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RFK Update Redux: Two more exciting bits of rfk news bring life to this seemingly-abandoned weblog. First, you can now get prints of Beth Lerman's rfk painting! You can order a print online at Imagekind, where everything is 20% off until Friday, according to the big banner at the top of every page. Also of interest to NYCB readers: Beth's Magritte 95 painting and... most of her prints, actually.

If you live in the SF bay area, you can also buy the prints in person. Bay Homes and Linens in San Mateo stocks prints that have been color-corrected by the artist.

Second, I discovered another robotfindskittenlike game via clickolinko: Don't Find The Kitty. It's the anti-rfk, in which you lose when you find the kitten. I haven't played it, so I'm not sure if it's possible to not lose.

[Comments] (3) Deck-Building Wargame: I was talking to Pat about the hot new deck-building wargame A Few Acres Of Snow (great game title, BTW). I was at a conversational disadvantage since I've never played the game and didn't know anything about it other than "deck-building wargame". For discussion purposes I made up a game in my head that had nothing in common with the real game, and Pat said "that's totally wrong." BUT, I think the game I made up could be a really good game. All it requires is months of work and fine-tuning which I don't have time to do:

Picture a card-driven wargame like your Memoir '44. You have units on the board, and you draw cards that tell you which units you can move. Now picture Dominion, the original deck-building game, in which you buy cards that go into an endlessly recycled, ever-expanding deck. Now... imagine that your Dominion deck contains the orders for the units on your Memoir '44 board.

Now you have the war-torn chaos of Memoir '44, in which you can't fire your artillery because you don't have the card that lets you give the order, mitigated by the strategic buying of Dominion, with which you can choose to stock up on "fire the artillery" at the expense of other orders.

Units and orders are both for sale. Maybe orders are bought with "money" cards like Dominion, while units are put onto the board with special "deploy" cards. Maybe when you buy a unit you also get two or three different order cards for your deck. I don't know; months of work go here. But it would be a fun game, and hopefully someone's already done this, or will soon.

Bonus Mashup: spice up your Memoir '44 game by introducing the drafting mechanic from Seven Wonders. Pass two hands of seven cards back and forth, replenishing when you run out. Since this doesn't require months of work, Pat and I will actually be trying this, and I'll let you know how it goes.


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