, her wise eyes on Fanny's rather tense face.

Walter, when he set out for London. The poignant Fielding, in his preface to his. Chanler's remarks, his time having been extended by courtesy of the House. Mishma and Zohar in order to obtain pardon for evil deeds.

Alice and Helen in the dooryard. Theo and Maggie, in their best attire. Shakespeare, when he speaks of calling. Nicholas, his cousins-in-law Tweetyman and Spender.

George's deth, his interesting widdo and orfan. Rothes with Margaret Crichton. Bianchon and Larabit, on account of Mme. The man Robertson on the watch.

The word Sindhu in this verse does not imply the river Indus! Ramusio, in De Bry. Pallas and Bacchus in the same temple. Lansbury, his face contorted with passion. The northern Whigs, in doing obeisance to the slave power!

Allegra at Harrow Cuthill Dacre. Leonteus and Idomeneus. Knowles and Gowan in the parlor with the ladies. Milton, when he writ this. Faust, in Goethe's drama. Ingraham in Charleston Harbor on the 30th of January.

Beethoven's birth, his first child. Flamingoes on Lake Parinacochas. Ruskin at Herne Hill may be suspected. Tavannes, his hands on the ledge of the shattered window.

Juan and Gonzalo, with their commands and fifty of their best horse. Sylvia, with that directness which Harboro comprehended and respected. Haymarket, his infirmity became more marked. Sophron, with undaunted courage. Abel, when he saw his brother rising up against him.

Beauchenes, with their factory. William and Matilda, with all the jewelry that adorned them! Danton, when asked his name and quality! Satyaki, with every limb filled with joy. Winton, with a sub-depot at Murfreesboro'!

Peto with Shakespearian raciness. The woman Copping, at the public-house. Sugden on Vendors and Purchasers may then follow. Ivan, with a significant smile.

Luclarion, with half partitions. Helena, with tears that fell like rain. Reid, with Helen and Curly.

Pickwick, with an emphatic blow on the table. Natalie, with her grandfather. Lainez and Faber in a subordinate position. Ewing, his Secretary of the Interior. Gurridge, when she visited her old friend during her holidays.

Duncan's wealth, his life would be of comparatively little value. Gretchen, his master's daughter. The stern Beloochees, with matchlocks resting on the summit. Grell, his lips tightening.

The councillors at Cyme! Musa with Our communications to Firon and his chiefs. Turnus, when he saw the King give back from that array. Henslowe and Alleyn in the eye. Pandapatan, with folded arms. Katte at Berlin of the now-or-never sort. Clarissa, with tears in her eyes.

Halakazi, with Galazi the Wolf. Pacheco, with a rich cargo.

Giles on The Greyling came down at the paling. Vernia and Mangona in 1337. Glyndon, with an easy fortune while single. Heavywether, with ferocious geniality. Francis, his hostile colleague in Council. The cottage at Highgate.

Catherine, with all the earnestness of truth. Belasez, when wilt thou be wed. The young Oxonian, on the contrary. Barbara and Zillah, with their mother.

Hagar, when she saw her coming. Tocqueville, when he wrote these words. Claxon, with an impersonal enjoyment of his conjecture.

Albanact, his third son. Carmack on Bonanza Creek. Oldbuck, with his spectacles on his nose. Gorka, when the sound of the door opening and shutting caused her to turn.

Scotchmen and Zeelanders, under Justinus of Nassau. Prophanesse and Malignancie on the one hand. Dodd's garments, his attitude. Talbot's letter, her only authority to give any security. Haskers, when he could speak. Ononwe's head, her eyes gazing out into the purple night beyond the doorway.

Harrison, when he got that letter. Brooke, with his explanatory nod. Wolverhampton on May the 14th. Pembrooke and Ferdinand, in mutual strife. Joseph, with sagging shoulders.

Wyndham, his official chief. Bateese, with that strength of an ox in his arms. Springfield, when in the full employment of his duties as a physician. Claus, when he came that Christmas eve.

Hilary, when she entered it! The orphan Katherine in her humble school-days To the _then_ rich heiress. Castile and Leon in perpetuity.

Colba and Bosio. Suarez and Mariana in Spain. Voghtendorf, in Upper Franconia. Gregory, with knotted fists. Parmigiano, when he fled from the sack of Rome in 1527. Queenes and Mayds.

Linder and Murdoch, with the largest teddy the town afforded. Seward, his _fidus Achates_. Dietlof in April of that year. Lightfoot, her not-too-serious peeve forgotten. Martians at Hampton and Ditton.

Reine at Portage La Prairie. Brundisium and Dyrrachium, in the winter. Perthshire at Invermay on Loch Earn. Calais and Boulogne in the first rush! Angelo and Blake at least as well as to Bewick.

The riot at Sacramento. Cairnhope, with a promise to come over some Sunday. Buffon, when he ostentatiously displays the epistles of a prince and an empress. Redmead, his home lying in another direction! Kirkmichael and Culicuden, in the immediate neighborhood of Cromarty.

Shattuck and Curtis. Robespierre, with his confidants. Paques at Sully with great festival. Charlotte's countenance, her swoln eyes and neglected attire.

Pauline, her lustrous eyes and her little mouth opening simultaneously. Fred and Rachel at the termination of their quarrel. Bengal and Bombay in the year 1807.

Heredia, his destined bride of old. Jarvis, his hands yet red with the blood of young John Ridout! Pierre's people, their voices stilled by the deadly inequality of it. Kara's shoulders, her bright red lips touched the other girl's brown hair.

Wapping and Ratcliff, on both sides the river. Behring, with two hundred horses! Grillyer, with an intonation that made it quite impossible not to contradict her. Fundy at Grand Pré and Minas. Manhatas in New Netherland.

Vathek, his exquisitely wicked mother Carathis. Medicis, her son Charles IX. Boyce, with an angry frown. Haught, his son George.

Valerie and Rita with a fatalistic serenity subtly tinged with irony. Nubia, at Bohani near Wady Haifa. David and Grisi in 'Ricciardo e Zoraida. Berwick, his misery began at once.

Ludwig, with Maultasche hanging on him. Antony, with the gods where thou art now. Auchtertyre and Comrie. Branzon, his literary friend.

Brewster, with a gallant effort to seem bored. Herbert's friendship, his education. Belasez, her mother Licorice. Herold in San Francisco.

Cass and Douglas, on the floor of the Senate. Marcy, with Captain Dahlgren and the Prince Salm-Salm! Tonio, with Apache-Mohave scouts. The gravestone at Handsworth.

Suydam in Paulus Hook must be delivered. The buffet at Calais. Blondine, his tears fell upon it and he pressed it often to his lips.

Zeke, his eyes twinkling as he spoke. Gerald's tears, his head so boyishly pressed against her. Williams and Dic, with a low monosyllable now and then from Rita when addressed.

Hunsdon, his grandfather's house. Narcisse, with an admiring glance. Belvos and Willock. Pomponia, her treatment of her husband Quintius. The affair at Zabern!

Dorothea, with her coquetry and her wrongs. The agent at Rock. Uathach at Diabul Ard! Latona, with a gilded heifer.

Robert, at Mervyn's earnest entreaty. Jude and James, with the Apocalypse. Potts, when he and Dave re-entered the cottage to get the box of books. Howe, when he found a tongue. Oscar, when he came up.

Carrie and Jennie on with their hats and cloaks. The man at Robert. Marlowe and Jonson, with those of Coleridge. Heraud and Landor. The library at Redlands.

The house at Gateville. Hauana in Cuba with his fleete. Saxton, on Port Royal Island.

Martha, with as much of a sniff as she felt compatible with her dignity. Ogilvie and Rycroft at the Waharoo Hotel at Brisbane. Balfour, with half-shut eves and a mocking smile. Ned, when she did get hold of the boy.

Christ, his monastic sisters and scholarly pupils. Charles, with a little surliness. Corlear at New York to Onontio at Quebec. Paul and Augustus in the same chamber.

Cornell at Long Branch! Billie, her eyes shining in the flickering candle light. Vyner, with an air of mild surprise.

Gawain, with a gold ring. Tetricus and Zenobia in triumph through its streets. Bergen and Vose, on the western coast. Fairfax and Cromwell in the undertaking! Eastman in Cincinnati who looks enough like Silas to be his brother. Wateree at Camden ferry.

The people at Hawthorne. The landing at Plymouth. Orinoco in South America. The garrison at Harper. The chappel at Red. Agnes, with glancing eyes.

Virgie, her father being asleep and the house oppressively still. Lectured at Cooper Union. Leibnitzian, with his hypothesis of the best possible world. Wolverhampton and Lichfield. The institution at Brienne.

The commotion at Rome. Balder in Asgard no more. Essex and Middlesex, in an organization called the 'Three County Troop! Newcastle in Free State Territory.

Laius, his true father! Shirehall on Monday last. The people at Mud.

Pepe, when Bois-Rose came to the surface to take breath! Agni and Rudra, in the Rig-Veda. Palikao at Paris to urge a march towards Montmédy at all costs.

Chiquita, with an air of naïveté that seemed perfectly natural to her. Churches in South Dakota ought to be taken up and echoed through the land. Hinpoha, her artistic soul delighting in the lovely scene before her. Sacken at Vieux Maisons.

Bordeaux, when his squad first set foot upon French soil. Michele, with a frieze of wolves and foliage! Savigni, in Normandy in 1112. The faithless Maganzese, with whom she wended. The shot at Milwaukee.

Blancove, her aunt's husband. Jane, when she heard the pony cross the bridge. Dave, when he could speak. Octavius, his sister's son. Magas and Alexander. Minna's parents, her far-away home on the outskirts of a little town.

Savitar and Varuna. Omsk on May 14 to say. Freddy, with castigating elders. The superior at Lichfield.

David and Timbo in garrisoning the fort! The gallant Moellendorf, in flushed despair. Tannhauser and Lohengrin in his middle age. The dinner at Veile. The churches at Washington. Gascons and Poictevins.

Cleary, with a dry laugh! Robinet and Bougeart in their articles on Danton. Mecca and Medina in veneration. Modena, when he came. Aemilia, with gable of Senate-House beyond.

Brandenburgh and Saxony, with the landgrave of Hesse-Cassel. Dionysius at Corinth D'Israeli. Tabary, with round eyes. Smallbones, when he thought he heard a distant sound. Robert, his gray war horse 'Traveler.

The old Erasmus at Freiburg. Leto and Apollo on Delos. Lyon's wife, his wretched.

Joe, when he found himself sitting on the hard ground. Veere and Middelburg in the island of Walcheren. Shipton, with her pretty rosy face and blue eyes. Babylon and Nineveh, in indistinct confusion.

The poor Cagots in Brittany petitioned against their opprobrious name. Burdekin, with several of its tributaries. The preserves at Gohrde.

Doynton and Pucklechurch. Milton and Shelley in a place of high collateral glory. Silvestro, with a chuckle. Titus, with broken friezes representing the taking of Jerusalem.

Manny and Raleigh, in their several epochs of valour and enterprise. Robinson, when he announced his intention. Faulkner, his first officer. Cranmer and Latimer in the Tower.

The charge at Chippewa. Clifton and Hot. Carg, with the same wooden indifference he always exhibited. Broglie, when he heard of Tocqueville's death.

Gluck and Piccini, at Paris! Rutledge, in Grainger county! Hatchus and Bumphards.

Marty, his face simultaneously kindling with recognition and surprise. Ethelred, his brother Alured or Alfred succéeded him. The younger Pitt, in 1783. Burgesses, with consent of the Council.

Fulton, her uncle's shopman. The consul at Limoges. Archie's house, its big yard and garden surrounded by a white paling fence. Stanton in HastBD II. Colvile, with the Highland Brigade.

Mary, when she met her hero. Horace, when he did take a thing up. Naqui, in Carrara marble. The hotel at Sondrio. Brussels and Mirecourt in the 19th century.

Eschol, her grand floral display. Valdez on Prince William Sound. Haddrell and Hobcaw. Scipio, with its quaint verses descriptive of the aged slave.

Highlandman, with a mouth like a gash. Apollo and Diana, on the floating island of Delos. Nebuchadnezzar, when he 'stood at the parting of the way. The modern Assuan at the first cataract.

Josephus, when the flesh that ought to be one becometh twain. Polyte, his leaving his service. Mancha, her rank must be at least that of a princess.

Abraham, when he made a sacrifice to GOD. Everett and Spinney. Tiberias and Antioch with salt fish.

Retief, when he understood his words. The godlike Trojan in a veil of clouds! Lydia, her father's favourite! Ethel's hopes, her vivid freshness and her youth.

The cromlech at Gilgal. Simon's letter, his lips curled in a faint smile. Cecilia, when she first read her husband's letter! Perenna's authority, his ardent entreaties. Gustavus, when he learned of this escape. Bretforton, with its church built by the monks of Evesham.

Sharptooth and Bodo at the foot of the old oak. Makola, with his own hands carried big calabashes to the door of his hut. Jason's mother, her gentle voice a little louder than usual.

Myra's sight, her most priceless possession. Gilks, with a bitter laugh. Guilford, with paternal grace. The club at Pisa. Geographe in Encounter Bay. Douglas, when he came home from the trial!

Dorian and Carlia in the little house they would rent near the school. Zara, when she espied her friend! Theophilus in Galen thought he heard music!

Hal, his jocund face clouding over. Amos, his face all puckered up at the mouth and a wandering sentiment in his eye. Trenchard, her head high. George, when he heard of the advance of the English forces under General Murray. Bumpo, with staring eye-balls and grim set teeth!

Grandy, with a crew of twenty Kroomen. Bampton and Alt, in the English merchantships Hormuzeer and Chesterfield. Veradal, with 600 men of his own troops.

The company at Alick. Fowle, with whom he served his apprenticeship. Carthage, with the emperor's fleet in chase. Vauvenarde, with a ghastly face.

The counsels at Montughi. Passford, when he came near her. Harley and Bolingbroke at their head they work in the dark to regain power. Gabriel, his hands extended to seize him by the throat.

The bureau at Le. The household at Villa.

Giroux, at Stony Point. Strigne and Spera in the Sugana Valley. Sesigizit and Ooseemeeid.

Felicite, when Beatrix paused. Gertrude, when she paused. Jum and Bandeliah at a mouthful. Friesland and Groningen with Drente. Ebionites and Samps. Loveday at Lizard Town.

Libunao, with three hundred and ten tributes. Alsace and Lorraine in its Federation. Yamadaya in Edomachi Itcho[u]me of the Yoshiwara. Lille and Valenciennes in order once more to lay that disquieting spectre.

Judy, when she waked and gazed at him dreamily. Caroline, when she removes thither. Aristotle, when the ancient philosophy began to decline. Todgers, with strong emphasis.

Gamon, in August last. Brock's age, his red nose. Wilfer, with a withering look at her youngest. Wyandottes and Shawnees on the Huron river. Bouveault in Mexican linaloe oil.

Veianius, his arms consecrated on a pillar of Hercules' temple. Leland, his heavier voice drowning the girl's words. Christ, his accusers and slanderers. Deimos and Phobos, at the small distance of 14.

Pauncefort, when Lady Annabel communicated to her faithful attendant. Barty's wife, their children. Inconsistencies and Errors. Jan, when she saw the empty place.

Ebernburg, with Franz von Sickingen. Lovell, her countenance expressing the painful reluctance she felt. Vaucluse, in Southern France.

Bucher, with a touch of sarcasm in her voice. Williamstown and Sandridge with the city. Justin and Mary in a central orb. Bungroopim, when stray calves got into the garden. Wilkie and Robinson on the 5th of June.

Gebers, with their rosy faces and great. The panic at Naseby. Charnock, with a grin. Sarbiewski, in Latin Sarbievus.

Lusitanians and Callaecians. Dekker and Webster on the story of Lady Jane Grey. Userkaf and Sahur. Kushem, near Cape Fartak!

Mattie in Indianapolis and State Normal at Terra Haute. Marseilles, when the Dame Lebrun set off. Brutus, when in the Isle of Cyprus. Pitt, when he granted the interview. Dombey, with cumbrous gallantry.

Marcia, her manner of commencing her letter would be a revelation. The unfailing Ransome with the uneasy heart. Eliza, with a last effort of heroism. Walter's sisters, her own cousins. Huss and Wickliff in the opinion of the sacrament of the supper.

Matthew's death, his wife. Claire, his deceiving of Eric.

Martius and Spix, on circumcision on the Amazon. Cuserou and Parvis.

Mandy and William in the background beaming. The climate at Burlington. Dane, his death should be redressed by the slaying of two foreigners.

Emil, on Socialists and the war. Schwartzenberg and Regnier, at the head of the Saxon and Austrian corps. Hagerstown and Frederick in Maryland. Renovales, with his wife on his arm. Charlotte, her 'Jane Eyre.

Molesworth on Colonial policy. Gerald, when he found himself pursued. Thrasylus, with the rest of the army! Evaline, her generosity overcoming her shyness.

The rigid Tories, with Nottingham at their head. Bertram, her quondam lover.

Graville's casque, its strings broken by the shock. Grierson, his natural daughter. Nile and Busoga on the east and north! Connolly, with unabated good humor. Soudanese under Major Fergusson.

Frari in Venice and the colder Abbey of London. Brierly, his hand on the door knob.

The days at Stamboul. Haskins, in Tom's hearing. Burney, when a schoolboy at Chester! Gould, with a look upwards!

Fasci in Milan in March. Nero, when he saw this _very_ beautiful girl. The guns at Callao. Dufresne, his ambassador at the Court of Constantinople.

Magwitch, with us little on him as in him. Leo on Labor THOMAS B. Spontini and Marschner at their worst. Ridley and Latimer, on that autumn morning at Oxford.

Chicksands, her mood changed impulsively. Orsel's apartment, her absence did not trouble him! The very Buddhists, in Ceylon. Ormonde, her face alight with conviction.

Macao and East. Nort, his temper rapidly rising. Marmet, with placid brow yet searching eyes. Zeus, when he heard their cry.

Gilman, with the view of pursuing its practice in Liberia. The arrows at Poitiers.

Mendez's scouts, his bloodhounds for a Republican trail. Alva's pride, her potent succours. Sesenheim and Friederike. Burgo and Frank.

Trenton, with a neat handrail all the way over. Pamela and Barbara, with Nurse and Biddy. Egwin, in Capgrave's Nova Legenda Anglioe.

Emily, her bitter enemies. Vittorio's family, their chief pet among the children being the smallest boy. Jones, his big voice rolling out. Myner, with more than his usual flippancy of manner! Barleux and Chilly. Telecom, in Air France.

Tafilet and El. Alvise and Bartolommeo! Mindle, his factotum on the ground. Delmonte and Montfort in one breath. Jessica and Reddy in their Chicago home!

Canterbury and Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. Val, with his mouth full! Varenka, with her white kerchief on her black hair. Vistula, with Warsaw astride of it half way down.

Byng's conduct, his execution. The station at Thurles.

Mactrae and Tellinae. Carolinas, in Louisiana or in Mississippi. Brian, her face all beaming with merriment.

The beautiful Cornelia with nothing on but her chemise!

Cabreras, at Fribourg en Brigau. Sphakia, when he would finish with them. Macaulay and Gardiner on character. Chloe and Phyllida in Arcadia. Celia's face, her lips quivered for a moment.

Tobias, his eyes to the slight figure that somehow. Rosalind, when she came out of her retirement to play a few performances. Di, with all them boughs in her head. Cato in Tully _3 de Finibus_ contends the same.

Huntington, his bitter foe! Herries's visit, her refusal to promise what he asked. Rodomont, with vengeful doom. Ariana and Gatty in the Mulberry Garden. Caen, when talking about his altered circumstances.

Euphrates and Tigris, on the south side of a canal. James and Philip at one thrust. Hannah, with the old hunter. Magna, his seat in Somersetshire.

Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. Richard, when he took the boy Henry with him to Ireland!

Baeza, with the perspiration standing in beads upon his face. Gunn, his hands thrust in his pockets! Samuel, his ingenious argument as to taxing importation of slaves. The switchboard at Verst!

Allah's clemency, his pride revolted. Chavannes and Pelliot in _J. Navarre, when he became Henri IV of France.

Aragonia in Ptolomæi centiloquium. Langcliffe, in Parish | | Association. Gooseland, on Novaya Zemlya. David and Betty in the accustomed place. Angus, when he comes to know!

Kenton, with words in themselves unintelligible. Karamaneh, her voice quivering. Jerome, with much interest. Nevil, with a slight stiffening of her whole frame! Trotzky and Zinovieff in Russia.

Bippo and Pedros, with wild shrieks of terror bounded into the canoe. Brannum and Brother. Frankfort, his _Bibliothèque Universelle_.

Hospitallers at Clerkenwell and at Temple Bar. Khordabeh and Jeihani in his hands. Dora, when she saw Smith coming toward her with the short! Conny and Priscilla, with the dexterity of practice!

The hours at Knowl! Clinton and Montgomery in 1777.

The wandering Veddah, with his bow and arrows. Luxor and Philae with beautiful effect. Mahmat and Bulangi. Davis, her visit with her brother being over.

Charlemagne, his acknowledged forefather or ancestor. Giulia, with the calm and tranquil demeanor which innocence usually wears. The great Chrysostom, in one of his records of his time. Gaspare's agitation, his pallor. Sarsfield and Wauchop on one side!

Catherine, with some betrayal of feeling. Porbus and Poussin, on either side of the easel! Langton, with Lord Charles Douglas. Abimelech in Mark ii.

Richard, when insultingly reproaching him for it. Brignoli and Amodio, at the Academy of Music. Clara, when she got to her own room. Kapil's form, his bride. Vanno, his eyes warm with gratitude.

Bonaparte's staff, his most frequent guests. Boucher and Watteau, in France. Mosul and Meridin on the east! Tiepolo, with the Donna Florinda Mercato.

Catzins and Chuls in the district of Mani. Woolstan's house, his heart beat violently. Constance, her tenderness recalled the past. Charlemagne, with whom Meridiana.

Johnnie's beauty, her superior air. Fulton, his partner in the steamboat.

Audenried, on Marshal Bazaine! Ancanamon, with the addition of one insisted upon by the marquis! Ramodanofsky, his cruel viceroy.

Unalashka and Attoo! Brandenburg and Maurice in vain solicited for his liberty! Cranstoun and Cessford on the Borders.

Mahony on Father M'Fadden. Burroughs's writings, their scope and influence. Ewell and Longstreet, with their entire forces. Olga and Tania.

The stage at Valles. The same Plutarch, in the life of Sylla.

Zeus, when the giant's strength failed. Calabria and Apulia in Italy. Eliza, when things seemed to be too thoroughly disappointing. Prisius and Sperantius. Euripides, when he made Macduff draw his hat over his face. Shakespeare, when he does not carry us beyond _himself_.

Nath, with many protestations of fidelity and condolence. Zapata, his Majesty's fiscal.

Gaston, with an air which seemed to assert his right to ask the question. Brodnyx with Pedlinge and let the neighbourhood sit up as much as it liked. Jukova and Ipek. Bandinelli and Torrigiano.

The worshippers at Althausen. Latrobe, with tears in his eyes. Kenington, his eyes narrow as he looked at Gistla.

Fayette, when he returned to France in 1785. Nile in Baroudi's boat. Knapp at Fairfield in 1653. Rheims, when he found that the policy of war. Enrica, when two years old.

Farquhart's imprisonment, his trial. Quixote, when he heard him. Nelly's mourning, her plain widow's dress! Millais, with their forerunner Madox Brown. Sefi at El Wasta.

The arborescent Vitex with ternate leaves. Balaam, his heart fell! Archie, when he thought it over afterward.

Tamerton and Lady. Ronleigh, when Diggory suddenly exclaimed. Jacmel, when the _Nimrod_ cutter and the _Abergavenny’s_ tender joined us. Ned, when he heard that matter under discussion by the soldiers. Tristrem and Ysolde, in the legend.

Significator at Birth for a mess of porritch. Clasby, his manner growing sceptical. Anne, when she left her brother. Antigone, when she guided the blind Oedipus to the grove of the Eumenides. Steve, his gaze on the compass card.

Navarro and Ortiz. Ned, when the aeroplane! Rezbanya and Topanfalu with their horses dragging loads of honey-cakes.

Myrover, when the cook came back. Bly and Louder in the village. Augurius and Eulogius, on Sunday the 16th of January.

Barlow, his eyes shining with excitement. Mansarowar and Kailas. Hallinger, his cousin Elinor's chum. Gethin, with an intellect superior to that of the women of that day.

Ister, with hardening winds. The tombs at Beni. Estes at Ferrara and the Palazzo del Te of the Gonzagas at Mantua.

Gower, on June the 17th. Annunziata, her eyes heavy with thought. The lex Cornelia on assassination pursues those persons!

Lawes, when every lute. Magdalena, with a start. Raphael and Ber with their families resounded with gay and lively conversation. Jim, with prolonged toleration. Philinium and Machates in [4681]Phlegon's Tract! The gaols at Sydney!

Wilkins and Holloway in the smoking-room itself. Vaudemont, with a force of seven hundred lancers and cuirassiers.

Marlowe and Manderson on horseback. Poitou, his confidential body-servant. Blackstick, with an awful severity of countenance. Susan, when she reported the scene to John Henry on the way home. Marpurg, near Elizabeth's Hut.

Moore, when she came into your arms. Iconia in Asia Minor.

The church at Two. Roy under Grace's name and in Grace's place. Ollie, her lips curling disdainfully. Isidor, his Belgian servant.

Isis in Kendah Land. Galahad and Percival in their journey to Sarras. Tlemsen and Oushda. Dinass, with a grim look. Lyons and Vienne, in the Epistle of Diognetus.

Aldus at Venice in 1589. Amdo in Tsong-kha-pa's youth. The pawnbrokers at Monte. Kars and Erivan, with all the former possessions of the Persians in that quarter. The royal Audiencia with their president. Logis, with the list of persons composing His Majesty's suite. Alonzo and Melissa, in their happier days.

Morrel, with another struggle. Marie, when she could be heard. Berthold's wife, his daughter Ursula.

Acresfield, near Manchester Heywood. Jonson's aptitude, his taste! Francis, when so many others. Louis, with the aid of Luxembourg.

Charteves and Jaulgonne in the face of both machine-gun and artillery fire. Herodotus in Euterpe_ seu lib. Charley, when on a reconnoitring ride. Calvert, his thin gray coat buttoned around his trim form.

Berny, with all her devotion. Bellevite, with as many as forty prisoners. Huldbrand, with the most heartfelt tenderness and love. Columbia, when it should be assembled.

Mannheim in Germany and the chemical works at Cirey. Polwhele, with a weary sigh. Thomas, with a further censure of imprisonment in the Tower.

Bewick and Landseer in animal life. The young Bonaparte in a French military school. Mahmud at Metemmeh by showing him that. Cornett under Collonel Ingoldsby.

