Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Named in memory of Pietro Tacchini (1838-1905), Italian astronomer. He attends the Jericho Senior High School, Jericho, New York. Waldtrudering is a beautiful residential area in Munich, Bavaria, where the discoverer and his family have lived since 1980, with many good friends in a wonderful neighborhood.


Matthew Strom mentored a finalist in the 2011 Intel Science Talent Search, a science competition for high-school seniors. In the course of a 30-year career with BHP, he led in the discovery of major iron-ore, nickel and zinc-lead deposits, which have contributed importantly to the economy of Australia. This reflection of the history of humanity is possible by intensive observational and numerical work of researchers on minor planets all over the world.


Named in honor of Charles Elachi, assistant laboratory director for Space Science and Instruments, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Broz specializes in numerical methods and the Yarkovsky effect, and he also teaches at The Observatory and Planetarium Hradec Králové. He gained the respect of his students by being a doer first and a teacher second, facts enhanced by his experience and desire to teach the latest technologies.


Kevin Young Xu (b. 1992) is a finalist in the 2010 Intel Science Talent Search (STS), a science competition for high school seniors, for his behavioral and social sciences project. The site was submerged by the damming of a river in 2000. Several of its members, including Isao Ebihara, Takeo Mori, Mineo Nishiyama, Kiichiro Hurukawa and Ichiro Hasegawa, made their first studies of the orbits of comets and minor planets.


Linda Weiland is zoning administrator of Cochise County, Arizona. He is also Morrisroe professor of physics and a vice president at the California Institute of Technology. Name endorsed by their many friends.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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