Crummycom invites you to Guess the Verb!

Life's a gamble, and it's your turn to place a bet.

Mystery and magic await you at the Avagadro County Fair! Roaming free of your parents for the first time, you've taken in the lights, the sounds, and the corn dogs, when you find your attention and last quarter drawn to a brightly lit carnival booth that invites you to Guess the Verb!

Here you meet Lalrry, the natural language parser with a heart of gold. He'll take your guess and spin the wheel. Guess correctly and you'll take home a stuffed frog. Guess incorrectly and suddenly you'll embark on adventures with much higher stakes - including your life!

These adventures will take you from the dark reaches of historic Wyrmsworth Caverns to the dark depths of a far-flung galaxy, with many stops in between. Along the way you'll encounter a number of strange beings, including Dr. Sapient Prugrave, the evil warlock Do'papoc, and Daniel Helfman. Explore, plunder and stay alive - all while avoiding the most terrible of fates: being reunited with your parents.

So if you're looking for adventure and have a couple hours to kill, we invite you to step right up, place your bet, and Guess the Verb!

Guess The Verb! placed 11th in the 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition! My congratulations to all who entered, and my envy to the ten who finished ahead of me. Next time, Gadget...

Download: Original submission to Comp00 | Most recent version | Inform source code
Last update: 2000-12-10

The Z-Machine game files require an interpreter such as Frotz.

The Guess the Verb! retail package includes the game disk (not shown), the Bean-Wrangler 600 Operation Manual and User's Guide, a souvenier patch from historic Wyrmsworth Caverns, a blob of white goo, and a crouton.

Copyright (c) 2000 Crummycom
Layout and graphics by Mike "Plover" Popovic
Let me know how you like the game!

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