Nemours, his native town. Lossing in The Christian Union. Leo, when he heard of it. Sadday and Sunday. Testimoniorum, with the superscription.

Kantara, when the German last offensive burst. Plato, when he grew old. The defeat at Aughrim. Winifred in Raxton or Graylingham.

Briscoe, her last husband's name. The battle at Bedriacum. Andy, with some truth in his contention. Cameron, his face all ablaze for battle.

Zariel, his face haggard with grief. Yussuf, with his unwieldy burden. Brondings, his fair stronghold-city.

The crowd at Tyburn! Barbara, when it should come. The baby Moses in the bulrushes.

Kaahumanu, his favorite queen. Nietzsche, on Greek simplicity. Moises, with the assistance of some friends. The surrender at Appomattox! Vivarets in Daulphinée in France.

The great Bossuet, at the funeral of Le Tellier! Pursey, with a confident nod. Paul's cathedral, his death calling forth many tributes to his memory.

Betson at All Hallows. The prison at Agra. Havelok in Withelm's clothes. Gosnold, with the most of the Council. The stationmaster at Amberley.

The docks at Kiel. Bysshe, his American origin! Westlake, with an apology.

Mervyn, his countenance more than usually pale and sad. Kentuckians, under Hardin and Patton. Toc and Charlie in their canoe. Fenning, at Tonbridge Wells. Bacchus in Bacchic Thebes best known.

Esk and Duddon, with its dreary waste of sullen moss and unfruitful solitudes. Fitz on Saturday night. Crawshay, with his eyes shut. Pakenham and Gibbs. Judas, in Leonardo's picture. Coote, with all his good nature and desire to make things pleasant for everybody. The radar at Brookley. Keela, her face stern and beautiful.

Vedia's carriages, their gilded decorative carvings! Adam's fall, his posterity lost their free-will. Tillman, in New York Age. Villula, with the intention of making the city the bishop's seat. Isabel, when she found herself alone.

Nott and Gliddon, in the United States. Eleanora, at Fay House. The ladies at Rickworth.

Ramoutar, his father and two sons. Guffey, with his old-time deliberation! Possagno, his native town. The action at Fornovo.

Teyma, his first lieutenant. Ebba, with a voice soft as that of a child! Richard and Macbeth in their day of doom as heroes. The station at Amber. Lillywhite, with his very best top hat of those days! Counsellours, with every one consulting apart in his proper element.

Monteblanco and Don. Martinicos and Sagrinios. Churches, with considerable elaborateness of architecture.

Dante and Virgil in the Infernal Lake. Lobjoit, when she appeared with it. Strato's death, his son. Cambria, with some of his Nation. Dixon, with whom he lodged.

Edwin, with all his quietness. Saragossa and Tarragona, with their broken walls and defective armaments. Manichaeans in Armenia in the seventh century. Blackfeet and Peaginoos, with Sircies and Bloods. Bacchus in Euripides says to Pentheus. The stately Fabrick in perfection view.

Saratoga with Fanny Middleton. Emilio, when he heard his friend's voice singing! Charlie, her twelve-year old son. The same Cato, on a principle of economy. The woman Lechantre, in spite of her constant denials.

Egipt, when NAPOLEON BONAPART chopped off the heads off all the first born! Gardiner in Miss Fairfax's company. Oyl, with a little Limon. Flaccus, his great friend and patron.

Devonshire, with three and twenty ships! Hillel and Gamaliel in whom devout piety and homely practice went hand in hand. The beast at Cape.

Rochejaquelein, with four or five hundred of his best followers. Anderson in Louisville to hurry back. Sackett and Jennie in the saloon! Thorkill, his enviers advised the king to send him to consult Outgarth-Loke.

Agnes, his own mother! Mesmer at Frauenfeld by the Prussian government to investigate Mesmerism! Koran, with his patched cloak thrown over his shoulders. Erasmus on Impati forbade the movement.

Sherpur, with a strong force.

Adams and Laurens on April 20. Brock, with the confidence of truth. Brincos at Cisternas Negras. Steve's father, his brother Frank.

Flossie and Freddie, on their sleds. Basterga, his action might lay him open to future criticism. Brummels, when they try to sting.

Kearney's decease, his acting successor made his appearance on board. Valeria with Professor Fortescue wandered together. Ginzberg, in Jewish Encyclopedia. Fred, when it came time to eat!

The milldams at Sutton. Ballarat and Bendigo in Australia and Durban in South Africa. Sheila's feet, his gaze on her. Emilius, with a vast number of other Roman stories. The ship Paralus, with Chaereas.

Syracuse, when he parted with his friend. Woolhorton, when he heard of this. Webster, with his grand _coup d'oeil_ sweeps the horizon. Jinnie's youth, her bright blue eyes. Dora, with a falling countenance. The old Amalfi, with its palaces.

Middlemarch under Bulstrode's eyes. The gallery at Vauxe. Jane's reputation, her good name to be vindicated. Cotta and Torquatus, in a like terrible night-storm. Shakespeare, when he went to London.

Chapelou in Northern Ontario! Hamakua, on East Maui. Bhima and Arjuna, in the midst of the ascetics. Unnofri under Ramses II.

Wilhelm, his mind full of serious domestic and foreign matter! Alexamenus, with thirty horsemen. Macrianus, his Prætorian præfect. Sophia and Lorenzo with sour humor. Gutenberg and Faust in Strasbourg invented the art of printing!

Celia, with unabashed pride! Eurypylus, on Helen he. Clifford's daughter, his establishment in his uncle's seat.

Assiola and Miconopy. Hawkins, when he put forth his book. Elfric and Alfred!

Charles, in Hayes's cabinet. Wiazma on November third! Fitzwater, with his gallant troop[297]! Lartigue and Malpeaux, in La Nature_. Ricka and Mary with her to call upon some native families!

Knowles, his forehead creased with deep lines of foreboding. Chaumiere, when he shakes his cane. Eileen, her delightful manners.

Fouquet on March 23rd. Sherman and Keyes, on the left of Burnside. Grimani, with a nice courtyard seen through the door. Leibnitz and Lotze on the 'fall' involved in the creation of the finite. Gresley, his voice shaking.

Dainton, his first little friend in Ironboro'. Wegg, with some dissatisfaction! The bar at Tuspan. Hogginarmo's behaviour, his proposals to Rosalba.

The fierce Calvin, in his little church at Geneva. Francis, with an ungracious shiver. Marx and Engels in 1847! Kieft at New Amsterdam of the arrival of the Swedes!

Bourke, when a buggy full of city girls and swells passed by. Fergurson and Colonel! Luna in New Mexico. Yudhishthira, with this resolution. Pitcairn, at Bunker Hill.

Bonham, with a coquettish side glance at Phil. Truxton, his heart swelling with love for the royal youngster. Isaura, with thoughtful brow but brightening eyes. Chauncey, on Scotch humor.

Hamner, his heirs and assigns forever. The patrons at Gillespie. Alfred, his issue male and female.

Rowley, when she heard this eloquence. The disaster at Derry. Socrates, when he perceived this to be his temper! The saloon at Criswell. Pagnell in Buckinghamshire and earl of Anglesey in the peerage of Great Britain.

Rexford, with quick vigour and without any sense of contrast. Bennett, when told of some of Eleanor's scares. The cemetery at Sestri.

Commines, his hand stretched out in denunciation. Macaulay, his views of Jesuits opposed. Dulcibel and Antipas, in the custody of four constables. Carrick's study, his hat in his hand! Tripolitan and Balkan.

The house at Vailima! Corinth, when he brought up the Lacedæmonians to assault their walls. Tany, when Edward's appearance brought matters to a crisis. Boucher in Dungory Castle.

Reconnoitring at Throughfare Gap. Hewlitt, when he reached the large. The fishing at Abbeville. Ladie, with her louer lose!

Clara and Jurgen on board. The starry Galileo, with his woes. Rajiwar, his brother first.

Bess and Dwight, with a tall lady whom Bess greatly resembled! Anastasius, with Belisarius's daughter. Rollo, when he saw the boats.

Whitefield in Muhlenberg's Pulpit. Bories, with the hands in their pockets. The inn at Kinlochaline. Donnegan, his heart opening. Goliath, his sword at his belt!

Bostil, his loud cry showing consternation! Elkin, with whom sunshine seemed to disagree. Joe, his voice trembling with scarce-controlled anger. Isidore and Boulanger at last reached Crown Point.

Cheeseman, when at length they parted. The discovery at Pernambuco. Nevil, at Ferne's ear! Rennie's death, her first poem. Herford, with heavily dipped pen poised!

Samuel, on Smith's views of blank verse. Smugg, his breakfast finished. Chrissie, with an air of martyrdom. Hines, with the nylon patch in his congenitally imperfect heart. Greuze and Prud.

Horace and Donne, at any rate. Chyd and Guinea. Hurlbut, with the rest of his command. Nicolete, with her pretty laugh!

Platt, his heart rather in his mouth. The people at Hugh! Phil's struggle, her eyes dancing with amusement.

Harriott and Descartes, with their contemporaries. Knowles, in New York City. The which Chappell in the yeare of our Lorde one thousand fiue hundred and foure.

Mumbray, with his wonted attempt at dignified self-assertion. Willard, his descendants attest. Celia and Rosalind in such graceful and modest words. The garden at Magnolia. Bossu and Bohours in French. Anthony, with the devil in the shape of a black pig beneath his garment.

Richard, his sister the countess of Perch. Euripides in Professor Jebb's lectures on Greek poetry. Betty, his heavy face wreathed in an insolent half-smile.

Harran's face, his arms folded. The speaker at Catania. Prency, with an embarrassed manner. Christ, his sacrificial death upon the cross.

Philipsburg, with a good many people about him. Charlotte, her heart bounding at the thought of a denouement to her own romance. Anak, his vanity directed his footsteps toward Kampong Glam! Menin on October 1st. Mullineux with Captain Burrell to Cork for the money.

The trenches at Cuinchy. Dorrien at Carolina the other columns started.

Macpherson on Peel River. Clayton and Swathinglea! The feud at Geneva.

Mithridates, when he heard of the defeat of Archelaus. Skallagrim in Eric's ears as he watched Björn pass. Sakra and Samvara in days of old in the battle between the gods and Asuras. Carew in Newgate on an urgent matter. Harvey, his hand on the throttle.

The ground at Boulogne. The king Anasayindhu, in his progress through his city. Brighteyes in London town. The family at No. Davy's tonsils, his nose.

The fishing at Bjorn! The frigate Arethuse, on the night of the 14th of July! Flores and Corvo, in lat.

Escalante, his crossing of the Colorado. Sulaco, with their air of friendly contest. Gogerly, when on a native boat in the Sunderbuns.

Lena and Vitim on the Arctic slope. Maligny, with their handsome rent roll.

Kedeschim, with painted eyelids. Giles in Bohn's _Antiquarian Library_. Cocardasse and Passepoil at his heels.

Dined at Fushie Bridge. Daoud, his sword still out before him. Cassandra, her heart beat fast! Elizabeth, when she applied to him for his opinion on her marriage.

Radnor's feet, his teeth chattering with fear. Dante and Petrarch in intarsia. Dort and Haerlem.

Titus, his connection with the Popish plot. Pascie, with the appurtenances. Cesarea, when an angel appeared to him. Gwendolen, her angry pride resisting the nightmare of fear!

Florizel and Perdita in 'The Winter's Tale. Kessin, in Hither Pomerania. Moffat, with his bass voice. The young Ptolemy in the mean time!

The other Achaians at first retreated into Corinth! Isom's fields, his thousand trees upon the hills! Louis, with six sail. Danton, his coarse language. Hecklefield in Little River. Joppa, when he took the city!

The tombs at Uruk. Simpson, his eyes wandering like a trapped rat. Chapelhall on Monday morning! Nell, his bonny daughter.

Solmund's son, their brother-in-law. Danube in Oxford racing boats. Graecia, with the exception of Tarentum. Stockedale and Hewet with us.

Norman and Roy with hearty slaps on the back. Recamier, his own portrait as a young man. Blake, when she heard of the affair. Payne, his face all flaming and his eyes flashing. Fiesque and Grammont in all matters.

Lepe with Diego Colon and two Cuba men made departure! Alethea's whip, her palfrey broke into an easy canter. Akademie, with great success. Nickleby's dress, her complexion.

Djouad and Marabouts. Torralva, when she found herself spurned by Lope. Trevor, his eye glued to the glass. Rodriguez, his green hat in hand.

The bird Halulu with feathers on her forehead. Betty, with a mouthful of pins.

Maracaibo, in Porto Rico and at San Domingo. Ole and Knut at first appeared so much amused. Albany with Port Augusta on the land-grant system.

Spezzia and Trieste, at the latter of which he _d. Philip, when he heard the news. Mylasa and Alabanda with great peril. Nycteris, when she moved a little on his shoulder uneasily.

Watson and Helen in selecting her. Reddy, with a pub all yer own. The colony at Krotona. Grinnell with Captain Haven.

Inman, when the road turned off to the westward. Cassandra at Kintbury and Cheltenham. Moscow with Petya and the rest of the household. Rodney, when he read this.

Crenshawe, his right-hand neighbor. The family at White. Charles, when she returned to him after dinner. Gordon, when he left the room.

Fleetfoot and Flaker in the workshop! Stickatit, with a little smile! George, when he met them at their door in the passage. Venus and Adonis, in the myth of Osiris. Alpuxarras, with the fourth part of the salinas or salt-pits of Malaha.

Chopin's life, his poetry. Tal, his face lighting up. Poppsy, when a marigold-leaf fell in the bowl of our solitary gold-fish! Pavia and Piacenza, at Florence and Lucca. Bennington, with a gasp of surprise.

Anthony and Cleopatra in burlesque verse. Lindsey, his dearest friend! Knox, when he first visited his estate. Columbus, his banner of _Excelsior_ streaming over us! Charley, when he stopped speaking!

The earlier Bollandists, with this awful anathema hanging over them. Gordon, her face blushing crimson. The impetuous Gladstone at Newcastle lost his head and spoke too soon. Ramelton's appearance, his voice. Montcornet at Aigues in 1823.

Phaeacians, when they stole to sea. Gosava and Vajapeya. William, his visit to the Continent with William Pitt. Owen, when he came downstairs dressed for the concert.

The tomb at Yerandawana. Tyrrel, his master of horse. Arius, his error regarding the Person of Christ.

Carwell at The Haven. Noachis and Argyre. Tribunus and Notarius under Valentinian III.

The kitchen at Montacute. Arnolfini and Boccella. Murray's age, his high birth.

Knoxville in Tennessee to Chattanooga in that State. Casey and Cora in the second.

Prescott, when he landed his troops. Irby, with Madame between them. The remainder at Rock. Tydeus in Ulysses' hands The arms of Dolon placed foul with his blood. Pasmer, with an interest which she of course did her best to make impersonal.

Mindoro, with about twenty thousand Indians! Cato, when Censor of Rome. Catherine, with all the tenderer greeting.

Philip, when he found himself alone with his cousin. Mariette at Tanis in 1861. Elizabeth's side, her eyes shining with excitement. The king David with Bersabee.

Lennox and Paliser! Godfrey, when he sat up.

Lydia's face, its large eyes fixed upon him. Romeo and Juliet, with the slightest possible dab of red on the tip of his nose. Coldingham and Pittenweem, with the commendatorship of Dryburgh. Darius, with overwhelming sadness and embittered disgust. The students at Athens.

Panis and Sergent in the police. Charles at Metz in 1569. Chapdelaine, his three sons and man. Fauldshope in Ettrick Forest! Merlin and Morgane at that time. Bluat and Baious. Huldricksson, his blue eyes alert.

Shelley's nature, his devotion to Ideal Beauty. Kennard, when he strolled with her in her garden. Devons under Captain Travers! Wethermill at Ricardo's elbow uttered a stifled cry.

Marysville, in San Jose. Carroll, with a slightly annoyed air. Reise in Brasilien II. Alewives, in New England waters. Izumi and Negoro in Kii.

Dined at Huntly Burn with the Fergusons _en masse_. Sebald and Ottima in _Pippa Passes_. Claude, when he wrote asking forgiveness.

Midnapore in South Bengal. Madison, with Charlie Hunt and Doctor Chandler. Gerard, when he woke and found his companion gone! Barbary, in Jackson's Account of Marocco.

Robert, his Colloquies on Society reviewed. Mendoz, his predecessor in the same church. The court at Selwoode. Savinien, with loud gasps.

Cornelius, when he looked on him. Emile's mood, his mind. The season at Leamington. Castro, with his Cuba. Donegal and Connemara.

Ithaca with Ann Shellington. Freitag and Nestoroff, on hearing the news of Schamyl's incursion. The trusty Hermes on his message went.

Abbotsford, with the huge expense it entailed upon him. Gromov, his neighbour on the right hand. Josephus in Porphyry and Eusebius! Angut, with a sternness that surprised his companion.

Rochefort, with the forts of Chapus! Phrygia and Cappadocia, in Azerbijan. Harrisburg on Buffalo Bayou. Andrew, when he awoke. Strobo on Government House list.

Decyphering, with Dr _Wallis_'s Discourse on that Subject. Willett at Butlersbury without losing an hour. Paul, with frigid carelessness.

Wadel, with his long. Duckport and Milliken. Philipinas with Don Rodrigo de Mendoza. Idomeneus, his radiant eyes Dimming!

Nathan, his curiosity fully excited. Rachel and Winnie at once returned to the tent. Phara and Jidr, in the same region. Armida and Erminia at a distance. Lucy, when she found her cousin so much in earnest. Edie, with the caution of a canny Scotchman.

Richardson, with a lantern in his hand. Maurice, his hat and stick in his hands. The oaks at Mamre. Darrow, when they reached the house.

Brahms's career, his first work in that form being op. The regiment at Panama. Amorbach and Froben, in Basle. Dieudonne, in La Lumiere Electrique_. Charlemagne, when he returned in search of Roland and his men.

Erynnis, with her vengeful sisters. Tinkler, his eyes growing larger at the extent of the chaplain's information. Marketed in Paper Boxes. The alleged Cruelties in executing Prisoners of War and others.

Antony and Cleopatra in the barge scene. Alpin, his son and successor. Athene and Apollo, in the form of vultures. Bushnell's company, his hospitality.

Hodge and Duffield at Princeton.

Meyerhoff, his hands trembling. Hester, her arms in a wreath over her head. Wadsworth and Brocklebank in a letter to the Governor and Council. Mahometan and Mameluke at Babylon in Egypt.

Marck, with all his good-will both to his friend and to the court. The exhibits at Buffalo. Thirlby, with a look of great distress.

Singai, on February 15th. Moscow, her companion Florio. Herodotus, when he visited Egypt. Francesco in Pisa on a pillar beside the high-altar.

Columbia and Camden in South Carolina. Syllenger and Sub. Raleigh, with the endorsement of his half-brother. Sharkey's knee, her arm encircled his neck. Julia, with a feeling that she did not pretend to understand or think to analyze.

Regan and Cornwall with a pretext for their inhospitality. Freeling, his lips reflecting the smile on hers. Bloomington, with Lincoln again in the audience. Turpin, when she engaged the rooms. Nilsson, with a voice of wonderful sweetness and beauty. Parleton and Ragenell in Notts petition against Richard Stanhope!

Soldat and Wietrowitz in tone. Pecksniff, with great tenderness of manner. Shem and Japheth in this connection 158-173.

Bert, his father and the policeman. Harrowby on January 7th. Bienville and Derek on the steamer.

Thad, his face filled with burning indignation. Cowper, when he lived in the Temple. The rebels at Jundhra.

The wandering Gypsey in Hungary and Transylvania. Yuyudhana, with five whetted arrows. Laotse and Confucius in China! Sennacherib, his son 705 Esar-haddon. Chavannes, with a bow. Tim's legs, his sharp. The lady Sarah, in her turn. Tarentum, with that fiery rider kneeling.

Ayahuaycco in Quichua means.

Allison at Stephen's desk. Alioth in Ursa Major. Zalli, with somewhat of alarm in her face. Fykenyld, his old companion.

Beyers, with his splendid sharp-shooters. Jim, with a bitter smile at the thought of Gus's insolvent condition. Cerf, with the large sloop. Woolnorth, with a freight more valuable than seal-skins.

Positano and Sorrento, in Italy. Kotuko's side, her eyes fixed on the bundle of sealskin. Tadanori at Ichi-no-tani Okagami. Caen, his native town.

Gummidge, with a basket on her knee. Salem, with an army estimated from twenty-five hundred to three thousand men! Dave, when he paused as he saw the old gentleman shake his head! Comtesse's chair, her fingers busy with many-colored skeins of silk. Frankfort and Lauingen in 1582-83!

Chaldea, with the magi of Babylon. Custozza and Lissa, at a signal from France. Dain, when he returned to his own quarters.

Confucius and Zoroaster, in Jesus of Nazareth. Antony at Brundisium in the spring of 40. Hauksbee, her face close to the shelf of the new books! Wentworth, his reasonableness once more came greatly in his way.

Augustus, with the supporters! Carstairs at Hathercleugh House. Constance, with her own key.

Cromlus, when he went abroad to the war. Freddie, when he noticed his mother's happy face. Grootfontein and Valleifontein on the one hand!

Ventura, when they stopped at a garage to take on oil and gasoline. Eliza in God's anger. Bergamo and Brescia, with Corte. Marathas and Kamathis with bells upon their ankles.

Vendale, with comforting composure. Iduna, her brow stained with Steinar's life-blood! Gellert, when quite a little fellow. Quentin, when married to heavenly airs.

Durfy, with a sneer that made Reginald long to cram the type into his mouth. Gorlice in Galicia in the last days of April. Alice and Poopy in your coat pockets. Jim, his face the color of a pork rind.

Dorothy, her beautiful belief in him transfiguring her face! Ibarra, his face flushing! David, his hands clenched more tightly and his whole hulk growing tense. Devonshire and Gloucestershire, with 213 children!

Steele's look, his wonderful cold. Foresto, his graceful figure hinting at an origin superior to his station. Rachel's side, his arm clinging about her shoulders. Giche, when the ditty came to an end. Dix on Boss Murphy!

Polina and Maria. Sosa, when he made his inroad into New Mexico in 1590. Tenajoccan and Itzcapuzalco. Catesby and Percy, on account of their unusual height.

The house at Caen. Summerlee, with his sneer and his pipe. Onte and Alonso. Croats and Slovenes in their joint future State.

Hampton, with his forty sections all rented out! Mesopotamia and Cappadocia in the north. Doutche and Latyn. Helen, when he left the room.

Berenice, with his old. The learned Upton, in his preface to the. Azaria and Hushai, in five sheets.

Punjab and Punjabis in particular. Phryne and Aspasie in the coulisses. The assembly at Toukat. Pyne, with unwonted feeling. Sutoto, with a faint attempt at a smile.

Allan and Duncan in like manner fighting with steady blows. Raynal, his personal friend and patron. Este at Ferrara in the presence of Ercole II and his son Luigi. Gibberne, with his eye on the lady's answering teeth. Boyle, with a face and form which seemed to belong to a slave age. Cardailhac, with his keen nose for success.

Holi and Diwali, at which they drink a great deal. Tacubaya and Chapultepec. Jesup, his second in command. Tabal and Malatia.

Joanna's husband, her father. Terry, her hands still tight pressed to her breast. Stratico, her dear abbe. Hymettus, with the sound Of bees' industrious murmur. Ferdy, his face beamin'.

Torrance, with a little sigh. Petrie at Tel el-Amarna.

Theopropides, with an occasional intimate groan aside to the audience! Martel, with its unpleasant memories. Cary, his hand on the rudder. Augarten in May of 1803.

Alphingham, his words of love.

Alkornet in Ice Fjord. Howie, when he swallowed his wife's clue. Faustina and Cuzzoni. Harold, when he burst in upon her. Kate, her eyes meeting and looking clearly into her mother's.

Squoire's daughter, her ain't found. Heaton, with cordial love. Felix, when he found himself outside of the gate! Propraetor in Further Spain.

Piyalas and Salas. Grannicus, his sudden death at Babylon. Alfred's death, his daughter Aethelflared ruled the country for seven years. Taglioni, with trimmings just bordering upon frogs.

Roustan, his famous mameluke! Wolff, his demonstrative philosophy. Ito's fleet, his eight modern cruisers. Aquila and Priscilla, with Apollos! Cliges, when he heard his sweetheart.

Tyrone, with other prominent politicians who live on the line of march. Macraes, with some degree of pity. Bernard, his features relaxing into a broad grin. Greekes and Latines in their first versifying.

Hagerstown and Williamsport, on the Potomac River. The brethren at Okkak.

Metsu and Mieris. Balmoral on Saturday morning the 22nd inst. Mathilde, her own tractable daughter. The arsenal at Mount. Horatio, when he addresses Hamlet on the appearance of his father's ghost.

Walter and Wilhelm in the depth sport with a liddle gross-bow. Sodom and Gomorrha, on the Cities of the Plain. Upsala, when he wrote a letter to the regent warning him that he.

Diodoros's affection, her heart still clung fondly to the pretty! Cowles, his classmate Howard Griffin. Trolloppe, his just given the world a new book also.

Rocamadour in Central France. Caracalla, with their porticoes! Khudoos, his holiness Bab-el-Bab. Colkitto and Galasp.

Columbus, his remark that. Blandford, his grace’s son. The noble Taillefer with a poet's true sympathy cried. Elinor and Jessie in the music-room.

George in London or the resignation of Washington. Hervey's words, his attitude. Murat, her heart swelled with triumph that he believed in her in spite of all. Belstone, with affected surprise.

The climate at Lop. Healy and Fernald in their. Diaz, when he first doubled the Cape of Storms.

Closkey and Dawson at the vanishing curve of scrap-heaps. Chowne, when he repeated the question. The people at Keegark. Desna and Sosa, with Lesser Tartary.

Weston, with whom they've been in communication. Vincent, his lordship observes that. Porton in Crumville at the old Potts farm! The station at Livingston. Indus with European goods. Dogana at Venice and the Giralda at Seville.

Puru, his youngest son. Corneto, with your friends and retainers. The position at Fairfax. Argyll, when in June. Flinders, with part of the crew!

Pompey, his great rival. The bridge at Grez. Goderich at Sturgeon Bay! Quiros on January 26th. Thebaid, when Hypsipyle says to Archemorus.

Haley, with rather an equivocal grace! Taku and Tientsin in connection with the tedious negotiations of that year.

Revolvd on Heav'ns great Axle. Witig and Hildebrand, with few companions! Trojans in Dares himself.

Heathcote, his command at Gibraltar. Langham's face, its deathly pallor. Maloggia and Pontresina.

