Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Erwan M. Mazarico (b. 1982) is a planetary scientist and a contributor to the modeling of the lunar gravity field from data obtained by the LOLA laser altimeter on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission and the dual spacecraft GRAIL mission. They double-cross each other, and everyone dies a violent death. Named in honor of Petr Nikolaevich Nesterov (1887-1914), the Russian airman who was the first to carry out a number of piloting maneuvers, among them the loop.


Named in honor of Sister Karen Skurat for mentoring a finalist in the 2001 Discovery Young Scientist Challenge (DYSC), a middle school science competition. Nanamagari no I, a well in Iriso, was designated as a cultural asset in 1949. His clever, benevolent, analytical series of telecasts `Vzglyad' (View), `Tema' (Subject) and `Chas pik' (Peak hour) were popular among millions of people. 10 he observed an aurora borealis in Montpellier. She teaches at the South Eugene High School, Eugene, Oregon.


Born in Texas, Frank Champion (1884-1917) was an aviator who flew to Japan in a wooden airplane. He attends the Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A. His parents, friends of one of the discoverers, constructed an astronomical observatory and donated its equipment to a company active in the popularization of astronomy.


Named in honor of the first famous Russian physicist and astronomer, Mikhail Vasilevich Lomonosov, 1711-1765. The abbey's museum exhibits precious historical instruments of J. Fraunhofer and G. F. Brander. She attends the Taipei First Girls High School, Taipei, Taiwan, Chinese Taipei.


Named in honor of academician Igor' Alekseevich Glebov (b. 1914), outstanding scientist in the field of electrical engineering and power engineering, since 1975 director of the Science Research Institute of Electric Machine Engineering in St. Petersburg. He owns the Schmidt camera with which this minor planet was discovered. She attends the Keystone Junior High School, San Antonio, Texas.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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