High Mania (1964)

Category Wargame
Science Fiction
Mechanic Commodity Speculation
Hand Management
Description Mermaid Beach, a card game created by an eight-year-old, plays somewhat like a take-that version of Go Fish. One of 6 map sets released by FASA to expand the available terrain for BattleTech, BattleForce and CityTech, and one of three map sets to be released in the FASA 1991 product line. A deck of shell cards – with cards worth 1-4 points and starfish action cards – is shuffled and placed on the table.
Another rummy variant with trains as the theme.
Great game for the family.
Fun time capsule of the year 2000 in the form of a Monopoly game.

Switch Gunyuden

Category Card Game
Children's Game
Mechanic Betting/Wagering
Point to Point Movement
Roll and Move
Description The Game of Subtraction, Strategy and Fun! Before gameplay you have to fix two metal arcs into the gameboard so that they cross at the centre of the board.
I saw this game at a party and loved it! The vector movement is an interesting touch.

Beat the Game (2005)

Category Card Game
Party Game
Mechanic Action Point Allowance System
Simultaneous Action Selection
Variable Phase Order
Description Players roll a dice and move around a board with variable options to collect, buy and sell stocks, bonds and futures. Fun for all ages." White Star, Blue Sky recreates daylight aerial combat in the European Theater in World War II. The game comes with inventory and stock portfolio cards, a series of dice that change the market values and various other game manipulating cards that are used during the course of the game. Matches can be ANY two-word proper name (person, place or thing) agreed to by the group (including songs, movies, friends, etc.).
Really great game. Not sure what the going price for this is but it seemed like a fair price. Nice production values, but sad game play.
Nice production value. The basic form of the game is easy and child friendly. Now that I have the Wood Box Edition I think I will sell this game. Playing with the various types of horses is essential for best fun.
Got a pretty good deal off ebay.
Deluxe Edition.

Company BMM Worcester (2010)

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Card Drafting
Description Chess-like game played on a 9 x 11 hourglass shaped board. The game uses an area map, platoon level units, machine guns, tanks, booby traps, minefield, and so on.
Great! It will be quite good when played with children. 1, 2, 3, Go!" What I love in Ubongo is the scoring system: everybody who finished gets something. The first player to finish only gets slightly better gems. I would almost always prefer some other version, even just a few boards.
(2-4) - 30 Min. I liked in Ubongo how the fastest solver wasn't always a (clear) winner. This is good if, like me, you like Ubongo.

Jondheso (2008)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Hex-and-Counter
Description From the box: "A challenging game for children, and a bingo game for adults." Willie's going to pop, but we don't know when. Tiles can be placed at the top or right side only when they contain more components than the last tile; at the bottom or left side only when they contain less.
Very limited to what you can actually do with a bit of dice rolling luck thrown in for good measure. Haven't played it. I must admit all the dice rolling really put me off.

The Mediterranean Things No.3 My Ten Rome I (1987)

Category Children's Game
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description From the back cover: Players move around a track answering dinosaur trivia questions and collecting dinosaur-shaped puzzle pieces. Along the way each player must collect cards (the ten commandments) in order to advance. While Quintus Fabius became known as The Delayer for avoiding battle with Hannibal, Marcus Claudius Marcellus became known as The Sword of Rome for his battles with Hannibal which resulted in draws. This module highlights Marcellus's battles. Run heats, a consolation and a main event.
Another L'Attaque-style game, but not a bad one. My son likes it, I'd rather play LOTR:The Confrontation. The Generals rule. I actually prefer this variant to classic Stratego, but the requirement of a third person is a drawback to getting the game going. I imagine that inspite of all the advances in computer technology in the last 30 years, there hasn't been an automated 'referee' produced for any stratego edition since, which forces one to question - how far have we really advanced? The Generals - 1980 is my future!
Stratego w/ an electronic judge.
I have a 1972 version from the Philippines, given to me by a friend.

Watch Out (2008)

Category Racing
Mechanic Hand Management
Tile Placement
Description SWEEP!
Edition: Face 2 Face (I'm the Boss)
This has been a fun game to play. I like the kick start the class cards provide. The downside is that it's extremely tactical and you can't do a lot of planning. In fact, the only interaction you have with it is winding the top and then watching it go once you've yanked the cord. Most of the screwing over happened because someone had the right card to sabotage a deal and not because someone was playing favorites or because someone got lied to.
I played a lot of times this game, quite more than Cry Havoc. Seems too easy to play favorites and those that are less loud and boisterous will lose. Thrift, $1.50. Includes 7 scenarios.
Rating after one play. Quite liked it.

Klondike: Traumschiff Time War and Arrow (1996)

Category Educational
Expansion for Base-game
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Roll and Move
Description Doom Cubes is a collectable expansion to Dicemaster: Cities of Doom. A home made card game based on the classic Japanese card game "monk flip". With a result of five in the second die the person questioning chooses one of the four, and with a six you move to the next space of the board, and your turn ends. If the player answers correctly, he/she has another move; if not, he/she has to try again next turn. EP20: Across the Wire. Options are included for both solitaire and 2-player games.
Oooh, how does this compare to Shogun? Cool dice tower and neat nearly simultaneous planning mechanism.
The Cat's Pyjamas! A friend and I really enjoyed this one and never found the game to be out of balance. Just made me work harder in other areas to eventually win.
Game play was not very good, but man the dice were cool. And, it's not a wargame. I highly recommend picking up a few boxes and trying them out if you like Dicemaster. Wouldn't even buy it as bargain.

EuroTrip Interception (2010)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Pattern Building
Description Solitaire game of German Zeppelin operations in WWI that plays like a really sophisticated side-scrolling arcade game. Occasionally he gets the color mixed up. All of the dice charts have to do with offensive play calls. In fact it has quite a tactical system, the rules are quite simple but don't depend on luck. Score points at the end of the game for the biggest and most widespread populations - score double for your HIDDEN AGENDA, or any DISCOVERY cards you hold. Score points during the game for cards played which 'help' the Neutral(s) and other players' populations (in various wicked ways!).
Free Print & Play abstract strategy game played with a cluster of objects (usually).
I tried to play this one and couldnt get through the directions. The multiplying population and the drive into space gives an interesting backdrop which the mechanics don't quite live up to, though I'd need to play again to check that conclusion.

Catherine Dynasty of Darkness (2004)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Memory
Tile Placement
Description Published in Strategy & Tactics magazine #232. From the publisher: CATHERINE THE GREAT is a purposed-designed solitaire wargame of the expansion of the Russian Empire under Empress Catherine II (1762-96). From MNG-AJM Games Catalog 2005: Players purchase shops and then enhance them and buy more shops as the game goes on. Championships are resolved by each player rolling as many dice as they have "superstars" in the currently-active sport (which of course also moves the game into the next "season").
2 player may have a potential run away leader problem. Boring, over complex, hideous art, poor theme. Two other players got to make 1 move with last two players managing 2 and 3 turns. It adds 15 to 30 minutes to the length of the game, but it also adds to the enjoyment. This game had some intense games and people always wanted to go back to it (except my sister who didn't like the intensity of it at times). Well, rather, almost good, let's just say this has a good heart.
Just acquired 9/2008. Similar in some respects to Hamsterrolle but with a nautical theme.
Send the daleks round the board on a shopping spree...

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