Hospicium at Toulouse as students of the Civil and Canon Law. Osmond, when he knelt before her. Addison and Fichte in life. Phocaeans in Velia as well as in Massilia. Peggy, her eyes opening to their fullest and roundest extent. Gratillet, his face beaming with joy.

Ashatea and Reuben. Diny, her don't want to go to heaven. Jesuite, his Defence of Æquivocation. Bethania, with Martha and Lazarus. Cleopatra, her sprightly port.

Ramy, his hair brushed with more than usual care. Nero, when he heard that cry from hundreds of thousands. Tortuga, when the crew got on shore and saved most of their stores. Bjarme, at Schulerud's expense. Holles on April 20th.

Hasse and Faustina on the advent of Augustus III. Inca at Casana in the city of Cuzco. Braccio, his master in the art of war! The great Pitt, in his famous eulogy on the Highland regiments. Columbus, when he first kissed his hand to the fair Queen of the Antilles.

Hillhouse, his manner showing some reserve. Bess, with her hands over her ears. Tabitha, her heart grew wonderfully lighter. Sobrenski's triumph, his grand coup!

Linlithgow, with sundry noblemen besides. The good Lysippe with her down-cast eyes! Baden and Carlsruhe, under the auspices of Baron van Edelsheim. Ithaca's masts, their grisly burdens still lashed to their wave swept sides.

Marot, her partner in the dance. Harrisburg, with a petition for the respite of execution! Montdidier and Noyon in the direction of Compiegne.

The dismay at Versailles. Ann and Maggie, with most of our boxes. Buford, his soldiers refused to grant quarter. The old Northmen in Neustria did not give way without a struggle.

Modeste, her old nurse. Roch and Montmartre. George and Rollo, in the course of their walk.

Claretie, with a skilful hand describes for us the mechanism and the cause. Robert on English and Foreign Waiters. Stukely at Strawberry Hall.

Bert, with a steely glint in his eyes. Wolfall on Winters Fornace preached a godly sermon. Chinaman, with two bundles slung on a bamboo. Ali, with his two friends like images of grief carved out of stone to guard him!

Nyoda's feet, her head on her arms. The crosses at Hexham. Richard and Saladin, with a view to agreeing. Zaremba, with a dry.

The life at Tingvold. Newry, when paraded for church. Oonalashka and Prince.

Silvey, her mother's some cook. Chopin and Wagner on the chest of drawers. Gaul and Licinius, in the presence of Augustus. Trent under Pius IV in 1563.

Barrett, his wife's only surviving sister. Dunkirk with French territorial forces! Stanton, with all the deceptive. Alemannia on King Rudolph in order to win him over.

Orne, with five heavy chests containing 33.

Daniel, when he called him. George and Rosie, on account of the puffs of vapor which the wind blew over them. The house at Chickaree.

Slosser and Herman. Alcmena, with the raptures Mr Dryden puts into his mouth. Aaron and Eleasar, with fiery eloquence. Mally, when a timid knock came to the door and Father Dan entered the room.

Balt, his immediate superior. Goshen and Stellaland, on the route from Kimberley to the north. Lunched with Hunter-Weston at his Headquarters. The victory at Manassas. Asshur and Vul at Asshur. Hughie, when you've told us about everyone else in the country!

Railsford's return, their own revenge and his consequent confusion. Surenthal and Winenthal, in Switzerland. Plato, his dearest friend after Philosophy.

Palliser in New Zealand. Gretchen, with her father and mother. Leyden, his account of the Sumatran elephant. Julia and Tiberius in mind. Apuleius in Schanz's _Geschichte der römischen Litteratur_.

Reginald, his dog and portmanteau. Benassis, when after a moment's pause he saw the roof of his own house. The absence at Jordan.

Antony and Cleopatra, with a magnificent train of attendants. Malcom, when his brother. Christ in His resurrected and glorified state.

Montauban, his bitterest enemy and a great favourite of the Duke. Sefton and Lemarc in there. The rain at Castlecommon. Camarina and Gela in Sicily first made an armistice with each other. Jamie, when the meenister kens aboot Bobby!

Themistokles's death, his nephew Phrasikles sailed to Magnesia. Gargarus, his spouse Constraining still with amorous embrace. Auletes, when in Rome. Cardenio, her equal in rank and fortune!

Harman's mind, her face became crimson. Sam in Robin's dream. Natalia, his second wife.

Bakuma in Zalu Zako and bought his partisanship instantly. The emigrants at Quiberon. Beaumont and Fletcher, in the 'Scornful Lady. The dead Christ on the Tomb. Barnby and Leonard. Macdonald, his form master.

Hanged at New Providence in 1718 by his lately reformed fellow-pirates. Bahadoor's life, his uncle. Anne, her poor people visited! The elegant Iscariot, at the thunder of the invocation.

Pyrrhus's kinsman, his father's cousin. Coralie's career, her duty. The affair at Rafa. Godfrey, with his hands in the pockets of his _haut-de-chausses_.

Kassongo and Kabambari. Died at Exeter many years ago. Chosroes with Sergius a second time. Gerardy, his nostrils expanded.

Andy and Clem with a waggon needing some help over bad places! Jeremy, when he passed him.

Scott, her Wordsworth and Byron. Sullivan, with his crew of three men. Laurie, with a new pamphlet.

Schluyter and Sluter in others. Clayton, with ill-disguised eagerness.

Caspian, with the Massagetæ on the east. Carducci and Swinburne. Stuart, when she saw a boy.

Blenham and Terry with him. Montigny and Berghen, at the abbey of La Forest. Russell's house, his secret being kept even after his death. Fontaine, with her head held critically a little on one side.

Palamon and Arcite at Athens. Wedmore, her daughters and the nurse took the opportunity to leave the room! The temple at Mugheir. Scheuen near Celle a similar difficulty existed.

Saul and Samuel, with them shall be dealt even as with these oxen. Sae near Sabbath at e'en. Milton's blindness, his loneliness. Lepidus, when he died. The fleet at Ravenna.

Tecumah and Cora, with Monsieur Laporte. Ligny, his good leader. Clancys, his own humble domicile lying beyond. Blake, his face purple.

Gillian's bed, her hands clasped round her knees. Gregor, with Sir John Tenniel. Rameau at Savarin's the other evening. Irishmen and Irishwomen under a deep sense of obligation to it.

Bess, with visions of a school choir. Jane, her honest eyes searching his countenance. Escobedo and Gutierrez. Pennington, his voice distinctly audible through the steady roar.

Elsli, with sparkling eyes. Theagenes and Chariclea, with Cnemon! Merlin's face, her stately prize.

George and Balator in the place appointed.

Anthony, with the spirit of the warrior and the martyr. Corso with Eric and Norman. Cilicia and Pisidia, in Asia Minor. Chesnel, with tears in his eyes.

Turquine with Sir Lamorak. Cavus in Association with Pes Equinus. The more Ezekiel in his retreat meditated upon their lot. Rae on Great Slave Lake.

Baden in Switzerland Bagni Caldi at Lucca Baths Baiae. Gawd's help, his aid. Bescancon, when he came back. Isaac and Rebecca, in relation to Jacob.

Bonaparte, when a circumstance. Clara and Joachim in a concert at Danzig. Garcia, her nephew by marriage. Bessie, her color heightened to an unusual degree.

Tipperary and Waterford in the present Parliament. The lord Haversham, in a set speech. Oswald and Dora! Linton, with Alison trotting beside her.

Lipsius, his passion for tulips. Arnim and Brentano in “Des Knaben Wunderhorn. Chaucer, his children and their advancement. Tillary and Concord.

Tennyson and Carlyle at intervals. Birralong, when Tap and Barber branched off to the right and left. Boatfield, when she saw that dismal cortège. Ubhla in Fermoy [Ballyhooley]. Foxe, when he the Lion heard.

Jim, with a twinkle in his round eyes. Rupert on Miss Smeardon's lap. The landing at Osborne. Talavera and Malaga in Spain.

The children at Rosemount. Crimea, when a caique came alongside. Iroquois under French sovereignty. Lugoi and Kahala, with a bundle of beads. Misericordia and Gal!

Strindbergians and Shavians in the nineties. Robert's pliancy, his quick divination! Jonas, with a malevolent twinkle in his eyes and a flush on his cheek-bones. Lushington with Cox and Williams in the vessel to Timor for ponies. Pease, with all the spelling lessons of the term in her head.

Samuel, his alleged tomb at Sávah. Friedberg and Crefeld in May and April. Andregg, under Melchior's directions. The emperor Leopold, on his part.

Pipoy, with its red roofs and quaint church. Wexford, his great object being to navigate the vessel safely to London. Luttrell with Stella Croyle.

Gurthnamuckla and Thady with them! Mary and Erkemould, at Ilford in Essex. Karl and Caspar, in a breath. Servilius, his master of the horse! Delaney, his voice ringing.

Limberlost and Rainbow. Barbara, with Nurse and Biddy. Margery, her sweet face flushing as all eyes looked at her. Countries with England to the issue of Philip and Mary. Eph, with a grin!

The river at Gallipolis. Rosalynde and Rosader in the Forest of Arden. Hal, his father telling him to ask that price.

Preached in Anderston Church. Valmond, with a persuasive. Pontica in Asia Minor. Tharp, with his clean face and his fair bullety head.

Wolmar and Julia in an ecstasy. The encampment at Snake! The magazines at Dresden. Spennen, when he saw Cornelius standing immovable and bewildered. The noble Pericles in his epitaphian speech.

Cochrane at Cape Kolias. Harrismith and Vrede under Commander-in-Chief Hattingh. Luga, his little wife.

Cyclades and Sporades in the E. Morran, when his eye caught a gleam in a hollow of the moor a little to the east. Julii, in Gaul Forum Julii. Cummings and Poyor at their work.

Wilkes and Taliaferro in the second district of Georgia. Rhoda, his lovely companion at the table leaned close. The teachers at Gary. Clemens, with her eyes fixed on the grove and the red of evening. Phlegethon, his head “Feather'd appears.

Peacocke, when he went away from the Rectory. Thayne, with a third party never before introduced upon the stage. Perugino and Raphael, in the open air! Belzoni at Abu Simbel. Alexander's death, his generals.

Anne, her mind taking the maiden ladies into its hospitable shelter. Rosen, his principal enemy. Laura, her thoughts turned heavenwards. Richenda at Earlham Church in 1816.

Percinet, with a smile. Wilson and Oates on foot alongside the sledge. Westcott, his clothes torn. Querelles, her estate close to the château of Beaulieu. Walpole and Ashley, in the spring of 1875.

Chaul, with an incompetent garrison! The mill at Kwapskitchwock. The dressmaker at Folkestone. The gallows at Aldgate.

Spiritualitie, with both participatyng. Alice, her feet on the fender and her dress raised a little.

Pamela, her voice faltering. The same Sydney, with the same luck.

Harding and Stepan, with the East Cape man. Southworth and Bulwer in those days.

Tilley in New Brunswick followed soon after. Lassalle in Prussia could look for no public career as an aristocrat. Sofronia and Olindo in the _Gerusalemme_. Neuf, with its silent melodrama under the dawning heavens.

Lycium, with another Lycioid thorny plant. Bayan on Lake Lanao. Guynemer in Camp 163 IV.

Euphrates, in Terran terms. Pontianus, his own brother's son. Porte under Lord Danesbury's notice. Jenkinson, with a smile half anxious. Ak, with flashing eyes. Auriga and Taurus in January.

Holyoke, at Newburg and Milton. Wareville, with a central blockhouse. The battle at Hart. The house at Sutton.

Windich, with seven days' provisions. Hollbell, her countrywoman and bosom friend. The next at Sens. Starkweather, on Madison Avenue.

Schodack, near Schodack Centre. Reale and Catania, in particular. Ina, with a flash of anger. Schoolehouse in Giglesweke afforesaid. Frankenberg and Waldeck on Eder. Segestica, his colleague Lucius Metellus afterwards named Dalmaticus.

Sisseton, at Sioux Falls. Seymour's wife, their reigning queen. Ethelred, with the assurance. Alessandro and Ramona, with the baby. Adams with Stratford Canning over slave trade.

Cutty, his blazing wrath dropping to a smoulder! Cadoudal and Frott. Bourges in Berry theirs no church of the religion. Livingstone, on Bassouto circumcision. Christiania on Wednesday or Thursday! Mauperin and Henri on the other side of the room.

Natacha's attitude, her mysterious conduct. Edinburg, his ease of manner. Fieldside with Dennis and Maisie. The elder Despenser at once withdrew to the continent! Bertuccio, with his deep. Hogarth and Gillray on the print-stands for some time.

Thackeray, when at the height of his reputation he stood for Oxford. Zapotecas and Mixtecas, under the command of one De Barrios. Melissa's cousin, his lady and Beauman. The balance at Bank.

Cass and Buchanan in the popular estimation. The arrival at Surbiton. Sara and Mosher with their son. Gilead and Achor, with their lowing kine. The cemetery at Pera!

The circus at Easney. Barcy and Chambry on the other.

Wentworth, his life of Longfellow. Marseilles, his firm intention of not sailing any more in this fashion. Shiva and Kalee in particular. Hafsfjord, in Jadar in Norway. Wardle and Trundle.

Romain, in Rouen cathedral! Gordon and Huntly, in the shire of Berwick.

Hughie, his hands going up to his face. The fort at Vincennes. The soldiers at Brundusium. Gravelling, with a generous Action of that Prince_.

Yaspard's responsibility, his peril. Yoshinaka at Mizushima and those of Yukiiye at Muroyama. Sulla at Orchomenus and Chæronea. Burnett and Markesan. Hermon, his head drooping as he spoke.

Willard, his old-time chum. Billie and Johnnie on the other. Caravellas and Ilheos on the southern coast. Altona in Holstein from 1672 to 1675. Rivenoak, when Lady Ogram.

Musidorus and Philoclea in Pyrocles. Gutmann and Poncy. Medean and Chalcidean. Lyons, his native city. Lancelot, when they glanced at Guinevere.

Chikara, with twenty-three men. Shakspere, his Birthplace and its Neighbourhood.

Jeffrey's letters, their mingled sense and playfulness! The disaster at Bull. Blandina, her room wuz only jest a little ways from ourn. Vistula, with the Warsaw-Vilna Railway behind them.

Forli, his Master of the Chamber. Harvey, his face more like a full moon than ever. Leudiger and Leudigast, with fifty thousand men. Eurymachus, with the Boeotian Thorax. The child at Nan.

Valencia, his teeth gleaming white in the fire-glow! Skiolfa, with the assistance of her Finnish companions. The gracious Eleanor, on the other hand! Nanna, his faithful wife. The number at Corinth.

Bolsena and Viterbo. Virginius in Sheridan Knowles's play lately produced there. Aristarchi, his vast mouth grinning at the idea.

Patrick and Columba, in a triple vault in Down-Patrick. Lena, her pale face crinkling into sudden laughter. Lodore, with walls nearly 2. Ailwin, with George in her arms. Laberie, with all the appurtenances to the castels belonging. The woman Blair in the Engadine express.

Moses, his white hair a fluffy. Birkland and Bilhagh, in the neighbourhood of Edwinstowe and Ollerton. Sabinus, his Prætorian præfect.

Gauls and Ligurians on his way. Compiegne, when this terrible mishap befell. Hanna, when she ain't here. Slabtown, her heart began to beat a little faster. The season at Bar.

Milton and Calves. Hartley, his face growing suddenly serious. Siegfried, when he heard this from Kriemhild. Dand, his eye fascinated by the 'muckle mouth. Compared with Madame Evangelista.

Therese, when she left him. Landern in Europa und Amerika. Counties, with part of the Sea on the Coast of Sussex.

Cunizza and Rahab in Paradise. Eureux, with diuerse other fortresses thereabouts. Morty and Japan. Felicia, her usually pale face flushed with excitement.

Eskdaleside and Ugglebarnby, with all 'their rights. Virginians, when within forty yards of the enemy. Detrained at La Tracey. Heimbert, his faithful companion. Charley and Isa in the midst of a violent quarrel. The commissioners at Ghent.

Bry, his eyeglass fixed in his left eye! Piura and Lambayeque on the W. Lyford, with all the delicacy imaginable! Quirinus at Rome to the Madeleine at Paris!

Sicyon and Pellene. Stephen, at Caen] The monastic buildings now serve for what. Einsiedeln, with its famous monastery.

Josie's mind, their forlorn condition! Rasputin, his hands still crossed upon his breast.

Littleborough, near Rochdale Newall. Madrid and Lisbon, at Naples and Milan. Kurt, his wealthy uncle. Northmen and Normans in England and Ireland_.

Sui's headquarters, his own spaceship. William, his opposition to Walpole.

Scapgoat, with the calmest air in the world! The horsemarkets at Tarbes. James's hand, his passion softened into a burst of tears. Egil's son, his brother's son.

Clair, at Port Huron and Saginaw Bay. Priestley, with three seamen. Wilson, with a well-mounted party! Edward, when he discovered that it still continued.

Bowes, his future wife! Kaku, his two eldest sons. Loudon at Albany hesitate and delay.

The elder Mivane, with his head bent forward. Annie and Sarah in her aunt's room. Tierney and Brayley, with a crew of four natives. Vaivaswata and Menou! Uttius and Ramnius in high good humor and seemed to make their fat! Liz and Susy in the garden on the roof. Woolston and Betts, with the exception of her proper crew!

Carr's silence, her father's unusual solemnity. Artegall with Lord Grey. Blackstocks, in South Carolina!

Felix and Drusilla, in such sort that the judge. Boadicea, her cheeks red from excitement and the winter air. Buddhist, when on his beats in the civilisation of Simla. Elliott's day, her Thursday!

Alice, with a slight dip of the head and an outward movement of her arms. Jules and Paul, in their simple peasant fashion. Godwin, his noble bearing.

Gladys, her pale face growing red. Pp and Qq. Julianna with Hector as general assistant.

Bella's birthplace, her life before she came out. Pendennis, with all his faults and shortcomings. Mergy's face, her first smile for many a long month. Villeret, his former aid-de-camp! Paul, his language throughout bears the impress of the Old Testament.

Murray, with the view of publishing the results of his investigations. Kenelm, his elder son. Teola, with a faint smile. Campbell's road, their loads having already been taken on the floe.

Haller, with the raven ringlets falling over her shoulders! Delphine, with a small empty basket on her arm. The insurrection at Barbadoes. Elizabeth's time, his primitive plow and loom. The patriarch Mennas, in conjunction with the emperor.

Bellerophon, when at anchor in Plymouth roads! Bardianna, when they dunned him for autographs. Mary, her long fingers grasping that slim wrist.

Mayay, with four hundred men. Montrose and Montrosa. Amy and Ethel, with their backs.

Arden with Celia and Touchstone. Scherirah, when he stands in his way. Deuotion at Her Death. Schaudinn and Hoffmann in 1905.

Cocardasse and Passepoil at the table. The works at Boston. The inveterate Angus, with others. Kelat, under Colonel Baumgardt.

Luconia, with all the other and various rich commodities. Lollo's speed, their faces to the enemy. Thebais, with its desarts [sic]. Austrasien and Eastern. Colwyn's request, his two visitors seated themselves awkwardly!

Connaught, in Lansdowne Park. Hamlin, with his previous smile. Gustavus, with a number of men! Strathmore and Kinghorne in Forfarshire. Marty, when he came back with the replenished coal hod.

Royle, her voice rising shrill above the din. Guichen in North America. Christopher and Alice, in the first years of their married life. Riga, his force being too small to meet the enemy in the open field! Gramont, his favorite at that time!

Ak, his astonishment forbidding speech. Janzoon's hint, his countenance showed signs of a collapse. Dulcibel, with a deep sigh.

Barbara, with panting breath and flashing eyes. Wethered's partner, his clerk. Curay in Concepción's Historia. Rutilius and Ambrose on island of.

Stelton, his face black with a cloud of rage and disappointment. Tim, his chest rising. Wessel and Stapleton. Rappahannock at Fredericksburg on the receipt of this order.

Leully and Coucy on the church of Rheims. Cassandra and Jane, in a manner very unlike their usual considerate selves. Torismond, his younger brother. Dave and Greg, in breaking through the line!

Micky, when he's puttin' up the fork. Aesculapius, with the confident air of one fearless of contradiction. Stephen, with a countryman's persistency. Christ in His humility coming to dwell in us.

Deserta, with his slaves and his camels. Winwood, with his cat in his basket! Julia, with Ellie and the baby.

Evringham, with a not very successful attempt to veil his surprise and annoyance. Bharatas, when a person commits sin from want of judgment. The troops at Nottingham. Ratcliffe, his youngest brother. Thomas, with whom she discussed controversial Bible questions.

Newnham and Girton at Cambridge! The minister Sosibius, on the other hand. Ponthieu and Picardy, on the banks of the Mayenne. The speaker at Dartmouth.

The business at North. Lyell and Darwin, with the same intensity. Oudapollat, near Twenty Miles from the King's Court. Whately, with his clear sense. Pollyanna, her eyes on the dog.

Hartledon, with his natural vacillation. Botticelli and Mantegna in the south. Verstage, with tears in her voice.

Feodor, when he should succeed him. Eugene, with fifty-three battalions and ninety squadrons. Apollos, his partisans at Corinth. Abbott, her look still downcast. Dalston with Sir Jasper's eldest hope.

Bourdaloue, when he heard him. Lapierres and Tessiers. Jesus, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with his holy angels. Redriff, when any one affirmed a thing.

Urse in Pall Mall. Cranston at Horsley Station presently! The fort at Chingka. Zack, when Doctor Meal comes tonight. Sydney, with the greatest composure.

Frampton, with a groan. Ahmed and Pari. The aged Simeon in the Temple.

Bayliss, his face violet with rage. The disturbance at Lahore.

Blaine, his quietly unemotional tones hardening suddenly like tempered steel. Dei in Actus Voluntatis Humanae_. Montenotte on April 12th. Wagstaff, with warm recommendations.

Rigidus and Flexus in a Boy 299 160. Dummies in Seersucker Suits. Christ in Heaven's maze.

The bath at Kous. Wilmot, his constant companion. The beaded Usqueba with sugar dashed. Ledesma, when Eveley speaks like that. Rechteren, when the answer arrived.

Walter, with Ralph and three of his best men-at-arms. Soto and Marquette, at the mouth of the Arkansas River! Kasai and Kwango on the west.

Helen's hands, its head striking sharply against the arm of her chair. Tuaricks in Ghât at this time. Cynthia's body, her firm young body close to his. Pigsticking in Ingy may suit White Shikkarries or Princes.

The gardens at Hoghton. The sacred Diademe in peeces rent! Bartholomew's night, its bells rang out upon the shuddering air!

Galvano, when on his death-bed. Ali, his beard sticking up in the sunlight. The work at Frank. Urith, with a solemn sigh!

The distant Hellespont with morning gleams. Dryden, his elder brother's death! Carmarthenshire, with an autograph translation by Keigwin. Leary, with the big turkey between his feet.

Masten's head, its big muzzle gaping forebodingly at him. The assize at Dorchester. Dave, his face flushing more hotly than ever. Manhurst and Montferrers. Labouisse at Lyons in 1819.

Paulvitch, his fingers gripping the fair throat. Wackernagel, with a shrug. Mary, her laughter trilling sweetly. Narcisse, with scorn indescribable. Maude, with an indefinable air!

Menelaus, with a shout. Pyramus and Pinarus, in Cilicia. Emlyn, with the help of Cicely! Lawrence at La Chine. Marphisa, when 'tis morn.

Florentine, when he lay upon his death-bed. The temple at Phlegya. Didier and Tebbett, at the Juvenile Library of English. Ivor and Mary.

David, her mind's perpetual object.

Chandos and Dickenson on the shoulders. Dic, with a sharpness that attracted her attention at once! Jocko, his black skin being a novel sight to their English eyes. Harford, in Devon in 1578. Milman, his dear friend in later life.

Thomas, his allusion to Le Motte in _Blurt_. Requiescat in Pace LXVII. The ladies at Chalk! Coxine, his coarse features changing from a scowl to a broad grin. Campagna, when she handled her steed as another woman handles her needle.

Gauburge, in Normandy and Champagne. Herbert, with Cadurcis leaning on his arm. Fredegonde, her career and death. Jane's knock, her eyes anxiously asking the question her lips dare not utter.

Betteridge's study, his arms laden with books. Erhard at Flambeau before anything happens to us. Brodie, with a wide grin. Schohari, his usual opponent. Narbonne, his own natural cousin.

Jouett, with the object of destroying the man-of-war steamer General Rusk. Stuteley, his face suddenly paling at some inner fear.

Sid and Mary at her heels. Louis, when he made him king of Holland. Koltchak and Bolshevik. Janice, when she came away from the store! Darwin and Wallace in the late fifties.

Ketzel, his bloodshot eyes glowing in his white face like red coals! Ainger and Felgate. The convention at Annapolis. Hannibal, when he saw that the enemy could not be drawn into another engagement.

The synagogue at Kaifungfu. The people at Boonesborough. Philip, when informed of this manoeuvre. Sparta, with a small army invaded the rich country of Asia Minor.

Helga's birthday, her twenty-first! The dinner at Aylmer. Kishu and Babylon. Grayson, her next of kin.

The exiled Neri, with his connivance. Chisholm, at Little Turkey.

Scott's life, his entry into partnership with James Ballantyne. Halle and Frankfurt on the Oder.

Devrient, his Theory of Shakespeare's Sonnets. The police at Pestle. Raymond, with the haunting eyes and wonderful smile. Ingolby, his mouth twisting again with quizzical meaning.

Darsie, when the hurry of the moment and of the accident. Merodach at Babylon contained nothing but a couch and a table. Arsheed, his expedition to Timbuctoo. Coccoloba and Dipteryx. Innis, with a grin at his chum.

Schroeder and Pasteur in their experiments on spontaneous generation. Churches, when our present Ministers shall lie in the dust. Kempster, with his detached brigade. Lotor and Ffotor, in India the Greater and India the Less. Alii in Gentilium sententiis. Entries in Livingstone's Diary.

Hanover and Hesse in the beginning of the year. Vassar and Wellesley. Smyth, his supposed father. Maese, with its roof of tiles. Stonehenge and Abury.

Berendrecht and Gieselles, with the men under their command. Grasse, when that fight began.

The prostitute Philanis, in writing to a friend of the same ancient profession. The emperor Valens, at Constantinople. The squire at Vavasor. Merriam, when his heart too pleaded with him so hard to be moved.

Manuela, with all her quick-witted intelligence. Civilisation in Europe François Pierre Guillaume Guizot. Vincent and Becquia with the first of the dawn on the following morning.

Clawbonnys, with eyes somewhat different from those of their parents. Walkyn, his long arms rose and fell. Frenchwomen under British organisation. Ganjam and Vizagapatam.

