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[Comments] (2) November Film Roundup: 2014's penultimate roundup! Here it is.

Over Thanksgiving I also saw a bunch of Phineas and Ferb with kids, and it's a fun kids' show, but not gonna review it. Okay, fine: it's a fun kids' show. The characterization is pretty bad and based on stereotypes but the multi-layered plots are very clever. There's your review.

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Posted by Tim May at Wed Dec 03 2014 05:04

9 to 5 is 1980, not 1982. (I only know this because I happened to be looking at the top-grossing films of 1980 the other day, and it's #2 right after The Empire Strikes Back.)

Posted by susie at Thu Dec 04 2014 23:10

Have only seen Phineas and Ferb in Arabic (and in hourly block party versions at Disneyland) but it seems pretty funny for a dumb kids' show.


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