Software Calculated to Drive You Mad: Web software

Web software

Software designed to be run through a web server.

# Bloop 2003-2004 License: GPL Perl
Bloop is a version of Scoop that was heavily hacked to focus around weblogs rather than news-site submissions. I wrote it for the Clark Campaign and it's still in use at

# Downhill 2003 License: Python Python
Downhill finds connections between weblogs using the blogging ecosystem data. Usable as a command-line program or as a CGI.

# Madman 1999 License: Probably owned by UCLA Perl
Madman is a simple hypertext annotation framework which I wrote for UCLA professor Peter Hodgson. Only one text has so far been annotated using Madman: Gogol's "Diary of a Madman".

# NewsBruiser 1998-present License: BSD-style Python
A simple, powerful, easy-to-{install,use,administer}, self-contained weblog system. Builds on years of experience with writing for the web. Check out the feature tour. This is my coolest piece of free software.

# Noodle 2002 License: BSD-style ( Java
Noodle is a set of Java classes for transparently making arbitrary changes to an HTTP request and response, according to logic contained in Java 'filters' that you write. You can use Noodle to remove personal identification information from an HTTP request, to wrap an HTTP response in new branding, or for any number of other purposes. The original Noodle was written by Jon Stevens (jon at tigris dot org). As part of my former job at CollabNet I rewrote it to be more flexible and much more efficient.

# The Bayes Motel June 12, 2005 License: Python Python
The Bayes Motel is a framework that makes it easy to test out ideas of the form "could I program a Bayesian corpus to distinguish x-type text from y-type text?" To use it, you write a class that puts items of text into a classification queue, then use the provided CGI script to classify the items.

# The Eater of Meaning 2003 License: GPL Python
The Eater of Meaning makes nonsense out of content, without affecting form. Usable in standalone or web proxy mode.

# The Me Software Map 2002 License: BSD-style Python
You're using it right now. A labor-saving device making it easy for busy hackers to keep a page containing information about all their projects.

# The Ultra Gleeper 2004-2005 License: BSD-style Python
The Ultra Gleeper is a recommendation engine for web pages, suitable for personal use. It solves or avoids most of the problems that make recommendation engines frustrating to use.

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