Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Air Boss: Hornet, this is Air Boss. Are you copying the narration or following the sequence of recovery operations? He says stand by for a call from the recovery station.

Spacecraft: Air Boss, Apollo 11. Over.

Photo 1: This is Photo 1, Raft number 2 is within 10 feet of the Command Module at this time. The visibility [garble] 15 miles.

Hornet: Roger. Over.

PAO: The back-up Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise is at the CapCom console with Bruce McCandless.

Collins: Standby.

Duke: Roger, Eagle. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Rotation Controller, Armed. Copy Max g, 6.3; R2 at Noun 60, 6.48; range to go EMS, 14033; RET V-circular, 02:14. Okay.

Duke: Stand by. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: All right.

Duke: That's affirmative. Thank you much. [Long pause.]

Duke: Rog. [No answer.] Over. Over.

Duke: Rog. The lighting up in there looks very good to us at this time. Over. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Would you like us to pick another antenna?

Collins: Pitch 1, Off... ]

Armstrong: The what?

Collins: Eagle, Columbia.

Armstrong: Ah...

Aldrin: No, it probably would be after we - when the gimbals are out. We'll put it in . Yes, it goes back up.

Collins: Okay.

Collins: Rate to High, Neil.

Duke: Roger. Over. Over. [Pause.] [Pause.]

Duke: That's affirmative.

Aldrin: Hey, you know, we got a TV show at...

Armstrong: Rog.

Collins: Did you hear our comment about the Astros?

Aldrin: Use what? Can you work on that strap?

Collins: Yeah.

Armstrong: Anyway, it compares. Thank you. We're completed in the LM. Okay, 10 minutes until TIG.

Collins: Why don't you try to get up high? Rates are still wandering; they're deadbanding the rates in all three axes; they're plus or minus 0.1 a degree. God, I'll tell you, the visibility through that telescope is a big disappointment.

Duke: Roger. Over. Over. [Pause.] Go ahead.

Collins: Okay. I'm not sure if it's in response to Mascons or what, but I can get it completely stabilized in theta and let it alone, and in another couple of minutes it will have developed its own rate.

Aldrin: About 2 degrees off in the pitch... And the S in the surface camera.

Armstrong: Mark it.

Evans: 11, Houston.

Armstrong: You have it.

Aldrin: No.

Nixon: Yeah, I understand your - Frank Borman says you're a little younger by reason of having gone into space, is that right. And gee, you look great - do you feel as good as you look? And now, I think incidentally, that all of us who - the millions that are seeing us on television now, are seeing you, would feel as I do that in a sense our prayers have been answered, and I think it would be very appropriate if Chaplain Piirto, the Chaplain of this ship were to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Do you feel that way, a little younger?

Armstrong: 1.7 millimeters.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: How's the weather down there? Okay, I'm reading him loud and clear.

Aldrin: Okay. Hey, maybe you better call Lew and tell him we might be a little bit late for dinner.

Collins: How you - how you guys doing? We'll go ahead with the P52, and deflecting angle

Collins: Forgot to give Buzz his flashlight back.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston.

McCandless: Roger.

McCandless: 11, Houston. Out. Over. Roger. [Long pause.] If you can give us Accept, we'll send you up a state vector and a target load for the maneuver. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: What was that?

Armstrong: [Garble], huh? On descent 1, fuel and oxidizer are reading 10 psi; and descent 2, fuel is reading 10 psi, oxidizer 11 psi. Okay.

Aldrin: Okay, you're pegged on horizontal velocity.

Armstrong: 312, it likes.

Collins: 2009. Plus 098:05:24.22, plus 4144.8, plus 0371.9, minus 0242.2. You got Noun 49. But to make a long story short, it worked its way up to 100. And you'll notice on the pitch thruster activity, I've still - I've put in, oh, a dozen minimum impulses in pitch down, and I'm still far from correcting back to 315.

PAO: Telemetry and radar tracking both solid.

Collins: Proceed?

Aldrin: Houston.

Duke: Roger. Over. Thank you, sir.

Collins: Oh, yes, alright.

Photo 1: This is Photo 1. Over.

