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New Years: In the beginning of 2005... Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no How old were you? 21 What was your outlook on the world? I was in a series of unfortunate events, and spent New Years eve totaling my car and working so it wasn't the brightest. How were you doing at school/your job? just about to start a semester that would affect the rest of my life, and still working graveyards every other night. What did you most look forward to? Aggie Men's basketball, kept me sane. Did you make New Year's Resolutions? not that I remember What was your biggest worry? what to do about Nursing school Who was your best friend? my roommates sarah and elise What did you do with your spare time? scrapbook, sleep, play with hot boys What did you do for fun? basketball games, play with hot boys. In the middle of 2005- the summer!... Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? too busy trying not to be kissed by counselors ;) Had your outlook on the world changed? yes, no more unfortunate events. What did you spend your summer doing? traveling, flirting, and spreading the gospel through EFY Did you get tan? the traditional polo shirt tan Who'd you hang out with, mainly? 9 fantastic people, Sean, Julia, Joshu, Melis, Moe, Duaners, Jacob, Desiree, and Mikey aka Snape. Did you go visit anywhere? nope. my parents wanted me to work What was your biggest worry? being an effective leader What was the most fun event that happened? all nighters in the ER...not necessarily the most fun, but they were the most memorable, and even special experiences that I had. And as the year comes to an end... Still got a significant other? oh where to begin... How old are you? 22 What major changes have happened since the year began? I am actually going to graduate, and I have made a whole new group of friends this year. Is your life any different from when it started this year? always changing for good and bad. What thing that happened stands out in your mind? suicides, marriages, but most of all life-changing friends. How have you changed? care even less what people think of me, but have lost all stage confidence...I guess I have grown accustomed over the past year, and even comfortable being in the background so I no longer have to be on stage, in control. What was the most embarrassing moment? nothing embarasses me long enough for me to remember that it should be an embarassing moment. When was your lowest point? not kissing people when the opportunity presented itself. Are you happy with how the year went? yes it was overall a very enjoyable experience. What thing would you change if you could? being there for more people when they needed it. For 2006... What do you plan to not do that you did this year? have a series of unfortunate events, and probably EFY Do you think it'll be better than this year? too many changes coming up...it could go either way. Do you think it'll be WORSE than this year? only if I am stupid, but then I hope I can recognize it is my own fault. What do you plan to do next year? go to nursing school, get over some fears, and actually attend class everyday, all day like I am paying to do (that would be a first for me in college). What are your New Year's resolutions? attend all classes everyday for an entire week. and to live with no regrets. Who are you spending New Year's Eve with? some of the coolest people I know...niki, megan, aaron, audrey, ryan, dummer, chintzy, etc, etc, etc.... And to wrap it up.. I want to thank everyone for being patient with me, for teaching me, and for beign my friend. Everyone has something to offer, find it, learn from it. The best use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it, let it be love. I love you all, and hope you have the greatest year yet!!

[Comments] (2) my high school reunion: ok so I didn't really have a formal high school reunion, but i might as well have. My good friend from hs--Kris married another girl from hs. Kris is one of the most amazing people I konw, and I hope that everything works out wonderfully. It was crazy to see tons of people from school that I haven't seen forever, and especially to see how many of them married each other. Murray has an incredible rate of marriage amongst itself, at least 25% of people from Murray marry someone else from murray, although it is rare that they dated in hs. my mother doesn't like this idea very much though :) she doesn't get the whole utah thing though, but mostly it is becasue not only are these people marrying each other, but they end up living in murray forever as well. I have to say I don't think I would mind it.

[Comments] (4) burned out paranoia: I hate applying for nursing schools. Diversity week is finally over. We had a great time playing WC Basketball, doing a diversity carnival for all the groups on campus to be seen and heard, playing diversity triva games, etc... College of republicans made a statement by offering a $100 Diversity scholarship..."everyone welcome to apply unless you are a white American". They did get their point across though, and now the Affirmative Action stuff is being examined by the adminstrative board. But overall everyone was happy with everyone. We had a good time. We are also bringing in the real Hotel Rowanda guy to speak, and then showing the movie in a couple of weeks, then we have some disabled comedians coming in a few months. School is going well thus far...I have a really cool Asian studies class, and Criminal Justice is my current favorite. and then there is the world of basetball keeping me sane on the side. yeah for the aggies beating WAC #1 Nevada. gotta love it. we have been nicer fans since our "waste of tithing/honor code is satan's plan" stint againts BYU. well kind of I guess we did chant guilty and were mean to NBA hopeful Paul Millsap from LA Tech, who was charges with aggrevated assault last Oct. Boy did the bother him. lol. well that's all the break I can afford...time to keep applying for nursing Schools. :(