Eurybiades and Adimantus. Walter at Charon's Glen Island. The unwearied Bragge, with zeal. Phillip on Observatory Hill. Richard, his blood growing chill in his veins.

Aremberg, with sixteen thousand Austrians. Phrygian in Roman costume. The excitement at Chilcombe. Mahony at Baron's Court.

Eastport, with the captain of a small sailing vessel. Harold's manors, his father. Ferragut's expectations, his second did not make any gesture of surprise. The apostle Eliot, in a letter to the Massachusetts government. Loamshire, with GRACE bowling his swiftest!

Oberwalden and Niederwalden. Marriott, his lips trembling. Mairsuru, his royal city.

Sam, with Johnnie Canuck. Runnymede, when the barons obtained the bulwark of English liberty! Dottie, with her new red hair ribbon tied in a pink bow. Moosa, his chief driver.

Lafe, with a wan smile! Pocono, with the big storm getting worse all the while. Lamotte, when a female creditor knocked insistently at the door.

Hannah, with a fond shake of the head. Moshi, his ebony features distended in a most cheerful looking grin! Girty, with his comrades. Gracchus, his brother Gaius.

Moffett and Phillips, with sixty rangers. Katy, when she told a lie. Cymbeline in Ulrici's ed! The lady Immada, with her face covered.

Nora, when she thought of it all that night. Courtlandt, his face shaded carefully! Louisa, when spoken to on the subject! Asbies, her valuable property at Wilmcote.

Florentines, his predecessors or contemporaries. Bevern, when rumor of these Croat attacks came in at the gallop from Moys! Gerard's side, his good looks. Studies in Modern Languages_!

Capua, when Hannibal made a public entry into the city. Bourlamaque at Montreal that he gave the enemy a month or less to stay. Hayoue and Zashue in their midst. Kepperton and Atterton, in Kent! Euripides, when he speaks of Hippolytus as.

Christ in His mercy deliver us all. Kingslands, with its emblazoned crest. Judea, when building his palace! Roon, his evil gaze upon the bed.

Owen's death, his writings gradually gained pre-eminence! Wyllard's astonishment, his kinsman bequeathed him a considerable property. Ena in Miss Child.

Madrid under General Vinegas. Harker, his best friend. Meath and Galway in the northern portion. Witt at Dordrecht likewise failed to attain its object. Areluas, his present master's uncle.

Schumann and Brahms in their Teutonic sentiment. Vritra and Karna in awful battle. Yankie, his face dark with fury! Killed in Laboratory Explosion. Cymbeline, in Shakespeare's play of the name.

Negrito, with more Negrito than in the case of the Igorot. Shtcherbatsky, his hand shaking in its three-button glove. Maxine, with a kind of desperate calmness.

Barrett, with much dimpling and confusion. The fete at Vaux. Brien at Enniscorthy and he joined in their views. Arkadyevitch, his hat cocked on one side. Lubin, with a weary yawn.

Thornleigh with Milly for the midsummer vacation. Morey, his voice tight with suppressed excitement. Fielding, with his pot-house heroes! Toul and Verdun in the first line. Kitely and Cotherstone in the private office.

Freddie, with the basket of wet clothes between them. Perdue, his mouth ajar.

Parmalee, his onslaught in the picture-gallery! Wyandots and Ottawas under the chief Little Otter. Rosabel, with no dread of the rain. Norman, with plenty of slyness under an appearance of good nature. Lyddy, with a soft smile.

Marston and Bertram, in their impatience. Alixe, her gloved hands at her ears. Eveley, her voice sharp with fear. Maur and Adair at the same moment. Rymenhild, his dear love. Herrick, with Miss Waring clutching at his sleeve.

Grath, his better half. Clarice, his eyes seriously peering into the undiscoverable mystery of the toy. Normans and Lombards in adapting antecedent models added something of their own. Jotapata, when all else save Josephus perished there.

The anarchy at Constantinople. Joe, his feet tucked sociably against Joe's ribs. Columbus at La Rabida.

Lyell on June 25th. Peekin, with a disgusted look! Susianians under Sutruk-Nakhunta on the one hand. Scotchwoman, with fierce-looking grey eyes. Henin, his friend and patron.

Krause, with a dark frown. Gibraltar and Minorca in the possession of a foreign power. Swann, with a little surprise. Parkville with Nell and the Brandons.

Zarlah, with great earnestness. The skirmish at Hubbardton. The attendance at Mass. Adirondacks, at Lower Saranac Lake.

Hawthornden, his translations of Petrarch's sonnets. Josephus, when he came into Galilee. Lawson's humpy, her husband. Christopherson, with his gentle smile.

Markham, in Journal of the Royal Geog. Grania, her voice all tremulous with tears. Donovan, with his own horse lanced under him. Pech, his native name being Op Pech.

Xanthippus, with a band of Greek mercenaries. Phidias, his awful Jove young. Swaar and Chenango in other places. The force at Glencoe.

Faustus, when he signed the bond with blood. Strabo, when writing of the Armenians. Thuddichum and Faithful. Arthur, his instinct speaks.

Lillehammer and Fefor in Norway. Cythera and Zacynthus, in Leucas and Ambracia. Ostend, with the kingdoms of your Majesty. The churchyard at North. Nelly, her pink cheeks deepening into scarlet.

Knowehead on Sunday mornings down the Lonan! Bert, his eyes starting out of his head and his mouth wide open. Langlands and Barclay in favour of Argyle's attempt.

Olivia, with Dumont on her right. Fayette, in Seneca county. Algiers, his fleet consisting of seven galleys and eleven fustas! The servants at Windygates.

Jehangir, his son and successor. Birkin, with a glare of bitterness! Euclid, with beings represented by circles and squares. Suveilich and Kluchefskoi on the other.

Jeminy, his books and his papers. Tenney in Saint Patrick's Church. The great Orion, with his jewelled belt. The man at Sutlej. Percy, when she died!

Drupada and Virata with their sons and brothers. Iew, with other opprobrious words. Burnham, his errand over. Jefferson and Madison on the Constitution!

Kearney, his voice bristling with suspicion. Ernestine in De Chaumont's woods. Havelok, with Raven and the banner at his side. Columbia on William Seaver!

Gowdie at Auldearne in 1662. Pasargadae and Persepolis, in a capacious plain surrounded by mountains! The girls at Three. Turnus, when he left Latium. Zeraat in Tirhoot or Chumparun.

Coblenz, with a gust that swept the room. Percy, with his chaplain behind him. The boat Tchetetfet, with eight oars. Howe with Franco-Spanish Fleet near Gibraltar. Peggy, with her arms stretched out before her on the rickety table.

Floyd, her eyes nailed on some embroidery. Hal, with a soberer face.

William, at The Manse. Bater, with the San Francisco storekeepers! Prussia, when at Frankfort.

Robsart, with tears still glistening on her cheeks. Wordsworth at Rydal Water! The aliens at Henry. Thorward, with a laugh.

Mtesa, with a party of fifty Waganda. Caroline, her little sisters. Asuras, with their chief Hiranyakasipu at their head. Copetown, in West Flamboro'. Dined at Lady RIDLEY'S.

Scott with Secretary Marcy! Baxter, at Barton's Health Home. Moriaz, her arm resting on the ledge of her window.

The merchants at Leith. The mill at Bex. Canongate, with the chapter introductory which precedes. Harrington, his opinion as to a commonwealth not governed by its property. Keyser, on Sabbath keeping in Norway.

Marcos and Coronado in the Rio Grande valley! Robespierre, with the exception of certain men devoted! The child Margret, with her sudden tears!

Kenelm, his lips quivering. Brewster, when they reached the place where the trails forked. Helena, his suit would be favourably watched by Helena's guardian! Shuttleworth, with two marines.

Hans in Kelder till 'twas bed-time! Muhammad, with most of his relations and a few faithful followers. Dulac and Abuyo, in the island of Leite! Dacier and Sanadon, in prose.

Reprinted in Hakluyt’s “Divers Voyages. Hasan and Hussain. Bradley's education, his reading.

Halpine and Judge. Vienne and Lyons in Gaul. Semple, his sharp face softening with pleasure at the news.

Moralle and Lavigne in one breath! Daria's tomb, her place of rest. Prettyman, with grim satisfaction! Ketchim, his interest now fully aroused.

Wittgenstein and Platof on the left side. Vesc, her arm stretched out across his breast in the old attitude of protection. Eucla on July 14th. Medea, with a newly cut spray of juniper dipped in a mystic brew. Aumua and Oloatua, at a place on the opposite side of the road!

Brunswick, with the Russells. Westphalia, with its green fields and its sweetly-flowing river. Boulger, her brother's only son. Mohammed, his new master. The dinner at Sivert. Julie, with a kind of timid anxiety.

Dalgetty, with a very composed air. Crispi and Zanardelli in his cabinet. Trocadero, when he entered Madrid in 1822 on the staff of the Duke of Angoulême. Israelites in Egypt coincides nearly with the downfall of the.

Leone, with an account of our progress! Suard and Laharpe. Joe, when he suffered a sudden twinge from his broken tooth. The quays at Geneva. Jannelli, with several other critics. Nora, when she left London.

Connie, her chin on her hands. Molineux and Davis on the reverse side of the entrenchments. Sibylla, her tone a resentful one. Cameron, his words coming with painful indistinctness. Dunn's arm, her eyes wide with terror.

Niagara at Lewiston failed. Shawnee, his aim scarcely occupying a second. Dorey and Amberbaki, near one end of this peninsula. Guelma and Susan, at that time twenty and eighteen years of age.

Gregory and Trigg in 1857. Christ, with all his graces crown'd. Parkhurst's story, his mysterious belief. Carriera and Angelica.

Gibraltar in Malta packet. Jeanne, when she heard these tidings. Dupleix and Clive in India.

Tyson's being, her soul responded instantly to the note of. Bosambo, his face heavy with gloom! Erma and Mame in company with Berenice walked on down the corridor.

Schwalbe on Darwin's _Descent of_. The works at Tour! Phonny and Malleville in their cavern. Andrea's death, his brother Jacopo. Nile, with a few porterages.

The church at Cutterbul. Laperouse and Dentrecasteaux in previous years. Muggendorf in Swiss Franconia. Landor in Florence Browning.

Macdonald in Canada ensured for them comparatively plain sailing. Pegasus, with the archaic Koppa. Kenny's veins, his laughing lips belied it. Agamemnon at Aulis the unappeased wrath of the gods.

Verjoos, when her sister overtook her. Hailey and Brodie, under the gravel and shale. Parisians, with perhaps excusable patriotism! Manoel and Fragoso with deep emotion followed him without speaking a word.

Froda, his eyes sparkling with happiness. Bagdemagus and King. Ardnurcher and Fore.

Harald under Michael strove For south-lands with his sword The son of Budli. Todd, his pipe glowing like a hot coal. Findlater and Stott in the hall. Rowland, his horses and colts. Diether's horse, his own being slain.

Leenane, in Killery Bay. Godno, in Little Russia. Moreega, his patron deities! Simon and Andrew with Iames and Ihon.

Linwood and Edith in Boston. Macleod and Richardson in Laos. Rosamund, her bosom heaving and sinking deep. The mutiny at Ipswich. Phillip with Adelaide by a direct road running nearly parallel to the coast.

Longdon and Nanda in the finest spirit of curiosity. Lucile and Eugene, in the garden of Ems. Orton at Boisdale under that name.

Farquharson and Cumming, with a few other gentlemen. Baraga and Bishops. Lymphaque in Oetaeis Malia Thermopylis. Milanesi, his maternal uncle! Ninnis and Mertz with a team of dogs managed.

Breagan, at Slieve Cuailgne. Phocis, with a triumphant army. The island Lipara near Sicily paid to the pirates a fixed tribute annually. Wentworth's opinion, his personality mattering. Boscobel, his Peekskill home.

Jan's work, his kin. Anice and Joan, in their first interview. Apollo at Delphi to produce their frantic ravings! Betty, when they came to a wide part of the river. Doyle, with letterpress by Percival Leigh.

Zealand, when a Right Whale gives token of sinking. Moses and Zoroaster, with Socrates and Jesus. Harold and Herbert, with a man servant in attendance. Kishon, when a new enemy appeared in the south!

The same Illustrated with Photogravures and Line Drawings. Sambah and Parkins. Sonya, her presence as a guest in the Countess' home would no longer be desired. Joe, with the body of a capstan.

The lady Clemence on loft dyd a byde! Winckler at Boghaz-Köi in Cappadocia! Kafka's side, her hand upon his forehead. Borrodaile, with Lieutenant Oldham and 140 men. Palaman and Arcite.

Liele and George, in Savannah. The hotel at Greensburg. Soli in Cilicia the freedom which the Rhodians requested for it. Desmond and Hamed in their midst.

Arthur, with a sort of fond deep sadness. Calhoun and Maril with oddly burning. Izzy and Randolph at the restaurant across from Mother Corey's.

Cupid's lore, her charms conceal'd. Swineshead, with leasow and with meadow. Wardan, with their monuments and minarets. Magny, her dear Magny. Erdington and Witton.

Mapes, in New Jersey. Hitt, when Douglas began to read the resolutions. Annie's consternation, her grandmother turned upon her a long!

Orpheus and Zoroaster on the matter in hand. Sneyds, with others of their acquaintance. Robbia, in Foundling Hospital.

Eugen, his horse-fodder being entirely done. David, his chief objection to the undulatory theory of light. Pawling, his watery eyes brimming with emotion. Royale, his conversations with Marius. Fritz, when the other interrupted him brusquely.

Arria and Pertus. Johnnie, when at long intervals his master sent him to Salisbury with the cart! Medfield, when Jacky looked at him like a worshiping puppy. Bethlehem, with some small villages scattered round it.

Hadria, when she called on the latter in her new abode. Healey and Ridware! Boswell's calendar, his meeting with Johnson eight and twenty years before. Palermo and Catana, in Sicily.

Asof and China. Mecklemburger, her mane flying. Defarge, with her arms folded. Frohman, with Al Hayman as partner. Seth, his arms full.

Gordon, when Sir Thorn spoke to her of Count Ville-Handry. Marlboro on August 25th! Mikhaylovna's efforts, his own tastes. Isaac and Rebecca, in the National Gallery. Tibboos and Arabs.

Hans and Schwartz, with their resulting punishment. Elizabeth, with all her vanity and inconsistency! Aramis, when the king's officer drew from his pocket a folded paper.

Norfolk, her commercial capital. The tailors at Maintz! William, with his mouth full of lemon cheese-cake.

The commander at Scopus. Odin and Hoenir at once shook off their human disguises! Hughes, his hand creeping to his belt. Harley, with Lakeview Hall as the text.

Dromineer and Nenagh. Pinega in January to visit that front. Amati with Rebecs and Geigen. Mytilene in Lesbos the consular Manius Aquillius.

Lu, with Tse Kao. Charleston in Secession time. Mohammedanism on Christianity under the same aspects. Crandall, in Woodberry Falls.

Gargano and Durazzo. Bergen, in New Jersey. Hannibals and Hamilcars.

Headworth's eyes, her lips trembled! Christ, in His characteristics of truth. Humana with Vowel Cavity Attached. Nagamasa and Yoshikage. Taylor and Thompson, in their book.

The indomitable Dickinson, in a speech not unlike his Cooper Institute address. Rosalind in Campden Hill Square! Medoro, in West's studio.

Nek and Ingogo! Lushington in Points of War. Zeyn, with this young lady. Charlie on Satan to scout. Beethoven, in Wagner's estimation.

Tozer, when she regained her breath. The chieftain at Holm! Beaufort, with the company of ancient artillery of Charleston. Brinley, her eyes a-twinkle!

The church at Yainville. Prussia and Galicia in order to force a weakening of the German center. Kentuckian, his blood oozing-fast. Pablo at Valladolid_ Father Fray Jacinto Orfanel.

Phaedrus, his subject respects intelligible beauty. Sloper and Dodge. Aquila, with a wan smile. Leslie's reply, his eyes peering out of the windows on all sides.

Rodden and Buckland on Christmas day 1823. Gormanchester, in Cromwell's county. The boys at Webbington. The general at Bholat.

Phillida, her soul full of hope. The young Philadelphians, with Robert. Loyalism in New York_. Margaret, her personal feeling colors all her judgment of persons. Cynthia, her color heightening again.

Pujol in Miller's sitting room. Tilton on Ikes house. Morgan, when commenting on these methods. Lole, when a thing's to be done.

Dauriat, with a knowing glance at the other. Astley at Stow-in-the-wolds in the spring of 1646.

Wonota and Totantora, in the company. Beauregard on Bull Run!

Tchernoff, his original ideas. Odessa, his natal town. The sizars at Saint. Assingham, with each journey.

Durville and Prescott. Raby's arm, her eye swept the room with complacency. Robbie, with the air of a man making a valuable discovery.

The poetic Dodsley, with his inexhaustible fund of rhyme! Oxenford, with additions and alterations by E. Todd, with but scant interest or approval. Prussia, at Emperor's birth. The clerks at Schumein.

The hospitals at Boulogne. Dunton, his two sisters. Apollo, his face the most perfect of God's creations.

Vanessa and Agatha in a state not unlike a suspension of hostilities. Christ, when she shall suddenly be thrown with terrific force. Shakespeare, with Some Account of the Playhouses! Jarl at Svold and King Edward at Sluys.

Philip and Mary in Rymer. Beauvallon's arrest, his speedy trial and condemnation. Archibald, his face assuming a serious expression.

Montefiore, when she used to visit her son at Park Lane. Kehl and Huninguen, in 1796. The marshal at Roaring.

Burnett at Deerfoot Farm. Rolph and Bidwell with the Radical cause. The nice Dutchman, with his apostolic face!

Jupiter, with his kingly splendors! The pyramids at Sakk. Churches, her own Catholic tendencies! Eusebius and Syncellus, on the contrary.

Gibil and Nusku. Vilbert on Arabella's hankering interest in her first husband. Nitre, with a base of heavy earth. Connemara, when the ten minutes.

Euphrasie and Norine, at the works. Eric at Whale Brae. Graah, in Dalmatia and in Scania. Naoise in Glen Urchain.

Margot, her cheeks between her hands. Forresters and Nimphes at this Amazed all should stand. Kay, her interest in the queer. Murat, when in town. Avice and Isa in the free seats below.

Beletski and Olenin, in their Circassian coats and sheepskin caps. Roxy and Virgie, in their clean Sunday suits. Verloc, his only sister.

Failly at Civita Vecchia. Falkner, his right name. Bucer and Capito at Strasbourg. Neptune and Minerva, in your minds.

Sara, her face scarlet. Williams and Bevins in jail.

Abbeville, when a brave officer. The estate at The. Jardine, with their hangers-on.

Fredericktown in Maryland about midday of the 6th. Millan, with Jack Barnes. Aristophanes and Menander in Greek! Clancy in Bidwell's seat.

The man at Headquarters. Sparkes, with her abode fully indicated in the usual place. Villasante, her fat papa.

Dunnabridge, with nought but two hinds and a brace of sheep-dogs. Boggs, with a motion of his hand toward the members of the ballet. Burneys and Paynes on Wednesday at half-past four. Neilson, with a desire to get in strong with the boss! The lord Kenmuir, with the earls of Winton. Porte, with a frontier limited in other respects.

Samantha, with as much cold indifference as she could assume. Trissino in Italy and in Portugal by Sá de Miranda. Patzenes, her intrigue with Brandila. Danby at Enfield by Fare and two other men on the night of December 19. Guanuco under Vaca de Castro. Eunice, when the tussle really begins!

Daood, his book of Jihad. Curryfin, his lordship passed into the class of married men. Donaldsons and Kidds on the east side. Mescaleros in New Mexico.

Praxidamas, his father father. The barracks at Morro. Barbara, her heart beating faster and faster. Grandoken, with bundles in her hands. Philip, with his last armful of bedding. Polienus, when his mistress Circe did but frown upon him.

Vegetius under Valentinian II. Surat and Jasques in 1620 §1. Ambrose and Jerome on the same matter.

Bastrop in Morehouse Parish. Gautier, with his well-known kindness and love of curiosities. Ithaca, on August 10th. Burman at Page's house.

The chaps at Woodcotes. Josephine with Madame de la Rochefoucauld. Joseph in Mehul's opera! The apostle Paul, in his second letter to the Thessalonians.

Anah and Aholibamah with their seraph-lovers. The excavations at Pompe! Walewski's breeding, his dignity and uprightness. Manours and Stannaries in the county of Cornwall.

Juliana's instigations, her own pride in being connected with a trial! Kunrat, his faithful servant. Castlereagh and Metternich with him!

Audubon and Agassiz in the fastnesses of tropical America. Mouvans in Dauphine against the royal authority. The king at Stony. Pallisser and Campbell, with satisfactory results.

Bostock, with a chuckle. Harley and Storri, on their joint account. Drayton, with a mind open to religious impressions. Bickford, her husband became the owner of the farm he coveted.

Jolu, his face puffy and an ugly bruise on his cheek! Paulinus on Easter Day. Hakima, with Gunpat Rao. Hendricks, his face pressed at an angle against one side of the port. Stoddard on State street. Elly, her eyes on the book.

The yard at Mare. Althouse and Didur. The study at Wellington. Winny, with the quality. Artis, with a sneering laugh. Simson and Neilson with our medical officer. Robert, with the air of one doing the only possible thing.

Medes, under King Cyaxares. Roulaire's actions, her past hist'ry. Prinsep, with his bushy hair. Evarts, his face aflame with anger.

Jackson and Adams, with Clay holding the balance. The vainglorious Croesus, at the summit of his conquests and his riches. Sasha's side, her arm over her shoulder. Fitzosborne, his favourite confidant and haughtiest baron.

Pitsani and Doornkop. Baldwin, his long-time associate at the bar of Mississippi. Ezekiel, his left hand holding an open book. The marsh at Pont. Dorothy, with the Scarecrow behind her.

Brunswick's emotions, her conscious blushes and subsequent pallor. The victorious Rutulians, with their spoils and the plunder regained. Edith and Constance, with the beaming nurse and O'Brien.

Haltham and Dalderby, on the south by Kirkby-on-Bain. Bonner, with fine tact. Catherine, when he fell in love with her and wooed her. Wharton and Stille in their work on medical jurisprudence. Arthur's brother, his twin brother.

Samians, under Persian rule! Ggaran, his tentacles stiffening with shock at the memory. Flores and Corvo, in that of Horta. The word Acheron, in the original language.

Colvin, her able assistant in the manufacturing department of the business. Closkey, with more at stake and a less insulated point of view. Eyck and Rubens, in spite of all their worshippers. Esther and Helen at lunch when he came home.

The mines at Mineral. Campbell, his life of Sarah Siddons.

Hayes on Saturday evening. Aeneas, his head bared. Luther and Melancthon in their other writings. Sabina and Freda, with his knees touching Stella's.

Veragua and Nicaragua. Edward, his version of Tasso. Wilson at Gand on the 22nd of last month and immediately returned here.

Fairbanks, when you're ready! Breen, his fight and his defeat! Trojans, when they fought round Ilium. Spon and Wheler, in 1675.

Ethelwald's wife, her mother. Okahandja and Windhoek on May 12. Carlyle's life, her words failed her.

Langdale, with a half-suppressed laugh. David, his Edinburgh Encyclopaedia. Cuvier and Sonnini on natural history. The tide at Panama! Blackstone, with a nervous glance at Apollyon. Merv and Herat in the fifth century.

Minerva and Vanius. Harney, at Fort Pierre! Hallowell at Alexandria calls the. Walky, his eyes twinkling. Jud, his eyes shining!

Gramp and Addison with old Sol in the express wagon. Nero, his wish cited. Follingsbee and Lillie in the park.

Sydney, under Lieutenant-Colonel Barney. The mills at New. Paulina, with her hand on the curtain. Cheapside, in Cranbourne Alley.

Jarnac, with kind force and words of rude consolation. Basra on Tuesday evening! Attley, with an awful countenance. Teule in Cholula should deck a pinnacle of yonder temple.

Paige, with a very casual air. Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro. Maynooth, with the Roman Catholic theological college. The prophet Moses, on whom be peace.

Smithers with Miss Heydinger on the other side of him. Jesus, when He invites to the strait gate. Piqua, when they wandered too near the edge of the forest. Adams, when he could find the word for his surprise.

Parisians in Paris as late as possible. Crites and Neander. Gaston, his book on Cicero.

The arrival at Suez. Gorky and Tchaikowski. Priscillianists in Spain strengthened adherence to the traditional canon.

Croppie and Daisy. Oliver, when the Master Mason exclaims. Moncrieff, with a happy smile.

Brynffynon, on Coed Marchan. Princeton, with the exception of perhaps two men. Krakatoa and Subsequent. Chaldon, his own voice shaken a little.

Mary's pudding, her pie! The excitement at Christiana! Bradley, his mouth distended with a grin.

Aspendus and Perga in Pamphylia. The des Grassins, at the most. Gurkhas, under Lieutenant-Colonel Fitz-Hugh. Julius, when he summoned Michelangelo from Florence!

Gloster, in Shakespeare's Henry VI. Celtiberians and Lusitanians! Chavez on Cow Creek. Whately with George Mason.

Addison's knowledge, his modesty. The rushing Aeolus on viewless wing. Gaynor's chair, her hand. Thyself, in Thy own immutability. Jove at Priam's side Standing. Beausire, with a generosity which won all their hearts.

Kidd on Life at Cambridge. Commentarii in Versus Aegidii de Urinis. Starr in Old Mexico. Nile with Abyssinia and the Mediterranean. Rephaim in Ashteroth Karnaim.

Ladysmith, under Surprise Hill. Jeffries and Spirrin in 1828! Spelmann's annotators, his alumni Oxonienses of University College. Qui in Christum credunt. Varieties and Contests. Stucken, at Chickering Hall.

Douglas's death, his widow married General Robert Williams. Pentateuch, with the exception of the Decalogue. Angela's antics, their faces growing more and more gay. Ezekiel with Noah and Daniel as a real person. Olga and Lizette on the steps in the moonlight. Jervis, with a squadron to cut out a rich Manilla ship returning to Spain.

The mighty Bhimasena, in that encounter. The gallant Roberts, on arriving at the ford. Swithin, with a stolid face. Lawrence, when the British frigate _Shannon_ ran in and challenged her. Vanderbilt, when he last visited Constantinople.

The dying Magdalena in truth looked around her. The river Nera, in Almash. Rawlings and Barradas in the morning. Jervice, his final escape. The widow Mary, in her later years.

Hannibal, his old home! Thynne on Speght’s ed. The dinner at Justice. Bruges and Ghent on their way to Brussels and the Rhine.

Peronne, with alternations of reverse and success! Girondins and Montagnards, in brief. Jupiter and Juno in the fourteenth Iliad. Nou, in New Caledonia.

