Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: Our condition is all three excellent. We stopped boiling water.

Aldrin: Spacecraft Control, CMC, verify.

Armstrong: Thank you.

Aldrin: Yes, we did that. Battery 6, On, that's good. You got a place to fix things that rattle around?

Armstrong: ...that's a good idea, good head.

Aldrin: Okay. You got the Delta-VC?. ... managed to hang on to it,... up there. [Pause.] It's triggered the Master Alarm three times, now. I have...(Listens) I'll wait. The 's yours, and updata link to Data.

Armstrong: No.

Collins: A three-ring circus.

Collins: Ready to copy. Att 1/Rate 2.

Aldrin: I don't have any reason not to believe it. It must be the transmitter or the system.

Armstrong: Roger, Houston. [Pause.]

McCandless: 11, this is Houston. [Long pause.] That's jolly.

Armstrong: Mike, what are you transmitting on up there? Go ahead.

PAO: This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 80 hours, 56 minutes now into the flight of Apollo 11.

PAO: Mike Collins reporting there on the appearance of the docking latches.

Armstrong: I'll watch.

Aldrin: Rotational Control Power, Direct, two of them, Off.

Duke: Eagle, Houston. Eagle, Houston...

PAO: This is Apollo Control, Houston. They should be burning at this time.

Swim 2: Swim 2 is commencing to put the first swimmer in the water. [Garble] the flotation collar [garble] to Photo 1. 2 are fully inflated, 1 is partially inflated. It's extremely stable.

PAO: Aldrin's hand resting on one of the Portable Life Support Systems which will be used on the Moon's surface.

Photo 1: This is Photo 1. The Command Module is stable 1, flotation bags are inflated.

PAO: We're showing spacecraft weight now as 96,159 pounds.

McCandless: Okay.

Collins: [Very weak.] Boy, that transducer's working somewhat.

Armstrong: What have you got for AOS, Mike? Mark.

Collins: [Garble]. Accel Command, pitch down.

Aldrin: I don't think so. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: Yes. Did you get that, Mike?

Duke: Rog. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Off, Off. Take [garble].

Duke: Stand by. Houston. Over.

Duke: How about that. Good readback, Buzz. Roger.

Armstrong: There you go. He is.

Collins: What was I marking on, Charlie?

Aldrin: I hope you [garble].

Duke: 11, Houston. That transmission on the TV was - We'd like to get about 10 minutes worth of signal at Goldstone so we can look at the camera quality back here at Houston for about 10 minutes or so when they patch it back into us. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: Yes, they're on the same page. We've got it. 15 - we're 7 minutes away.

Aldrin: 15.8, huh? Go ahead. Say again which one should be closed? [Garble].

McCandless: Roger. (Pause)

Aldrin: I finally gave it to...

Collins: What?

Aldrin: All right. Engine Stop button was reset?

Collins: And, Houston, Apollo 11. Up, down, zero. [Garble.]

Armstrong: Eagle.

Collins: Yes, we have to build up pressure a little bit.

McCandless: Roger. Looks like about 20 degrees low - lower than the rest of the quads. We're not getting telemetry data from you right due to low signal strength. You can retrieve the computer and go to Block. Over.

McCandless: Roger, 11. Out.

Collins: Focus, I'll put at infinity, and the f-stop for vehicle-to-vehicle is... How do you read on Bravo? The food is outstanding. (Long Pause)

Duke: 11, Houston. We... Houston. [Pause.]

Aldrin: Well, we didn't have any plans to, no. Look at this.

Aldrin: Roger, Houston.

Collins: Very good.

McCandless: Okay, 11. Alpha minus 12.0, Bravo plus 10.0, minus 3.0, minus 2.0. Over.

Aldrin: And that's 1000 (feet per second horizontal velocity), 170 up, beautiful.

Duke: Roger. [Long pause.] Over. Over.

Armstrong: Okay.

Evans: Roger. Over. Recommend 334, and that should just keep it out of the limit.

Collins: Thrusting...

PAO: Mark. That was Buzz Aldrin speaking with Owen Garriott here in the Mission Control Center. Apollo 11 could now get into orbit using the S-IVB if necessary.

Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston. (Pause) Okay; I'll get it the rest of the way. Thank you. I concur with that.

Evans: Tranquility. Request Omni Delta for Columbia. He will serve on the Institute's development committee. Over.

Collins: Yaw 1, Off. Take your time.

Armstrong: We'll see you on the other side, Houston. (Long Pause) [Garble] look good.

McCandless: Okay. [Long pause.] That is, it's probably what we would expect from a transducer that's malfunctioning in this fashion. We need a second set of readings so that we may establish a rate. (Pause) Correction...

Aldrin: Okay. Ready to copy.

Collins: What? It says pitchdown or pitchup?

Duke: Roger. We had a couple of things for you. [Long pause.]

Collins: [Very weak.] S-Band Voice to Voice. I wanted to hear him explain it again at the press conference.

Aldrin: Little fluorescent - circles? Okay.

Duke: 11, Houston. Over. Over.

Armstrong: Wilco.

Aldrin: Proceed. [Long pause.] We'll put it in . That there is rough - rough terrain.

Armstrong: I feel the horizon coming up.

Collins: The Sun bounces off the LM structure.

Evans: Tranquility, Houston. Buzz, your son, Andy, got a tour of MSC yesterday. Could you say again?

Aldrin: And Eagle is ready to copy lunar surface data card. Over.

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Collins: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Collins: That was a funny one, you know. Main Bus Tie's coming On - okay.

Collins: Okay. AC/DC.

McCandless: Houston. Were you calling? Over.

Aldrin: Install in red (coded connector), PGA red (garbled, undoubtedly "connector").

Duke: Stand by. Over.

Collins: [Very weak.]

Armstrong: No, what's happening is, we get pretty close to the window now and then, and it drives the automatic light control into the stop, I think.

Aldrin: TVC Servo Power, number 1, AC 1. (Pause)

Armstrong: Yes. We are on about the middle of page 28, Surface (checklist page) 28. TVC Servo Power 1 to AC1.

Duke: Roger. And this is the highlight of the day, Buzz's exercise for the surgeon.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. Over. [Long pause.] Over. Noun 11: 105:36:23.00, 107:11:30.00. Over.

Armstrong: Good morning, Houston.

Collins: Watch, it'll probably go back to Rate Command.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. Try to lock on again, and you'll lose him at about 29 minutes and 35 seconds.

Aldrin: I got that. What do you think about that? You want this one over there?

Duke: Roger.

Duke: Rog. Over. Thank you.

Armstrong: I can't think of any reason why we might use it.

Collins: Okay.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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