Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston.

Collins: Good. Thank you. Is that affirmative? 2 minutes prior, 100-degree line.

McCandless: Roger. Reading you the same. We're still working on the problem, and we'll let you have a more complete diagnosis on it in a little while.

Aldrin: About half. I think you'll agree that some of these craters that you're seeing in the picture now are really accentuated by the lengthening of the shadows as they approach the terminator.

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: No.

Evans: Roger. Midcourse number 4 is not required. [Long pause.] [Pause.]

Aldrin: Roger. I - I thought maybe that Noun 20 was one of those that you could never load from the DSKY, and that still may be. Are you picking up our signals okay?

Collins: Okay.

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. Over.

Armstrong: We had a lot of help down there.

Collins: All I'm doing is waiting for - the time.

Collins: Right. So, there isn't any point in saving the other one.

Collins/Aldrin: (Laughter)

Collins: Yes. Over.

Collins: I'll bet you [garble] likes this. A geologist up here would just go crazy.

Duke: 11, Houston. [Long pause.]

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Okay. Pitch 165, yaw 68.

McCandless: Are you wide open on the f-stop at this time? Over.

Collins: Mark it. Why in the hell didn't I do that? I've got it in the sextant now, and I'm about to split the image and Mark.

Aldrin: No, I'm not Auto. Not at this point, no.

Collins: We did that.

McCandless: Roger. Ullage two jets, 16 seconds, undocked. You're way down in the noise level. [Long pause.]

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Isn't it fine? Should I be going [garble]?

Collins: Okay. I assume Houston didn't play yesterday.

Aldrin: Okay. It's coming across now from right to left.

Collins: Okay. [Pause.]

Evans: Roger, Columbia. And, Tranquility, I have a LM consumables update for you.

Evans: Roger. We copy. Midcourse number 4 is not required. The computer is yours, you can go to Block anytime. That's correct.

Aldrin: And the radiation is as follows: CDR, 11012; CMP, 10013; LMP, 09015. ... it's, I think, working okay.

Duke: Stand by. We need to terminate Battery B charge at this time, and also, the weather is clobbering in at our targeted landing point due to scattered thunderstorms. We haven't picked him up yet. [Long pause.]

Collins: Rotational Hand Controller, number 2, is Armed. Let's invent a new home for it because that old home is full of that smelly old urine bag.

Garriot: 11, Roger. Go ahead.

Collins: I'm staying in P22 here a second just to record the Noun 89 and then I'll Verb 34. Mode, Standby...EMS Mode, Standby.

Collins: [Garble].

Collins: It's on the - it's printed - - [Pause.] I think the reason is in having 16 20 on the DSKY during the subsequent entries, or at least that's one possibility.

Aldrin: (Laughter) [Garble]

Collins: Oh, at about 5½ minutes. You're broken up.

Armstrong: Loud and clear.

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11.

Duke: That is negative. Over. We don't see anybody staring back at us, though. [Long pause.]

onboard): Okay, we went by the three-minute point early.

onboard): Pretty rocky area.

Aldrin: No. Standing by to copy.

McCandless: Roger. And we're through with the uplink; the computer is yours. [No answer.] Over.

Collins: Think it's the PU shift?

Aldrin: Houston, Eagle.

Collins: Armstrong says it's the hatch and - if we leave the probe and drogue there, we'll save us some time tomorrow. How about right now? That'll keep those geologists jumping for years.

Collins/Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston.

Armstrong: I've got to - look at the... Go ahead.

Collins: Delta-V Thrust, Normal, A, is On. Bring the [garble] back.

Aldrin: Okay. Over.

Armstrong: Mark it. We may...

Duke: Roger.

Duke: That's affirmative. Stand by.

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: Okay. Thank you [Long pause.]

Armstrong: I get - You get 11154, 20792, 00230. Main Bus Ties: AC, Off; DC, Off.

Aldrin: Okay. We're pretty close to 000. Got it.

Collins: That'd be nice. Number 4.

Armstrong: How far would you say I am, Buzz?

Duke: Seven minutes. Over. Noun 81: 32 - correction, plus 3201.1, plus 0681.8, minus 0265.0; 181, 054, 014. Over.

Armstrong: Oh, I got them.

Aldrin: What are your dosimeters reading?

Collins: Of what? 80:11... And after you get it all set up, check that f-stop again because it slides and slips off with very little twist. ] Eagle, Tell them [garble] loud and clear since AOS [garble]. Auto verified.

Evans: Columbia, Houston. We copy and we agree. Go.

Collins: EMS Function, Off, verify. This data is increasing toward my desired of 315; and I'll let the hand controller alone here, and I'll bet you it reverses itself. Charge Battery A, huh?

Duke: 11, Houston. (Long Pause)

Collins: Hey, how about holding this for just a little bit? Okay.

Duke: We think you might have some more chlorine up in A1. [Pause.]

Duke: Roger. Over. Over.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: That wasn't - bad at all. That yaw 270 and pitch 3 - What was the pitch?

Evans: Roger. The will lock on at about 25 degrees elevation above the horizon. We copy. Looks like you're really sawing them away.

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11.

McCandless: Yes, it did.

Armstrong: Can you give us a couple of pointing angles? How do you read on VHF-A?

Collins: Limit Cycle, Off.

Aldrin: Roger.

Duke: We can still see the Earth through the left window, and it appears that we can see a floodlight off to the left, either that or some Sun shafting through the hatch window. We'd like you to select aft Omni now. Over. Over.

Collins: Come on now, Buzz, don't refer to them as big mothers. We're rolling over at a very slow rate.

Aldrin: Roger. Over. Neil, what did you do with the - [garble] camera back sight ?

Armstrong: Yes, I guess it'll take us another - 6 minutes or something like that. Okay.

Aldrin: I had them out, kind of floating around back here.

Armstrong: Yes.

Aldrin: (Garbled) Plus 6 seconds, plus 6.

Duke: That's affirmative.

Aldrin: Moving in. Over. Understand Alpha and Bravo. And, also, I noticed when I took the bit off that the material was quite well packed, a good bit darker, and the way it adhered to the core tube gave me the distinct impression of being moist. It's screwed up in here anyway.

Collins: You're in pretty good.

Duke: Roger. [Pause.]

Aldrin: A valves only.

Collins: Go ahead.

Armstrong: It flies good, though.

Collins: Okay, now I - I'm going to verify with the third star, and let's see what that star's going to be.

McCandless: Okay. Over.

Collins: It's off.

McCandless: Roger.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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