Crypt: Pile FILE (2004)

Mechanic Modular Board
Tile Placement
Description Each player secretly chooses 24 “Missiles” (pyramids), eight of each size, and combines them into a Battery of eight “Missile Silos” (stacks of pyramids). As miners, they are in a mine, hunting for gold. Each player selects a character card secretly before the beginning of the game, which will affect which action pieces that the player will be most effective with, determines the minimum and maximum number of action pieces that the player must play with, and describes any special abilities of the character.
This is a pretty simple game but you can have allot of fun with it. Can't wait to try it with a bunch, should be lots of crazy fun. Nice and portable. I'd play it again, though, especially with fewer players, just to see. But there again, players have to read whether someone else's first movements are a subterfuge or for real. There are red special cards to stop players from playing path cards and green ones to 'free' player so that they can continue playing path cards. Good points: Easy to learn and fun to play. [GTI Code: TGCL] Almost all the players wishes to be the saboteurs. Because nobody knows who are the dwarves or the saboteurs, making the table conversation very interesting.
A small, unassuming game that doesn't ask for much of your time or your brain and yet is still very amusing. Quite fun with the right group, moreso because of the group interactions than the actual gameplay. One party consists of good dwarves trying to dig for gold when the other party of saboteurs is trying to prevent them from reaching the gold. Pretty cool little game! Great theme that fist perfectly, dwarves digging for gold, and someone gets to be the saboteur. Ooops! A lot of fun for a little money. [GTI Code: TGCL] Fun, fun, fun game. Because nobody knows who are the dwarves or the saboteurs, making the table conversation very interesting.
It's really nice to have a game which handles up to 10 players, but our plays so far have not been that great. Team play and cooperation in a dangerous mine shaft. Hopefully, more play will reveal the play balance and be more fun. After several hands the player with the most gold wins.

Twilight Switzerland und Pares Spiel (2010)

Category Card Game
Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description Simple boardgame where players race against each other in old cars race tournament. Each player receives the same quantity of wooden disks of a colour and a face down pile of cardboard tiles with positive and negative values. On your turn, you can either place one of your wooden disks on the gameboard, or draw one of the face down tiles, display its value to your opponents and place it face down on the gameboard. Re-published 1982 and 1991. The value of the stars is given by each player from 1 to 20.
A classic from my childhood. But it is fun, and thinking and remembering can win the game, lose your attention and your out. I've only played with 2 and 3 players. In playing, it wasn't nearly so bad. Alternate victory point scoring lets players develop their own strategies, but at the cost of conflict and player interaction. This is a great game and should be in everyones collection. And you don't want to waste resources gathering more of something than a victory condition requires.
Donation from Nancy A Martira - May 2011 The variable victory conditions give the game some added replay value. I actually prefer this one to its Austrian cousin, since I think the map offers a few more options. I love that you can decide the length of the game before starting.
Average Euro snooze-fest.

Madeline at Pins Flucht House (1930)

Category Children's Game
Mechanic Set Collection
Description Each player begins the game with a set of tiles. It involves a pendulum fashioned from a stick with two jujubes balanced upon a tripod made of another half a jujube and three sticks. You can use Nitroglicerina to pick up as many stones from the mine as you desire all at once, but you will keep all Foul's Gold that came with it. The player whose score is closer to $1,000 without going over is the winner. In the Evil Deck, the card types are: Doctor Evil, Hench Men, Evil Equipment, Diabolical Schemes, and One Liners.
Birthday '09.

Nirrer's (1981)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Route/Network Building
Description Spanish cycling game about the Tour de France produced at the end of the 1950's with artwork by Lizarraga. A game about creating election districts which are designed to favor one party or another. What a party generally wants to do is to create districts in which it has a slight majority of voters in a lot of districts, and an overwhelming minority in a few. A commando attack? This is truly a war on all fronts in which the enemy can appear at any time, from anywhere - especially from above! Players use a somewhat DdW method to start and expand the size of districts until it contains 7 precincts, at which time the district is "defined" and one player scores.
Great train game.
Ice Lake is the only ice skating board game I’ve ever played or heard of. Unfortunately, I haven't opened the box in a decade, but I see it up on the shelf.

