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It was a beatiful letdown: just in memory of Melea Oman, the Switchfoot song, "It was a beautiful letdown" comes to mind. The Oman family is so strong, and I am grateful to be related to all of my extended family.

[Comments] (8) scrapbook heaven: I got these new stamp letters that are very much fun. they are over an inch tall and can be used with acrylic paint. so far I am not very good at using them but I have been having fun in the meantime. I have finally organized all of my stuff, which was quite the task. But now that it is all together, I only want to scrapbook! Unfortunatly I only have 3 more days in which I can scrapbook, before I'm off to travel for EFY. such is life!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day: I love Utah in June. I just returned from Logan, where I spent the weekend visiting my fantastic friends, and the drive was absolutely beautiful! In the canyons it is especially pretty because we have so much water everywhere. unfortunetly instead of enjoying the rest of the afternoon, I am packing (well, procrastinating packing at least.) I have never had to pack for six weeks before :( But I am excited to embark on my adventure to Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida. Alas, though I have to take a Scrapbooking break.

We're living in America...: hip hip hooray! Rent is coming out Nov. 11, and it is almost the entire original cast. I am very excited!

[Comments] (5) Indiana: I am in Indiana right now experiencing the midwest...yesh humidity drives me crazy, I am definintly a dry Utah girl. but Indiana University is very nice and we have only had one freak flood, and a few mini tornados. The kids are awesome and I love the strange funny people I work with.

oHIo: Here I am in Ohio! It is really beautiful, and I am having a good time. Our counselors are amazing and the youth are fun. I miss some of the kids from thast week, like Bernie Mac, who will be an American Idol contestant next season, and our kid who made 2 trips to the emergency room, which is always a fun place to be until 4:00 in the morning :) life is great and the church is true!

Sweet action!: ok so I'm in Georgia, it is going quite well. It is very humid, but very pretty. Today has been very chaotic though...grrto lack of communication. But yeah for cute boys who sing you the Elephant Love Medley to make you laugh! I work with some of the best people in the world!! The best part was that Desiree, Christy, Melissa, Josh and I went to the Mall of Georgia, and spent a total of $1,200.00 in 2 hours, and Josh, the boy we warned when he said he wanted to come, that we were doing some serious girl shopping, was the one we had to drag out of the store, after he spent ~$600.00 dollars!! That is half of the four girls! We couldn't believe it. boys are crazy.


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