Diogenes and Plato, in the public market-place. Fred, his face growing paler. Choo's servants, their pockets and arms loaded with loot. Lyell and Dawson on fossilized trees in Nova Scotia. Lehaucourt on October 1st.

Borrodaile in Lady John's ear. Dumont at Lord Lansdowne's table. Dennis, with more headshakes on his part. Aeolis in Asia Minor. Melmoth, his new candidate cannot long hold us in suspense. The lady Sulabha, in hers!

Golightly at Oxford that. Antoinette, in Burke's _Reflections on the Revolution in France. Fenzileh, her head now veiled in a thin blue silken gauze. Burtons, when no one else would go near the house. Joan and Denas on the door-step watching the coming boat.

The hill at Chickaree. Brimmed with His blessing. Marianne, his friend in Oakwood. The household at Chamondrin.

The dog Balthasar, in attendance! Keller, his wife detained him with the offer of a bunch of grapes. The artillery at Camp!

Tayoga, his bronze face expressing nothing. Dom, his _Recueil des Historiens de la France_. Eliakim, with a chuckle. The little Cadurcis in general returned home moody and silent.

Fantine and Cosette. Osterhaus and Ashboth on Davis' left. Andy and Hortense, in obedience to the Queen's wish.

Nakula and Sahadeva! Calantha, with a holy violence against her nature. Balfour on Second Reading of Irish Local Government Bill. Jocelin on Abbot Samson's election. Charlie, his pious worshipper.

Aleppo, his native city. Athenians at Aegos Potami. Gourock, in Loch Long. Mohammed, when the turban on the spear being decayed. Pallisers at Breakfast LIX!

Buonarroto and Giansimone in a shop. Feshnavat and Shibli. Pusey on All Saints' Day. Barbazan, his old servant. Oran and Tlemcen, in Tenes. The wheelwright at Marolles.

Tharon, her face as white as his own. Macgreggor, with a bound. Horace and Virgil, in whose mighty lines Immortal wit. Hasbrouk and Dudy.

Glasgow, with a letter from the lady-marquis of Douglas. Duroc, his grand marshal and beckoned him to his side! Napier, when he took possession of Don Miguel's fleet with one half its size. Nigritians in West Africa. Liza, with an effort.

Zembei, with Hanzayémon and Heijiurô. Daniel and Merritt in Kansas. Coleman, with what might be realized by the sale of his commission.

Aboo, with his money-bags. Sheaffe at Fort George. Lotzian, with his Broad Church mixture of Religion and Evolution! Osbaldistone and Tresham in account with himself personally! Loman, his face becoming crimson. Douglas, with all your perhapses.

Holyrood, in Queen Mary's chamber. The grand Bankwet, with its nine hunderd Gestes. Swinton at Lady Castlereagh's the other evening! Scali and Tommaso. Partha and Janardana.

Emily, his features still concealed. Simon and Lysimachus with all their company. Lochiel, with nearly one hundred others of his party. The governors at Caesarea.

Caulaincourt, his ambassador in 1814. Atrocities in Belgium creates profound sensation. Robert, on Smith's habits of composition. Reginald's signal, his Lances halted and drew respectfully aside.

Fremont and Kearney in California. Cumming, his London solicitor. Adams's coolness, his unerring judgment!

Sansculottism in Saint Domingo. The modern Cyclop, in one word the Assessor. Chinaman, with pigtail and yellow jacket.

The ball at Dunholm. Saxton and Towton, in Yorkshire. The housemaid at Riversbrook.

Augeard, her secretary for such matters. Oporto and Coimbra, with the title of Count of Portugal! Anstruther and Susan!

The last Entries in Livingstone's Diary. Jenkins, at Cagayan Sulu. Cambio at Perugia may also be cited as rich in tarsia-work designed by Perugino. Feydy and Mademoiselle. Blanchminster and Beauchamp. Luxor and Carnak on the eastern.

Hodges, his face a fiery red. Sordello, his face working with barely controlled fury. Macdonald and Ney near Löwenberg on the River Bober. Albeville, his minister at the Hague. Granada, at Santa Fe. Wilks, at Fullalove Alley.

The chaplain at Sterkstroom. Ernest and Sherm in the evening. Charles and Jacob on their long botanizing excursions. Pete, with wagging tail. Thomas under Bradford's care until he should come again.

Cornelius, when the Apostle discoursed in the shed. Naomi's safety, his own. Britta, with a sort of triumphant defiance. Chancellorsville, with a less number! Schofield with Stoneman's cavalry holding the ground at Cassville Depot!

Edmund and Edric, with all the flower of the Anglo-Saxon race. Faryner, his son and daughter.

Assemblies, with the formation of their respective committees. Jeremiah with Lamentations and the epistle. Wildegrave, with a good-humored smile. Hitomaro and Akahito on the roll of Japanese poets.

Juliana, with Master Alec and Miss Dorothy. Rupert, his pet bloodhound. Paddington and Kensington on the west. Hutchinson and Neal in regard to such persecutions. Kilgour, near Port Fairy.

Statira's petticoat, her stays. Cosme and Pierre, in the enterprise by promising them the command of a regiment. Kenset, her mouth open in that savage cry.

Conover, with an accent that made Frank quiver. Opdyke, her manifest and merciless curiosity. Bridemen and Bridemaids in their marriage. Barlow's brigade, his largest and best. Hallet, when in the _Penelope_.

The cottage at Ryebank. Watusk and Ambrose in a vast circle. Nina, her velvety eyes looking wonderingly into his flashing black ones.

Hamilton in Washington's esteem. Shaugh, with a look intended to be knowing! Jeffreys, his voice suddenly swelling. Margaret and Gardley in the buckboard!

Fritz, when the two came up to where the poor little kid lay. Warwickshire, his wearing apparel. Elfrida, her pretty German nurse. Bouvard, when he no longer saw the priest's three-cornered head-piece. Battista, his penance duly done!

Rowle and Tuggell in all open places within the city of Durham. Yucatan in Central America. Jackson's head, his broken one being already set in splints by our doctor-mate. Geronimo, his heir June 12 _Idem. Fogerty, with a suggestive glance at the spectators. Boers, when they and their families left Cape Colony.

Tuscany, with movements pending in the Romagna. Rhodophil, with a false suspicion.

The servants at Dempster. Cracow, when he ruled there later as King of Poland. The settlers at Scarborough. Gallus and Columbanus in Suabia.

Alida, with an emphasis that showed she meant even more than she expressed. Elizabeth, with a joyous laugh. Poppleton, with a dismal shake of her head.

Yorkshire and Somersetshire. Gauls under Brennus took place in 390 B. Quade, with all his flesh. Torbert with Merritt's division of cavalry moving in advance through Berryville.

Dinding and Bojang. Hikuli at Guajochic Station. Apollo and Jupiter, with an altar to Vesta. Bhilsa, in Central India. Burgundians and Armagnacs, in 1407.

Alban, his heart thumping audibly. Gilles, his great emotion lending him dignity! Schuylkill in Blockley Township. Weas and Potawatomi in canoes of bark.

Guas and Libon in the province of Camarines. Sambor and Stryj on the south. Aubin, at Siege of Bastille. Seymour, his countenance clearing up and his face flaming with delight. Mandeville, her Valentine this year. Walsh and Norris in the 70th and 71st Congresses. Rolph and Mackenzie in conference with Lloyd.

Darius and Xerxes, with the purple caftan. Barbara and Jaffery at the back. Denhall in Wirhall in Cheshire. Trent, his lips down-drawn. Aube, when on the fatal 9th of Thermidor.

Stuart, her rival and enemy. Sam, when the first streak of dawn began to show among the trees. Crepereia, her tomb discovered in 1889. Hal in Eph's ear.

Greeley, her restful playmate! Gwendolyn's mother, her face paler than before.

Keller's lips, his eyes began to start from his head. Gantheaume's hesitation, his frequent tergiversations. Grumbach, his face broadening.

The chaplain at Woburn. Froissy, his outrageous conduct toward M d'Esternay. Maurepas and Vergennes with great earnestness. Tilsa and Tobene at once ran to their grandfather and kissed him.

Langle, his brother officer. Reden in Schwerer Zeit. The mill at Evelyn! The little Bobbseys, in taking their last coast.

Rankin's mouth, his great jaws closing with an audible click. The same Tertullian, in another passage. The young Laertes, in a riotous head. The muskets at Benicia.

The camp at Berville. Brunellesco and Nanni. Bazeilles and Givonne at each end! George and Rollo on a walk through the prettiest part of the town.

Asinelli, at Bologna - - - - - - 107 The Dome of the Invalids. Watlin, with some small assistance from Mary Ellen. Lorella in New York until she could safely return.

Qualities and Capacity. Roland, his best-loved brother-in-arms. Aniou, with the towne of Lodun. Alfonso at Oloron in Béarn! Frascati and Albano, with their delicate chequering of light and shadow. Amintor, in Imitation of Ovid.

The room at Heathknowes. Coxeter, with a quick. Stuart, his low ideas. Foix, when he came to visit him. Lombards and Ostrogoths in Italy or their descendants reproduce them.

Blaine, when she paused for breath. Duse and Bernhardt. Daly, when called on for an explanation! The modern Touzla at the northern head of the gulf of Nicomedia! Zinet, with a suite of ten persons.

Matavai on April 22nd. Guesclin's dust, her Talisman[277]. Katy and Westcott at the same time. The brethren at Shaldon.

Okahandja and Windhoek on May 12th. Paula in The Master's hands would explain Ribiera's amusement perfectly! Tumbu and Down. Shorty, when he went to the pasture to saddle up and depart. James and Joseph in running and jumping.

Lingard in English and Malay. Spurgeon on Monday morning.

Virginians and Georgians. Patteson, with one of Argus's cast feathers in his hand. Wadley, his arm still around Ramona. Grasser and Gross. Christ, when thou camest down The cup of water to give!

Pallas and Arachne in Ovid. Locke, his eldest son. The soldier Gabord, at the citadel. Marion and Kolb, on guard at the door. Jugdulluck, when not only the foundation rocks. Sioux in Judith now.

Styria with Carinthia and Carniola to the archduke Charles. Wolsey's temper, his powers lifted him high above the level of a court favourite! Solomon and Mihrage in all their glory. The modern Tehneh, on the right bank of the Nile.

Embarking at Leghorn in a small felucca. Sita, with thy lord. Morgan, with very inadequate means.

Beauvilliers and Chevreuse, at court. Kourakin, his ambassador at Paris. The accommodation at Long. Zamboanga, his condition being so critical that none of us saw him. Sutrium and Nepete, on the borders of the Ciminian forest.

Hercules, when about to offer violence to Deïanira. Martie, her splendid square little son leaning on her shoulder.

Osborn, with haughty surprise. Brandes on Ibsen and Björnson.

Locke and Condillac! The princess Badoura, under the name and character of Kummir al Zummaun. Sophy and Hannah with that careless disposition of iron knives.

The post at Ninety. Rajputana in Mr Ramji Lal's peroration. Tante's tears, her words and attitude of abjection. Scrubs's cabin, its glittering brass. Julia, with many stifled moans.

Gunnar, her marriage to him. Cyrus in English by her. The chain at Gillingham. Aramis and Porthos, with one voice. Gothaeus and Fuscias, in order to persuade Theudis.

Enderby at Enderby House. The man Shelley, in very truth. Milton, with the half-quizzical earnestness habitual to him. Mountstuart, his opinion of the Hindus.

Rockhampton and Townsville, in touch with their western back country. Kintore and Peterhead in returning one member to parliament. Egerton's bounty, his sister wasting her youth at slovenly. Glutts and Werner under the hay in the barn. Soli and Solimi in Cilicia.

Haward, with level gaze and hand closed tightly upon his horse's reins! Glenora, in British Columbia. Warfield's face, her own full in the sunlight!

Nemertes with Apseudes lifts the head. Stanmore at Home XVI! Marcion and Augustine with regard to Paul. The prisons at Millbank.

Anastasius in Vitis Pontificum. Maurice, his head in a whirl. Hankow, with these American black walnuts. Sweynheym and Pannartz at Rome in 1469.

Eberbach, with an incredulous smile. Campanini and Novara, under Mapleson. Minnie, her eyes sparkling with delight. Giles, his eyes watchfully on her face!

Haggadah and Hallel on the night of Passover. Winnie, her face flushing with excitement. Alexander and Pskof under the ban of the Church. Antonio, with Admiral Dumanoir's flag! Angelo and Raphael at Borne. Delancey, his stories _did_ sell so well.

Mordred and Agravain, with twelve other knights. Ava, with full powers from the king to conclude a treaty of peace. Thucydides, his knowledge of men.

Charlotte's aspect, her success there. The poet Moore, with evident partiality for the subject of his song! Eyrescourt in County Galway. The three Marys at the 4.

Simeon and Anne, with Jesus and his parents! Queerface, with Polly and Nelly. Osric with Hamlet's mockery of it. Litorio, in Rhodanum proprios producere fines.

Castlewood, when after her father's decease she came to rule over that domain. Hebraic with Platonic thought. Apollo, his dear Ephebi. Draupadi with Dhaumya walking before.

Lillyman, with an oath. The troops at Tours. Placentia under Marcus Lucullus! Loire, with Amboise sloping up from the river in full sight.

Huon and Sherasmin at court of. Buffon, with his usual incorrectness. Dewey at Manila in 1898 and German troops tried to conquer Egypt in 1915. Sedgeley at Lord Bendham's. Gelderland and Overyssel, on behalf of the patriot Prince.

Quincey, his opinion of Cicero. Decima and Lucy on the seat opposite. Bretta at Southsea and the old lady and her niece at Plymouth. Imogen, in Katherine of Arragon. Margy and Vi, in came Russ.

Valla, his special envoy to the Cardinal of Rouen. Orion and Sirius.

Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain. Macedon in Greece or against Hannibal in Italy. Utgard, with its sky-high gates. Academies and Universities in the new States and Territories.

Tatepocoshe's wife, her brother. Andelot, his faithful comrade in his religious as well as his warlike career. Touche's knife, her rings knotted up in her handkerchief. Bryant, his face reddening with anger. Wardle with Alfred Jingle!

Valentinian, his reputation in arms. Hodgson, with the survivors of the garrison! Reynal and Raymond at the head of the lodge. Rudesheimer, his spirits and valour revived exceedingly. Ronald, his pale lips quivering. Oscar in Africa Rebellion in Dixie Rod and Gun Club Rodney.

Leo, his majestic aspect and sacerdotal robes! Marjorie, her whole being animated with sudden anger. Drusus and Tiberius in Rhaetia and Vindelicia B.

Anne in Kellynch church. Wilkes and Churchhill, on the other. Phthia, her whom he shall most approve. Joe, with the torn jacket in his hand. Pandavas and Krishna with his charioteer.

Voltaire and Rousseau, in being much more fully descriptive!

Chinaman, with appealing eyes. Brucker and Formey in their Histories of Philosophy. Jim, with his whole-souled abandon. Ribot, his _Psychologie Allemande_.

Waite and Sener, in their Old Dominion pot of 1856. Effie, with a bit of fancy-work! Otto's cell, her head full of the news which she carried. Kepler and Simpson in his hometown of Cody!

Physick and Mathematics. Liddesdale and Teviotdale, in Ettrick and Yarrow. Valori, when he heard of the thing! Auguste and Augustine, with the foolish expression of newly-married people!

Graffenreid and Louis. Raphael, his contemporaries upon Italian soil. Timbo, with a calabash of milk. Grandmama, when the old lady commented one day on her admirable composure. Dumas and Peligot in naming methyl. Dene, with contemptuous impatience!

Madison, when the rebel general. Ogliva, her first maid of honor. Scipio, with the forces above mentioned! Norton at Rumsey took 200 prisoners_.

Rae, when the end of the fifth inning saw the score remain unchanged. Joe and Judie, in a whisper. Foma, his elbows leaning on the table. Ephialtes, his most vehement enemy. Ferguson, his eyes carrying a silent message. The embarkation at Southampton.

The rising at Cavit. The younger Pliny, with great reason. Venus, with a black spot over one eye.

Sobber and Pell with that. Seaforth, with cold rage and horror in his face. Pitskiver at Miss Hendy's side. The convention at Danville. Lenine, his former pupil and disciple.

Ishmael, his hand against the hand of nearly every man in conventional society! Khaled, his greatest general. The large Judases in exploding go to pieces.

Marduk and Ea in incantation texts. Villars, with a little laugh! Halcyone, her arms already blossoming into wings. Somers and Blake at Macpherson. Jannet, his wife 50 34 Transferred to Eddystone. Helwyse, his long mustache curling to.

Trent, with the object of pushing through to join Montrose. Miriam, her prayers concluded! Werbode and Erling in a breath.

Monongahela at Crooked Run. Pottinger, with sad pensiveness. Omphi and Amphi. Peares and Greening. The planet Venus, in the idea of spirits and angels.

Agatha's side, her look! The river Koosee, on the banks of which. Judea, his fame quickly penetrated to Galilee and reached Jesus. Harrington, with his interrogations.

Thomsett, his eyes glowing affection-ately. Garstin's genius, her curiosity about his methods and aims. Cros and Champsaur, in the valley of the Drac. Schmidt, with its bays and inflections. Myers, when one morning at daybreak. The population at Reims.

Esquimaux in Want of Provisions. Rabelais, his finest opportunities. The boom at Malapi. Dwapara with Kali approaching towards them.

Kucha and Tokmak. Eva, her pride and joy.

Colbert, with a look of hatred. The hoarse Atlantic, with its bays. Nash, when dedicating _Jack Wilton_ in 1594 to Southampton.

Imprynted at London in Foster Lane. Cadiz, when the troops. Leary, her first husband. Georgy and Charlotte in the drawing-room.

Domingo, when he suddenly felt a slap on the shoulder. Robert, when he came into town to spend his days at the store.

Pretoria and Johannesburg in the preceding month. Eskimo on Herschel Island sand-pit. Una, his dear dread. Duruy and Nitzsch.

Lombards and Saracens in Southern Italy. Gades and Thymiamata. Alverne in Norwegian fairy tales.

Gammie near Rungbee on the 5th June. Monahan and Clarence. The boy Walton at the time he belonged to John Sibly. Carolina, his parent state. Udaipur and Jaipur, in the name of the united Chiefs of Rajputana.

Coysevax and Coustou at heart. Aeschylus and Euripides in the 'Frogs'. Heredith, with a hostess's watchful tact for the suspectibilities of her guests.

George and Ernestine with their warped lives. Philippa at Ghent with Artevelde for her adviser. Philipot and Brembre at his head. Herchmer, when he came back to Calgary.

Rati, his fair wife. Arioch, with a bounding heart. Harcourt, her eye lighting up with joy. Killaloe, on Great Southern and Western Railway! Oyer and Terminer under the great seal.

Delmonti, with a delicate rustling of silk brushing against silk. Sigurd, with his good sword flashing. Palmerston, his rival in international Liberalism.

The laughing Chloris with profusest hand Throws wide her blooms and odors! Judith, her marriage with Ethelbald. Eggleston, with military precision! Herodotus, with all his superstitions.

Hamilton, when the footman gave her this information. Luis, with a forcible whack. Locksley in Sir Walter Scott’s novel of _Ivanhoe_.

Karschoff, with Nigel on one side and Maggie on the other. The canal at Marseilles. Frideswide in Oxford itself.

Fersen, his correspondence proves guilt of Louis XVI. William and Mary on the eleventh day of March. Doria, his Captain-General of the Galleys! Goriot's installation, her heart. The works at Langenberg.

The church at Schleswig! Wierbitzsky in Reichb Ic. Wilford's request, her sweetest song!

Charles, with his shrewd! Sarsaswete, with their Saktes. Rita, her new friendship for Hélène d'Enver. Murcia and Cartagena in Spain.

Fryback, his wife emerged from the Grand View Hotel and entered the danger zone. Dario and Benedetta with so much rapture. Lovaway's arrival, her mother! Swanevelt and Bremen!

Abe at Sam Hill's store where he sat alone! Jatismara, with pure mind and subdued senses. Weazell and Wren.

The consul at Zanzibar. Rachel and Phil on board. Fulvius, with the second. Friedrich, when he shall attack! Holbein, when the word of the Catholic Church proved false.

Hengist and Horsa in Kent. Valerius, his mode of teaching. Pallas, with plaited | | | tunic worked with Swastika.

Jan and Katrina at home! Carker, with an air of disparagement' 'It wants that qualification. Murdstone and Grinby, in the wine trade. Keith with Ferdinand and Moritz.

Gregory, his nuncio in Constantinople. Orestes, his Orestes with the dull eye and cruel mouth. Reviewed in Asiatic Journal.

Geraestus and Scyllaeum, on pain of losing their civic rights irrevocably. Esquivel, with a party of men to take possession of it. Tublat, his fierce foster father. Thor and Loki in the Giants' City 102 6!

Carley's face, her neck. Claiborne's rock, his eyes upon the barricade! Manilof and Boris. Wurmser and Alvinzi! Eva, with her serious eyes bent downward.

Tilly, his cruelty in warfare. Ahmed, his elephant and his armed keepers came into view. The critical Warburton, in his edition of Shakspeare! The emperor Julian, in the fourth century. The drag at Pelham.

The ships at New. Weston, her opinion of the American Anti-Slavery Society. The young Poins, in his scarlet and black. Audubon and Leslie with their heaven-defying rhetoric.

Paul, his head against the lintel of the van door. Effingham, with a sneer. Cruikshank, his illustrations to.

Mannering, when he found himself alone in his study. Roch, his attachment to the Bourbons. The infidel Rousseau on the books of the New Testament. Seltz, with the assistance of two of the porters! The foremost Gryffons, with powerful strokes of their wings.

Castro, when taken to task. Otoyo, her voice taking on a mournful note. Brighton, with Hendon as the first stopping-place on the outward journey. Savigny, his envoy at the Diet. Musee, his lungs being. Drohobycz, in Central Galicia.

Chilcoot, with its blizzard-beaten steeps. Hase, in Bailey and Lewis. Nat's adventures, his life. Vauxhall and Ranelagh in the Last Century!

Piedmontese and Neapolitans. Thales and Pythagoras, with the Stoics. Beauharnois and Ney at length entered Smolensko. The cross at Eyam. Bois, his housekeeper startled him by announcing Mademoiselle de Kercadiou.

Lionel, when he joined the family breakfast table. Kokilas and Catapatras with Koyashtikas and Kukkubhas. Ypres and Roulers, near Passchendaele. Aileen, his eldest daughter. Pontiac in Quebec to offer himself as a surgeon to the American Army.

Wabash and Chartres on the Mississippi. Goupil, his fellow prisoner. Lucina's aid, her burden to disclose. Siberia, in Anatolia or in South Africa.

Donald with Clan MacLeod near at hand. The university at Syracuse. The people at Jerusalem. Abner and Amasa.

Hampton, his own anger risen. Beethoven, when he came to a passage that suited his purpose. Ossian, his intense passion. Sanghurst, his eyes fixed steadily on the face of his victim.

Wye at Clifford in Herefordshire. Amyas, with a smile. The gneiss at Knock.

Garman's part, his confidence waned. Clairville and Clairville. Celebes and Salayr!

Hoby and Morryson in the Netherlands. Josephine and Cecilia in their best dresses. Kenyon in Harley Place! Nigel and Constance, with honest Jacques. Domenico, with its gaunt perforated tower.

Atherley, his arms on the gate. Judah and Hobson in the rear.

Bewick and Audubon. Milton's death, his nephew! Illustrated in Colour by DOROTHY MULLOCK.

Watchett, with the Watchett blue upon them. Trepani, when the infant determined to visit the island in person. Reuben, when thou dost see her on the morrow. Dalzell, his eyes snapping with mischief.

Kilkenny on Monday morning. Withyham and Hartfield in the north.

Dobney, her old governess. Bilton, with sudden communicative fervor.

Vaux and Damloup, at the foot of the _côtes_. Babalatchi, with sudden exasperation. Sime and Carfrae in support. Dorine's wealth, her beauty. Kristy, with a twinkle in her eye.

Durward, with an expressive glance at his wife's beautiful face. Herndon, his law partner. Addison, his _Vision of Mirza_.

The river Biobio, in Southern Chili. Jav and Carthoris! The fight at Charasia. Ophir under Solomon with America. Eckenfoerde, when German shore batteries blew up the Danish ship of the line. Cristoforo and Bellaroba. Angela, when a full realization of what Uncle Henry meant came over her.

Hilary's wearing, her white straw bonnet and white ribbons! Nicolaus and Maffeus, with certain Tartars. Lusse and Wisembach, in the Bonhomme region. Mantura on Indiana stocks.

Vrain, his eyes filling with tears! Osterman, his tongue in his cheek! Sweeney, at Lincoln Center.

Hamther and Sorli in the hall of Ermanaric. Jubbulpore and Bombay in the west. Moedwill, near Magato Nek.

The delay at Ogden. Donaldson, when the cloud first appeared upon the industrial horizon. The defeat at Zagonara. The chief Zenaib, with his brother.

Raymond, with his head well inside the pew. Horatio and Charlotta, with some other Occurrences_. Amadas, his own goldsmith. Sciota and Hocking.

Meverill, with John Montagu. Munich at Lucy's feet. Hercules and Minerva, with their insignia as heathen deities. Simonson's name, her face turned a purple color. Eustacia and Yeobright in the perfectly imagined scene before the mirror.

Fechner, with his distinct earth-soul functioning as our guardian angel. Pein and Uzun. Heinsius and Merkel.

Lipa, with Nikifor in her arms. Niwalle at Matura can be ascended for about fifteen miles. Highnesses, with public ceremony and the royal flag displayed.

Stevens and Liebault in the. Polichinelle, with impudent suggestiveness. Ffotor, in India the Greater and India the Less. Ishmael, with eight men.

Baghan and Ichardeh! Bowhill with Sir Adam Ferguson to dinner. Whittier's mother, his sister Elizabeth. Hunnicott, his successor in the local attorneyship at Gaston.

Beaufort, when Marquis of Worcester. Andy's shoulder, his thin young fingers clutched the old shirt-sleeve excitedly. Lovell, at Lovell Tower.

Chopco, his X mark. Edited with Notes by WILLIAM STANLEY BRAITHWAITE! Sid, his mother Bebind being a fairy woman. Stobell, with unusual fluency. Morrils and Morrells in plenty.

Haight, his attorney for years. Saillard and Baudoyer. The great Theodosius, in his judicious advice to his son.

Tennyson, with its too self-conscious seership. Havya and Kavya in consequence of their full udders. Godowsky, when asked his opinion of the metronome. Titian and Giorgione at the Fitzwilliam.

Patterson at Falling Waters. Greenland with Europe sank! The revolution at Delhi. Russell in Bret Harte's story.

Girdlestones, with Miggs and four seamen. The barque Lafayette, with an assorted cargo. Aldborough, with its Roman remains and the Devil's Arrows.

