The McSweenifier: A Method for Formatting Arbitrary Text In the Style of the Popular Internet Journal "McSweeney's"

A   M E T H O D   F O R
F O R M A T T I N G   A R B I T R A R Y
T E X T   I N   T H E   S T Y L E
O F   T H E   P O P U L A R
I N T E R N E T   J O U R N A L
"M C S W E E N E Y 'S " .


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Just fill out the following four fields, click the button, and you too will be a published McSweeney's author! Well, you can pretend to be one, which is almost as good.


Your McSweeney's byline goes here. It can be your real name or a colorful pseudonym. The McSweenifier is not particular.

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Your byline will have a link to send mail to this address. The McSweenifier does not store your email address (or, indeed, any of the information you enter here) anywhere. Use a fake address if it will make you feel better.


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Enter your McSweeney's article here. Your article may also be arbitrarily long. Blank lines will be reinterpreted as paragraph tags, but no further attempt will be made by the McSweenifier to reformat what you type here.

Note: The McSweenifier does not save or archive the stories you publish using it. If you want to keep your McSweenified writing, please save it from your browser and use it with our compliments.



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The Python Source Code to the McSweenifier, A Method for Formatting Arbitrary Text In the Style of the Popular Internet Journal "McSweeney's" By Leonard Richardson


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