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[Comments] (1) Magazine Haul: Evan requested to hear about "recent books bought, read, and/or stopped in mid-read". I'll answer his question properly later, but here are some magazines I got half an hour ago. We went to the Build It Green! NYC Swap Fest to recycle busted electronics and get rid of CDs, clothes, non-busted electronics, etc. that have outstayed their welcome in our house. Having swapped that stuff out, we discovered a huge multi-crate haul of Analog and Fantasy and Science Fiction magazines from 1984 to 2002. We went through them, semi-randomly picking ones that looked good, and ended up with about thirty.

Wow! Amazing find! Nobody else at the Swap Fest seemed to care about science fiction magazines so we didn't feel bad about taking so many (plus we took only about 10% of the total). As you might expect they were all from one guy's collection; searching for his name I see that he probably worked for the Federal Water Quality Association and that he put his name on the Stardust microchip. I hope he's still alive, but that's exactly the sort of thing that ends up at a Swap Fest after you die.


Posted by jacob p berendes at Sat May 10 2008 23:46

i'm on the microchip, along with jacob a barendes, much to the chagrin of jacob a berendes.

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