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[Comments] (2) Desk Set: Sumana borrowed this movie from the library. It's pretty funny and it has great corporate set design and booze-drenched office Christmas parties like The Apartment. The acting is good; you don't get good snort-laughing from today's top actresses the way you got with Katherine Hepburn. The whole story is an object lesson in not making really stupid design decisions, which got kind of frustrating. The romance seems kind of tacked on. Sumana watched the DVD commentary and reported that in the original play, there was no romance and it was a Man in the White Suit sort of comedy.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed that Kate Mulgrew really likes to play characters also named Kate? She's playing Katherine Hepburn live at some local theater, she played Kathryn Janeway of course, she played a Kate Columbo in an old mystery series, and I think there was another mystery series that only had a pilot where she played another Kate. It is odd.

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Posted by Brendan at Mon Aug 22 2005 01:01

I read something with Tony Danza once, where he described the process of getting his part on Taxi (paraphrased): "First I was an Irish boxer named Ian O'Leary, then they changed it to an Italian boxer named Bruno Giallardi, then to and Italian boxer named Tony Banta. I guess they didn't think I'd respond to cues otherwise."

Posted by Rachel at Mon Aug 22 2005 15:41

I think Kate is a great name.

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