Software Calculated to Drive You Mad: Tigris

# Tigris 2000-2001 License: BSD-style ( Java
Filed under: Incomplete or archaic code
Tigris is a suite of scripts and Java servlets which works with tools such as CVS to provide an easy-to-use software development environment. I worked on Tigris as part of my former job at CollabNet. The core component of Tigris is called Helm, and most of the Helm code was written by either Daniel Rall (dlr at finemaltcoding dot com) or myself.

In August 2001, the source to the Tigris suite was closed (but development continues as CollabNet). The download link will give you tarballs of the CVS repositories just before they were closed.

The Tigris version of Helm contains project, user, and group administration; a fast, ultra-flexible fine-grained access control system; a task runner; a distributed caching and cache invalidation system, and a lot of other stuff. There are also other components, which I did some work on: Picayune (a tool for project news), Nidaba (project documents), etc. The code is old, but it's good.

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