Tufemand (1986)

Category Abstract Strategy
Action / Dexterity
Party Game
Mechanic Acting
Commodity Speculation
Dice Rolling
Description Pagota is the sequel to the award-winning stacking game, Rukshuk. Players build war canoes and train warriors (including the elite Royal Guard) to create a force to strike at their adversaries, while protecting or even fortifying their home village. With this playful game she wants to teach YOU some clever tricks. In the game which uses the CD, one's CD player is put into random mode and players must be the first to grab the animal who matches the sound. Winner of the game is the player whose smugglers reach their hiding places with the highest total number of goods.
If you are REALLY into movies this ones is for you.
Although not the best of these six scenario's, it's ok to play.
If you are REALLY into movies this ones is for you.

Ihletti (2007)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Hand Management
Description Approx. Anomia: [uh-NO-mee-uh] - Noun - 1) A problem with word finding or recall. 2nd Place 1990 Hippodice Spieleautorenwettbewerb. The comic of Philippe Buchet and Jean David Morvan.
Pretty good game. The wild cards in the center add another dimension to the game as it's all too easy to forget about their presence right up to the point that your opponent makes you pay for that omission.
I just made my own with the old kites and valentines trick. It works though, and it's fun to play.
Very average, which is actually an expression I use to mean worse than average. The lemming pawns are cute. No need to play. A simple game to fill a few minutes quite pleasantly.

Mysteries Ike's (2009)

Category Children's Game
Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Area Enclosure
Dice Rolling
Description Qiddle is a redesign of The Royal Game of Ur, with a design goal of adding meaning to the spaces while altering the layout of the spaces. It pits player against player against player against player. Designed for a women-only setting. Help the farmer to catch his stray animals. The coveted place on the big wooden gondola will earn victory points anytime a district is build alongside the Canale Grande. It is not legal to close off an area. - red (heroes), Each player has a supply of 5 action cards and chooses one each round without showing it to the other players.
Needs more play. The game itself is 'okay', showing it's age a bit now and the components don't help - you can see what flood tiles are coming up by looking at the edges (we put them in a bag).

Quest vs Card 1939-1945: Winter (2010)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Simulation
Simultaneous Action Selection
Description The game is named after the Swedish version of the Eurovision song contest. The bombs have various effects hidden on their base. Historically the campaign lasted for 105 days, but will you as the Finnish side be able to last that long, or maybe longer? The game can last up to 16 turns (Dec. Gettysburg: Badges of Courage features a Brigade level order of battle with historical units and leaders. How much anguish can one people endure under such cruelty? Second, if you ended up or started on a bomb, test (with a special die) to see if it blows up.
German version -- completely different (Pachisi type) game! Best played with 4.

FITS Wars International Lemlican Vol. Card RPG Spaces II: Cadmea (1998)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Simultaneous Action Selection
Description The Cards with letters on them are dealt on the table. When they check on her later, she's found in a pool of blood. At the end of each turn an event card takes effect, giving points to officeholders, allowing free building, or causing some other occurrence. And be sure to work efficiently - your boss, Eugene H.
Mint condition, unopened box. Then this is the game for you. There is nothing, NOTHING on the box that would indicate that you are buying 52 cards in 4 suits with ranks from ace to king. Continue, working your wa...y up the production tree. The rest is better ignored. The game was fairly tight to the end (players had 0, 2, and 4 cubes remaining), but I can't help but think that the game would work better with a larger deck of cards (IE, 2 decks), and perhaps a smaller number of cubes to attain victory.


Category Card Game
Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Memory
Stock Holding
Description This game is based on a 7 by 8 grid made to look like a football pitch. The Forces of Good", Ral Partha's first installment in a throat-clutching trilogy of horror. Players move numbered pieces on a square grid and attempt to capture the opponent's pieces. The game is played on a chess board or other 8x8 grid. B) a set and a run, or. C) an unbroken run of 6 or 7 cards, Can also be played and bought online at www.cirondo.com . An accompanying booklet explains the expert's recommendation. 50 x 70cm-size map.
No tuckboxes needed. Interesting mechanism. There's not much of a game here, but it's an interesting relic of the time.
Good family game, the instructions are almost useless though. To do well in it, you need to be aware of other players' position, money, and cards left.

