Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Francesco Sciannameo (b. 1941) is a professor of general surgery and head physician of the general surgery facility of the Terni hospital. He attends the Chengdu International School, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. She attends the Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, Tartu, Estonia.


Bobbi Olson (b. Roberta Rae Russell, 1935-2001) was wife of the University of Arizona basketball coach Lute Olson. A tireless and precise observer, he chronicled his observations on the Silk Road Astronomy website. Lori is a student at the Beech Grove Middle School, Beech Grove, Indiana. In the church can be found the oldest dated gravestone on the island, from the year 1200. He also directed gifted high-school students in observing and computing orbits for minor planets in the Summer Science Program at the Thacher School in Ojai. He attends the Central High School, Macon, Georgia, U.S.A.


The observatory at San Polo a Mosciano, a small town near Florence, is operated by the Associazione Astrofili Fiorentini. (b. 1992) and Kevin M. Martinez (b. 1989) are grandsons of the discoverer. Fond of astronomy, he offered technical support, notably concerning electronics, at the Colleverde Observatory.


Named in memory of the Spanish Captain Pedro de Valdivia (1502-1553), conqueror of Chile, who left Peru accompanied by seven soldiers, one Spanish woman and many Indians, to realize his dreams of being discoverer of new territories and governor of a country, of laying the foundations of new cities, and of mixing the Spanish and native races as the first step for a new identity. A hut at its eighth station has "Ginryosui", the only spring in the area. Noboru Matsuki (b. 1934) is an amateur astronomer who has accumulated a huge amount of observational data on sunspots since 1958.


Gaia Vettori (b. 1999) is the daughter of Vincenzo Vettori, an amateur astronomer in the Montelupo Group. Mt. Sakurajima, a famous active volcano, is in the center of Kinkowan. He developed the central-overlap and other astrometric reduction methods that greatly improve their rigor, increasing the precision of stellar parallaxes and proper motions and thus also of the distance scale of the universe.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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