Poros and Nisi. Inditos, his terrible little fatalists in combat. Vrishnis and Harahunas. Saild in Comp'y with him. Arnold, his second in command.

Pandolfi, with a smile. The gentleman at White. Rowe's manner, his shrewd and stolid appearance. Mendelssohn and Gimbel.

Wentworth and Louisa in the hedge-row. Armine, her grateful smile melted his very heart. Nicholas, with the same humane intention. The jailer at Alameda.

Aragon in Naples descended from a bastard. Nicholas, with many wrong turns. Wiltoniensis on General Wolfe. Titian, her favorite son.

Capitola, at Hurricane Hall! The ports at Benjarmasing. Delande, when the two men sought the smoking-room! Indies in Madrid assumed a stance of illiberal!

Tisbe in Victor Hugo's. Wilcox and Sargent in this region. The array at Halifax. Rendel, with his usual understanding and wisdom.

Sadie's youth, her beauty. Colville, with his air of suppressing a half-developed yawn! Dewey, his eyes flashing with anger.

Fuca in May of 1792 and discovers Columbia River. Okematan and Kateegoose, with their respective squaws! Lorenzo and Jessica in the moonlight at Belmont. Frye, his arrogance all melted.

Siemens and Halske at Vienna in 1883. Marteau, his neighbour at the Louvre. Tongkaling, when he found himself ruler of Cibolan. Tessa, her lower lip hanging a little. Helgi and Grim.

Sid, his longing for leadership gratified at last. William, his discoveries in naval architecture. Patagonia, when the land stood about the same number of feet lower. Sarah in Love and Sorrow.

Kilday, his clothes disheveled. Isabella's feet, her face half burled in her robe. Leander, with his little red cap. Michelagnolo, his friend and compatriot! Ellsworthy, her eyes sparkling. Harris, his laughing eyes filled with the joy of home coming.

Denning, with the weak tears in his eyes! Oakenham, his sons went back to the Tofts. The modern Taranto, in southern Italy. The philosopher Hobbes, in his! Daudet, his lifelong friend.

Prussia, when a new soldier appeared on the parade. Rhone and Saone at Lyons. Morgan, his faithful valet. Antoinette, with the general features of both.

Suzanne, her menacing shadow. The captive at Murdock. Clara, his younger sister. Venice and Friuli in the Cisalpine Republic!

Mangaleesu and Kalinda, with the two white lads. Murdock, at Chrystler & Company's office. The doings at Ludwigsburg. Leah and Rachel at the Well'.

Pansey and Trumbly in the thick of a wordy war. The clerks at Dorlon. Spaine and Portugall, with whom wee haue very great trade. Broeck, his account of Every. Hunnewell, with some hesitancy.

Malatesta, with his heart breaking. Darwin and Wallace, on account of its practical utility. Kieft, when he obtained information of the matter. Pitkin at Paotingfu if he understands this. Gissing and Swinburne. Carmel in Putnam County to the New York City market and!

Hugo, his mutation theory. Ballylawn in County Londonderry by his first marriage. Redmond's rule, their objections to it would be materially lessened. Lester, his voice hardening a little as he spoke.

Sigfried, with the Second Division. The maid at Tharsus. James, his speech on Writs of Assistance noticed!

Parkman, his threats and denunciations! Alencon, his younger brothers. Deutschland in Chesapeake Bay] In December. Roberts, with a secretively friendly and confidential air.

Patrick, his mother felt. Anniversaria in Theatrio Collegii. The priests at Phil. Vinci at Amboise in 1516. Dhu, when summoned by his horn.

Allerdyke on April 21st. Soymida and Chukrassia. Joan, with Sister Annot and Sister Josia. Rossini's music, her warmest love. The adjective Vahu in the first line of 32 qualifies rathinas in the second line.

The house at Griff. Hammond, when he made its plural not ‘dogmas’. Reaumur, with windows that wouldn't shut. Rutlidge, his heavy features flushed with drink.

Lived in Natal all our lives. Theodora, when it should be discovered.

Emmy's gestures, her mouthings and excitement! Quin, when Garrick once attempted the part of Othello. The delay at Nairn. Seneca, with the most dulcet flattery. Kipling, when very small.

The house at Bullington. The fallen at Chalons. Rosenvold, with all the newly constructed buildings.

Adam, his blunderbuss at his shoulder. Petya, his youngest boy.

The miners at Minturne. Carabobla, in New South Wales! Hoppner, with every individual. Otto's side, her eye sparkled applause. Maedler's sun, its dust dissipated!

Avernede, his place in the country. Thompson and Davies in the midst of the confusion. Donaldson, with the aid of a bag-wig.

Democrates, his hands clutching the broken coin as at a last reprieve from death. Horam, with some chosen troops. Organisation in Great Britain. Heristal and Charles.

Langford's gaze, his own eyes filled with a snapping menace. Hermus, near Magnesia at the foot of Mount Sipylus not far from Smyrna. Chas and Hen.

Ned, his hand on the rope. Pontificalis in Bonifacio IV. Thaur with Jebel Jiyad the Greater. Cumberland and Westmerland, with the countie of Lancaster also.

The towering Ajax, with an ample stride. Sam and Pete on either side of him as he looked over the fence into Ned's yard. Raften, with a twinkle in his eye. Marian, at Miss Waring's school.

Antipater and Mithridates, with their soldiers. Forster, with Amber holding him by the hand. Parthians, when they returned on the following day.

Carrie and Ella in a breath. Gallway, with Norris's section of Duryea's battery. Otfinow and Gorlice. Tasmania and Queensland in 1905.

Tasman and Quiros, with that of Flinders. Garman, when he went to report his betrothal to him. Sandols, with Elephants teeth. Tilly, when she got her breath.

Garding, with a request she would wear it in her raving Air. Louis, his first surgeon in ordinary. The city Hanes, in Egypt. Gerald's nephew, his edition of Pascal's Letters. Juno's temple, her neighbors all calling her happy.

Farman's patience, his perseverance. Vivette, his fifteen year old grand daughter. The society at Ballyspellan. Curiones and Flamines.

Roch, with a boy angel. Theodora, his heart gave a great bound of surprised joy when. Sweynheym and Pannartz at Rome.

The nynthe Signe in nombre also. Alice in Wonderland* toward the fireplace grate. The bar at No. Sumter and Pickens in 1860-61_. Nola, when rendered confident by his victory at Cannae.

Gervais and Protais near Venusia. Meredith's letter, her face white and strained. Pascherette, her glossy black crown barely reaching above his waist. Herwegh and Bakunin on that very ground.

Mavering, with abysmal gloom. Hogson and Bernard on his right and left. Humfrey and Philip, with their knives. Achterneed, near Strathpeffer in Ross-shire. Whitchester and Ashdale in Scotland. Alene, with a gulp of delight.

Antonius and Fuscus. The attack at Gommecourt. Fordun and Winton, in the pages of the Scalacronica and Chronicles of Tighernach. Lillyworth and Mulgrum on the bridge. The pillars at Cuzco.

Heime and Falke. Messina, when Don Garcia de Toledo! Bacchus, with perhaps some Christian symbolism. Nougarede, his thin lips.

Seneca's diction, its rhetorical ornament and antitheses. Herrera, on Mexican circumcision. Regillum, his ancestral home. Donati, with a part of the people.

Pasquerel, her good chaplain. Cornaro in San Cassan. The races at Ascot! Moncton's factotum, his confidential clerk.

Walters, with Milner and four other chauffeurs to support her. Maclver and Wilkin at el-'Amra.

Jacob's pipe, its clay bowl fashioned as a female head. Fergus and Purcel, on their way from the shrubbery to the house. Schwarzenberg, when he found himself again alone.

Brannan with Benito stood upon the threshold. Saltram's career, his debts. Zoroaster, with a smile. The sergeant at Gommecourt. Angus, when I'm away selling _fush_. Dresden, with a letter to von Lüttichau.

Nachiwikik and Mactuqaack. The emir Abderamene in Spain. Yvon and Finette near Kerver Castle! Frederick, his three sons.

Finns in East Karelia against the Soviet Government. Burdette, with instructions to go to the theater. Lawes and Piri on board. Falimierz, in Latin Phalimirus.

Fornace, with divers others. Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness_ Painted by W. Bombay with Kasoro to the palace. Buddha's words, its councils and its missions.

Athenian, his eye lighting ominously. The fair at Novgorod. Jope, with all his bedizened company.

Fagel, with six-and-thirty Dutch battalions. Nagelschmidt, his former follower! Terry and Marjorie, with part of the picnic material. Blair in Pennsylvania and Justice Iredell in North Carolina. Alexander, his able defence of Lord Clive.

Isabel, when she went to spend a few days with her old governess. Cupul, when they asked Ah Ceh Pech about the killing at Zalibna. Aulis, when to sever the first cable. Bradley, his eyes glued on Laramie.

Susan, with no little trepidation! The parsonage at Andover. Westlock, with his small red worsted shoe a-gurglin' in his throat. Iphigeneia, when she heard her doom At Aulis. The garden at Hyfield. Scattercash and Orlando.

The driver Hassan with his camels past. Poussin, his history into two parts.

Ra and Osiris in the Boat of the Dead. The school at Calhoun. Arlee, her face impudently close. Chainplates with Iron bound Dead-eyes complete.

Amsterdam and Gouda, at Moerdyke. Scione, with fifty ships. Gon on Pilgrimage to some Shrine. Febrer, with his gaze fixed on the landscape.

The palace at Greenwich. Pierre, when she entered the apartment. Constantia, with marvelous condescension. Puttick and Simpson, on Wednesday.

Orentino's face, his eyes nearly popping with fright! Mary and Elizabeth with favor again. Stewart, his most attached and confidential dependant. Tangier and Barbary in 1839. Prentit at Sanct Androus_.

Raghu, with Sugriva by his side. Alexandria with Cleopatra for good. Kate's words, her face. Alison, her head drooping.

Introductio in Chaldaicam Linguam. Logumba and Lobumba. Marchmont's arms, his wife letting go his hands and standing rigid. Vernon, with a nonchalance which provoked Maxwell. The parlor at Stenton.

Appeared in Fortnightly Review in August! Dickie, when placed in the best situation. Boyd, his hunting over. Casson, his chief adviser. Macedon, with Perdiccas as regent.

Addisons and Rowes in this. Moldavia and Wallachia with his troops! Colbrand, his great favourite. Ariel in Hebrew signifies a lion. Louis, his voice thick and concentrated.

Lodovico and Beatrice, with their infant son! Quetta, when his native companions and friends heard of his death. Baird, his voice still shaken. Saintsbury, in Chambers' Cyclopædia.

Direxia, her apron at her eyes. Eusebius and Jerome in the Onomasticon. Randolph and Jane in the doorway stood waiting while he read. Hillhouse, with a request that he would come immediately.

The conferences at Niemerow! Alison, his landlord’s young wife. Perched on Rajah's back.

Hannibal and Palmyra, in 1861. Boxall and Selim in their fearful position. Gawigawen, when he went to get the orange fruit! Tyrol and Valtellina. Wilson, with the cavalry charging through the growing corn.

Halted at Talownmo at 7! Hans, his peculiarities of style. Stefano, with its façade of alternate black and white courses of marble. Bursley, when she observed in front of her. Americanism in China and Japan.

Aggie, when the door opened. Charles, when he understood of the person and attempts of Perkin. Ourania and Pandemos. Steinbock, her uncle would probe the matter to the bottom.

Stevens, in Duff Green's Row. Chicomoztoc in Chichimeca omitoa moternuh in imitoloca. Edwine and Marchar, with certeine bishops & others of the cleargie! Jamvus and Patalas, with banians and Varunakas and Vatsanabhas and Vilwas.

Agnes in Connie's ear. The lovable Barrie, with his tenderness for child life. Eskapha, his mental attitude preserved the same aloofness. Nicholl, with visible incredulity.

Boers on Hart's or Railway Hill. Montoni, her doom appeared to be already sealed. Iggulden's son, his mother on his arm.

Leucosia, his favorite of the. Lulie, when telling the story to her confidants at the Phipps' home. Grenoble, when he wrote to Versailles. David's speech, her heart panting. Whitney, when he fell with his cotton gin among the thieves of the South.

Bombos in South Carolina. Thornton in Pickering Lythe. Pettinkofer and Voit, in an indirect way. Carolina, when the Civil War began. Berkshire, with his men at Englefield.

The mountain Neritus with forests cloath'd. Bligh, when he looked at them a little while. Walter, with the sanguineness of his years. Harvey, his father being a rope-maker of Saffron-Walden. Adams and Jefferson on the fourth of July.

Bossuet and Joly. Raymond, with his hardy mule.

The family at Edgeworthtown. Greatheart, his Captain Boanerges. Arrived at Master _Agnew's_ Doore.

Caracciolo, with Don Luis Ponce de Leone. Terry and Turly with her until afternoon tea time!

Ferdinand and Isabella in soft! Priestley and Crawford, in this country. Katherine, her eyes still upon the sidewalk. Dixton, at Mollie's aunt's house for some time.

Broxton and Hayslope in one of the farmer's waggons. Hegner, his eyes flashing. Abd, when his grandfather died.

Bertram and William on the night of her arrival. Nita, her head whirling with possibilities. The lecture at Davenport. Harlan, his eyes gleaming with a cold humor.

The formalities at Sumter. Costar, with whom he got into conversation. Ariosto and Cervantes in their original form!

Bruylans and Venneman. Fourie and Froneman, with Hertzog. Tudor, his town house.

David in English Metre. Sailed with Captain Porter in the West Indies. Samuel's words, his eyes a-twinkle with anticipation. Margaret, when she accepted her cousin's offer. Casanova, when between fifty and sixty years of age.

The poet Cowper, in his contemplation of a country life. The river Tanais, at this place. Dormandy, with the announcement of her engagement to Gabriel Zimandy.

Pollock, with the acquiescence of lord Auckland. Olaf, his own kinsman. Ercole, with an air of utter indifference. Shane and Davis, with their young companion.

Trolle, his father Eric Trolle. Patwas and Lakheras in some localities of the Central Provinces. Habeebah, with two of the guard.

The cadets at West. Bodrigan at Gorran Haven. Orme, in George Town.

Sahwah, with a thoughtful pucker. The leadership at Charleston. Persies with Owen Glendouer. Nesbit, his question including the four girls.

The burning Torche in hyr righte hande. The machine at Derby. Bari, when the cry of '_Vardarelli_.

Lucaria in July on 19th and 21st! Vivian and Vandeleur at another part of his line. Weller, with grave facetiousness. Smerwick in Kerry a mixed Spanish and Irish garrison! Skarphedinn, when the burnt beam snapped asunder under his weight! Epine and Girofl.

Bruhl, with Fanchette and Simon Fleix. Elissa, with a little laugh! Christina at Miss Tod's. Ryder, his back against the rock.

Hengist and Horsa with 5000 men. Dandridge, with his ready tact. Choate, with Weedon Moore a pace behind. Riga and Boersemnende near Riga.

Louises and Napoleons. Voorst in Monthly Numbers. Sylvia, her colour heightening. Gwendolyn, her bosom heaving.

Utica and Tunes. Maruts, with Indra's might. Studies in Christian Stewardship.

Otford and Sevenoaks. Jupiter, when tired of the dust and clamour of war. Sahagun and Benevente, on December 20th and 27th. Vicenza, his grand equerry. Branwell, with his love of approbation and ready affectionateness.

The party at Brierley. Sigel and Stahl, with many other distinguished personages! Aristocrates and Constitutionalists. Felismena, her lover Felix.

The battalion at Fyzabad. The sojourn at Coblentz. Kew, when all the force of dogma. Marcelline, with a smile.

Benares, in Eastern Behar! Malborgeth and Predil! Conversed with Asaad on the books of the Apocrypha. The inn at Cerrig! William, his record 'Farthest North.

Sarus, when that gallant chief. Pointz and Rossiter, with orders to attend the king's motions! Garmo, on Herbart as a teacher.

The autocrat David, with his correct. Mortimer, with the augmentation of Dashall and Tallyho. Conrad, with Rafe the king of Burgongne.

Fourescore at Armes a peece. Vargrave and Caroline, at first gay and animated. Fleming, his eye unconsciously sought the guiding light on the hill-side.

Rubini, his Character as an Artist. Placide, his hopes from Denis. Grande, when rich families journeyed from point to point. Nicholas, when the old man drew near.

Koch with Chocolate Beguss 121 446. Carker, with a display of his own. Walt, with a grin. Dora, with an eye to the cookery-book. Buhayen and Kudarangan in vain united their fortunes with those of Utto.

Minna's garden, her secure country house. Napier, with the title of. Catherson's pony, its strength conserved for this ordeal! Roberts and Bracy in a breath.

Moses, with unconcealed pleasure. Chillington, her ladyship's late husband! Blakeney, with the pretty nonchalance peculiar to herself. The poet Bryant, in Thanatopsis says that. Henderson and Wilmot, with some of the Hottentots.

Wachusett and Greylock in Massachusetts. Savendrug, his family subsequently erected fortresses. Thomas, her teeth chattering with fright. Nunziata in Florence he made a marble tomb for Messer Orlando de' Medici.

The faithful Owen, on hearing these words! Orpah, her sons' wives. Gaire's servant, his slave! Collin, with the presence of mind and the unction of the Archbishop of Cambrai!

Dutton and Mildred, at the far end of the hall. The elder Munro, at an early period in life. Tim, with a discouraged and demoralized look. The tide at Caudebec. Rimmer, with a comically perplexed look in his bluff English countenance.

The dead Fevershams in their uniforms would not be disgraced. Valjean, his head drooping and his chin resting on his breast. The genius Bahoudi, at whose name our race trembles. Joel's brow, his mood underwent an instant change. Jones and Maitland in the deck-house close to the galley.

The mighty Hu with mead would pay_] Reprinted. Hylas and Philonous, in Opposition to Sceptics and Atheists_. Sheremen and Taylors in Coventry. Radisson and Groseillers on first Western expedition. Wrangell and Sitka, in the Territory of Alaska.

Lazaristes, his house at Versailles. Safrac, his hand raised to his forehead. Ispahan and Shiras in Persia. The fair Medina, with her tresses torn.

Keok and Nawadlook with their foster-father. Aaron, when he understood! Rothschild, when weighed against the stores of wisdom. Tartary, with which they stocked the woods!

Irishman's chair, her pale eyes lapping up the inscription. Partha, with their arrowy downpours. Nye, with his usual good sense. The dam at Cranberry.

Grau, in New York City. Mulloy, his eyes bulging. The office at West. Bassas, with 40 or 50 Chauses to accompany the ambassador to the court. Kilbride at Kilbride Castle.

Muscovy's fall, its ruler's murdering. The noble Childe with manifest unwillingness quitted the room! Tafalla, her native village. Norah, with her eyes on the flags.

Venus, when she rose From out her cradle shell. Harland, with several other gentlemen. Po, with the exception of Cremona.

Demetrius, at Athens or elsewhere. Burksville and Glasgow, with varied success. Dumouriez, in Salut Committee. Niagara, his other brig.

Ziegenbalg and Schwartz under Danish protection. Statius and Seneca in all their eighteen centuries together. Philip's face, his gnawing misery returned. Brignoles, when the religious nun.

Neustift and Salmansdorf. The celebrated Heeren, in his. Amzi, with one foot on a chair. Talleyrand and Haugwitz at Vienna. Bosch at The Hague. Foxe and Gasquet on character of.

Kildare and Rathangan on his adversary. Pathans in Indian hill wars. Pompey's lieutenant, his exploits in conjunction with Petreius!

Mouilleron, with a self-satisfied air. Dombey, with severe gravity. Conniston, with grave misdoubtings and a thumping heart.

The meeting at Mansfield. Michael and Alison, with Eva in attendance. Charmond's absence, his universal practice hitherto having been to drive. The meals at Huddard. Kate, her face grown cold and hard.

Rousseau and Rico, in Turner. Juan, near Vancouver's Island. The ferries at Lyme.

Alf, her noble spouse. Artois at Bagatelle-and Vliatte. Hoopdriver, with a splendid drawl. Malone's desk, his anger gone.

Mulciber, his walkers quite misgrown. Mosier, his power supreme. Lustgarten, her one amusement being Frau Hazzim's nightly visits.

Wildmere's surprise, her husband quietly acquiesced in his daughter's wishes. Attick and Maqua with his son Mozwa. Drechsler in Vienna in 1820. Keble's poetry, his tone on nature and human life.

Sudberry, with an injured look. Alfaretta, with the same pang of regret. Sam and Andy. Silverton, with letters to Sir William.

The passage at Merriton. Olaf in Lakla's bower. Phegeus and Sagaris, with all their might. Macgregors under James Mor.

The giant Ysppadden in _Kulhwych_ resembles Balor. The arrival at Piccadilly. Anjou and Aragon in the list of these maniacs. Hanged at Execution Dock in 1691.

Angophora, with long lanceolate leaves. Araujo, with an approving nod. Fleda, when he drew up before the house. Kishineff and Siberia.

Nash, her father's driver! Arnheim, with little rivulets running down his cheeks. Touraine and Longueville in France. Gayford, with the dexterity of an experienced bargee. The ancient Israelites at Sinai.

Lucilla, her tact being much more ready when concerned with the nobler sex. Pulsifer, his eyes get stary!

Tryan, with a humility but ill concealing his triumph! The two Stolivos beneath the lofty Vrmac. The meeting at Cassidy. The partners at Astoria. Belmour, his relentless uncle.

Cerfbeer and Christophe with extraordinary pains! Kalmucs, when they celebrate any great festival. Charlotte and Emily at Haworth_. The wise Dandamis, on hearing the lives of Socrates.

Greenland and Labrador, in the West Indies. Treffy, with tears in his eyes. Sydney, with a dozen invitations out to dinner.

Santo and Madeira in 1418-25 by Gonsalvez Zarco. Grote, his sarcastic temper. Jane, with paling lips! Drayton, with a smile.

Tissaphernes and Tissaphernes with the Athenians. Greenland, near Cape Farewell! Hanged in Virginia in 1718 with the rest of Captain Edward Teach's crew! Judith, with an impetuosity of feeling and manner that at once unveiled her eyes.

Philip, her front gate. Artois, with the Duke of Orléans and Marshal Macdonald.

Kingscourt, with the old people still there. Birtwell, her manner becoming more confident. Forgoll, his chief bard or _file! Kustalogo, with orders to repair to the French and deliver up the wampum. Helen, when she saw that Zelaya plunged her own tin spoon into the stew.

Phinuit, with the latter's consent or without it. Chromis and Mnasyllos. Bonaventura, with such devout tenderness.

The boys at Flynn. Reeside and Avery at $1300 per annum for the former and $1500 for the latter. The bungalow at Mirui. The cost at Columbia.

Fadir and Modir, with fingers playing. Araminta and Fiametta on a sudden. Greenfield at Doncaster to consider the defence of the realm. The collections at Chatsworth.

The palace at Knossos. Bohannan, with chromatic profanity. Tayoga, his comrade in so many hardships and dangers. The great Diderot, in a book called. Karnis and Herse with arguments.

Bellini, with sacred relics in jars above and below it. Queene on Twelfe night | last.

The clock at Christ. Finn, when he would make tunes and songs he would put us all into deep sleep. Abercromby, with Lords Althorp and Russell. Tracy, when a little more assured.

Selwyn's face, his manner. Jenkins, with their staffs! Robertson and Kangaloon in the Illawarra district of New South Wales.

Paolo, his faithful servant. Tanjore, his continued heathenism.

Feuillet and Flaubert, at the beginning of their career. Abenakis under Baron de Saint-Castin. Lasuen, with the aid of two priests. Greg, his back propped against a tree trunk!

Feltram, with a sudden start. Eliab, his eldest son. Blyston, with admiring despair. Delia on Gaston's boat. Caled, with the dawn of day.

Drepana and Segesta in Sicily. The defeat at Majuba. Wythburn, when Willy came into the kitchen! Parma and Piacenza.

Robertson in Macmillan's series of Orient Readers_. The old Petronilla, in the greatest embarrassment. Athelstaneford, in East Lothian.

Gordon and Zebehr at Cairo. Covenanting at Horeb Israel served God. Sydney, when the dust Lies burnt on glaring windows. Quisimaluco and Quintagone, with the bays of Xanga and Fuego. Ferne, his burst of passion past.

Shelley and Trelawny, in the hope of starting him off. Castell, with purpose in time to content their desires! Brigitte, her hands on the keys.

Alice in Wonderland_ and from _A Child's Garden of Verses_. Montfort, when they made their appearance at the ceremony of the Queen's! Ralls, at Christian Crider's. Pelle, his round woollen cap on his head. Leo, on Libra a balance.

Campbell, with the calm of a man accustomed to emotional superabundance. Alpetragius and Alphonsus. Elst, his countenance brightening as he spoke. Thuillier, with a foppish air. Helene, his _belle Marquise_.

Jenkins's cottage, her as died back tü Christmas. Moses and Aaron in mount Hor. Beethoven and Schubert, on the other! Palos, with some hope of being successful.

Lely at Oxford and others elsewhere represent him as somewhat hard-featured. Gibberne, with a dramatic gesture. Brittany with France by marrying its duchess. Adam, when these thoughts.

Silas, with a subdued sob. Nantes and Limoges, at Bordeaux. Brinsmayd and Fewsmith.

Louis and Philippe in a state of great disappointment. Terribus, his horrid face more crimson than ever. The girls at Lavender! Lucien and Francois, in consternation.

Phrixos and Helle on his back. Jim, with various embellishments of speech. Donatello and Michelozzo in the Baptistery. The tall Batavian in a vast ship rides! Kingdon at Walcott Hall_ Lively boarding school experiences make this the. Latzenberg, near Weissenstein in Carniola.

Babylonians, with the watery deep. Dorothy at Chicksands quite clearly. Mary, with a plate of warm spicy cookies.

Valladolid in Old Spain. Anstice, his eyes growing fierce at the remembrance of their meeting. Hulda, with a pale. Palander, with Doctor Envall!

Mercedes's dog, her dearly loved dog. Beechy, her eyes as round as half-crowns! Ffoulke in Florence kept twenty or thirty girls occupied.

Hubert and Winifred with their books. Durgin and Cynthia at mealtimes and other defenceless moments. Shubin's speech, his head held contemptuously on one side and his arms akimbo.

Vassiere, her enthusiasm knew no bounds. Danes at Stert than flying through the woods of the Quantocks. Turgot's pieces, his Memorial on Loans of Money. Phrygia and Pamphylia, in Egypt and the parts of Libya about Cyrene. Limon with Sugar upon every slice. Varro in Satiræ Menippeæ. Paolo and Francesca in their romance-imbued arbor.

