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[Comments] (1) : Day off work. Lots of reading. Finished my post-Baroque Cycle rereading of Cryptonomicon. There's nowhere I can find on the web that lists all the obvious-in-retrospect Baroque Cycle references in Cryptonomicon. This weblog entry and its comments list most of the ones I found but not all. I guess I should put such ramblings in a separate entry.

Also today finished The Flying Inn which was not nearly as good as the description made it sound. I guess I was suckered by how cool I think those big rounds of cheese are. There's lots of Chesterton available online, thanks to your friend the public domain, including all the good stuff except The Napoleon of Notting Hill. Something to read if you're on vacation and bored. I definitely recommend The Man Who Was Thursday, but longtime NYCB readers already know this.

No one will fix my car, so I fixed it myself. With duct tape.

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Posted by Rachel at Thu Dec 23 2004 23:18

Can't wait to see you tommorrow!!!

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