Jabberwocky for 2006 March

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[Comments] (4) update 2: The good news is Mom doesn't have pnuemonia (sp?); the bad news is they aren't sure what is making her cough & her heart rate go so fast. But I can tell she is feeling better because she gripped about being in the hospital and starting reading the Nora Roberts novel I brought to her.

[Comments] (4) Home!: Mommy is home! She is feeling better, it would seem.

[Comments] (3) For all those who said "anything I can do...": Mom seems to be a bit lonely, having no one to talk to but some girl who is assez involved in her 30 pages of research papers due this week, so all calls and visitors are much appreciated!

[Comments] (5) Another update: Hillary said I should update my mom's weblog saying she is back & feeling a bit better. I said I had, but I guess three weeks ago isn't good enough.

The good news is Leonard is coming next week and bring mom a laptop so hopefully she'll be able to do her own updating then.

[Comments] (2) : It's hard to know what to say to everyone who wants an update. Mom has been able to get out of bed a bit, but is very shaky. She has been able to read, and it's nice to see her having something to enjoy. Leonard's visit seems to have cheered her. He is staying nearly a week. Being in bed all day can be lonely and she has enjoyed having Leonard sitting next to her working on his book.

Visits and phone calls are always welcome, even though she can't always get to the phone quickly enough. We are also still looking for a new home for Gretel.


[Comments] (3) Weep, Weep, Weep: We had to take Gretel to the SPCA--Just couildn't find anyone who could recognize what a wonderful dog she is underneath all the playfulness. Also she looks big and dangerous (teeth!) even though she still thinks she should be able to fit through the kitty door.

I feel just terrible about this, but I am just not able to give her the care she needs, hardly being able to get out of bed and all. She seemed happy to lie at the side of my bed, a la Elizabeth Barret Browning's dog --was his name Flash?--but got restless after many days of that.

Anyway, I am a mournful, mournful person.

[Comments] (5) Random Thought: When we are supposed to be "all arrayed in spotless white/we will dwell in truth and light", what are Camilla and Alyssa going to do? What am I going to do? Why can't I dwell in truth and light in jeans and a black sweatshirt?


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