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: Woo, lots of stuff has been happening.

I went home for the weekend. My mother made me grade spelling tests and write quizzes for little Isaac Asimov-narrated films about the earth and the moon. That was a dirty trick.

Then we went shopping and snarfed all the marked-down Halloween candy. I got 440 Pixie Stix. Numnumnumnumnum.

I have midterms next week. I also have to work and work on this dull benefit data entry program.

I lost my absentee ballot puncher thing, so I punched my ballot with my logic probe.

That Microsoft memo thing blows my mind. Well, I guess it doesn't. Actually I'm not really surprised at all. Oh well. Back to work.

: The EQ Pegasi signal is bogus.

: Everything looks so cosmic! I am made of ice! Voting results are coming in! You think that just because I am Mexican you can take advantage of me, but I am no fool! The bad news? It's the final season! Ow, my pituitary gland!

You can probably tell that I just updated the intro text.

Vader: Where are the plans you were given?

Curly: [begins dancing wildly] Woob woob woob woob woob! Ruuuuh ruuuuuh ruuuuuh!

Moe: What are you doing?

Curly: Eeeh, I'm givin' him the plans!

Moe: That's not how you give him the plans, you lunkhead!


: Hey, I just made a face on the command line:

cp *_* ~/crummy/mail/

This also means that all the old mail messages from the old Leonard's Yummy homepage are in the mail/ directory now. I still need to write the automatic header-reader and menu-generator.

: It's back. Deal with it.

I should probably go to sleep.

: I finally got ADSM working on gogol. I actually had it working a while ago, but I never restarted the daemon. We are now automatically being backed up. Whee.

I think I might switch to Debian. gogol uses it, and I like it better than Red Hat.

: I stayed up late last night to work on my CS homework (still working on it), and the NPR DJ guy was talking about how on his way to work he hit a deer. It was very surreal.

: I am now typing with a dvorak keymap. it is agonizingly slow; ordinarily I would have been long finished with what I mean to write by now. However, the advantages are obvious; I can generally guess where a key should be. Now I have forgotten what else I had to say. I keep having to move my hands away from the keyboard to find a key. Agh I say.

: Whoa, that is weirder than weird. If you look at that thing I just wrote, you will see that I subconciously chose words that are easy to type. I bet the same thing will be visible in this bit. Oh, the unbearable slowness of typing.

Well, the <p> tag sure is easy to type. Andyway, segfault has won awards. Yippee.

: The Pokey mirror I was using for Dada Pokey went down, so I changed it. It works again. I am writing this from Linux Netscape, which is strangely unaffected by my recent keymapping.

Da da [sic] Pokey has 18 votes! That's a whopping 6%! Not bad, for the random recombination of someone else's work. Also check out the glowing endorsement from none other than Tom Servo.

: What's with my homey that vote URL? Try this one.


: Miracle of miracles, it is raining. It has been raining for at least 5 hours. Yippee.

: It has stopped raining, but the sun has not yet come out to wreak its luminous havoc upon the world. In other news, I located the old Leonard's Yummy Homepage stuff, and restored the May 1998 NYCB, the party of the first parts of which were missing. I really need to study for my CS and stats midterms.

I am somewhat better at Dvorak than I was yesterday. An interesting side effect is that I sometimes feel a sense of resignation upon beginning to read something, thinking that I'm going to have to read it really slowly.

: Oh, my ribs.

: Hm, it's raining again, after two days of the stereotypical California weather which makes people talk about it in the checkout line. Manic-depressive weather we're having.

Oops, I almost let a Dvorak-spawned typo through there.

: Today is a happy day, as I have learned that my mother and sister, while cleaning out the attic, have found my big boxes of boons that I thought were lost forever.

None of the original Lucky Charms marshmallows are still part of Lucky Charms. They have all disappeared in a Stalinesque purge, replaced by other freeze-dried marshmallows.

Actual scripting has begun on The Nathan Hale Comedy Hour Beer. Stay tuned for more details.

: Sorry, Dvorak-spawned typo there. s/boons/books/

: The bus I was taking home yesterday crashed into a car. I had to fill out an accident card and wait for the next bus.

I got an A on my Plautus paper. "Leonard - this is an awesome analysis of Plautus. You clearly have thought it through clearly. You've made some very keen insights [sic] & I thorougly enjoyed reading it. But you seem to have trouble distinguishing what makes a complete paragraph."

You know, one day I'll write a paper the weekend before it's due and it will get a terrible grade and then I'll be sorry. But until that happens, let the good times roll!

Andy is coming over today.

: Wow, what a great deal! On the way home from work I stopped by a yard sale and picked up an old DOD 8-track mixer for $25. I got a guitar stand for $1 too.

Finally, the fact that browser/OS integration is a dumb idea gets submitted to the general public.

: That's an odd expression.

: I got an 83 on my stats midterm. I should have gotten an 85.5 due to a score-tallying error. I will appeal.

On another note, I have proved completely unable to do my CS homework. I will have to seek help from Kris or Adam.

: I saw the Star Wars trailer in the CSUA lounge yesterday. That is good stuff.

: Hey, Chocolate Cherry Garcia is good frozen yogurt. And right now The Grateful Dead long guitar solo sketch is playing on MST3K.

: I fixed The Best of Dada Pokey. It was getting its panels from a now-defunkt mirror.

Soon it will be time for Thanksgiving break. I have to write a paper over the aforementioned break.

: Oh yeah, for those who only know about new Crummy things from NYCB, here is The Windows 98 TV Commercial which bears a strange resemblance to another commercial.

: It's time to move on. Soon I will be going up to my aunt's house to eat things.

I'm glad I installed Ewan on my mother's computer.

My hard drive isn't coming in til next week. I wonder how I'm going to print out my Classics paper.

: I must say, the Tobler Chocolate Orange is an incredible innovation.

: Here is an article about the incomparable Joel Hodgson.

: Right now some Asian person is laughing at a freakish spam mail intended for me. LARGEST OUTDOOR SMOKING PATIO W/WATERFALL!

: I'm printing out my paper with LyX. Apart from the huge margins, it looks awesome. It's so easy on the eyes! Everything else looks like crap compared to this! Wow!

I am now officially blown away by the might of LyX and TeX in general.

: Let me tell you something. I wrote a thing for the idea base that will generate Segfault-ish ID numbers. I did this a) because the code used by Segfault isn't a PHP function, it's a C function embedded in PostgreSQL (I think) which makes it database-dependant (I think) and you have to do something weird to PostgreSQL to get it to work (again, I think), and b) the code used by Segfault can't be GPLed. The code and a benchmark is in my idea base directory on fire.

: I'm showing Peter Hodgson the NYCB publisher.

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