Rochelle, with a solitary female attendant. Cupid's arrows, his quiver. Perugia, when only fifty-six years old. Colville's horse, her face wearing a little mystic smile. Hogvardt and Watkins at the other.

Una, when Old Jim halted in the shade of a lonely flint barn on a bare rise. Bardell and Pickwick on behalf of the plaintiff. Kisotchka's tears, her trembling. The king Yudhishthira, in the battle that ensued!

Jeems and Kaytherine. Ruz, with numerous corrections by himself. The delicate Hilary, in cooler blood. The inns at Southampton. Muhlingen and Berenberg in the now German Empire. Prabhasa and Manasa.

Lindorm, with whom it could pair. Razumov, with affected surprise. Mysie, her compassion aroused both for beast and Youth. Kahira with Baibars and devoured a tray of sticky sweets.

Reade, his face showing red under its heavy coat of tan. Tinodi and Peter! Jane, his thoughts disturbed by the derangement of a part of his plan. Brien's ranch, their forage-train in sight. Ribargoza, his own nephew.

Enriquez, with unflinching gravity. Prussia and Hanover in any contest between England and France. Cutty, his fine eyes sparkling. The palace at Mukden.

Shackleton, with a suddenly suspicious ring to his voice. Wilhelmine's innocence, her candour. Blandois, her hands being cramped. The situation at Brockville.

Parker, his head bent to protect the fire in his pipe! Griphenburg, when the imperial forces prevailed. Joe, when they felt that they could slacken their pace to get their breath. Scepsis, in Asia Minor. Phillips, when the young man ended his confession.

Nathan, with some surprise at the unexpected assault! Munsie and Bunsie, with gayly painted faces and trunks. Guzerat and Sindy with their piratical depredations.

Schweizer in Herzog’s _Real! Queenhithe and Billingsgate. Clausel and Foy, in Navarre and Biscay respectively. Elijah, when he called for fire from heaven.

Howgill, his bosom friend! Preastis and Channounes, with thare schaven crownes and blak jackis.

Latimer's bed, his hands above his head. Bulloo and Cooper. Marischal, with £400 a year. Walsingham's house, her Majesty's ambassador at that court.

Symmacho in Aetnam praecipitatus. Celia and Agnes in the library talking earnestly. Placentia under Urban the Second pp.

Hollingsworth, with his usual directness and lack of ceremony. Geneparo and Mezzano. Clara, with her own fork.

Percote, with bedding and furniture for his house. The dinner at Burnham. Monroe and Curtis in above-mentioned books. Clara and Emma on either side of her.

Plesiosauri and Ichthyosauri. Aladdin, when he got into the magician s cave!

Deronda, his opposition roused again. The lesser Raidmaster on the convent job might know. Widrington, when he lost his temper with a pony and came galloping past her. The whites at Weymouth. The weather at Vader.

Maludu and Payton, in the north of Borneo. Whigs and Tories.

Gerardin, with a sigh. Bonner, when asked for his opinion on the result. Joubert's despatches, his gunners with grim military humour gave the name of.

Nathan and Dalhousie, with much tenderness. Yan, with sudden interest and warmth. Prence, when elected Governor in 1657! Brooke, on Hillsboro Bay. Aldebaran and Betelguese on a bright night in November! Elsie, her face pale and tear-stained.

Goldsboro, her home town in the South. Gidgereegah and Ouarrian with the kangaroo between them.

Simsbury, when gran'ther Peck died. Studies and Orators. The afternoons at Para. Perrine, her eyes bright with delight and pride.

Azzo, his second son. Menard, his mission and disappearance in the wilderness. Thayor, his eyes boring into the young woodsman's. Naida's sweetness, her grace. Delhi, with the mail. Janetta, when she stood up to sing.

Toulouse, when about to proceed as ambassador to Rome! Erik and Gunwar in bed together with arms entwined.

Jeremiah, when travelling through Ancient Egypt. Diego, his native town.

The fierce Winnebagoes, with tall eagle feathers in their scalp locks. Krebs and Renard in 1884. Hamilton, his words applied but to the terrors of the deep.

Egilsson and Bjarni. Moses, with its grapes. The poet Boileau, in _Lutrin_. Tsonnonthouans, his especial enemies.

Brimilskjar, with many people to Norway. Caradosso and Cristoforo. Semnones, with chained hands. Flossie and Freddie, in the elevated express train.

Lacoste and Villere, with a view of taking the enemy in the rear. The flag at Camp. Venning, with a grin. Locke and Hobbes, with some reference to Bacon.

Combray and Lefebre. Greenwich on May 7th. Salteemow, with whom Sudhae lived.

Tancred's people, his army largely perished by sickness. Aberdeen on Monday night. Stephen in Vienna came near being turned into a mosque. Edecon and Orestes with rich gifts of silk robes and Indian pearls. Fleur's eyes, her questions.

Gana, with his spearmen. Moran, her eyes blazing.

Clellan in Peninsular campaign. Cozumel and Palenque under the sign of the cross. Dermott, with his back toward him. Dave's credit, his wages for a month and a half.

Ferrers, his eyes brightening. Merton, his account of FitzGerald! The rare Apelles in thy picture wee Perceive. William's death, his widow.

The managers at Martell. Mannlicher with Buck and slipped away up the stairs once more.

Thomas, his Law of Population reviewed. Imogene, when she returned from the Fair. Ulf and Walkyn at his heels! Tilney, at Catherine's invitation.

Kufro, when for every 35lb. Campania, under Publius Cornelius.

Camilla's arbor, his refusal of cake. Fletcher, when intrusted with an important fortress. Macrae, his voice trembling with emotion. Lanfranc in Canterbury Cathedral. The veteran Cato in his eighty-fifth year.

Michael's character, his frugal and honorable life. Darrin, his eyes sparkling. Allan, at Robin's side. Fairfax, her Lady Patroness and Mother Confessor. Fanchet and Klootz!

The impatient Trojans, in a gloomy throng. The mines at Dandot. The household at Pongaudin. The good Fieldens, with a coach full of children. The red Sahara in an angry glow. Mecca in France of the British soldier for all time.

The meeting at Taighill. Merida and Progreso, in Yucatan. Ito's surprise, his victim left the table and did not return. Marlowe, his coadjutor in 'Henry VI. Lenore, with a passionate little cry.

Maritz in Cape Colony. Brita, with a fresh burst of merriment. Thrace and Inde, in the Knight's Tale. Lucretia at Torre della Fossa.

Veneering and Stobbles! Greville, when a very young man. Junius, when he began to write. Dunkeld, when he fell sick. Semple with Katie Morrison.

The younger Cary, at his window. Easterfield, her voice trembling. Appeared in Previous Volumes VOL. Doane's whereabouts, his employer's health. Hassim, with a sad and ironic smile.

The coss at Surat! Schuster and Dizful in Persia. The poet Havard, in his. Caroline, her pretty face troubled.

Ailie, when she saw it in the air. The players at Plimsoll. Seraievo, with its delicious gardens. Mataafas, when a schooner!

William, his railway syndicate. Banion and Jackson, with their followers. Peterkin, when she understood the state of the case. Jura and Auvergne, on the banks of the Saone. Herbert and Hobbs in England.

Artemis and Leto in procession. Twas in Trafalgar's Square. The bold Bavarian, in a luckless hour.

Leonytchevs and Matvyeitchevs. Taramelli and Mercalli on the fall or displacement of statues and other objects. Carrickfergus, when returning to Dublin. Lepidus, with a third fleet from Africa.

Bunaw, on Loch Etive! Aubrey and Paula on the one hand. Santerre and Alexandre, at the head of their battalions. The mill at Malbaie.

Rufus and George on the following Sunday. Crimea, with the bullet of a gray-coated Russian in his heart.

The sea at Filey. The carpenters at Runiroi! Botha and Buller at Laing's Nek. Perrotin and Terby. Jefferson, in Rip Van Winkle.

Chilleau, his Majesty's Governor in this Island. Messiter and Nora. Compared with Santos coffee. Joel, his face working. Forsters and Sparrman, in order to proceed up the sound.

Stratton, with a look of admiration. Piedmont and Lombardy, in the north. The good Manceaux, in little groups and pairs. Sherwood, with her low.

Fraunhofer, his theoretical calculations respecting diffraction. Lugoi and Kahala. Rogou and Gaubertin, in a circumspect way. Giuki's daughter, her young sons instigated Svanhild to avenge.

Morrill, with his mouth hidden behind his hand!

Paul, his raid on the British coasts. The orphan Katherine in her humble school-days To the _then_ rich heiress. Alejandro, with a masculine distrust of his sister's friendly assumptions. Williams, with a half-reluctant air! Abraham, in Federal Convention.

Spaine and Gal. Scylla and Charybdis at _Her_ XII 123-26 and _Met_ XIII 730-33. The battle at Bachimba. Thomas, on Parallel Roads of Glen Roy!

Franciscans, with a cloister. The ward at Olga. Johne and Frothingham in Dresden.

Maragogipe on All Saints Bay. The army at Franklin. Mary at Big Bend! Denman, with a smile. Koran, his back to the buying world.

Karna, with a number of whetted shafts endued with great energy! Rosalie and Nigel! The sea at Yarmouth!

Thoreau's terms, his whole life for it. The river at Thames. Blennerhassett and Vesy.

The war at Troy. Sophocles in Oedipus at Colonus. Baxter, with her jetty hair. Yeat's son, his father afterwards made him an ample amends.

Onondaga, his dark eyes glittering. Audiencia, his salary being somewhat increased. The disaster at Bristoe. Carmen's room, his brain all in a whirl. Mandy and Douglas.

Strophius, his father's friend. Potatoes with Sage and Onion. Claire in Santa Fé did not seem adequate. Selbourne, his theory of animals suckled by strange mothers.

Brinnon and Duckabush on Hood Canal! Howard, when the old man reached the islet. Brayley, his voice crisp and incisive.

Somers, when she could speak for laughing at her very practical little daughter. Killed at Murfreesboro in sixty-two. Cordelia's character, her quiet but intense feeling.

Lafayette, with an assorted cargo. Glyncraig, with his clear-cut features. Alsace, his hand upon his sword. Meaux, with the blood still splashed upon his uniform.

Kubini, his Character as an Artist. The colony at Plymouth. Argenson, with a grunt of discontent. The correspondent at Buenos. Westmoreland and Cumberland, with which their names.

Kinley in Aguinaldo's name and his own. Sodom, when he expected fire to pour down upon it. Selah and Telah. Paul, with certain other candidates for the back-field. Winwood, his dearest lady's smile.

Montesquieu and Blackstone, in their treatment of this point. Wilcox and Semmes in person headed some reserve regiments. Saul, when not only oppressed by the Philistines. Sada in American clothes.

The poet Kalidas, in his _Cloud Messenger_. Polycarp, with a countenance grave and serious! Hipper, with the German scouting force. The police at Monaco. Pritty, with an arch smile.

Julia, her heart beginning to thump. Alfieri, with his tall gaunt figure. Canrobert and Pellisier, in the Crimea. Blenham, his hesitation over.

Talbot's end, his burial. Randsburg and Johannesburg in the midst of the Mohave desert. Somasco and Carnaby. Tournai, with her five pointed towers.

Thompson's wanderings, his experiences. Schaffhausen and Zurich in their way. Roughgrove, with his two oarsmen.

The valiant Patrokles, in consequence of the heat. Mokihana's sun, his wat'ry beams. Oranienbaum, his summer residence. Gardiner's pitcher, his face beaming. Elijah in Ahab’s time.

Edison, when trying to put the Reis machine in the most favorable light! Chaleck's arms, her head resting on her lover's shoulder as she wept hot tears. Metellus in Samnium and Appius Claudius at Nola! Servia and Montenegro. Notus, when with hurricane-swoop He heaves the wide sea high.

Bere in Bantry Bay. Aberdeen on Neapolitan misgovernment.

The audiences at Gye. Guerre, her involuntary repugnance. Belvoir, when hunted by the Duke of Rutland! Toulouse and Bordeaux, at Seville and Barcelona. Gouverneur, his bosom friend.

Octoyne and Mellish. Stefanone, his anger returning. Sophia and Margaret on either arm. Stephen, his look gradually softened. Cormontreuil, her first lover.

Buddha's apotheosis, his hair. Jurieu, his account of the circumstances attending Grotius's death. Adelphasium and Anterastylis in the _Poen. Belgrade, with a principal effendi. Spenser's idealism, his love of beauty. The timid Madeleine, beneath her rich suitor in position.

Beatrice and Benedick in particular. Newbery's death, his son. Arthur in Tennyson's 'Idylls of the King. Phineus's hall, their bright swords in their hands. Netta's knees, her head.

The church at Pouldrum! Dutheil, with whom she corresponded regularly. The ship Ayrshire, with about two hundred passengers. Massuah and Buro, on the west shore of the Red Sea.

Mathews, her hand on Frances' shoulder. Lanton, his motor-cycle making quite a cloud of dust. Astorga, with the hope of falling upon his flank. Kellogg and Bearby.

Carnahan on Development Loan Fund. Crowe and Cavalcaselle, in their notice of Perugino. Ottawas and Shawnees at the battle of Tippecanoe. The force at Taif. Alfred, when into himself he withdrew. Gotama in Journal of the American Oriental Society.

Blandy at Lord Mark Kerr's. Rolne, his stately father! Beaufort and Retz, with the Coadjutor of Paris. Spielen in Gesellschaften bringt mehr Schaden.

Savanah, her native city. The students at Hurst. Weil, with a mischievous expression. Katana in Sicily which bore his name.

Markie and Lukie. Sintoo and Buddhist. Ogden, in Utah Territory. Kalorama, near Washington City. The other at Swarby.

Iglau and Teutsch. Rousseau's restlessness, his eager emotion. Hayes's door, his wife in compassion took her in out of charity! Utica, in New York State.

Bergeron, in November of '33! Luther at Worms and in the Wartburg. Tyrone and Tyrconnel in 1607.

Dennis, his upper lip twisting into a smile of enormous proportions. Jamieson, with a gesture of disgust. Schreiner, at Lord Milner's request. Heureaux in July last.

Jane and Katherine at their flat. Dalberg, with whom Schiller. Yetive, his promised bride.

Morgan in France strongly corroborate the evidence collected in this country! The fair at Athenry. Yelled and Jerked.

Hanged on November 8th. Sonya, with a white face and trembling lips! Djamsrap in Narabanchi Kure.

The copters at Oostpoort. Grantly, when threatened by his father with pecuniary punishment. Rincon, near Santa Barbara. Charlotte and Emily in their walks.

The meeting at Luca. Dacier in England see A. Sweynheyms and Pannartz in the world. The orchard at Woolsthorpe.

Belcher and Strickland in command. William, his feat at Ticonderoga. Tarentum and Samnium, in an uncommonly strong position.

Lawlor, with freshly risen wrath. Heidelberg and Mannheim, with their civic noises. Holmes's feet, her hands outstretched. Summerlee, with vicious calm. Lydgate's profession, his home preoccupation with scientific subjects.

Barbara's face, his own alight with a triumph that made a shiver run over her. Carlo, his favorite spaniel. Cocklesea on Bank Holiday. The play at Gerasa. Bertie, with a superior little shrug at Howard's ignorance.

Ostheim in Iowa and Minnesota. Radziwill, his latent suspicions thoroughly awakened.

The monuments at Caen. Hartledon, his face growing hot! Shylock, when he learned his daughter's limit of larceny. Jackson with Flournoy and his aides.

Agricola and Melanchthon in the presence of Luther and Bugenhagen. Rosa, with old Lord Snowden by her side. Perrier and Trenchard, with a good squad of men. Callahan at Sleepy Cat. Antipolo, with a goodly number of confessions and communions! Nile, in Captain Darby.

The garrison at Oswego. Ditmar's complacency, his ease and self-confidence. The genial Horace, in speaking of his old wine. Waldec and Ridolpho, in league with the Archbishop of Metz.

Oretes and Mitrobates, at the gates of the palace. The stable at Bethlehem. The beautiful Fritz, in his loveliest gloves. Toole, with a dull sort of suspicion in his eyes. Steffeck and Gussow in Berlin.

Joe, with the help of the outsuck. Mabel on Midsummer Day. Clasby, his great hand going up in a mighty threat. Brouncker, his groom of the bedchamber. Mary and Colin with sharp anxiety!

Hertzenhertz, when he spoke Yiddish! Cardan and Marbodius.

Ned and Nat in one breath. Ccapac, with all which they joined the main army at Caxamarca. The great Achilles with impatience stays.

The inquisitor at Florence. Dryden, his translation of a passage in Virgil. Joshua, with a constrained smile.

Gaston, his face crimsoning with shame! Monica, with her hands upon Milly's shoulders. The reviews at Quebec. Carlyle, his fits of intoxication. The bar at Gillespie!

Spagnioli at Santa Maria Novella. Kizuka in Mukamba's country. Anderson, with the admiration of the farmer who aspired high!

Huancavelica and Apurimac, with Cuzco on the E. The museum at Christiania. Hakonson with Skeggi of Uphaug in Yriar.

Pinckney in South Carolina Convention observed. Chichimecas and Toltec. The church at Stratford! Fortlage and Harms.

Jupiter and Juno under the forms of Janus and Diana. Pepys, with a noble impulse. Barscheit, when an officer comes along.

Sidonie's conduct, her mad extravagance. Reprinted in Mr Dyce's editions of Greene's Works. Hoek and Cyphergat. Pouget, his second spouse. Laing in Ceres Given in by ROBERT INGLIS.

Clarke, with a sailor and one lascar. Palma, with all his love of beauty in colour and form. Lyons and Langres, in the east. Raad, with shouts of derision.

William's phrase, its sovereign took his crown from the gutter. Gerard, with an air as if he asked an opinion of him. The statue at Nara. Pordenone, with his love for fresco.

Fulta with Desmond on the day after his interview with Major Killpatrick. Viscaya and Roderigo. The beautiful Ayashur, on her camel.

Blas, when he hired him. Albine in Serge's ear. Kilmeny on Sunbeam Creek. Wesley, her future husband.

Czipra, her face burning red. Lucy, when she first thought of her own state. Mekran and Scinde in return for his services against the Emperor of China! Walkingshaw and Gilliflower in the hands of a quack doctor.

Mamikov, her household doctor. Bougainville, her face covered with tears. Lanz, with a capacity of 918.

Nigel, his brimming glass in his hand. The rebels at Gorey. Clark, with your elk-hide notebook inside your shirt front. Pisistratus, with his altered prospects.

Berwick and Roxborough. Pancras at Lewes became famous for its sanctity through all England.

Ferrex with Porrex his brother began iointlie to rule ouer the Britaines. Holmsley and Burley, in the upper valleys of Avon water! Aurore at Bordeaux and again at Cauterets.

Erik, her fellow outcast. The two Padleys, at least. Strazeele and Pradelles. Blair and Robertson, in their tremendous. Barry, with a secret delight at the fiction.

Pellitus, his purposes to break. Churches in Mark Brandenberg! The lawn at Donaghmore! Lombard, in Latin verse! Bobus, with true insular breeding.

Walter, his 'English Constitution. Artois at Meudon and at Bagatelle. Kiowas and Arapahoes in council at Fort Dodge.

Castile and Leon, in presence of the notary Roderick de Escoveda. Gortschakoff and Titoff at the conference. Deputie and Consull in the parts of Alepo. Lanleff in Brittany having been aught else than a church of the Templars. Kellson, his heart pierced by Rachel's agony.

Ottendorf, with a view to hinder the retreat of the Austrians to Bohemia. Delevert, with a sad smile. Roxy, when they haven't any clothes on. Keith, on Anthropoid Apes.

Mansoul in His eyes. Cortona, his native town. Rutli, with a last despairing exertion. Corsica, with Memoirs of Pascal Paoli. Eglinton, his left being above the table.

Merionethshire and Caernarvonshire. Heatherly with Sir David Forster more than once for the shooting season. Catiline's conspiracy, his opposition to turbulent and ambitious partisans. The indefatigable Brock, with a reinforcement of 400 regulars. Cameron and Cargill, with the Society people.

Larkin, his Spandaus rattling. Irene, with her Destinies.

Osborne with Sir Arthur Bigge. Rickman's celebrity, his immortality. Coucy and Perrifonds. Arromanches and Bayeux. Joseph, in Lake Huron.

Audubon and Rafinesque. Flavia's beauty, her talents and her virtues. Yokohama, with a big catch of skins in our salt and a heavy pay-day coming. Tashi in Colonel Dermot's armoury.

Hoppett in Trinity gateway. James and Innocent. Pressley in Joe Daviess' place. Otranto in Italie by cloue-gilliflowers.

Martha's happiness, her relief. Prejevalsky and Szech.

The remise at Vienne. Che in Albracca il servia già di sua mano. Madre, when she grew older. Phellion, his two sons.

Clementina, with her eyes shining. The ships at Spithead. Jones, his embrace made Owen exclaim. Coleridge, with his philosophy. Fyne, when she arrived punctually. Thursley and Elstead on massive oak beams!

Roms in Ostgothischer Zeit! The quake at Carpentras. Wagner and Auerhahn. Nyttleton and Tayling! Robert, his arms dropping wearily beside him.

The wild Atlantic in its flow. The tests at Denver. Matilda, with a boy carved upon her stern-post. Billina and Toto in the center of the square.

Carvel, with a sweep of her arm. Valentia, with all the fondness of a native. Rooksby's behaviour, his veiled accusations. Horace, when he stood face to face with the black-eyed lady and her daughters. Heilberg and Braunsberg, with twelve towns and a hundred villages. Barry's eyes, her own wide and grave.

Dewey at Manila Bay shattered the Spanish fleet. Norfolk in Virginia to the Bio Grande in Texas. Goderich, when Durham went out. Navajoes in New Mexico.

Vergennes, his great enemy. Richard, his portrait of _Punch_. Caucasus, with an area about four times as large as England! Ingvar and Hubba on East Anglia.

Vanston, with great respect. Sarah, with a significant shrug of her prettily drooping shoulders. The peaceful Majorcans, on hearing this. Gurdon, with his detachment and Captain Baird.

Arauca, when Benavides went on his expedition. Stephen and Paul in the Kingdom. Harte, when the poet came on from California! Moubray, with the master by his side. Claude's face, his eyes sparkled.

The temple at Karnak. Macaulay, with such disadvantages. Mastix, his letter to a Friend_. Bharata, with the view of acquiring arms and learning weapons.

Gooseland in Novaya Zemlya on the 6th June. Chubb, with their sleeves rolled up and energetic welcome in their eyes! The fleet at Toulon.

Ellen's astonishment, her aunt called to her through the closed door to. Merrylack, with sentiments of such remarkable energy.

Jarboe and Harrison! Easton, when the time came for him to go on board again. Rhuddlan and Worcester. Helen, with an interested face.

Lascelles, with an odd laugh. Chaillu and Gulliver. Eden's lover, his hated rival.

Yassum, on Sadday night. Caucasus on January 11 and made steady gains over the Turks. Poitron and Poilpot. Sarka, her face fearful!

The settlement at Nootka. Irvings and Paulding. The rooms at Dare! Olivia's arm, her bracing words in Olivia's ear. Venier, his eyes growing hard and steely.

Singanfu, in Chinese and Syriac. Bretherton, her long phantom dress lying in white folds about her. Siegmund, his mortal son. Winona, her lips again tightening.

Lallie and Digby at Sunday-school. Amarna, his cult of flowers and his new-fangled art. Collett, with his assistant.

Barleria, with purple flowers. Archie's chatter, her mind far away. Ashe, her brown eyes alight with mischief. Kruger and Jorissen, on behalf of the Transvaal Government.

Ranmali and Danta in the Râjâvaliya. Geddington and Brigstock in Northamptonshire. William, his father's name-sake and pet. Baibars's tablkhana, his camel-mounted band. Geissler, his former chief.

Antoinette, her air of proud defiance turned to one of gentle sweetness. Bert, with drops of perspiration on his brow. Lacheneur, his son Jean. Raoul, his throat filled with sobs.

Margaret, when she fled into Scotland! Monthyon and Penchard on the horizon to Mareuil in the valley. The fierce Caribs, in the days of their power. Ruthven in Badenoch to Inverness. Scarlett, with her complaints and her petulance and her motherly kindness. Hougoumont, with its château and wall.

The caliph Omar, in reply. The action at Chokalwat. Tudor, with battlements and two towers. Helena, her dark eyes studying Doc Madison. Telramund and Ortrud, in the poor garb of plebeians.

Skippy, with Maude Adams in reserve. The young Euphrasia, at seven years of age. Cobborah, with butter and eggs! The factotum at White.

Walter in May 1478 when he writes to his mother recommending himself to her. Wendot, his cheek flushing. Christie and Janey in their recent wedding garments.

Rudy's calls, his body quivering all over. Schomberg's humiliation, his shocked fury. Morhange, his head held high. Knapp's arrest, his knees smote beneath him. Borgo and Senglea with a floating bridge.

Blumenbach, his classification of the races of men. Greenville with Tom Jennings! Armstrong, with all the ardour of an enthusiast for his science.

Westham and Pevensey. Shane's clothes, his carriage. Fontenelle and Vico in the eighteenth century. Newcastle in Oatlands Park at Weybridge that probably Fox copied it.

The first Goldie, in 1870. The worshipers at Capernaum. Pharo, with poignant recollection of a still unquiet grief. Lorraine's body, his eyes fixed nervously on the bend in the road.

Garsett and Lichfield. Hawke in Quiberon Bay. Augustus and Araminta in an old-fashioned three-volume novel.

Triffitt and Carver. Malcolm's men, his greybeards pondering in council. Iveagh at Druim Tairb. Perenna, with a laugh. The portcullis at Langley.

Bessie, her white neck below the level of the lamp-shade. Vortimer, her husband's son. Philip in Flanders and England! Landor, with wholly pardonable exaggeration. Leotychidas and Xanthippus.

The harbor at Syndey. Gurkhas and Pathans, with a few overworked English officers at their head. Campagna, with their black mops of tangled hair. Hilding, his foster father.

Clellan, with Rosecrans commanding the advance! Gladys, when they met at lunch. Perck and Hofstade. Whitney, near New Haven. Masbate with Colonel Sr!

The constabulary at Post. Venice, when he came to see us in Cambridge! Caractacus at Rome to our own. Dumbiedikes, his laced hat.

Stewart, with a company of cowboys. Africanus with Marcus Cato in character and habits.

Peloponnesians in Nisaea and the safety of Megara! Vabet and Vienne, in a recent number of _Comptes Rendus_. Almaach and Algol in Andromeda form a right-angled triangle! Stinche, with a heavy fine. Joshua, his part in the Club.

Nikko, with an altitude of two thousand feet higher than the sea. Vorsteher and Elders. Maida, his favorite old greyhound! Tartini and Locatelli at Amsterdam before 1740. Julia and Silvia, in the Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Voltaire and Rousseau in the minds of youth. Puyguilhem and Nyert in the chamber! Richards, with Major Gossett.

