No Day But Today for 2005 December

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[Comments] (4) Christmas bells are ringing...: It finally snowed. but then it all melted. nnow it is snowing again, well more like sleeting. The snow is too wet. but for one whole day Logan produced snow, and it was a miracle. Usually by now we have a good few feet of snow, and that is why is is a big deal. But the day we had snow, we also had a war, and now I have a cold, and quite a few welts. it was worth it because my roommate Camille and I kick some boy butt. (sorry to Frances, the now proclaimed Grammer person from Hell, because I don't care about grammer while writing narratives). We now have our Christmas tree up and as poor college students it is decorated with animal crackers. the Christmas spirit has yet to appear though, because finals are quickly approaching. We had to give a presentation in my Gender class about the Gender bias, and how it creates poverty in third world countries, and a book called "Bananas, Beaches, and Bases" a feminist book about Chaquita banana. It was not too bad of a book actually. But as I read it I had the Chaquitea Banana song in my head, and flashbacks of an 8th grade Choir concert when we had to sing the song, as Andrea Cheney, and Matt Thomas wore banana costumes and danced through the audience. Talk about a special performance. I am finally completely ready to go for Graduation, I just need to pay some tuition so I can complete my final semester of college. And with no concerts or sporting events this weekend I am going to force myself to get ahead for finals week. I have to type a paper on Health Care-fraud...any personal experiences or ideas are welcome, and I have to write another paper on the Death Penalty and Kant's "eye for an eye" ideology. I can't wait for this class to be over. I have taken 3 ethics classes, and am getting tired of it. Also I need to have a B ook of Mormon Read-a-thon, because I am far behind. So enough messing around on the computer, time to get going!

finals are here: finals are here, no time to do much of anything but study study study. What was I thinking picking up 32 hours of work this week. especially because i haven't worked in 2 weeks. i am dumb. oh well i need the cash flow.

[Comments] (2) "If you've got the time, we've got the Jill": Http:// Type in your name and you get a is kind on entertaining.

[Comments] (2) yipee: finals are over. Christmas is here. The boys said they would be really sad if I ever died. And I have a hershey's kiss almost a foot tall. life is good.

look it's santa clause: So once upon a time my roommate Sarah and I were at IHOP eating dinner. (It's graduation up here and there were no other resturants to eat at). We are just takling and eating when Sarah suddenly says, "look it's Santa, really it is!" Confused I looked out the window and what did I see, a jolly Santa walking in the door. He comes over to our table, and of course Sarah and I burst into a fit of giggling, and he askes if we had been good this year, yada, yada, yada, tells a lame Santa joke (What doeas Santa do in the garden? He HO HO HO's), and then moves to the next table. It was so random, and funny. This man dressed up as Santa and went restaurant hopping, how cool is that!?!

[Comments] (1) O Little Town of Bethlehem: I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I know mine has been good, it is nice to have a break from the real world for a few days. And thanks to Rachel for getting me that book...I love it. It was perfect. Love you all!!!

trauma junkie: So I still love blood...for awhile there I will be honest it was grossing me out, but nope still think it is cool. I got the first 2 seasons of ER for Christmas, and At work the other night my friend Justin was practicing his EMT stuff on me (namely drawing blood, starting IV's etc...) and he taught me how, and let me stick him. Got it on the first try, so I am feeling good about it. didn't pull the needle out correctly though snd the blood started squirting...oops! Oh yeah and I went to the eye doctor for the first time ever cause I am having trouble reading the small powerpoints, and red ink on the whie board, and ended up with contacts. they suck, so I think I will trade them in for glasses cause i really don't need them all of the time, just when I sit too far back in class.

The Whitney sledding adventure: So yesterday my dad, Laura, Kristan, Sarah, and I met up with Robert, Sandy, Bryan, Michael, David, Lorna, and Michelle, to go sledding. We had an awesome time and then met up at my house with the rest of the family, and Julie to eat pizza and play games. It was fun to hang out with family...wish the rest of you could have been there.

[Comments] (3) Nerd alert: So I got my glasses today. As soon as i put them on I felt like a nerd...maybe I will be a better student this semester. They are helping though, so it is a good thing. I just hate having something on the bridge of my nose. i don't even wear sunglasses because it bothers me so much. So they will take a while to get used to. That make Alyssa, Sarah, and my mom (who really does need them) the only ones without glasses. At least I don't have to wear mine all of the time, but I suppose someday I will. Good old Whitney gene. :)


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