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Movie Consensus: Since Sumana bought us a membership to the Museum of the Moving Image we've been going to see a lot of old movies, movies we hadn't seen before, movies that although critically acclaimed are generally not ones I'd have made a special trip and paid money to see.

I haven't been posting detailed reviews of my experiences, but at this point I think I've seen enough films at the museum to try and map out my views on classic film in general, with a special focus on where my opinion differs from the critical consensus.

I'm really interested in figuring out why I hated Vertigo and thought The Searchers and Taxi Driver were boring, given how celebrated those movies are, and given that I like other films that are superficially similar. I don't have any hypotheses to go on, but maybe you and I can compare notes?

Also, Roger Ebert didn't get Brazil but loves, absolutely loves Dark City. How does that even hapen? I like Dark City too, but before seeing Dark City I was required to take a special test to prove I understood Brazil.

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