Hornet: Roger.

Hornet: Swimmer 1, Hornet. [garble].

Swim: Roger. [Garble] bearing 200.

Armstrong: Okay, he says he'll do that as soon as he gets around there.

Collins: - - yes, it's six frames at 15; I suggest toward the end you probably goose it up a little bit. Burn time is 05 plus 47.

PAO: This is Apollo Control. The other swimmers... Apollo 11 is presently 127,991 nautical miles from Earth, traveling at a speed of about 4,400 feet per second. Following the CSI; at 126 hours, 18 minutes, 0 seconds; a 9.2 foot per second [2.8 m/s] burn, probably mostly a radial burn; at 126 hours, 18 minutes will twist the Eagle's orbit to equal distance from the orbit of Columbia, what they call a Constant Delta Height, or CDH maneuver. He will have a Delta-V or velocity change of 51.5 feet per second [15.7 m/s]. The weather is certainly Go. 5 seconds. We should have the conversion up shortly. Predicting that will be uncovered at 8 minutes, 17 seconds with outboard engine cut-off 9 minutes, 11 seconds on the second stage. We are on the automatic sequence. Flotation collar is about half way around the spacecraft now.

PAO: Three minutes, 45 seconds and counting.

Armstrong: (Garbled) (Long Pause)

Collins: Roger. Yes, but this was to be... What do you have on this side to give you that on the other side?

Armstrong: I see it...

McCandless: Roger. ) Over. In the American League, Detroit beat Cleveland 4 to nothing; New York trounced Washington 5 to nothing; Baltimore out hit - Boston out hit Baltimore to score 6 runs to the Orioles' 2; and Chicago beat Kansas City 6 to 1.

Haise: 11, Houston.

McCandless: Yes. We copy. Over. You can do them in any order you want.

Collins: .

Duke: Roger, we got the dump valves in view. Omni Alpha, place in Bravo; Omni to Omni, High Gain track to Manual, High Gain yaw 270, pitch... [Long pause.]

Collins: Roger.

Collins: This is Columbia. We'll do it. ] Were you guys - did it appear to you to be - that you were jerking around quite a bit during the retract cycle? [Long pause.] Alrighty.

Duke: Roger, 11. [Long pause.]

Collins: I say, when your rendezvous radar self-test is complete, let me know and I'll check out my transponder.

PAO: We have lost lock on the High Gain Antenna at this time.

PAO: Swimmers to deploy in about 1 minute. During this pass, we had an extremely successful communications checkout with the Lunar Module using its code name for the first time, its code name of the Eagle. Mike Collins reported that it would - we would go ahead with the regularly scheduled one when they are in the LM. The S-IVB is reported in a stable attitude for the separation.

PAO: You heard that report from Commander Neil Armstrong indicating that LOI-2 was all - came off almost precisely as planned.

Duke: Roger, Tranquility. [Pause.]

Aldrin: ...

Armstrong: Yes, we're still planning that activity if the cord lengths work out all right, and we'll accept those attitudes that you work up for us.

Duke: Roger, Neil. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: (To Neil) Okay, rate of descent looks good. Would you like high gain back?

Collins: Burn complete?

Collins: Well, only one camera, but I've got [garble] lenses.

Armstrong: We've got a roll rate in.

Aldrin: We're powering down.

Collins: [Garble].

McCandless: Roger. [No answer.] My error in reading up. Over. Approximately 2 minutes to LOS. Over. Over.

Collins: We'd like to arm our logic switches.

Aldrin: Roger. Haven't the foggiest.

Duke: It appeared to us that we attempted to load the erasable prior to entering on the Verb 49 which Verb 49 was still running, and it clobbered the CDUs.

Aldrin: Hey, Mike.

Duke: Roger. We've lost our command interface with Goldstone. Over.

Duke: Oh, it was just - We wanted you to close the CO2 sensor breaker and give us an RCS onboard read-out out of Eagle, but that's all. [Pause.]

Aldrin: Roger.

Aldrin: You guys agree with my mark; we'll be 5 minutes? Over. TVC Servo Power, number 1, AC 1.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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