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[Comments] (5) : Once in a while we get a glimpse in the New York Times of the crushing problems that beset the incredibly rich. The problems seem to center around that home away from home, the home away from home. A year ago it was the difficulty of getting an appliance fixer to come on a boat to Dolphin's Ass, MA and fix the stove in your summer home. But what about stocking said home with books? Books don't buy themselves, you know (except on the Kindle). And sometimes your guests want to read a book they'd enjoy, not something you bought because it's the right dimensions to fill a shelf. ("Don’t forget the oversize art books for those tall bottom shelves.")

"At one Manhattan couple’s weekend home in the Catskills, books seem to have a life of their own." I blame Gumby.

It's like an article about arranging a dinner party for mutually incompatible species of aliens. ("If grandparents are going to be the guests, then you should have... photo books of places they’ve lived in or visited, maybe art books or military histories or books on their hobbies.") If I had an extra home I was going to let people borrow, I'd probably stock it with books I'd already read and liked, copies of which I conveniently already own and want to get out of the book-crowded house. If you don't like it you can bring your own books! Get off mah property!

PS: Due to an extended-family sharing thing I actually have access to one of these summer homes, but since it's in Utah I've so far avoided being the sort of person who gushes about 'the summer home', or even goes there.

PPS: Apparently all my writing is now going to have the tone of TF:AR entries.

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Posted by Susie at Sat Jan 05 2008 10:23

There are maybe 2 books at the condo, but Jill and I once made an activity of counting Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dorse's books, which filled both their homes.

Posted by Rachel at Sat Jan 05 2008 11:33

more of a winter home, really...

Posted by Leonard at Sat Jan 05 2008 13:41

I wish I'd asked for that old book about role-playing games. That was a great book.

Posted by Zed at Fri Jan 11 2008 14:15

From the first episode of the BBC show Black Books:

Customer: "Excuse me, those books over there....?"
Bernard: "Ah, yes, Dickens. The Collected Works of Charles Dickens."
Customer: "Are they real leather?"
Bernard: "They're real Dickens."
Customer: "I have to know if they're real leather, because they have to go with a sofa. I'll give you 200 pounds for them."
Bernard: "Are they leather-bound pounds? Because I need leather-bound pounds to go with my wallet. Next!"

that old book about role-playing games

Do you mean Heroic Visions, a book about the history of RPGs?

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jan 11 2008 14:50

I don't know. Did it mention Bunnies and Burrows?

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