Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Armstrong: Stand by. Okay.

Collins: I have a TPI TIG when you guys want to compare them.

Aldrin: [Garble.]

Collins: Are we at a good enough attitude? The one you want, Neil, is way over here in - R-13.

Aldrin: Houston, Buzz here.

Armstrong: We're sorry you missed that game.

Collins: Roger. BMAG Mode, three, to Att 1/Rate 2. Vega and Deneb, 071, 291, 341. Okay.

Armstrong: Okay.

McCandless: Oh, very good. (Long Pause) Neil, this is Houston. Leave them on there for another second, please. [Long pause.]

Collins: Roger. Got B mode...

Aldrin: I'm running a little bit on the warm side.

Armstrong: Post - we might - after post - after PDI if you can put it somewhere where you can get at it, going away from the Moon.

McCandless: Roger, 11. Readback. On the TM here, we noticed some fluctuations that may have been attributed to your moving the sensors around or pushing on them, but the erratic problem seems to be persisting.

Armstrong: Yes, here we go - [garble] doesn't look bad.

Duke: Roger. (Long Pause) We got a good Biomed on you, Buzz. [Long pause.] Over.

Collins: Okay.

Collins: Eagle, Columbia. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger, Mike. Looks like we're going to have to reinitialate [sic] - reinitialize this PTC.

Armstrong: ...VGY minus 0.0, VGZ minus 0.1, Delta-VC minus 5.2, fuel 362, Ox 364, unbalance plus 50, and our postburn Noun 94's, 66.1 by 54.4.

Aldrin: You in the right attitude, Mike?

Armstrong: Thank you.

Aldrin: We only missed by a couple of tenths of a mile.

Aldrin: [Garble].

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. [Pause.] Eagle, Houston.

Armstrong: You got two more.

Collins: I'm steady on 0.70 now.

Armstrong: That's a Go. Where have you hid the shaving cream, Mike?

Collins: Okay.

McCandless: Roger. (Long Pause) The color really enhances our ability to discern features and craters over what we see in real time on our black and white monitor.

Aldrin: Beautiful burn. Understand.

Collins: I say I got five good marks.

Armstrong: Okay. Well, I suppose the best one would be the center window, don't you think?

Aldrin: ...Diverter Valve to Egress.

McCandless: Well, what's new is I think we have some more coordinates for you on the LM location. Loud and clear.

Collins: Alright.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: Verified.

Armstrong: All windows are clear. PGNS radar circuit breaker's open. We have the CSM hatch out, the drogue and probe removed and stowed, and we're just about ready to open the LM hatch now.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston. If you will stand by a minute or so until we roll a little further in PTC, I think things will get better.

Aldrin: Okay. Haven't the foggiest.

Duke: That's affirmative.

Aldrin: 20, 19...

Armstrong: Okay, that's okay.

Aldrin: Man Att, three, to Rate Command.

Collins: Here we go. [Garble.]

Armstrong: Here we go.

Aldrin: Through in the tunnel, Mike?

Collins: Go ahead.

Aldrin: Hey, Mike.

Evans: Eagle, Houston. Over. On the water problem there, we can't add anything more to it, except the fact that it looks like the water accumulators are up to speed, to us down here. Recommend antenna Bravo. We'll send the On command from down here, see if it works.

Aldrin: Let's burn. And I was [garble].

Aldrin: Alright, Translation Controller, Neutral. I'll - throw the switches down there. Okay.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. We copy. Now we can see the helmet stowage bag...

Collins: Are you ready to copy?

Duke: Hey, that's a good view of Mr. Collins down there. (Long Pause) Over. Over.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. Stand by.

Collins: ...in the sextant.

Armstrong: We were looking for the Cat's Paw, too, thinking we were probably downrange, beyond the Big V. But I think that it's likely that that might have been West Crater that we went across in landing, but - Stand by. I don't want to go into the Sun if I can avoid it.

McCandless: Roger. However, if you go to turn any thrusters on, the CMC would then try to bring you into an attitude-hold position rather than continuing with the PTC. Over. If you feel that the amount of time between the Auto maneuver and the time you get ready to mark is excessive, or that you don't like that Auto maneuver attitude when you get ready to mark, of course, you can use a Verb 94 - Verb 94 to get you back to the flashing 51 position to redo the Auto maneuvers. (No answer)

Aldrin: Okay.

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11.

Armstrong: Yes, I think I've got one.

Duke: Columbia, Houston. Over. [Long pause.] We had some strange noises coming down on the downlink, and it sounded like you had some friends up there.

Armstrong: Go ahead.

Armstrong: Well, aside from the real big one that we went over, I guess there were none in our area.

Aldrin: Negative.

Collins: I think I can get it now -... Could be, Charlie. Can't read those residuals, they dance all over the place.

Armstrong: How's the monitor, working okay for you?

Garriott: That's right, Mike, and we believe you have your quad Bravo and quad Charlie turned off in your DAP at this time, and a 5-degree deadband. The thing that we're still puzzling on is the antenna, and if - as long as there will be somebody up - why, we would like to have somebody check the automatic Reacq on the next AOS. Over.

Collins: Howdy, Jay. I enjoyed every one of those meetings. ] Houston, do you have any preferences as to what you want us to do with the probe? Checklist says - You're going to go blind doing this - [garble] 06 71 - confirm 7000; 06 89 confirm [garble] 320 7000 [garble]...

Collins: Okay.

Collins: Roll zero, pitch 320, yaw zero?

McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. Over. That's correct.

Armstrong: Okay. The what hinge?

Aldrin: Let's do that. (Long Pause)

Collins: 0.15, now, Neil says, Charlie. Optics Zero...

Duke: Roger. [Long pause.] Over.

Aldrin: Neil's got his antenna up now.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston.

Collins: Yes, go ahead.

Garriott: Howdy there, Mike. Can you give us a report on how the antenna behaved? Over.

Aldrin: Roger.

Evans: 11, Houston. You were cut out there.

Aldrin: Let's burn.

Lovell: It's a lot bigger than our last vehicle. 11, Houston.

Collins: Are you [garble] forward now? [Pause.]

Armstrong: One Charlie. (Pause) (onboard) Okay, 2000 at 50.

Lovell: (Laughing. Are you getting hot water?

Collins: Want the 80, right? You going to wear this for... [Long pause.] Thank you, just put it here.

Aldrin: Well, let's - I'm turned around, why I took the shade off my side first.

Network: Goldstone M&O, Houston CapCom. Over. Did you copy the spacecraft request?

Comm: CapCom, Goldstone. Tananarive, Houston Comm Tech Net 1.

Network: Go ahead. That's both the numbers on the DSKY itself, and the little words like Program and Verb, Noun, Computer Activity, things of this sort?

Comm: Stand by.

Network: Go. Do you see - Over in the left hand corner, there's a big square one that says Computer Activity, Comp Activity?

McCandless: Roger, 11. Over.

McCandless: You're not getting any reflections or anything like that that would obscure your vision, are you? Over.

Collins: Mark it.

Armstrong: And I saw that, too. I got to vacuum up some water and dump the waste water tank, and we're about set.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

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