Indian Ears (2005)

Category Educational
Movies/TV/Radio theme
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description Done by the creators of the Farming Game, this takes their wonderful concept to a new level! Players place cards on one of three piles, adding a card that is exactly one more or less than the top card of the destination pile. Whether you watch wrestling on television, or attend local wrestling events, this game will test your wrestling knowledge to the fullest in a fun and creative way. Players win when they make $1,500,000. Otherwise the player must take an entire pile of cards into his hand.
Am I to much into children's games nowadays?
A hard and very different dexterity game.
KSDJ 2001
Clever little game.

Blutie (2010)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Area Movement
Point to Point Movement
Roll and Move
Description Play the role of Captain Robert Heriot Barclay, veteran of Trafalgar and commandant of His Majesty's naval forces on lake Erie. Play your own tabletop soccer match. Black Sam took the map with him to his watery grave – but perhaps the surviving navigator can help to find the treasure by locating the exact position of the islands.
Obtained in B&N's 75% sale; Have a wooden box version with plastic tiles.
I'm a bit surprised at other peoples' reservations about this one.
Spiel 2010 Essen.
Are you kidding me?

Kunterbunte Your Labora France del de los golpistas (1984)

Mechanic Co-operative Play
Dice Rolling
Modular Board
Description The baby chicks have flown the coop! To win HeroZero you race to beat your opponent by collecting a complete set of cards. Chance, pants, romance, lance) within 30 seconds. Each turn you will have 3 actions but with any luck Gramma or your favorite Aunt will show up and lend a hand. Players must supply two different colored dice and a meter stick.
I didnt think I would like this game because you had to draw the roads and bridges. Fairly decent brain burner, runs long, but intensely involving and very interactive, both in terms of implicit board positions and explicit negotiation. There is no way I'd be able to play this with others face to face. Grrr.
Deeply engrossing, thrillingly calculatory, and endlessly perfectable.
Played solitaire with really great fun. That said, it seems like a fun game for those of us that like 'puzzle/logic games'. Especially considering how much I love civ builder games. The nice thing about this game is that you can easily play it solitaire. I get the distinct impression that it is ultimately not really possible for either player to win.

Kassala Memo (1987)

Category Card Game
Children's Game
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Card Drafting
Roll and Move
Description How to conduct a campaign when wargaming with miniature figures; how to form a club; campaigning through the ages. Once again, unsuspecting vacationers begin disappearing in the waters off the small resort of Amity, and also further up the sun-drenched coast. Will you be able to see through their bluffs or will you get stuck with a soggy old boot? Each player takes on the role of a desperate mayor, managing a small seaside town in the midst of a blood-soaked crisis, fending off an unknown number of Great White sharks.
This one is good. I like games with a memory mechanic, but there are better things I can think of playing. Great.
An enjoyable game in which Schacht balances production engine building (the crates that give you more of everything when a merchant stops by are really critical) against short-term gains. Lots of randomness involved.
An OK game, combining nice mechanics. Absolutely perfect implementation of perverse, morbid theme and horror movie homage. Middleweight strategy that isn't exactly like anything else I've played.
Simple game about picking which face-down fish card to take from your opponents. Lots of randomness involved. Played twice and enjoyed. He loves it.

Tribbles Robertson's (1970)

Mechanic Variable Player Powers
Description A self-contained spin-off of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game from Decipher, Tribbles is a fairly straightforward card game where you are trying to empty your 7 card hand in order to score points ("tribbles") that you have been able to play. Each player controls a miniature hobo (from now on referred to as a meebo). You move faster than they do (except for the dogs), and have one whole bullet available, but the undead keep popping up all over the board. To find work. When placing a follower on a tile, the player may also place his phantom as an additional follower on the same tile.
More fun than scrabble.

Buxeeo (2005)

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Memory
Set Collection
Description Based off the anime/manga Fortune Quest, this game plays very similar to Talisman. The goal is to have the largest group on the board when the game ends and the board is full. You score five points for guessing after one clue and it declines to one point if all five clues are read. There's a tricky balance: you need to connect your groups together to advance toward the goal, but you can't connect them too much or else you won't be able to place as many stones as your opponent. 2nd Place 1989 Hippodice Spieleautorenwettbewerb.
A randomly drawn tic-tac-toe type game.
Thrifted. Players take turns placing candy camels on the board, scoring points.

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