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[Comments] (5) : I think that went pretty well. When I finished everyone had kind of a stunned look on their faces, but they recovered. There will be video eventually, which will surely be embarassing and show that it actually went poorly.


Posted by Susie at Thu Nov 20 2008 22:32

why were they stunned?

Posted by rachel at Fri Nov 21 2008 09:32


Posted by anonymous at Fri Nov 21 2008 10:01

The talk was titled "P=NP: A Proof via Interpretive Dance and Pan Flute".

Posted by Leonard at Fri Nov 21 2008 10:22

Thinking back on it I'm pretty sure they were stunned because I was going really fast and then the end came pretty suddenly.

Posted by pedro at Fri Nov 21 2008 12:00

Whoops, sorry, I didn't mean to be anonymous up there. Anyway, glad it is over and seemed to go well.

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