Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Aldrin: Thinking about it. Okay.

Collins: Ready to copy. ] Eagle, Tell them [garble] loud and clear since AOS [garble]. [Pause.] Over. [Long pause.] Maybe on the other side. We just switched to High Gain, and we stopped PTC at roll 263, pitch 90, yaw 0. [Garble.]

Aldrin: I guess that is down though, isn't it?

Unknown: [Garble.]

Aldrin: Okay.

Collins: Sure you got - you got your checklist here, haven't you?

Armstrong: Yes. Over.

Aldrin: Roger, Houston. (Pause)

Collins: Listen, babe. No.

Evans: Roger. Over. (Long Pause)

Collins: Eagle, Columbia.

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. ' [Pause.] Over. Over.

Armstrong: Hello, Houston.

Collins: ...A, here comes B - B, I mean, Thrust A... In regard to the P23, what I was trying to tell you yesterday was about that. We'll do that now.

Aldrin: That's why I've been eating so much today.

Armstrong: Go ahead.

McCandless: ...large angular rock in the foreground, and it looks like a much smaller rock a couple of inches to the left of it. Over. Out.

Armstrong: Roger.

Collins: Go ahead. Set GPI trim.

Aldrin: Chart at 26/7 forward for...

Collins: Well, I got to go in there and dick - -

McCandless: (With a smile in his voice) Roger.

Collins: Roger. EDS Power, up and On, yes.

Aldrin: Alright, let's go.

Duke: Roger. He wouldn't have shouted or anything. Roger.

Collins: Minus 6.8 to the Delta-V to B. Tell everybody take your sweet time. That's it, I think, there, Neil - so pitch down.

Aldrin: Houston, we'd like to check this on the against the .

Aldrin: I've got kind of an idea that I'm going to be getting a picture of that - [garble]. We'll charge until the sleep period on B and delete the battery A charge. [Long pause.]

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. On our real-time telemetry we saw 95 to 97 psi on chamber pressure. Down here, the old Black Team is complaining they didn't get a chance to make any transmissions. We'd like you to cycle your Up Telemetry switch to Command Reset and Off and then back to Normal. If you're still in the vicinity of the PSE, could you get a photograph of the ball level? [No answer.]

Collins: And we're not going to do any Verb 41, Noun 91, any of that stuff...?

Duke: We see a real display now. Over. We had a view, Buzz, of the utility light cord.

Aldrin: [Garble.]

Duke: We see you raised the cover on the abort stage. Over. We'd like aft now and forward at AOS. You're looking good.

Comm: Roger. We can't distinguish what the words are, because it is a little snowy.

Armstrong: Roger.

Collins: [Very weak.] [Garble] pitch up a bit.

Armstrong: Okay! ] Take it again.

Aldrin: Okay, Mike. I got that.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. Sorry about that. You can go back to Block.

Duke: 11, Houston. That's a good view through the overhead.

Aldrin: Roger.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: All that probe and drogue and claptrap works.

Evans: Columbia, Houston. (Long Pause) It's coming up now, Columbia. Roger.

Collins: Okay. Total attitude hung in there pretty well. Bring the [garble] back.

Aldrin: Roger, Houston. Shaft 335. Over.

Armstrong: I'll do that, Buzz.

McCandless: Roger. (Pause)

Armstrong: I'm predicting 05:58.

Collins: You might look at those systems...

Aldrin: [Garble] pad.

Garriott: 11, Houston. We're through with your computer. I understand, Buzz, that these were... (that) this was the appearance of the material which had been uncovered by the rays that appeared darker for 2 or 3 feet extending outward. (Long Pause)

Aldrin: I've looked already. You vacuum all this stuff?

Armstrong: Mike, what are you transmitting on up there? [Long pause.] Thank you. You have it.

Collins: Roger.

Aldrin: Yes. Need a PPK.

Evans: Roger. (Long Pause) CSI Pad. Over.

Collins: 17 seconds - 17 plus 1, huh?

Duke: Columbia, Houston. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: Okay, Att 1/Rate 2.

Aldrin: Roger.

Collins: Okay. Beautiful.

Duke: Go ahead, Apollo 11. Would you please try your High Gain in wide beamwidth. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger.

Collins: See, if I'm - my reticle's not parallel, then I'm not marking normal to the horizon and I'm not marking at the substellar point. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Nothing in it. All that'll do is warm it up.

Armstrong: Yes.

Armstrong: And, Charlie, you want the fans cycled, I think that's right?

Aldrin: Right.

onboard): No problem.

Duke: 11, Houston. We'd like you, sometime at your convenience, to stir up the Cryos on this pass. (Pause) Columbia, Houston. We've got a state vector for you if you'll give us P00 and Accept. (Long Pause) We didn't quite decipher that signal that just came from the CMP.

Aldrin: Ah, yeah. Over. Okay.

Evans: Okay. You residents of the spacecraft Columbia may be interested in knowing that today is Independence Day in the country of Colombia. We need the SECS Arm circuit breakers closed.

Aldrin: Roger. Shaking at 3 minutes.

Armstrong: Good grief, man!

Collins: Neil, where do you put this guy - usually? Charge Battery A, huh?

Duke: Rog. Over.

Duke: Rog. Okay. Copy all that, Neil. Over.

Armstrong: Four-tenths of a pound in the cabin.

SC: (Whistling)

Armstrong: Okay.

Aldrin: Yeah, I'm afraid it's - We're just about plus-Z toward the Sun. Huh?

Duke: Five-by, Eagle.

Collins: Yaw 2...

Aldrin: [Garble] looking down there [garble] sure looked like it was convex [garble] Neil walked back a little later and it was right smack in the middle [garble]...

Armstrong: He may not be back from the Cape yet. Go ahead, Houston.

Aldrin: Yes.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Stop.

Duke: Okay. Fine. (Long Pause)

Unidentified: [Garble].

Armstrong: Well, we're at 180 degrees, and now we're going to want to stop that and start a slow pitchdown.

Collins: Okay, Neil, I'm all set for the Sep burn, and we're looking good on this phasing.

Collins: Ready to copy.

Armstrong: ...VGY minus 0.0, VGZ minus 0.1, Delta-VC minus 5.2, fuel 362, Ox 364, unbalance plus 50, and our postburn Noun 94's, 66.1 by 54.4.

Collins: Okay. You don't much care do you?

Collins: Point that at Neil or point it at somebody who's in the light.

Collins: Our chamber pressure onboard was higher that time, too.

Duke: Roger. Over. Over.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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