Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Armstrong: Roger.

Armstrong: It'll be the first time we've ever done it.

Collins: Okay. Ready for the next page? ...they're sort of inconclusive because I marked - see, they gave me...

Armstrong: Coming into the terminator. No LOI-2.

McCandless: Roger. We copy 50 degrees on the glycol, and comfort index fine. When you have a free minute, could you give us your onboard readout of N2 tank Bravo, please. Say again, Columbia?

McCandless: Roger. Expect in the next rev you'll probably be getting ready for LOI-2.

McCandless: Stand by for S-IVB to COI capability.

Collins: It may have something to do with mascons or it may...

Armstrong: Okay.

Evans: Roger. Over. The Black Bugle just arrived with some morning news briefs if you're ready. (No answer; Long Pause) Columbia. Over.

Evans: Eagle, Houston. Over.

Armstrong: We're yawing pretty good.

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: Yes. Over. I believe I've got you on the High Gain Antenna now in high bit rate. And you want me to change all three.

Collins: It is now.

Collins: Okay, we're - we're in DAP control. ...it sounds a little scratchy to us too, but the czar likes it.

Duke: Thank you, sir. The - It's really unbelievable, the definition we're getting down here off that little camera. Over.

Aldrin: Roger.

Collins: ... keeps pitching. Mark...

Armstrong: Yes, over, just a little up toward the... Thank you. Thank you. We'll take a guess, Charlie, and try to give an equivalent amount and call it CDR 3 and LMP 4. Did you get a secondary radiator leak check?

Aldrin: No, I'm not Auto. Go ahead. Yes, go ahead and do it.

Collins: You're loud and clear, Owen. That's it, Charlie. It looks like their LM would be pitched up quite a degree. I [garble]. A couple of times, I've been tempted to go through that dry-out procedure, but we found that simply by leaving the filters alone for a couple of hours, their efficiency seems to be restored.

Aldrin: You want to come in, Neil?

Collins: I think [garble] [Long pause. Go ahead. I'd do worse because I'd be a - a full degree off from where it is right now.

Aldrin: ...this is 65.7... About how many pictures did you take with - the close-up camera?

Armstrong: They did, yes. Mark it.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Houston, 11. Okay, I'll set up the event timer.

Garriot: 11, Houston. [Pause.] We've had reports all the marks have been good all the - the last couple of times you've run them. Just have a stand-by here while Charlie's out checking how to use that special tool on the camera. Over. Just a moment; I'll get you some information on the apparent drift rate.

Armstrong: What do you need? Apollo 11. Got that Direct O2 [garble], didn't you?

Aldrin: Roger. [Long pause.] Okay, wait for 2 minutes for Delta-V Thrust A.

Armstrong: Yes, forget it.

Aldrin: Houston, Eagle.

Armstrong: I've just been kind of looking around for it myself.

Aldrin: Alright, that's fine, I can have it there. I'll get it. [Garble] - put our - LCG.

Duke: Go ahead, Eagle. We've got the low bit rate, Buzz. Go ahead, 11. Over. Over. After the AGS initialization, we'll be ready for the RCS checkout.

Duke: Roger, Mike. We'll keep you posted. [Long pause.] Over.

Comm: Roger. Check for keying please.

Armstrong: [Garble].

McCandless: Roger, Tranquility. Over. Over. [Pause.]

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: A little more.

McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. We have enabled the one-way MSFN relay that you requested. Alpha, minus 6.0 percent, minus 1.0 percent, minus 7.0 percent, minus 3.0 percent; H2 total, minus 1.2 pounds; O2 total, plus 10 pounds. [Long pause.]

Collins: I guess that's right then, Neil.

Aldrin: Okay.

Evans: Roger. At TIG minus 17, delete " , AC BUS A: Rendezvous Radar, Close, wait 30 seconds"; delete "PGNS: Rendezvous Radar, Close"; and then add "Up-Data Link switch to Voice Backup". [Long pause.]

Aldrin: In. Alright, here's your checklist.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. (Long Pause) You bet you there, Mike.

Armstrong: Yeah; just about.

McCandless: We've seen pitch and yaw; we've not seen roll to date. Expect in the next rev you'll probably be getting ready for LOI-2. Did you copy the coordinates for the LM? Go ahead with the coordinates on the small white object.

Aldrin: Okay.

Collins: Okay. Okay.

Aldrin: Shutdown, two valves, closed; two, barber pole. We don't have anything in focus, Charlie. When there's a vertical line, these horizontal bands tend to put small waves in it.

Collins: Well, that was good [garble].

Aldrin: Roger. How many cameras? All right, let it go. [Long pause.] Looks like what you have to do to this, is not hold it against the window, because it's going to pick up...

Collins: Buzz will want to do a Verb 82. Ready to copy on the leak check.

Armstrong: Okay.

Aldrin: Negative. Got it.

Collins: The tunnel's all taken care of.

Aldrin: Look at that, would you? You ready?

Garriott: Roger. You commented, Neil, that on your approach to the landing spot, you had passed over a football-field-sized crater containing rather large blocks of solid rock perhaps 10 to 15 feet in size. How me?

Collins: Did you hear our comment about the Astros?

Duke: Roger.

Collins: Houston, Columbia.

Armstrong: Charlie, what we suggest here is, before we start that, turn our two suit powers off and plug his blue lead into my blue signal conditioner and see if we can get his signal through my signal conditioner.

Aldrin: Yes, yes. ...as I said before, that's...

Collins: Eagle, Columbia. I'd like to try to find out the reason why it did that.

McCandless: Neil.

Armstrong: Do another one?

Collins: Well, the docking latches look good today just like they did yesterday.

Aldrin: S-band noise.

Armstrong: Get a picture of that.

Collins: Well, let's get going here.

Aldrin: Neil, we got two magazines, two color, A... - one of them is R and the other is S.

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: Hey, Jim, I'm looking through the monocular now, and I guess to coin an expression, the view is just out of this world.

Aldrin/Armstrong: [Garble] 0.6 - 0.6 - 0.6 [garble].

Armstrong: Oh.

Aldrin: Well, a crater...

Armstrong: [Faint] This is 11, Houston.

Collins: Roger.

Aldrin: Roger.

Collins: Well, let's get going here.

Duke: Roger.

Collins: It came on.

Duke: Eagle, Houston. Stand by.

Duke: Stand by, Mike. If you'll break out that little card, we've got the - correct that typo error. That sounds good if - And when you get to the roll attitude desired, just go Rate Command at that time and it'll stop us right on. We'll enable MSFN (Manned Spaceflight Network) relay. Over.

Aldrin: [Garble.]

Duke: Rog, Buzz.

Collins: Roger.

Aldrin: It's halfway up. Alright, here's your checklist.

Armstrong: Roger, it looks good now. Actually, several of them, and you can observe those, plus the rim craters at the bottom of your screen.

Aldrin: Well, I propose to give myself a little bit of a - a bath, but not to put that damn LCG on tonight.

Armstrong: Yes.

Aldrin: Charlie, did you say you had some updates for me from the lunar surface book? Ready to copy the Flight Plan update and P37.

Collins: Yes. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Here's this LCG check. We can stow this (probably the Lunar Surface Checklist, as per the last step on ). (Long Pause)

Collins: Thank you.

Duke: That's true. Copy. Houston. Stand by. Over.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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