Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Collins: Columbia.

Armstrong: And now we're looking at what we call Boot Hill; occurs 20 seconds into the descent. That's it. Go ahead.

Collins: Okay. [No answer.]

Armstrong: You do have the O2 flow transducer checkout setup accomplished.

Nixon: The rain...

Aldrin: Main Bus Tie A coming On.

Armstrong: Let me get my back to you first. Be sure that your RCS is working anyway.

Collins: How would you...

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: Let's see, what's tearing me up is we're going to orb-rate on this damn booster, and the rate is very evident. Suit and cabin pressures both look - I guess we should be cool.

Armstrong: Staging, and ignition. Well - Buzz, the 70-millimeter container's only got one black and white and one color in it - Isn't it supposed to...

Collins: Thank you.

Armstrong: Sinuous Rille is the one that was referred to in Apollo 10 as Sidewinder.

Aldrin: Shouldn't be a bad picture. We're really going to be crying.

Armstrong: Yes.

McCandless: Houston. The Soviet News Agency TASS reported that, quote, scientific research in near-Moon space was carried out, unquote. We observe your maneuvering, and we'll have some uplinks for you in a couple of minutes here.

Collins: All very quiet.

Aldrin: 5 1/2 down, 9 forward.

Collins: Isn't that a huge one? Understand. Shaving cream?

Evans: Columbia, Houston.

Armstrong: One of those two bright spots is bound to be Mike. (Pause) Okay, we'll look at Service Module RCS - and SCS...

Aldrin: Okay; how do you read now?

Collins: Okay, 4-A is 3.8.

Evans: You bet you there, Mike. (Pause)

Aldrin: Houston, Eagle. I'm going to have to take a leak here.

Armstrong: Rog.

Armstrong: Docking Probe, Extend/Release, to Off, I did that.

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: Okay; how about I put the LR-cubed right about here?

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. [Pause.] 2.05 on the roll cal. We got a TEI-11 PAD for you and an update on the water dump. It's really a super picture. Over. Next step, secondary coolant loop pump, AC-1 or AC-2. SEP PAD, RCS/G&N: Noun 47 and Noun 48 are NA; Noun 33, 100:39:50.00; Noun 81 is NA. You can go ahead with your RCS pressurization, but we would like to hold off on the RCS check-out until we get the high bit rate. Over.

Duke: Roger. Over. If you look at the plot, which we'll save for you and let you see it postflight, it's got - it started off immediately on the first rev and just spiraled out to about, oh, 20 to - 20 degrees in pitch, and then it seemed to be setting up a spiral around an offset pitch point of about 20 degrees off from 90 degrees; but we didn't want to take a chance that it would become stable at that point. The system really looks good to us.

Aldrin: No, all you're really doing is seeing that you've got the right stars, it seems to me. When' s AOS?

Collins: Okay. [Long pause.] That's fine.

Collins: Atta-boy! Say, the old White Team's really got a busy one tonight, huh?

Aldrin: Go ahead, Mike. ] [Long pause.

Duke: Buzz, the view in through your - by your right - left shoulder there is so good we can see the ascent engine cover, the Velcro on it, and that's about all we can make out right now. The new coordinates are 13 degrees, 19 minutes North; 169, 10 minutes West. Over.

Armstrong: Sure shook them up.

Collins: Okay.

Collins: [Garble]. Okay.

Collins: It's really comfortable.

Armstrong: No! Radio check on S-band.

Duke: Eagle, Houston. [Long pause.]

Duke: Rog. Over. Over.

Collins: Yes, I noticed that. Can you confirm that Off? [Garble.]

Aldrin: A valves only.

McCandless: Roger. The one about the roof?

Aldrin: Sure enough.

McCandless: Roger. Stand by. Over. He said he feels fine and will play in the All Star game August 1 if Coach Weeb Ewbank lets him. I'll try to give you a little closer update as we approach it. And I have your Midcourse Correction number 2 PAD when you're ready to copy.

Collins: CMC verified. Thank you.

Armstrong: See you later.

