Roy's Postcards: 1969/10/04


Mom & Dad,
I decided to drop you a line before going to bed. We are having a great time. We attended 2 sessions today in the Tabernacle & the evening Priesthood Session in the Joseph Fielding Smith Field House here at the BYU in Provo. We have received wise & meaningful counsel from these men who truly are inspired of God for we have felt the presence of the Lord's spirit at the Sessions. We are returning home tomorrow.

Postcard back:

Within the walls of the world-famous Temple Square, in the heart of Salt Lake City, stands the spired "Mormon" Temple which required forty years of pioneer labor to build, and the domed Tabernacle, seating capacity 8,000 and housing the world-renowned Tabernacle organ. Temple Square is open to the public daily and free guided tours are provided.

Leonard's comments:

One of the oldest cards in this collection, almost certainly written shortly after my dad converted to Mormonism. The tone is less formal and more openly religious than the postcard I have that he sent to his parents from his mission.

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