Lanterloo Dominoes #11: Board Trivia Anything (1660)

Category Children's Game
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Set Collection
Description A lively game that takes the players upstairs, downstairs and all through the house. The players are dealt 3 or 5 cards.
Present of our kids who like this still. My children loved it when they were abot 4-5 years.
Not that much luck as a dice rolling game could be. Nothing for gamers. Thnak you.
A nice issue from LFT, especially the last scenario (And Then They Landed), a hard and small but AWESOME. Brings back pure nostalgia. Rating goes to the translation.

Double Draughts (2010)

Category Wargame
Card Game
World War II
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description Disks bearing the numbers 1 through 48 and a green selection disk are shuffled and placed in an irregularly-shaped grid. The 3 ??? The play of Pirogue will be challenging play and good fun for gamers who enjoy games such as Tichu, Sticheln, Pinochle, Mü & Mehr, Spades, or Oh Hell! The game will also be a great companion for sportsmen who want to play a card game which couples concentration and skill with the same sense of anticipation and suspense found in a real big game fishing tournament. Originally published in Japanese in Game Journal Magazine #4 as Struggle of Army Group Manstein, A Victory Lost starts with the Russian offensive Operation Saturn and continuing through van Manstein's famous "backhand blow".
Not a bad game, just a bit too simplistic for my taste.

Scertsik ()

Category Fighting
Mechanic Paper-and-Pencil
Description The Reich Troop Pack for Tannhäuser includes two additional Schocktruppen and Stossstruppen figures. Ultimate Rummy is a card game that consists of five or ten progressive hands. The perilous Trial of Kingship awaits you! Then you will blast into space and visit the Earth-orbiting Japanese VSOP Radio Telescope (launched in 1997) and Russia's RadioAstron telescope (not yet launched).
Great for kids.
Have not played it yet, but I think it plays just like Bloody Kasserine. Rating is partially sentimental but also it's pretty competitive and always you must be on your feet in the figurative sense.
We played this a lot.

Bonk! Extension (2009)

Category Economic
Children's Game
Mechanic Simulation
Description With a bit of luck from the dice five beads can be threaded onto the string so that the caterpillar quickly reaches the apple and may eat as much as it wants. A threading and dice game with wooden game board for 2 - 4 players. 4 Yellow Tiles: 58 (2), 198 (1), 199 (1) All trivia questions concerning Belgium. Odd Man and Even Stan. It's difficult and dangerous job, on way awaits them a lot of surprises and bad ambushes. + Who was the first Belgian to walk on the moon? + Which famous statue has more than 600 different costumes?
Fun party game which is essentially charades played on paper. I always have fun when we play this. Other than that, not so good for "graphically challenged" perfectionists like myself. This game rates highly not only because it is fun and I enjoy playing it, but because it based on such a strong basic idea. Editions. After some time game will need new cards, which sadly in Croatia there is no any expansion on market. It's high on our playing schedule. There are other party games that I would rather play, and I doubt that I will be picking up a copy to play at home with my family.
Very underrated. Until I claimed the game from my parents' closet, the most recent of those was more than 20 years ago.

Don't It Game (1987)

Mechanic Roll and Move
Description From the back: They can take up cards with certain pictures on the corresponding squares of the board. What every visitor remembers fondly and residents cherish has been re-created on a 30” x 30” game board of Carmel streets and buildings nestled among the pines. Players draw illustrated cards with the names of businesses where they must go to make specific purchases.
A strange game and I don't like the dwarfes. Odd combination of trick-taking and rummy.

Charkli (1974)

Category Card Game
Children's Game
Mechanic Area Enclosure
Co-operative Play
Description This fantasy-themed miniatures wargame is set on a hexagonal map with dimensions of 5X7 hexes with special 2 hexes marked as "castles". You have some orders to fill and buy the products to fishers via an auction. Player may reinforce their armies by purchasing additional units during the game process. Forged in the fires of the General War: If he fails to do that, he will lose that many points. - Heavy War Destroyers: Modular multi-missions ships that could serve as carriers, scouts, commando ships, escorts, of versatile light cruisers.
Inoffensive push-you-luck. The push your luck aspect is fun, though.

Who? Passport Generation Lost (1995)

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Area Movement
Dice Rolling
Description A typical small Sid Sackson game. WAR OF THE AGES takes a quantum leap toward the chaos and derangement of warfare! As well as providing a comprehensive set of rules to recreate the battles of the period, Gangland also contains five introductory scenarios, illustrating the depth of the background in which these rules are set: The offensive was meant to inflict staggering casualties upon the defenders that would compel the Allies to negotiate. The first team to successfully guess 8 charades wins.
Good to play with young children, but that's it! Good morale but no C&C to speak of.
Icehouse. I may be willing to trade for a copy.

Save Logs Volume Compendium (1974)

Mechanic Chit-Pull System
Dice Rolling
Description From The Rules: In the beginner's game, after rolling a single die for the serve, players alternate rolling a pair of dice to get one of 21 possibilities for their shot, continuing until one is missed. In the advanced game, court position is taken into account, and players each get a special weakness card, but all the action is still driven by the dice. Players earn letters of the Game Word by rolling the die, correctly answering a question drawn from the level of difficulty equal to the die's value (i.e., Levels I, II, III, IV, V, or VI), and moving along the alphabetized playing track.
Definitely a party game, for word/vocab freaks (like me)
Sort of like Trivial Pursuit if all the questions are in the Literature category. Bluish box version. Finally got a set and I love it! Thank you!) but a fine board it is!
This is not a terrible game, but it really is not my cup of tea. Lucky, but barely. It cost me an arm and a leg (Well my partner and my mother...
-See Advanced Squad Leader -Played 3 scenario(s) from this pack. Once played a bunch of times, and the cards combinations are memorized, there is not a lot left that makes it fun. Both Carrom and Crokinole deserve a 10 from me. If you like word games, it might also be a big hit with you.

Tomb Force: Numbers Ungdom (2006)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Co-operative Play
Description “2 Armies of Wind-up toys duke it out. Numbers is a childrens game for Ages 3 - 6.
It's not a bad dungeon crawl CCG.
{card; trick-taking, betting; optimal 4p} Move along, hope you roll well.
Three quest decks, in shrink.
It's not a bad dungeon crawl CCG. I buy all these CCG's just to get a look at the Mechanics so I can reuse them in my own designs.

Pomorze Aladdin's (2003)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Card Drafting
Pattern Building
Description From the box: The object is to collect the most Jem and Jessica heart pieces. Game comes with a plastic police car, 5 policemen, a cardboard town complete with police station and 3 spinners which determine what happens during the game. The team which captures most of the other teams' pieces is the winner. To choose a winner the game should be played twice - giving opportunity for players to try each side.
Preordered. I don't mind some memory in a game, but I need something else or the game just isn't interesting. Got in 2008 2008 Plays = 5 Regarding the game play, it's quite interactive due to the card play and the helping hand. Memorising what's come up improves your chances as well. There is still certain planning for the game (esp. Hand management): players can manage their hands to build a better suit for later rounds in order to score. The timing to pass and whom to give the helping hand are tricky. Players will steal points, or jump in and replace a helper token with their own. For 6-8p, there are 42 cards dealt. And if these cards aren't mean enough, there's one card that essentially says "If I can't win this round, no one can!" Controls are much better than 4 or 5p.
Not yet played. Typical war game - hundreds of counters.
Damn....need save cash...need japanese anime games from this dude....damn need lots of cash....need....still he ahve nice price I think^.^"
Bought it for the kids and enjoyed it with them .... I mean it even says "Fantasy Flight TOYS" on the box! On the list for sure.

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