Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


As a consequence of difficult experiences in his life, Lubos Hruska (b. 1927) turned his family orchard in Plzen into a wonderful garden of meditation as a memorial to the victims of evil. In 1942, the group was suppressed by the Geheime Staatspolizei, with the arrest of about 600 people, almost 60 of whom were executed. Liszt used his Faust to compose the Mephisto Walzer.


Named in memory of Arsene Boury (1934-1982), fellow-student, colleague and friend of the discoverer. Vesmír describes new findings from the whole spectrum of science including astronomy, biology, chemistry, cybernetics, genetics, geology, medicine and physics, as well as their interdisciplinary connections. She teaches at a homeschool, Medford, New Jersey.


Jack Kuipers (b. 1921), author of a text on quaternions, taught mathematics at Calvin College for 20 years after a 17-year engineering career in the aerospace industry. Cadmus cast a stone into their midst and, in the resulting confusion, all but five of the warriors slew each other. Senerfu (also written Snefru) was the first king of the 4th dynasty and built two pyramids near Daschur.

Soth Der

Wannes van de Velde (1937-2008) was a Flemish singer, musician and poet. Through his study of history, language, culture, and literature, he became a great authority on the history of the European mind. Pierre, its capital, is on the banks of the Missouri River.


Named for a farm, established by Akio Seino in 1942, located about 10 km from Kitami. The city is built on a 181-m hill and is famous for its impressive cathedral (1160-1230). All ingredients must be boiled together quickly.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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