Software Calculated to Drive You Mad: Greatest hits

Greatest hits

These are my most monumental, most widely acclaimed, or simply my coolest programming projects.

# Beautiful Soup 2004-2006 License: Python Python
Beautiful Soup is an HTML/XML parser with no external dependencies and no soul. It doesn't care if you give it bad markup; you just get back a data structure that's bad in a corresponding way. It's designed for screen-scraping applications when you only care about part of the markup you're processing. It also uses any means neccessary to convert incoming documents to Unicode, using an ASCII, Dammit-like library called Unicode, Dammit.

# Guess The Verb! 2000 License: Ask me Inform
Scenario-based adventure satirizing various IF genres. Very silly, lots of detail. Finished 11th in the 2000 IF Competition.

# I Want Options 2002-present License: Python Python
I Want Options is a reusable configuration framework. It can be used to move a web applications' configuration data online with the rest of the data, to do user preferences, or anything else your twisted mind can think of. Originally developed for use in NewsBruiser.

# NewsBruiser 1998-present License: BSD-style Python
A simple, powerful, easy-to-{install,use,administer}, self-contained weblog system. Builds on years of experience with writing for the web. Check out the feature tour. This is my coolest piece of free software.

# robotfindskitten 1997-1999 License: GPL C
The most popular piece of free software I've ever written, and the only one ever to have spawned a developer community that didn't need me as a linchpin. An ncurses Zen simulation which has been ported to the Palm Pilot, the Dreamcast, the Game Boy Advance, and other unlikely places. It's also been included on the Linux Bootable Business Card and in Debian. I've handed robotfindskitten development over to the robotfindskitten consortium, of which I am a (mainly honorary) member.

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