JAMES Rails (1983)

Category Economic
Children's Game
Mechanic Hand Management
Description Latador is a game designed by Magnús Scheving, based on his play Latibær (which later became a cartoon show called Lazytown.) In Latador the player rolls a die and goes along the track and he has to follow the instructions on each step he lands on, healthy lifestyle and dexterity helps you win the game. As with several of his more recent games, this game takes place on a much smaller map than the traditional games in the series, so small in fact, that it is limited to only 2 players.
This game is flawed and desperately needs house-rule fixes. A bit luck-drawn but fun to play.
An electronic calculator replaces dice, players move their own pawn zero to three board spaces each turn based on the display. So thats fun. You need a lot of luck. Not at all on the same level as wallenstein.
Too much card luck here for me.
This reminds me of a cross between Eisenbach Gap and Command & Colors - fast, furious, fun. It was only a couple bucks to get the page laminated.

Astron Pferd von Rhodes (1954)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Tile Placement
Description Hungarian expansion to the well-known party game Activity where you have to describe words verbal, pantomimic or by drawing. Crash as crash can... Protecting innocent lives is all that matters to him. * Two decks of poker cards, ideally with identical backs.
Nice bits.
This is one of the awesomely epic 18XX. It also has a neat plastic horse, but it's still not very interesting. Some just don't make sense for how to resolve hits. The mechanics are fun and I love the scoring system - basically you can do well even if you aren't in a position to go after your first goal of matching your pawns to the spectrum. . A perfect example of a game in the sixes that I still enjoy playing. 2007/03/06 It seems a tab simple for what it is, but it's light enough to play whenever she asks to. There's too much decision path to be made, and lots of mistakes can be corrected if you do the right thing. At times it can be a bit tit-for-tat, and it's probably decided when a player finally fails to draw a card that blocks the upcoming game-winning move from the opponent (those that alter the spectrum, and those that allow you to swap a pawn with an opponent). 6-8 hours is clearly the correct time. It's seductive, and does make friends from many ages and abilities very easily. The designer reminds people to play the, what became, "swap end-pawns" cards how he originally intended it instead: move one pawn to the other side and nudge all others one step across.
I'm usually not a fan of abstract games, but this one really grabbed me.

The On Game Bear (1971)

Category Educational
Movies/TV/Radio theme
Mechanic Roll and Move
Set Collection
Description In each round, team members try to guess as many cards as they can before time runs out. This game is designed to show how one rodeos, starting from the amateur right up to the pro circuit and through to the finals. After this the players receive a number of character traits and outfits. Each artwork requires money and resources to complete. (play the correct cards). Game board. When Zooloretto was released everyone asked for him. Home Page: http://www.woodspyramidgame.com/ Expands: Zooloretto. The second of two volumes on the Clans, Field Manual: Warden Clans describes the Defenders of Kerensky's Vision: Clans Cloud Cobra, Coyote, Diamond Shark, Ghost Bear, Goliath Scorpion, Snow Raven and Steel Viper.
Espace jeux fev. Several small impact extensions add spice without hurting the game. Plus the polar bear. The game takes up a lot of room to play: at least 2 normal game tables - be warned.
A very small expansion that really don't do anything. Plus, the die roll doesn't serve any good purpose here, other than to randomly give or take a point or two along the way.
It is OK. Not necessary, but not something which hurts the game.

Cross-City Angers (2007)

Category Trivia
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description Part of the Munchkin series. Each faction has its own deck of cards, buildings, upgrades, attacks, special powers, and a screen behind which a player will play cards. Your opponents do not know what you are building. It may sound easy, but the greedy miners have several tricks up their sleeves in order to gain an advantage—including sneaking through secret passages, fighting for gold, and scaring away other miners with bats.
A very solid game. If you get a chance try it. Definitely a kids game, but this is a truly amazing game for children (probably boys) of a certain age.
A fun mini-brainburner. Pretty much roll and move and a bit of take that which aren`t my things at all but the bits are awesome!

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