EasyStar Time (1998)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Hex-and-Counter
Set Collection
Description LIAISONS - A game of imagination, mime and detection. However the pyramid has many traps and tricks, and lurking about is the Mummy who will not rest until all are dead. EasyStar is a 2-to-4-player tactical starship combat game that allows you great flexibility in designing your spaceships, without having to print out or erase worksheets for your ships every time you play. The rules are intended to form a new family of games, "backward compatible" with these games, and that is "fast, low to moderate complexity ...
Nice metal figures. I wish you could somehow get partial credit, like in real Rack-O scoring.
Light family game that can be frustrating. Luck plays a significant role. Now, I just discovered this game again and I can't play since all of the playing pieces were lost and what remains are the Rulebook, Complete 2-pc Gameboard (excellent condition), and the damaged Box.

Case the de in Module Days (1996)

Mechanic Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Hand Management
Description Rescue Gepetto from the whale in The Pinocchio Game by searching the village for a ladder. Treasures are awarded by completing tasks. Each turn the player turns over the hour glass, then turns over the first treasure card. With 4 action cards in hand per turn, you have seven turns in which to develop your domains by building various types of military, religious, and civil buildings. The sprint of the race is played on the velodrome (blue) part of the board and uses the aleatory record. Thanks to the watch makers' invention, and with enough money, you can make your two adventurer pawns travel in time… Because if the construction of certain buildings can be profitable, taking over domains on the various boards is essential, since it will allow you to earn bonuses on the 4th and 7th turns and to move ahead of your opponents.
I found this game very dull and boring. The only issue is that with one person on "deck duty," it can be harder to keep track of whose turn it is than if everyone rolled dice.
This is a nice little children's game. Tracked on family game list (grooven).
Http://www.sonic.net/~avmartin/games_played.htm#25674 After many games the luck factor introduced by dices is annoying for me. Sigh. Thank goodness for the illustrations! The need to consider placement carefully isn't helped by getting a completely new building hand at the end of each turn, so you can't really plan ahead.
This one looks like a good game, we just haven't played it enough to make a solid rating on it. Fun, but tricky. Both of these "fixes" address the most common complaint about Settlers: players getting screwed by frustratingly implausible die rolls (we've seen 12 get rolled four times in a row!). My rating may go up if I ever play with a faster group who flies by the seat of their pants a little more, but I can't see myself wanting to play again. This is the main reason why the game isn't good. The rules are detailed and clear and provide helpful examples.

This Batalhas (2004)

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Modular Board
Description This game from Glevum Games of Gloucester England is a simple roll (spin) and move game similar to many of the times. Each turn they roll their dice and arrange them into two sequences of three dice (with one re-roll to try to change unwanted dice into something else). The local government can't do anything about it; the rebel influence on their ruling council is strong enough to veto any action. The slowest player must give his dino card back... The game is intended to be educational mostly. There is combat, buying and selling items, and building the dungeon maze with cards.
Fun to play with the right company but pretty mindless really.
I made the deck and learned the rules, but I've never really had a chance to play this very seriously. Game is a combination of Yahtzee and the movie 'Ballroom Dancing'. (thrifted)

Three Quest macht of Words for Family Fun (2010)

Mechanic Memory
Pick-up and Deliver
Point to Point Movement
Description War Cry is a collectible card game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Universe. There are multiple rounds, with the number of cards dealt to each player increasing from 5 to 10 as the game goes along. Players draw and discard in turn until someone can spell a word using all but one of their cards. New pieces are generated and added to the game as the game progresses, and strategy and objectives dramatically change through the course of the game. The game has only 48 counters.
Played a couple of times, but didn't really thrill.
Esperaba mucho mas de el.
GenCon Indy 2004 acquisition. The artwork alone may make collectors alone desire it.
Five distinct rule sets included in the 1970's Gamut of Games version, with a distinctly saxon/viking motif to the production. Even with the additional "6" via a standing Stitch, the game seems to drag.

Hanet (1985)

Category Children's Game
Card Game
Mechanic Action Point Allowance System
Roll and Move
Set Collection
Description It’s pedal to the metal as this collector’s edition of the Monopoly game brings you all the tension, tirades, and triumphs - American Chopper style.
Should have spent that $20 on a good fajita platter and iced tea, with fried ice cream for dessert. Very thematic, which makes it accessible for young men.
This game is good for the 10-13 yr olds in our family, but not much there for adults. The game pieces are really quite nice, as is the artwork for each castle. I was underwhelmed.
Has some rule problems. As well, you must make smart choices as to when you need to rest to help your dogs regain their strength or pick up action point chips which allow you to get around some of the rules. The little castles are cool though. However, the artwork for the castles is awesome. 2006/08/20

Bean (2000)

Category Educational
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description An old crossword card game from the 30s, I was given my copy of Kan-U-Go in 1975. This heroes are the crew of the Star Trash, the worst element of the planet. Motion scanners show nothing; torches illuminate the dank corridor casting long shadows. First Matanikau is the Marines attempt to secure Matanikau Village shortly after their landing on Guadalcanal. Similar to Mia. If a player lands on an occupied space, he can throw out the other chip. Explorer counters are simply taken out of the game. Some units are able to use magic.
I was born in 1970, so this seemed like it would be fun.
The trivia is interesting, but the game itself is lacking. Plenty of bluffing, a bit of luck of the draw, and enough tactics that you feel accomplished when you win. The board is smaller than usual also allowing you to jump from pie slice attempt to pie slice attempt on a single roll. Is it just me or do you think the initials of this game being TP means something?

