My Seussical Life for 2006 November

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[Comments] (4) I'm a real blogging loser!: Hello, friends. I'm not blogging much these days. When Dave is superbly, excruciatingly, wildly busy, I get a little addicted to the Internet. As part of my membership in Bloggers Anonymous, I have to lay off the stuff of blogs. Besides, the computer leaves town every time Dave does, and he is leaving again tomorrow (he has already been to Madison, Wisconsin, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia just in the last two months). Wish him luck on his first job interview--in the morning!

[Comments] (5) blurb: Hello. Life is still busy. Dave leaves town again tomorrow. Lots of decisions to be made. Enjoyed the holiday. Boys sleeping poorly, so we're all a bit tired. I'll be glad when spring is here. Wow, I'm in trouble if I'm already looking forward to spring.


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