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Happy fourth!: For the fourth of July we had our 450 kids form a giant 4 and gave them all sparklers. It was pretty cool, but it was so humid that there was tons of smoke. So much smoke in fact the fire alarm in the building up the hill went off. haha Later that night we did some more fireworks and the guys had a joyus time leaping through them. Boys are weird. and now boys are singed as well.

[Comments] (1) Hurricane: Oh never fear that we are supposed to land in Florida on saturday afternoon, just about the same time the hurricane is going to hit the airport. Actually I am excited to be a part of the action, instead of watching it on TV. We might not fly until Monday, especially because the campus we are staying at is going to be evacuated today at noon, and wont be up and running until monday. EFY will just be a day late. What a crazy summer it has been!

Movie time: This week I saw War of the worlds, after spending more money at the Mall of Georgia (the 2nd biggest mall in America). It wasn't all the bad...the special affects were pretty cool, acting was good, and it was very intense but then it just ends. Which is what happens in the book, but you are built up for some American's kick the alien butt action, and instead bacteria does it's thing. Cool because that could really happen, but lame, because there was too much buildup and hype for such a blah ending. The way people dies was gross and cool at the same time though.

[Comments] (1) sticky sweet: It is bloody hot here in FL but we survived the hurricane. We started EFY a day late so it was super crazy action the next day. We spent that weekend in Tampa with a member family, and it was so nice to spend a time in a real house, with home made food, and kids, not to mention a whole Sunday off. Except that the home ward we visited decided to have a youth fireside, with us as the "dating panel". It was quite humerous. I have met some weirdo people as well. It is sohot and sticky but St. Pete's beach is 5 minutes away, as well as a stinky beach on campus. It is pretty cool. So we are safe, hot, and having fun!

Sweet action: Crazy is all I can say, the weather, the dolphins, the beautiful sunsets, the kids, the counselors, and the incredible BC's and HC's that I work with. Life is good and full of sweet action.

The Half Blooded Prince is...: NO I will not spoil, but I finished the book Monday night, and wow. freaky deaky craziness. Different, of course good, but I did sit there with my mouth hanging open several different times.

[Comments] (2) Sweet dry Utah: It is so good to be back in dry Utah. I miss having my friends around 24 hours a day, and I am back in the "not reading my scriptures" slump...I must work on that, but I am enjoying being at home. I spent another 24th of July at Liberty park, with the Orton's. It was fun to see them, and although the park wasn't as crazy this year, the fireworks were still fantastic, and the Native American dance pow-wow was interesting to watch. I have decided for next year to act upon the sociologist that is in me and do a survey while at the park. I want to know where these people are from, where they work (can they dress that way at work?!?) and what brought them to the park. Now I am in a scrapbooking frenzy to work on my hundreds of EFY pictures, and a missionary I scrapbook for came home, so I need to finish his book. At least I have something to do.


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