USU Iraq: I really liked this so I posted it.... Aggie greetings from Iraq Soldier's Notebook By: Jared Johnson Issue date: 1/27/06 (The Utah Statesman) Jared Johnson, an Aggie soldier serving in Iraq. Hello Aggies, greetings from Iraq! First of all, let me say you can all sleep better tonight knowing Utah State is well represented here. Along with some other former students and alumni, we're holding down the fort out here some 10,000 miles from home. We've even spruced up our Howitzer (a very large tank-like vehicle) with some Utah State artwork. It just kind of helps bring a little bit of home out here with us. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sergeant Jared Johnson. I am part of Task Force 222 stationed here in Ramadi, Iraq. Ramadi is the capital city of the Al Anbar province and the insurgent stronghold of western Iraq. If you watch the news, I'm sure you've heard of it. A little over a year ago, I was a student there at Utah State, much like yourselves. I went to class, hung out with friends and enjoyed college life just as you probably do. Then, one day I got a phone call telling me to pack my bags and get ready for a trip to the sandbox. I wasn't exactly jumping for joy, but I knew it was my job and I understood the commitment when I joined. Believe me, going from sitting in Phil Swenson's Corporate Finance class to dodging roadside bombs was quite the shocker. Unfortunately, we haven't dodged all of them. All I can say is thank you Uncle Sam for the armored Humvees and ballistic windshields! It is really nice to see well-spent tax dollars actually saving soldiers' lives. My unit is the 2/222 FA battalion out of Southern Utah. The "Triple Deuce" as it is often referred to. It is an artillery unit which utilizes long-range weapon systems to engage enemy targets. Due to the nature of the conflict here in Iraq, there is a limited need for such weapons, which has led us to fulfill other missions. I've done everything from patrolling the highways and walking through villages, to flying a small remote control surveillance plane called a Raven. Our current mission is a counterfire mission. The terrorist and insurgent cells fire rockets and mortars into our base on a regular basis. As soon as they do, we acquire the target and return fire. During our time in Iraq, we have seen some things that I would hope no one would have to see. I have gotten incredibly lucky myself, though I don't credit it to luck alone. Of course you've all see the bad things too, just maybe not as close up. All you have to do is turn on CNN and there it is. I get a chance to see the news too; I know very well what's on there all the time. I hope you will believe me though, when I say, "It's not all bad." Over here, we get to see the Iraqis getting excited about the democratic process. We get to see the volunteerslining up to join the police force. We get to visit with the soldiers of the Iraqi Army, and let me tell you they are some brave souls. We get to see the smiles on the kids' faces when they get a toy from a U.S. soldier, something they've never had before. Regardless of what the media says, there are people who want us here. All I can say is this: Let the politicians squabble over why we're here and when we should leave. While they're squabbling, the soldiers on the ground over here are getting it done. And make no mistake about it, the soldiers know why they are here. In the following weeks of this semester, I hope to give the students of Utah State a perspective on this war. Hopefully I can put it on a level that you can relate to personally. I'm no expert on what's going on here, but I do have a perspective that those at home do not. Some people think their opinion was sent from somewhere up above as a revelation of some greater truth. Personally, I think their opinion is the product of never stepping outside their happy existence to see what the real world is all about. Hopefully, I can give some insight that will help you form your own, more educated opinion about what's really going on over here.

[Comments] (6) We're not gonna take it...: No we're not gonna take it. USU extended a call for all the children of the 80's, all of us with white trash blood in our veins, all who weren't gonna take it anymore to come forth, and get rocked. so we did. The metal gods came and played this weekend, and USU shook it all night long, to our favorite 80's butt rock. Everyone dressed up pretty crazy...we have such a weird culture up here, but we had a great time. If you would have asked me 10 years ago how much I liked the eighties I would have said heck no! but something happens when you are freezing at school, and suddenly it is you favorite thing. Other than that I spent the weekend working, avoiding homework, working on nursing stuff, watching basketball games, and going to bridal faires with my roommate Elise (which was quite the learning experience). Also my friend Varuna Ponnamperuma got baptized which was pretty neat (or awesome, like so awesome...as the cute little Canadian missionaries kept exclaiming). My bishopbric of the past 3 years got released which was pretty weird for me, we were all very close, but our new bishop is awesome, and the first counselor is a Call. Those Call's are everywhere!


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