My Seussical Life for 2005 November

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[Comments] (3) : Geez, I am so boring these days. Actually, I'm exhausted, and that's the reason I'm a worthless crummy contributor. And now I've got to fold the laundry before it becomes a heap o' fun when the boys wake up in the morning. I'll just list a few recent happenings. . .

Halloween: Atticus was a darling (but he thinks very threatening) spider and Samuel was a most exuberant, roaring lion. Anyone want any candy?

Last week we went to see Charlotte's Web performed by the Theater for Young America company in Kansas City.

Dave went to and returned from a conference in Detroit that went well. He leaves Wednesday for another conference in D.C.

I guess I don't have so much to list afterall. Oh well. We're busy and content.

Shirt Stains: Why does yogurt stain clothing? You say you didn't know that? Beware.

Mutt Run: Took the boys to the dog park to meet a friend and her doggie today. Atticus and Samuel were afraid of the dogs for about half an hour, then they warmed up and we ended up staying almost two hours. My friend, Emily has a boxer, Ruby, and I think Ruby was the most playful dog there. Atticus dubbed a pug puppy "bat dog." "Why do you call him 'bat dog,'" I asked. "Because his face looks like a bat's face," he replied, and by george, when I looked, his face looked all scrunched up like a bat's with big perky ears just like a bat!! Samuel named another dog "yogurt dog," but I wasn't ever able to figure that one out.

[Comments] (2) signing off for a while: Dave leaves for Washington, DC this afternoon. He is presenting a paper at the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management conference, and will be gone until late Sunday night. This is pretty exciting for our future job prospects, but will also mean a few lonely days for the boys and me. These are the kinds of times I especially dislike living so far from family. Friends are very helpful, but a person can more easliy impose upon relatives than on friends.

As always, the computer is going with Dave. Farewell until I'm back online.

[Comments] (4) My Worst Fears Confirmed: Samuel joined me in the shower this morning (I know he's getting a little old for this). He looked up and said, "Mommie, what are those flat things?"

So it is true!


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