Jabberwocky for 2006 February

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[Comments] (4) Toobs: I didn't make it in to work because I almost fell down every time I stood up. I think I'm shaky from loss of blood. (We're not going to talk about the blood, but it did wash out of my down pillow--eventually.) So I slept most of the day, in the morning in Rachel's bed while Irma was here, and in my bed in the afternoon.

I heard somewhere that you can make lasagna and manicotti without cooking the noodles first, so I tried it with a batch of manicotti. The funny thing about the tubes is the stuffing would pour out of one end while I was stuffing the other end. I learned to cup the tube in my left hand and spoon filling with my right. I baked it for an hour and it turned out perfect. I got one little batch for us to eat now and two other batches to heat up sometime later from one box of manicotti noodles.

There is one lonely tube left, and I don't know what to do with it.

No, Actually it Isn't: Rachel has a little tote bag featuring two bare-bottomed little kids cuddled up on a bench looking at some five-point stars. It says, "Love is.....wishing on a star." Who thinks of these things?

I'm going to make a tote bag that says "Love is.... the woman doing the grunt work."

Might be Springtime: I did some work today--hauled out all the recycling and the trash, made beans, and then I pulled weeds. Most of the daffodils are up. I blinked this week and the broccoli bolted on me.

I keep forgetting about that big stack of papers I have to grade this weekend. I guess I have spring fever about those also.

Gretel is really, really wanting to come back in the house, and I am really, really wanting to have a shower without her.

[Comments] (9) Let's Buy Some More Lego: Poor Denmark is hard hit by the boycott from the Muslim fundamentalists. These are folks who don't believe in freedom of speech, for sure. We need to help our friends and all run out and buy some Danish cheese. And Danish butter cookies. And Danish ham for sandwiches. And Lego. Lots and lots of Lego.

[Comments] (1) Hack. Hack. Hack.: Most of the weekend I spent grading a weeks worth of papers from two classes-- about a five inch stack. Whew. In between coughs. I wish, I wish I could get rid of this coff. Coff Coff.

At church they released Bishop Nations and made Brother Davis the new bishop. Counselors Jon Olson and Leonard Welsh. So I have a little bit of news for the newsletter this time, I guess.

[Comments] (8) You Go, Denmark!: I white-knuckled it through work today and then went to Young's. They had a huge selection of Danish cheeses--I never noticed before. I got a Danish brie in a little wooden cheese box, some "mellow bleu" and one called Flora Danica. Like the china, ha ha. It appears to be a bleu with herbs in it. I got some crackers to eat it with, but I'm thinking of stuffing celery stalks with the "Mellow Bleu".

Young's was my choice of store because they had whole chickens advertized for $.49 a pound, but they were out and not expecting any more in at that price. So I didn't get chickens. I didn't see their flyer in the mail last Tuesday, so I didn't know about the sale until I saw it on the marquee on Sunday.

[Comments] (3) Flu Flew: I think I'm getting a relapse of that flu. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Bye-Bye: Rachel's car is g-o-n-e. I'm kind of sad about it. Tuxedo Tom will have to find a new place to hide.

[Comments] (1) Koff.: Koff. koff. koffidy koff.

[Comments] (4) What Did You Get... uh... Give?: *I* got a Harry Potter tatoo of a dragon. I'm thinking of putting it on my cheek. I don't know if for work or for church would be the most shocking. I'm afraid they are getting immune to me at church.

[Comments] (4) Do You Wonder Where I Am?: I am sick.

[Comments] (4) Update: Mom is in the hospital but wished to emphasize that you ARE NOT TO GET EXCITED!


Jabberwocky for 2006 February

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