McCandless: Roger. Over. Out.

Collins: That was a funny one, you know.

Duke: Stand by. Have you initialized the AGS yet? Noun 81: 32 - correction, plus 3201.1, plus 0681.8, minus 0265.0; 181, 054, 014. Over. [Long pause.]

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Got the cap?

Collins: Okay. Reading you loud and clear. (Long Pause) (Long Pause) VHF.

Aldrin: We can see it if we look through that thing you have. Huh? Abort/Abort Stage, Reset. [Garble].

McCandless: Roger. Will you give us a hack when you start your (Omega) chronometer. (Long Pause) Tranquility Base, this is Houston. Over.

Collins: (Laughter) Mark it...

PAO: 36,000 feet per second [10,970 m/s]. In the final abort checks between several key members of the crew here in the control center and the astronauts, Launch Operations Manager Paul Donnelly wished the crew, on the launch teams' behalf, "Good luck and Godspeed. We show a weight of 26,510 pounds [12,025 kg]; about 10,000 pounds [4,500 km] less than what we had - actually about 1,100 or 11,000 pounds - let's correct that - about 10,100 pounds [4,580 kg] less than what we had prior to the Trans-Earth Injection burn. The problem turned out to be very minor; a simple adjustment of some equipment beneath the pad remedied the problem. Two minutes, 30 seconds and counting; we're still Go on Apollo 11 at this time. We'll continue to stand by here live. The viewing room is filling up. This is Apollo Control, Houston. 30 seconds.

Aldrin: Okay, Mike. Go ahead. A valves only.

Armstrong: Go ahead.

Armstrong: Okay. [Laughter.] (Pause) (You'll) have to lean this way.

Aldrin: [Garble] antenna and, pitch. There's no problem. Pock-marked, and it looks like somebody's painted white paint vertically down the edges and then it's been eaten away.

Armstrong: No, I haven't done that, but I will.

Aldrin: Yaw 2, Off.

Evans: Columbia, Houston. ] As a matter of fact, the company had to go back to the old-fashioned kind. We had about twenty-some points before you did that. Roger.

Collins: He's shaving.

Armstrong: T4, 106:38:07. We can get rid of that stuff...

Collins: Go ahead, Houston.

Armstrong: Roger. Yes, I believe it.

Collins: Here is the Earth. And after you get it all set up, check that f-stop again because it slides and slips off with very little twist. That's the contingency.

Aldrin: Rog.

McCandless: Okay. We show you coming up on the terminator at 78:53, about 7 minutes from now, and we've also got the LOI-2 and TEI-5 PADs ready for you after the TV, whenever you want to terminate. Over.

Aldrin: Okay.

Evans: Tranquility Base, Houston. You're Go at 3 minutes. Say again about your Noun 49.

Evans: Eagle, Houston.

Aldrin: Watch the tank pressure and the engine light. LMP 6.5.

McCandless: Now we can see you (actually Neil)... One minute to LOS Tananarive. Roger.

Collins: Mark. Correction [garble] .4 and 14.6. Probably get the Sun in your window on that burn.

Collins: Well, we should have Tananarive. That's the best kind, Bruce.

Duke: Roger. Over. Yes, sir.

Duke: Roger. Over.

Aldrin: Looks hotter than hell to me. Aft Omni. Balance couple, On.

Armstrong: Manual attitude control is good.

Collins: Huh?

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: Okay.

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: Eagle. I've got that: AC bus A for DOI and both buses NO-GO for PDI on.

Armstrong: That's Manual - Just noticed that the mast that the EVA light is on is charred brown. Yes, please.

Collins: Need a little bit more.

Armstrong: Normal. Okay.

Aldrin: Houston, Apollo 11. ] [Long pause.

Comm: Tananarive, Houston Comm Tech Net 1.

Comm: Houston Comm Tech, Madrid. 100 percent keying.

Aldrin: ...(garbled under Mike) flags showing red right now. Understand. Over.

Collins: Roll zero, pitch 320, yaw zero?

Evans: Roger. Just about, though.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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