Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: ...so you can - enter on this one. Okay.

Duke: Eagle, Houston.

Aldrin: Bam, it's out. I'm trying to get the High Gain going - and I'm having a little trouble -... trouble. We just lost (radar) lock.

Aldrin: We're more elliptic now, huh? Thank you. I don't think I could get it out now if I wanted to.

Duke: We copy. (Pause) Tranquility, Houston. We'll work on it. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger, Columbia. Over. We can see all the throttle data...

Aldrin: ...[garble] that might be indicative of why [garble]... We don't have anything in focus, Charlie.

Aldrin: Okay.

Aldrin: Yeah, I see one fairly large and isolated one.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. Over.

Collins: Thank you. I never got your coordinates on estimated LM position. See if that looks pretty good - through the sextant and see if that doesn't come up.

Collins: Two to Rate Command. Verified.

Armstrong: Apollo 11.

Aldrin: Okay, we're just a little bit low on time.

Collins: Yes, please.

Aldrin: Huh?

Armstrong: Arm Rotation Controller, number 2. [Long pause.] I got the right numbers.

Aldrin: Well, I don't know about you, but I think I'll raid the pantry for some bite-size stuff. Rog.

Aldrin: Where's your watch?

Duke: Roger. Is it clear? Over.

Collins: All right, Charlie. Okay,... man.

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. However, if you go to turn any thrusters on, the CMC would then try to bring you into an attitude-hold position rather than continuing with the PTC. We'll have an update for you on that a little later.

Armstrong: Okay. [Garble] be sure and get the right one [garble]...

Duke: Roger. If you'll stand by, we'll look at these that we see on the DSKY. It - the picture, I guess, would be just almost zero at this point.

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: Roger.

McCandless: Apollo 11 CDR, this is Houston. (Long Pause) Columbia, this is Houston. We copy. Over.

Collins: No.

Aldrin: What's the problem? Okay.

Duke: Roger, Mike. [Pause.] Over. Over. Over. Say again. Over. Over. [No answer.] Over.

Collins: Okay. (Laughter)

Collins: Go ahead, Houston. Are you [garble] forward now?

Collins: TVC Gimbal Drive, Pitch and Yaw to Auto.

Aldrin: No. It's a pretty spectacular ride. Essentially, this water gun is put in in this end and fills up this bag with water, and the drink then dissolves in the water, and this end of the [voice cut out] outfeeding. There we are. The vent window is clear. Right at lock-lock with them? That's right. I don't see any reason why we don't take them all back. I'll try that. Okay.

Armstrong: Go to dump.

Armstrong: Okay, 3, 2, 1. They were very clean.

Collins: They daily post us.

Collins: Here we go...

McCandless: Houston. Over. Alpha minus 12.0, Bravo plus 10.0, minus 3.0, minus 2.0. And we'll watch your O2 flow on telemetry down here.

Aldrin: This pad sure didn't (garbled).

Duke: Roger. Over. You've got a Go.

Duke: Roger. Thank you much.

Armstrong: Not exactly.

Collins: Okay. [Long pause.] ...we got room for it up there.

Duke: Tranquility, Houston. Next step, secondary coolant loop pump, AC-1 or AC-2. Stand by.

Armstrong: Roger. Okay.

Aldrin: Roger. Thank you, Jim.

McCandless: And, do you plan on commencing your sleep on the backside this pass? We need a second set of readings so that we may establish a rate. We copy. [Pause.]

McCandless: Roger. Do you read? Over.

Aldrin: Yes it was... What have you got? I'm checking out this window bracket where I'll be putting it for the EVA pictures of Neil going down the ladder. Rotation Control, Armed?

Aldrin: I guess when we're showing the DSKY or when we're showing the Earth might be the better time. [Garble] my eyes deceiving me.

Collins: Yeah, I'm happy with the last updates we got, you know, in terms of what it did to our state vector.

Collins: Boy, you just can't miss those check points, Diamondback and Sidewinder.

Armstrong: No.

Collins: Roger.

Duke: Stand by. LM weight, 33627; CSM weight, 36651; pitch trim, 00470; roll trim, 00589. Rog.

Armstrong: I don't know, I think I'll just put my window guard up.

Collins: Sleeping! Well, it was, Charlie, but in going from one Auto maneuver to another, we took over control and have gone around gimbal lock; and we're about to give control back to the DAP.

Aldrin: Yes.

Armstrong: What did he say?

Collins: Well, the docking latches look good today just like they did yesterday. It just appears to me that you have to have the reticle tangent to the horizon at the point at which you mark or else you're not at the substellar point; you're off laterally, and therefore you're measuring a larger trunnion angle than you should. Ready to copy TLI PAD. Zero g is very comfortable, but after a while you get to the point where you sort of get tired of rattling around and banging off the ceiling and the floor and the side, so you tend to find a little corner somewhere and put your knees up or something like that to wedge yourself in, and that seems more at home.

Armstrong: Roger.

Collins: Rog.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11.

Collins: I was off in roll.

Collins/Aldrin: TVC Servo Power, Off.

Collins: We have about another 120 degrees to go, Buzz.

Aldrin: Okay, [garble] 5, huh? Will do.

Duke: Roger, sir. Over. Over.

Collins: ...that's all it says. Att 1/Rate 2.

Armstrong: That thing still doesn't fit.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Be sure that your RCS is working anyway. Maybe 5 seconds.

McCandless: 11, from down here on telemetry, all your systems look to be in good shape. Roger.

Lovell: It's a lot bigger than our last vehicle.

Lovell: Have the water temperatures been good? ) A lot of gray paint.

Collins: Because it's a special occasion today, Houston.

Evans: Roger, Apollo 11.

onboard): I'm going to...

Aldrin: [Garble].

Collins: Well, that's what he has in his talons, is an olive branch. Maintain g-dot equals zero until subcircular, then roll 45 degrees and hold until drogue time. P22. Those are Buzz's two star charts that he is using right now as sun shades over the right-hand window, window Number 5.

Aldrin: Stand by.

Aldrin: Want me to check it?

onboard): Both (garbled) vent.

onboard): (Garbled) and oxidizer. (Pause) Okay, now watch that signal strength.

onboard): Both (garbled) vent. The Eagle has landed. (Pause) Okay (Long Pause)

onboard): Okay. Going to check my attitude control. What else is left to do here? I didn't hear that (garbled)

onboard): We got a lock-on? (To Neil) Didn't see it.

Evans: Roger, Columbia. Fine.

Armstrong: You could run it some here. And it's gray.

Aldrin: Circuit breakers: Stabilization Control, Panel 8, Closed.

Aldrin: Roger. Only 9 seconds difference.

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Armstrong: Roger, Houston.

Aldrin: Stand by. Huh?

Collins: [Garble] this COAS as far as steering and everything goes, it's hopeless.

Duke: Roger. Stand by.

Armstrong: Mine hasn't cleared yet.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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