Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Aldrin: 100 feet, 3 1/2 down, 9 forward. [Garble] my eyes deceiving me.

Armstrong: 8 minutes...

Armstrong: Roger.

Evans: Roger. You want to go ahead and adjust your O2 flow until it just goes off the peg, and then crank the direct O2 valve back down about 5 degrees. [Long pause.] And that's the block data on the maneuver PAD, by the way.

Armstrong: No, we aren't that - confident.

Duke: Roger. Over. Over.

Collins: Don't want to miss that.

Duke: Roger. Over. A lot of noise on the loop. ] of about the time you - that Eagle selected the secondary loop. [Long pause.]

Duke: Rog.

Aldrin: Okay. Stand by. You still got him?

Armstrong: Well, aside from the real big one that we went over, I guess there were none in our area.

Collins: Right. Roger that.

McCandless: Roger.

McCandless: Okay. Now, with respect to the documented sample container - on television it appeared to us as though the samples for that container were in fact being given - being selected in accordance with some thought or consideration being given to the rocks themselves. Over.

Armstrong: (via Buzz's microphones) 25. Go ahead.

Armstrong: I can see some stars.

Aldrin: Color. [Pause.]

Duke: Rog. You are Go to continue powered descent. Rog, Neil.

Collins: Coming on right now. We did.

Aldrin: And we're ready to copy DOI PAD.

Aldrin: No. (Long Pause) Yes, I [garble].

McCandless: Go ahead.

McCandless: Roger. Roger. Stand by a minute, please.

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. There's no problem fuel-wise. Go ahead, Tranquility.

Collins: How are Columbia's systems looking to you guys?.

Aldrin: That's affirmative.

Armstrong: [Garble]. RCS A, 51. That'll be fine.

PAO : The crew is probably preparing breakfast now and it's not likely that we'll hear a lot from them in the - right away, but we'll continue to stay up live for any conversation.

Swimmer 1: Swim [garble].

Recovery: [Garble] behind it has rolled [garble] has rolled forward.

Recovery: Roger.

Recovery: Hornet, Roger.

Swimmer 1: This is Swimmer 1. Over.

Recovery: [Garble]. Loud and clear.

Recovery: Air Boss comment.

Photo 1: Photo 1, the swimmers are - the lift has approached.

Air Boss: Apollo 11, this is Air Boss. We have the Command Module on radar bearing of 244, [garble] 12 miles.

Collins: Auto it is. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: All four. Going there now. (To Houston) The PGNS looks consistent today.

Duke: Rog, Mike. [Long pause.] About 7 minutes to LOS. Over.

Aldrin: No, we don't need that.

Armstrong: Okay.

Armstrong: Roger.

Collins: How's everything going down there?

Armstrong: 1511 - 357. 15.

Aldrin: Rotation Control Power, Direct, two of them, to Main A/Main B.

Armstrong: I haven't had it.

Aldrin: We all got something [garble].

Armstrong: Yes, forget it.

Aldrin: Proceed and you're pitching?

PAO: Hornet reports a sonic boom a short time ago.

PAO: At 3 hours, 46 minutes, velocity is 18,917 feet per second.

Aldrin: Tape Recorder - Command Reset.

Aldrin: Okay. (Pause) Very small, sparkly (garbled) fragments (garbled) in places (garbled) would make a first guess at some sort of biotite. (Pause) HA 65.6 for Noun 42. I say I'm not having too much success in leveling the PSE experiment. We're going first opportunity, you think?

Armstrong: Well, yes. Go ahead, Houston.

Collins: Okay, 4-A is 3.8.

Duke: Okay. We had a shot moment - a moment ago of the suit disconnect valve.

Duke: That's affirmative, Mike. Columbia, did you call? Any time you want to turn her on, we're ready. You can keep it coming down, 11.

Aldrin: Yes.

Armstrong: (Push-to-Talk) Roger. Maybe we'd better get an alignment...

Duke: Hello Apollo 11. Over.

Armstrong: Is that alright? [Long pause.] It was a very bright spot of light and I confirm Buzz's observation of its position.

Aldrin: Roger.

Aldrin: Like seashells - very pretty, very symmetrical. Mike?

Armstrong: We've got quite a few pictures [garble] windows [garble] corresponding [garble].

Collins: I'll bet you [garble] likes this.

Duke: Copy. The angles you got in the Flight Plan will be good when you get there. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Roger.

Aldrin: How far are - out are we now, Charlie?

Collins: I'm glad to hear it was fit to print.

Duke: Great. Over. You - All your systems look real good to us. This would require a - a loss of - of two distinct jets which is not very probable, but that's what we are recommending. (Pause)

Duke: Aww, that's enough you guys.

Collins: Okay, coming up on 2 minutes. ) All right.

Collins: Rog. So what's new?

Armstrong: Alright.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. [Pause.] Over.

Evans: Roger.

Collins: Negative, Charlie. And those are about the only off-nominals we have. [Pause.] We want to go to the suit circuit...

Duke: Roger. Over.

Duke: Roger, Tranquility. And break. We'll let you know more about that later. On the LM cameras, we'd like you to do it on LOI day with the LM power. We'll enable MSFN (Manned Spaceflight Network) relay. How do you read? Eagle, you are Stay for T1.

Collins: Verified. You got 15 minutes worth, 6 frames a second, f:8, infinity, 1/250th.

McCandless: Roger. Say again, Neil.

Armstrong: Yeah. Did you get that one put back?

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. Out.

Armstrong: Go ahead, Houston.

Aldrin: 700 (feet per second horizontal velocity), 150 (feet per second vertical velocity) up.

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: Negative, Charlie.

McCandless: I'll give you a time hack on the GET at 75 hours, 37 minutes and I'll try to bias it about a second and a half to allow for the time of flight. Go ahead.

Armstrong: SPS, 12 of them closed - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, Closed.

McCandless: Okay.

Collins: Okay, Charlie. Minus 00177.

Aldrin: Oh, wait a minute, here it is. [Long pause.]

Collins: Yes, let Buzz do his High-Gain thing, and I'll get ready to go dick with the tunnel. What are we supposed to be putting in there?

Duke: 11, Houston. The Goldstone TV people also see the banding when - at the same time y'all do. [No answer.]

Armstrong: 8 minutes... [Long pause.]

Armstrong: Excuse me.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Roger.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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