Djinn's Game (2011)

Category Children's Game
Mechanic Roll and Move
Description Four distinct games showcase different ways to uncover animal pairs. MBI won’t let their mistakes haunt them any longer. These packs introduce new units to the game, along with the Specialist and Weapon summary cards necessary to field them. Stacks of cards and tiles indicate the dietary DNA of your species, giving it adaptations such as long necks for browsing. Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation has also been the object of an extended edition (see Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (Deluxe Edition)) comprising the original characters and a full set of new characters.
Great fun -- I've played countless times and the variable player powers and card play still make for an excellent game! On the other hand Dwarves playing bagpipes is a bit strange... We played with the pikemen and the bagpipers. Single. If they come out with Irish Gnomes I am going to write them a such a nasty letter. And that's an original. I can forgive that, along with the flimsy player sheets (coming from the thick cardboard player boards from Ubongo it is a bit of a disappointment.) What I cannot forgive is the pieces not fitting together.
Some nice ideas: 2 against 4. Hard core strategists need not apply. An asymetrical game, and a true gem for Knizia's crown.

Dan Glider de Trivia (2010)

Category Sports
Children's Game
Mechanic Hand Management
Variable Player Powers
Worker Placement
Description American Football game. This version of Uno includes a special card/rule which does not correlate to any card found in regular Uno, the "Justice" card. The merry trunk gang consists of seven multicolored piglets, who love nothing more than running through the meadows - on roads, which are so narrow that they cannot pass the other pigs - except, if they stand on top of one another! The deck includes 24 cards of 5 different types (Alien Actions, Merchants from Outer Space, Alien Artifacts, Alien Events, and Alien Occupations).
I may never play it. Has some aspects that kids like, like the revolving paintings on the wall to hide secret passages. It actually might take one to fund the other.
I received this as a 'consolation prize' for being stuffed around with the pre-order process in Australia.
See Agricola. Nice components, simple gamerules and simple gameplay. Usually is better "strategic" combat system. The you get to the really good bit, stacking the pigs. If you are stacked on top of somebody else and they have their go, you get a free ride.

MMA Arche Murder: Pony of Winter (1995)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Point to Point Movement
Simultaneous Action Selection
Description The card game loosely based on the board game Auf Achse. Plays like the popular "How to Host a Murder" series. This particular edition is "Dead of Winter." Contents: The cards are compared and a die is rolled to indicate the various outcomes. A stack can capture only equal size or smaller stacks. When the kilometer counter (center cards) reaches a certain limit (depending on the number of players) the stage is over. The winds that night howled across the mountains and through the trees as the snowstorm descended upon the lodge.
Strong and thematic game which lulls you into a false sense of security before trying to brutally finish of your climbers. Fun if you like those kinds of games, stressful if you prefer time to sit and think about your play. It works, but the English translation is clumsy, possibly from a clumsy rules set anyway.
This game is great - I can see why it was so sought after last Essen.
+ 2011.12 That clever long range capture on your first few turns doesn't seem so clever now. The rule compelling you to move forward, except when capturing, adds spice and an equal amount of frustration to the game as once you go over the edge your pieces are lost for good. In this case, how much oxygen your lung get. Cada escalador tiene un marcador de "salud" que se debe mantener en positivo para evitar que el escalador muera. As a result, you might be forced to climb down to stay alive and get a hand full of condition cards by the end, so no option to climb up again. Certainly there should be deliciously tough decisions to make every game.

Bastogne: Ho Desperate Game for Game Century Border Reivers (2003)

Category Children's Game
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Dice Rolling
Pattern Recognition
Description The game consists of 55 cards. The initial onslaught of the Germans' Ardennes offensive, in December 1944, overran numerous US positions all along the front line, though the Germans simply bypassed other stubbornly defended locations so as to maintain their momentum. Gameplay consists of numerous dice challenges that take place when two drivers meet on the same play square of the board; the loser forfeits a piece of their car (represented by puzzle pieces). The first player to manage this wins the game.
Surprisng simulation-like elements for a game that old! Too much luck for a good economy game.
3rd ? Francesa - 2008)
Ding dung..............move along little dogie! Belongs to my dad. If it lasted ~30 mins, then I'd enjoy it a lot more.

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