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[Comments] (2) Cloisters: Today Sumana and I went up to the tip of Manhattan and visited the mini-Met museum of medieval art at the Cloisters (actual monastery cloisters imported from Europe). It's in a really nice park (Fort Tryon) so we also had fun walking around the park, and had a pretty fancy brunch at the in-park restaurant, New Leaf. We watched the sun set over the George Washington bridge.

Some funny bits of conversation from our day:

"Wel-come to the social! Zune you'll be dead!" <-Cryptkeeper voice
"I don't know how all these little stores can survive."
"They survive because there are millions of people here, and they all demand breakfast sandwiches!"
"And punctuation errors."
"Yes. They 'demand' breakfast sandwich's."

I got a Met membership so that I can go whenever I want without having to pay the exorbitant "recommended donation", or having to deal with the passive-aggressive consequences of trying to get in for less. Last time I was at the big Met I found out that my favorite objects d'art in that museum, the ancient Chinese office supplies, are part of a temporary exhibit that goes away in January. Go see that exhibit! It's great! And it also has a bunch of cool Xu Bing art that I just discovered last time.


Posted by pedro at Mon Nov 27 2006 10:55

Celebrity deathmatch: Xu Bing vs. Bing Crosby!

Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 27 2006 13:59

I second the coolness of the Xu Bing stuff.

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