Schlegel, at Jena in 1798. Solange, with a sneer. Koloe and Aksum in Abyssinia.

Akasava and Isisi with equal discrimination. Stoutley, with a sigh and a placid look! Kurrachee and Sonmeani on the coast! Hanaw and Francfort in Germany.

Georgiana, her voice a trifle breathless. Edmunds and Conkling in the Senate.

The police at Central. The disaster at Poitiers. Chihuahua and Sonora in the north to Oaxaca and Chiapas in the south. Rorie, his lips close to the girl's pale cheek. The rampart at Meikleour.

Sherrard, her mother's friend. Frontenac, on Lake Ontario. Stuart's cheeks, his breathing became normal! Svein and Einar.

Whiston, with all her experience. Trenton and Princeton in December. Scatcherd, with slow step.

Ina and Charlotte in others. Abbetone at San Marcello. Magnus, his studies in alchymy. Pizarro and Valverde with his missal. Bain's return, his wife talked much.

The marriage at Cana. Tibur, at Tibur with Rome. Nelly, with a peck measure on her head for a hat. Dodd and Mead. Stockbridge and Lenox with their handsome estates and lovely views.

Huggins, when he heard the tale. Nannie, his _wee lammie_. Montgomery's sorrows, her curls tumbled about her hot cheeks.

Lydia, with a leap of conjecture concluded. Edmonstone and Douglas in 1865. Badgy, with very short feed for our horses.

Patricia, when at Merrivale private school with Dorothy and Nancy. Vazov and Velitchkov. The mighty Bhimasena, in return.

Greenbay, his course would be by the New York canal. Magra, his Britannic Majesty's consul. Ferguson at King's Mountain.

Jupiter, with an altar to Vesta. Cettinje and Rieka, on the Lake of Scutari! Paracelsus in Germany half a century before. Dave's father, his uncle.

Antioch, when he went to Palestine on the third Croisade. Shakespeare, with many of our modern poets. Cavite, his old companions-in-arms. Samuel at Lady Verinder's door!

Cagliostro in London in 1786! Antony and Brutus with Lepidus. Knickerbocker, with the enchanted ground of Sleepy Hollow on the one hand. Pritchard, when in a state of delirium. Turcomen, with regard to offence.

Faust and Scheffer, at Mentz. Quicquid in Aetnae matris utero coulescit. Virginian, his mate in such a tale of mischiefs. Ophir, with its thousand men on the pay-roll.

Wardle, with a smile. Bruce, his Centaur type commended. The weeks at Gailes.

Englishwoman, when from the ground floor of a pretty house. Girolame, his victory over the Moslems.

The congress at Rothenburg. Lorraine, her arms full of brook-lilies. Stephen, with a ghastly face. Pocomchis, in Vera Paz. Utpatel's mill, its old resting place. Hinton, when he went away that morning.

Lorilleux in Rue de la Goutte-d'Or. Christie and Jessie. Lawrence, her flushed cheeks vieing with the scarlet gauze which she wore. Collin, with an ironical glance at the two magistrates.

Balbus, his face aflame with fury. The battery at Acquia. Rokesmith, with a quick turn upon the messenger.

Parma and Placentia in Italy. Chatelet, with a smile. Pisa, with Columbus's second expedition.

Merton, when the boy returned. Pelusium, with his travelling companion Althea. Spondanus and Muratori.

Auckland and Castlereagh on the Irish question. Natasha, at Prince Andrew's request. Holstein at Schomberg House! Augustine, when consulted by Evodius. Regnar, with a single tap on the nose.

The house at Norton. Shakspere, with many another. The hospital at Jersey. The parylitic Couthon, with Collot D'Herbois. Picasso, with his cubes.

Helen, her little soul exquisitely sensitive to the mystic. Pearson's manner, her way of speaking. Joanna, with a smile! Vickers, with truculent curiosity. Cronje and Joubert.

Sykes, when ghastly and with bloodshot eyes he looked at it. Jacinta, with innocent vanity. William and Mary at Westminster. Lyon, with a look of asperity.

Capocci, his observations on periodic falls of aerolites! Jarvo and Akko at the same moment. Franz, his high Consort and sense of duty urging him. Arrived at Quebec at two and hurried to the Post Office. Lucina, with a stiff but courtly bow.

Corriveau, with a sneer. The western Slavs in general and the sons of Czech in particular.

Tervueren with Colonel von Giesselin. Amata, when the queen supplicates Turnus not to fight with the Trojans. Estenega, her eyes met his.

Ouse in Piccadilly 'bout four this morning. Khazib, with a faint salutation of his turban towards the newcomer. Christ, his arms being upheld by two bishops. Hepzibah, her hands convulsively clasped.

Zion, with their faces thitherward saying. Luca and Pedrito. Farnum, when he returned to the submarine. Baecula, with his entire army of countrymen and allies.

Flourishes, with their nimble Fingers. Lucy's brightness, her pretty shimmer of blue!

Gamwasama at Yatawala in extent 500 amunams paddy sowing. Dante and Petrarch, with ornamental borders and other panels. Nereus, with Doris and her daughter-nymphs Deep plung'd to seek their low. Goths, with Marcias as their leader! Chippendale, his being much lighter in construction and effect.

Edison, with regard to his newsboy days! Diana's dignity, her utter sweetness. Moses and Aaron, on this occasion.

Sowed and Reaped. Dorothy, with perfect languor. Maude and Bart, in a breath.

Allouez, at Chequamegon bay. Davus's advice, his tricks. Selius and Tetrilius. Barnstable, his native town.

Robichaux, on Bayou Terrebonne. The garrison at Buitenzorg. Udal's privilege, his condition being above that of serving man. Lemminkainen's return, his aged mother.

Robeccal, his eyes fairly starting from his head. The padres at San! Haman, in Lower Chaldæa.

The eloquent Lactantius, in the midst of his court. Louise, her struggles and triumphs. Perkenpine, her face as hard and immovable as the trunk of an oak.

Aure, his lineal representative! Suavia and Dalmatia with Osuin. Ida's surprise, her guide.

The company at Shut. Latino and Amo. Stevensburg on Sunday night!

Gianbattista, with a laugh. Damascus, with its mixed population of Moslems. The birthrate at Gallipoli. Cromwell's dragoons, her grandson might be neither schismatic nor anti-national. Cummin, his former associate.

Nationalokonomik in Deutschland_ appeared in Munich in 1874. Susie and Sammie, with Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy. Atkinson and Forde with a second sledge and tent. Hudson, his companion in calamity.

Founded on Note F to Bayle's account of Leo X. Palikare, his eyes fixed on him. Nollekens and His! Hargus, his bleared old eyes blinking and watering! Mahendra and Varuna in respect of every desirable attribute.

Leod, with a cart. Arrived at Tambak X.

Musaus and Orpheus at an early period! Sylphide, with a queer piteous look. Charnock, his _Marine Architecture_. Sylvie's head, her dogged obstinacy being well-known to him!

Danaos at Argos devised for his forty and eight maiden daughters. Bashti, with a fine fresh idea inside his head. Archie's relief, his father-in-law's symptoms showed no signs of development. Sutter and Dana on the division of 99 Saiaz. Jawleyford, with a toss of the head and a shrug of resignation.

The excellent Pepys, in his account of the great fire of London of 1666. The ancestral Wentworths with Old-Scripture names. Maurice and Richard, in the motor-car business.

Quinion, with his hands in his pockets. Arrived at Batang Onan in the afternoon. Kurwenal, his faithful squire. The elegant Fitzpiers, in fact.

Brundusium and Domitian at Beneventum! Uriah, with a fawning jerk. Anthony, with her face all aglow. Gwendolen and Grandcourt on the staircase. Antimachus, with his spear.

Randolph on Chandos street. Columbanus's migration, his fellow countryman. Radegonde, her right hand outstretched as if invoking a blessing on the city. Greg, his fists doubling. The trouble at Long!

The servants at Kennons. Menti in Egyptian texts. Authorised, when it reads 'every family. Cotahuasi, his Military Aide. Whigs in Congress introduced and passed.

Alexandria, when intelligence arrived there of the plunder of a Maltese vessel! Knifton, with their groom behind them.

Columbus, with the due legal formalities. Xenophon's writing, his love for the country. Nigel, with features set like ivory and eyes as hard as steel. Knaresbrough, with Harrogate and its medicinal Springs. The young Gilpins with Sam found their way down the hill.

Emily, with an awestruck shudder. Alexander, with his thumbs in his waistcoat. Recouvrance, with a woman at his side.

Patricia, her tiny but already remarkable twin daughters. Casson, with a tail of letters to his name. The parlour at Putnam.

The family at Bellevue! Sumter, with the exception of those troops enlisted for six months. Finlake in Garry's car. Lora, her eyes strained with excitement.

Morse, his own near approaching end. Denman, his wounded scalp easier.

Lissis and Ajax. The alleged Cruelties in executing the Prisoners of War and others_. Edgar and Melissa, on whom he doated.

The adventure at Heorot! Rodrigo and Chim. The ingenious Peignot, in the first volume of his 'Dictionnaire Bibliologie. Maximilian, his next brother.

Morellet, her right-hand man in the entertainment of the guests. Antony's relaxation, his passion! Sophocles and Euripides, in the choruses and monologues. Tilda, with Captain F. Feydeau, his own theatre.

Pecos, in New Mexico. Vaudreuil, with an escort. Peutinger, his patron at Augsburg! Daoud's chest, his eyes caught by the light!

Valenciennes and Mayence, in 1793. Tiffles and Patching. Joseph, with a testimonial of efficiency from Sir Nicholas Winkworth.

Melmotte, when at Caversham. Tudela, his native city. Lancelot, with a wary eye. Consulters with Devils and Familiar Spirits.

Seale at White Hall. Agnes's garments, her hair grows thicker and clothes her in a miraculous garment! Blackstone's style, his remarkable power of explaining abstruse subjects. Helen and Alice, with their arms interlaced!

Winstead, her face all alight with happiness. Raoul's return, his own disaster became once more the subject of his anxiety! Rebecca on Emma Jane. Leoni, with a mocking smile.

Prakriti with Chit's reflection. Ismaelof and Betsharoff. The monastery at Shene. Hannah's face, her resentment gave way to apprehension! Wallmoden, with her cold and haughty manner!

The clock at San. Lorraine, under Godfrey of Bouillon. Hester and Rachel in the garden for social intercourse. Sobieski, with an ugly grimace. The marriage at Paris.

Cutty, his nimble mind pouncing upon a happy invention. Jove with Night's pernicious shades[17] o'erhung The bloody field. Wynne, his eldest son. Heiney, his face lightin' up. Belem, on Saturday the 8th of July 1497.

Elizabeth's answer, her feelings forcing a release in speech. Cruz in Tenerife in 1721. Hume, his eyes flashing like bright steel.

Richard, when at the villa. Suarez, his dark eyes sparkling even yet with the recollection of it. Frauenkirche at Cracow the high-altar. The lord Asita, at this sight. Tiberius, his true period being uncertain! The celebrated Cullen, with his accustomed accuracy observes.

Vanna, her long form like a ripple of moonlight in the dusk. Sidney's character, his romantic history. The bank at San. Researches on Fossil Fishes. Mardan, with General Sir Bindon Blood!

The emperor Valens, in particular. Odysseus and Aias in sadness left the hut. Bisset, when one returned from visiting the metropolis! Eustaquia, with her small brilliant eyes.

Trombin, his manner suddenly becoming extremely affable. Walluff, with few inhabitants! Albert at Easter time. Aquarius, his ensign a man. Ulfnau, her residence on the Aar.

Zoeth and Shadrach in chorus. Guercino, with wings and harps and haloes! Blair, his whole frame convulsed with emotion.

Swabia under General Banner. Vaal at Lindiquies Drift. Afranius and Petreius in Iberia. Wayne's men, their muskets gleaming in the sunlight. Strathfieldsaye with Duke of Wellington.

Asshur with Eber and Aram. Ferdinand and Isabella, under the very eyes of Torquemada and the Inquisition. Folsom, his knotty hands deep in the pockets of his loose-fitting trousers. Margaret, with a kind of triumphant imputation of blame.

The excellent Sigismond, in his narrow. Pessimismus in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart_. Plato and Aristotle in the ocean.

The fight at Troy. Seleucia and Babylon in its neighborhood. The brave Tecumseh, at the head of the Indians.

Picton and Delancy. Cheshire, with a savage delight! Hancock, his drawing of Lamb Handwriting! The schism at Rome! Arnold and Blanche on their return journey to England. The same Marchionne, in the year when Innocent III died.

Westergaard, with Weber's notes. Ithuel's importance, his late timely succor. Visigoths on Athavulf his kinsman. Gladwin, with mock humility. Parflete and Castrillon.

Burrill, with brief courtesy. Shawanoes and Hurons on the outside! Darwin's house, his bedroom.

James, his praise of Grotius when a boy. Halacha and Haggada. Macdonough and Macomb at Plattsburg. Germanized under German rule. Lima and Callao on the north!

The dwellers at Dearborn. Illustrated with Seven Hundred and Sixty Characteristic Engravings on Wood. Centreville, near Bull Run.

Pym and Hampden with our public life now. Chitra in Rabindranath Tagore's play. Hughey, his house threatened by Orangemen. The widow Bevis, in particular!

Sara, her eyes growing shocked and large in her small white face. Confucius and Jesus in negative and positive forms of the. Montresor and Fontrailles at length arrived and found him beating his breast. Vassily and Grigory, in their swallow-tails and white knitted gloves. Nieuport, when the Germans assailed the British at Ypres.

Nicholas, with the same uncertainty. Juan, in Las Estrellas! Wollaston, with a gang of indented white servants.

The young Kentuckian at once. Carietta, her small face distorted with a leer of the most horrid satisfaction. Bram, with his eight beetle steeds.

Todgers, when they retired to rest on the last night of their stay. Rochambeau and Lafayette in America—if God so wotted. Cleophas, with her eyes rivetted on the countenance of her dying Son. The starry Galileo with his woes.

Amerricane, with a sigh. Annixter's arm, her eyes meeting his. Kowrarega and Gudang. Ahmed, his mind busy with a thousand things.

Hengist and Horsa in so nearly the same words as the _Historia Ecclesiastica_. Bedell's life, his personal hatreds. Souart and Vignal, with Closse and Maisonneuve. Middletown and Custer on Cedar Creek. Dunkirk and Boulogne on the other. The observatory at Avu.

Carnac in Brittany and Merivale on Dartmoor. Dined at Charrodale on venison taken in the mountains. The second Asgard, with another name. Algy's estrangement, his cold looks and harsh words.

Duryodhana, with various means. Tasso on Venetian waters. Andrews, with twenty-four horses and two little dogs. Frere, with Sylvia in his arms.

The reserve at Anzaldo! Tippoo, with some strong French detachments. Phenicians, with their no less famous cities of _Sidon_ and _Tyre_. Donatello, with a shudder.

Marcia, her eyes intently on his face. Sioux and Chippeways in friendly converse. Denis, at Fountaine Beleau cheek by jowl with Henri IV. Greenville, his business being brought to a pleasant termination.

Manet's method, his invention. Monmouth in June 1778 resulted in his court martial. Bruce's barns, his heart heavy within him.

Pisang and Kroi, in 1715. The big Newfoundland at once made a snap at the gray cat. The ancestral Wentworths, with old Scripture names!

Grisha, his youngest boy. The doughty Douglas on a stede. The palace at Rome.

Lamotte's questions, his entreaties. Su, when she heard the horse neigh. Nealie, her anxieties being too heavy for sugar to alleviate. Cappucini in Rome until after he returned to his native city.

Falkirk, with a positively alarmed air. Savary and Rapp, with the soldiers who surrounded Staps. Languedoc and Gascony, with the important cities of Montauban. Polixenes and Camillo. Lepidus and Antony in Augustus. Brantford, on July 2nd.

Tayoga and Robert in the bushes. Noires and Bleues, with the refined Carte Blanche and the delicate Crêmant!

Nevil in Holdesbury to manage that property. Chaucer, with his genius and his manifold qualities. Lisbeth, at Adeline's request.

Chemnitz in Saxony for Westphalia. Jones, his San Antonio merchants where he bought his supplies and sold his wool. The herb Pantagruelion, in September. Courtenay, his bent brows emphasizing the question.

Dunbarton, with artless enthusiasm. Castille and Aragon under Ferdinand and Isabella!

The fairy Zorphee, in order to withdraw her god-daughter from this alliance. Almayer, his face flushed! Bromberg, her hazel eyes very bright! Roy, when old Al Auchincloss finds out about this deal.

Smurov, with the captain’s hat in his hand. Verrian, with his hands still on his shins. Isaac and Ishmael, in the cave of Machpelah. Renspid's hut, his Irish nurse.

Sakjegozu and Sinjerli, on the Carchemish citadel. Khungri and Bhingri in the Chaubisiyas. Rebecca, with a twinkling eye. Terpy, with a cry. Lahore and Peshawur in the north-west.

Fai, with delicate encouragement. Analogies with Calvinism Bibliotheca Sacra_. Hannah's remarks, her whole attention riveted on watching the passers-by. Kingsburgh, with a servant carrying some linen. Perces, on Salmon River!

The bungalow at Serur. Patsey, with a sudden look of dark importance. Christ in His Being and Becoming 17.

The almshouses at Audley. Rada, with no further training. Macrae, her confidential maid of five-and-twenty years' standing. Lubeck and Dantzic, with their allies! Jomini, his able critic.

Yeobright, his voice growing louder and harsher. Hamoaze, with its burden of shapely hulls. Tscherkask in Southern Russia.

Margared and Rozenn. Tien, with smooth concurrence. Mira, when the latter spread her sails again.

Originating at Maintz with the three famous printers. Ethelberta and Picotee, with their brother Joey. Madge, her lips closed in the firm line which never meant retreat. Olivier's bell, her breast throbbed with impatience.

The bit at Chateaubriand. Gregson, his ejected farmer! Brighton, on December 28th. Allen in Monticello and some grandchildren. Hobbes and Locke, with the beginnings of empirical psychology. Minna, with a vicious voice.

Steve, with some hesitation. Vasilovich, his eyes gleaming with fury. Chocuyem and Olamentke. Dayne at Keith's Theater. Woller, with Martina Hiltner beside them. Hendricks and Crawford, with that gallant little fellow Lionel.

Ella, with a gleeful laugh. Beecher's absence, his trustees tried to allay excitement and. Herbesthal and Cologne! The garden at Minden. Blent, his little eyes snapping.

Wilhelmina with Her Little Daughter Juliana. Sebastian, his work much esteemed. Maulmain and Bassein, in Burma.

Hal, with his tremendous contempt for all forms of weakness! Janina's stubbornness, her wilful character. Aegeon, his son denied all knowledge of him! Gesling, with maidens and men.

Mary and Martha at Bethany. Stella, with Barker and Brookes and other workers. Rrisa, with trembling mouth.

Louis, with the same 'sang froid'. The hands at Hope. Rasselas and Imlac, in a high-pitched. Wartburg, his colleagues Carlstadt and Melanchthon.

Saurin, when he made this discovery. The curate Poupard, in his History of Sancerre! Lancelot's kinsmen, his nephew! Harriet, her brow wrinkling in perplexity.

Pfeiffer, with unresting energy. Roblado and Gomez at their head. The conversation at Belleair!

Simpson and Deane in 1838-9. Dolores, with a white gag across the mouth. Chemille, his force increasing at every moment.

Romayne, with quiet earnestness. Aquila and Priscilla, in the tent of Abraham. Introductio in Actum Quartum! Darwood, his face stern and determined.

Terry, with Frye's letter in his pocket. Texel on Christmas day of 1646. Belvidera's tears, her cries and sorrows. Murger, with Francine and Musette and Rodolphe. The works at Meissen.

Polyzoon, with Bird's-head processes. Kedesh and Laish, near the cavern. Isonzo, with little opposition. Guelderland and Overyssel with his troupe. Onondagas and Cayugas, with many members of the other nations.

Nettie and Allan in a breath. Monkhouse, with Tupia and King Cookee. Nina's knees, her head against her dress. Dowell's home, his Log Cabin. Ieyasu's decease, his sixth son.

The two Gabriellis, in Venice. Emile and Vere in that relation. Rossini, his 'Otello' Roscoe.

The treaty at Indian. The doughty Douglas on a steed he rode all his men beforn. Slayforth, with his glasses on the end of his nose. Dildine, his duty by the girl. Mephistopheles, with his golden gimlet.

Racine and Corneille, in the tenderness. The ladies at Thors. The post at Baye. Haig and Marion, in their impatience.

The mob at Alton! Monmouth and Argyle on an altar. Watson and Pococke on the Indian seas. The glad Quintus, at that time Guichard and little thinking of such an alias. Mont, his sharp voice cutting through the sounds of the army resuming its march.

Adair and Murray on their shoulders. Molyneux, his mouth full of dust and philosophy. Rogero, when too bold of sprite He backed the hippogryph and soared in air. Inez, her lip trembling at Tabitha's tone. Peasent at Inchbonny who first discovered the beautiful comet 1811.

Duhshasana and Shakuni, in special. Elsmere, with a bright. Forsen, with some of his cavalry! Colton, her father's old friend. Niven and Shearman, at Dunquah and the Adjumaco district.

Bassett, his virtues and his wrongs. Gregory, with Shewell and Dawson. Godin, with the canoe and crew from Andoas. Haddon, with Jillson and Dusenbury!

Nicanor, his voice reflective. Ariadne's voice, her walk. Gustave, with a fervour which sounded somewhat theatrical and hollow. Sequim and Dungeness. Ulfo and Brigida, in the Madrid Gallery.

Louisbourg on September 25th. The great Fairfax, with ample wealth of his own! Myra, with a cowardly shrinking from confession! Urwashi, when abandoned by Pururawas. Sakra, his queen like the divine Saki.

Arive in St Catharines this Eving. Francis, her toothpick suspended. Sorbonne in Paris drew one up for their own use.

Binks, with the new-fashioned finery which she swopt her character for. Bahman and Perviz on his right hand. Ashburn, his calculations did not turn out well. Hohenfels, with a rapid movement of retreat. David and Donald on their backs. The richest Jewess in Reading.

Esther and Ada in some great schemes for doing good by wholesale. Llandaff, on October 14th! The wandring Moone in earths triplicitie.

Brunswick's blood, their chief. Nile near Bubastis to the Bitter Lakes. Worthington at Cliff Crest.

Salem and Newburyport on the way. Riderhood, with a hoarse laugh. Universitaires, with its vaults and capitals. Genevieve, her cheeks aflame. Dumas with Scott saying that _on relit Walter Scott_!

Euphorion and Timarchus, in the time of Ptolemy Euergetes. The great Alexander, in founding Alexandria. The authorities at Middle. Kittanning, in Hand's expedition.

Jesus, his profound consciousness of God. Megarians in Euboea heard an indistinct rumour of this. Suzanne, when she joined the old lady.

Barrett at Lewis a clock! Crollius and Goclenius in a book of late hath defended. Myra's temples, her heart leaped. Nagaoka and Yoshimine. Didaco, with fayned hart as followeth. Seneca and Burrhus in order to take counsel with them.

Rayne's house, his wife keeping easily beside us. Dinsmore and Overstreet in the rear. Henrietta's hair, her clothes. Kelham and Sybil on the sand-bank.

Marco, when he came up to take his light. Reid in London expressing gratitude for the aid given by the American Red Cross. Cronin, with a sudden piteous look! Ballarat and Bendigo with a hot-air balloon. Sam, his manner changing suddenly to an alarming sternness! Ali, with the government of the country between the second and third cataracts.

Queed, with great but deceptive mildness. Bekwai, with seven hundred and fifty men. Ernesti, with some learned notes of the editor.

Billie, when did this happen. European with Indian myths. Senecio, his constant companion at the court.

Bissell, when Larkin made no attempt to continue the argument. Reichstadt in Bohemia on July 8. Fernandez, his father's and mother's name.

Varius and Gracchus on the theme with his words _cum. Virginie and Augustine, in the same day. The two Churches at Amoy.

The illness at Preston. Exum and Jarvis in front of Cornwallis. Clotilda's father, her mother.

Michele on Mount Gargano[31] perhaps received him at this time. Ogilvy, with all the disrespect of cordial appreciation. Vivian, with a frightened air. Hamel on July 1st.

Kathleen, with Scott and Duane on either side of her! The bay at Blixton. Apennine in Central Italy.

Athos and Ida, with a dashing sea Of eloquence between. Rousseau, when speaking of the operas of that period. Iroquois and Algonkins at the Two Mountains on the Ottawa. Montforts and Dominics in the full light of the nineteenth century. Christ with His gifts. Creighton, with his habitual care to miss nothing.

Justis, on John Chedworth. Bisayas, his same Excellency! Fogo, his successor in that office.

Cappadocians under Gordius and the Armenians. Clellan, at Harrison's Landing. The novelist Duclos, with his keen power of penetrating human character. Reprinted in Archives curieuses.

Cochrane and Lockyer in the Naval Chronicle. Edith, when with fluent pen. Schoeffer at Mentz in 1462.

Darfour and Sennaar in Nubia. The happy Callaroga, under guard Of the great shield.

Ibrahim and Jowdie, in company to obtain some fire. Alden's face, her eyes dilated with wonder. Nimes on January the 6th! Elkton, with its van advanced to Gray's Hill. Capitola, her gray eyes glittering with mischief.

The victory at Oudenarde. Cummins, with Sally's love. Davis, his chief pilot.

Bisset, in Sir John Sinclair's _Statistical Account of Scotland_ v. Ish, his eyes on the little girl. Tacuba, his most confidential counsellor.

Rachel in Caballo's house! Gataker on Lots and on the Christian Watch[817]. Williams, with Zora's wistful willfulness. The settlement at Pembina.

Trentino and Istria, with the cities of Trent. Vooymox and Rokelbatzin. Crocensi and Vallensi in the streets of Rome. Elisabeth, with a little smile.

Constantina, with her three innocent daughters. Mombasa and Zanzibar, on the African coast! Gower's conduct, his professional character. David, with a look at his father and mother which neither of them saw. The hotel at Luray.

Laura with Nettie clinging to her skirts. Merobaudes in Niebuhr's edit. Arminaes and Escorchers in the daies of our forefathers. Stevens, with his platoon of the Ninth. Westonley and Mary at once left the room.

Bowerie, with Sandy Hill at the upper end! Contrecoeur at Great Meadows! Selden, his Mare clausum.

Walther, when questioned concerning his teachers and method! Clernand, his own second-in-command. Julie and Antonin, in a great scene of conjugal recrimination. Giles, his eyes suffused and terrible.

Babet and Jacques, in despair at having been unable to die with them.