Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Born in Paris but working in Italy, Sylvie Coyaud is a well-known scientific reporter. He also discovered some of the Aleutian islands and took part in creating a general map of the Russian discoveries in the Pacific Ocean. He attends the Chisholm Collegiate, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.


James Anthony Pintar (b. 1947) is a U.S. She teaches at the Alice Deal Junior High School, Washington, District of Columbia. He attends the Corte Madera School, Portola Valley, California.


Named in honor of Duane Nichols for mentoring a finalist in the 2002 Intel Science Talent Search, a science competition for high school seniors. In 1988 and 1991, he set world records for the 100m. She attends the Laurel School, Shaker Heights, Ohio, U.S.A.


Named in memory of Valentin Alexandrovich Serov (1865-1911), a famous Russian painter. His songs for plays written by Voskovec and Werich are famous. He is an enthusiastic visual comet observer and is always very helpful when the van Houtens need help with new programs for their minor planet surveys.


Rolf Hempel (b. 1956) is a German amateur astronomer who determined many high-quality positions of minor planets using a quite unconventional measuring device. Born in Jura, he is a member of the extrasolar planet group at Geneva University. Citation prepared by M. S. Reid with the enthusiastic endorsement of the JPL staff.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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