Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Air Boss: And Hornet, this is Air Boss.

Photo 1: This is Photo 1.

Air boss: Air Boss. Stand - Stand by, Hornet.

Photo 1: This is Photo 1. [Garble].

Hornet: Roger.

Hornet: Hornet, Roger.

Swim: Swim 1 has [garble] contact, bearing 150, holding [garble] 190.

Swim: Swim 1 has [garble] contact, bearing 150, holding [garble] 190. [Garble]. This is Swim One, Apollo 11.

Armstrong: What?

Duke: Roger. Stand by one, Buzz. Over.

Aldrin: You want to end up with that window - opposite his right window so you don't want to roll right.

Duke: That's affirmative. And with that situation, the DAP - the vehicle will roll - will maneuver, rather, at a rate that is loaded in, which was three-tenths plus four-tenths rate, and it will limit at four-tenths above the desired rate, so - that is if we have a large enough angle between the desired and the actual, which we did. [Pause.] Stand by, Buzz.

Aldrin: Okay. ... Rotation Control Power, Direct, two of them, Off?

Evans: Eagle, Houston. Over.

Evans: Eagle, Houston. The computer is yours, you can go to Block anytime.

Armstrong: Burn time is 05:20.

McCandless: Roger, Columbia. We're showing you...

Collins: Sure. Can you explain that?

Armstrong: Go ahead.

Aldrin: Not where the waste management's concerned.

Armstrong: (Garbled) PGNS radar circuit breaker's open. That right?

PAO: Network controller says we have Acquisition Of Signal from the Command Module.

Aldrin: Yes, you've done that. You didn't touch this lighting? Whew! Yes.

onboard): Pitching over. No flags. DPS (Descent Propulsion System, pronounced 'dips') is good. Master Arm coming on.

onboard): Okay.

Evans: Roger. We copy. Standing by. (Pause)

Aldrin: Verify GPI returns to zero, zero.

Aldrin: Okay.

Duke: Roger. We were seeing some - believe it or not, we were seeing some funnies on the Eagle's rendezvous radar...

Collins: What?

Aldrin: What - what'd it say...

Collins: Okay.

Collins: Okay.

Collins: It's out this way.

PAO: Hornet reports spacecraft right on target point. And we are starting to get a picture back again. The Hornet now estimates they are 4 and three-quarters miles away from the spacecraft.

Aldrin: EDS Power, you got On?

Collins: Okay. It looks like that LM just wants to head down towards the surface, is all.

Duke: Roger. Over. Over.

Collins: Okay. We appreciate it.

McCandless: Houston.

Armstrong: I think those are the tunnel lights.

Duke: The system really looks good to us.

Aldrin: [Inaudible on air-ground] Houston, Eagle.

Aldrin: Okay.

Armstrong: X and - 0.2.

Duke: 11, Houston. Please give us a count. Over. We want 10254.

Duke: Thank you, sir. Repeat, do not do the gimbal trim. PDI PAD: TIG 102:33:04.36; 09:50, minus 00021; 182, 287, 000; plus 56919. Roger.

Collins: Roger.

Armstrong: Okay? They said that Borman's... I thought I made it pretty clear.

Aldrin: Mike, let us know how you're coming up there now and then.

Collins: Okay, Houston. Okay.

McCandless: Okay. Over.

Collins: You were going to make me do that in another 45 minutes anyway.

Duke: Roger.

Collins: Roger.

Aldrin: I caught up - I caught up for a short while, but [garble]. Yes, it's coming down beautifully.

Collins: Is this Ken? How's everything going?

McCandless: Roger.

Collins: Thank you. Thank you. Looks like the setting on the Auto thing is such that it just runs a little cold.

Collins: Okay, lights went out - except for all those radioactive ones in there. This crapping thing - [garble] set on f:4 or 5.6; that's probably about right. Glad to hear it.

Collins: Okay. Thank you.

Armstrong: Copy.

Aldrin: Roger. It got more - more brown - with increasing Sun angle.

Aldrin: Okay, now...

Aldrin: Rog.

Aldrin: Good to hear it.

McCandless: Stand by a minute.

Collins: Hello, Moon. Houston, Apollo 11.

Collins: Did you get any usable pictures out of MILA on that first pass? [Garble].

Armstrong: That'll be fine.

McCandless: Roger. This is with the new REFSMMAT, Buzz.

McCandless: Roger. Roger.

Collins: Understand, and note has been made in my checklist. Okay...

Collins: Yes. We recalled the program.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: Mark it. Delta-V Thrust A and B are Off... When you get everything you need off the downlink, let me know and I'll proceed.

Armstrong: Okay, that should be gray...

Collins: Okay, I'm going to [garble] camera out of its way.

McCandless: Okay. Roger.

Collins: Yes. Yes.

Armstrong: Coming up on 04:30.

Aldrin: Man, I'm not going to look at them. Over.

Armstrong: Not much. Roger.

Collins: I didn't know [garble] radio. And in just a second here, I'll go to Enter and get a 51 and mark on it. Okay. (Long Pause) Okay. I was just wondering how everything is going at the home front. [Pause.] Nice ride.

Armstrong: Go ahead. Okay, and I got PADs, need to extend the probe, and do an SM RCS hotfire.

Aldrin: Okay. Over. EMS Function to Off, we got that [garble]? I'm in the center now. And we'd like you in - CSM in mid-deadband Att Hold. (Garbled) In other words, you have to cross your foot over to stay underneath where your center-of-mass is. That window's no good, I'm afraid. Thank you.

Armstrong: No, we aren't that - confident.

Collins: Well, Mattingly assured me that I was going to have a circular velocity versus altitude, you know, when they get me at 100 miles on the other side? Is anybody missing a ballpoint pen?

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11.

Duke: Go ahead, 11. Next three lines are NA. SPAN is concerned that our present procedure as shown in the checklist does not really flow glycol through the radiator, and it - They want to verify that we do not have a plugged secondary radiator. [Long pause.]

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. Over. We're working on it. Over.

Armstrong: Go ahead.

Collins: Roger, Houston. I just want to get my... ] Roger. [Garble].

Collins: Mark, Logic 1. You got it. You mean after I went to all this work of cranking those numbers in you're going to drive back to zero?

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: Okay.

Collins: It is now. Then in the meantime I'll just go ahead and maneuver to yours. How do you read? We're about to torque them. Is that the one I just completed or do you want a pair of them back to back?

Armstrong: Right - that's [garble]. It's too late for sunrise, anyway.

McCandless: Roger. (Long Pause) Buzz, this is Houston. Over.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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