Roy's Postcards: 1977/08/04


Dear Roy,
We're having a really great trip. The sights are beautiful and I only wish there were more time to see it all in. They've been feeding us really well on the ship and I find it hard to resist all the pastry and ice cream everywhere. But to compensate I have been running 2 miles a day on deck. Tonight at 5 o'clock we sail from Copenhagen to Stockholm then on to Helsinki and Leningrad.

I'm planning on coming to LA in latter part of Aug. We return Aug 16.

Leonard's comments:

No idea who Roger is, maybe a mission buddy, but this is such a cool postcard and there's no revealing personal information in it (apart from an address for my dad which I don't remember seeing before), so I'm leaving it in.

This sounds like a cruise ship... but a cruise ship with a stop in the late-70s Soviet Union? Pretty wild.

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