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"The past is dust, and the future but smart nanodust."


Hi, I'm Leonard Richardson. I answer to Leonard or leonardr. I like dinosaurs, turtles, trilobites, and humans. This is my website. It's been around, in one form or another, since 1996.

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Arvin, California. I fled to UCLA to get my degree in computer science, and graduated in 2000. Now I live in New York City. I write programs and prose.

I have two sisters, Susanna and Rachel. I also have a wonderful wife, Sumana Harihareswara, who has a proportionately wonderful weblog.

My hobby is entertaining people. Thus, this web site. I have a lot of ideas, and I hope you find their fruits fun and useful.

Who can tell what the future may bring? I may rise to conquer the world, or my plans may be dashed by a rag-tag band of misfits. In any event, it should be interesting.

I don't get a whole lot of encrypted email, but maybe you should send me some. Here's my GPG key.

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