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[Comments] (2) "Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end.": I've been thinking about what I have learned in college. I graduate from USU in 5 days, and am reflecting on the past 5 years at this fantastic institution. Here is a list of some things I have learned... 1. Everything happens for a reason. 2. Affect positive change--everything you do makes some sort of difference. 3. Don't assume anything--you are probably wrong. 4. We are free to choose. 5. Everyone has something to offer, it just takes some effort to see what it is, but it is worth finding out. 6. The interactions people have with one another can dramatically affect their lives for good or bad. 7. All you need is love. 8. I love the "spot where the sagebrush grows." 9. Everyone has something in common that can bring them together....like aggie basketball!! 10. I've learned how to predict, explain, and describe 11. History repeats itself. 12. The human body is fragile and absolutely magnificent. 13. Hate is a powerful force of destructions that has destroyed generations, and mutates everything it comes in contact with. 14. I may appear productive, but I do things as quick as possible to be lazy longer. 15. Groups of people working for the same cause, influence the world. 16. I love 80's rock 17. Addiction is a powerful tool of destruction. 18. You can still have fun when it has been -20 degrees for 2 weeks...it just takes some effort. p.s. the title quote is by JRR Tolkien

as the world turns: sometimes life seems like a soap opera rather than a reality show. But I guess both of the above are fake so I don't know how you would really classify real life if my life were on TV. Why do I bring this up? I have no idea. Graduated 2 days ago. Crazy, totally informal and would USU do it any other way? I don't think so. My favorite is how at least one speaker and dozens of other people actually said..."way to git 'er done!" Wow welcome to Logan. Now I am heading to Cali for my aunt's funeral (she would put the git 'er done people in grammer hell) and then to St. George, vegas, provo, and logan for a plethera of weddings. badly enough it is 4 weddings and a funeral. too bad I hate that movie.

hmmmm: I love my family, and I love California.

[Comments] (1) summer is hot.: It is so hot. ok so maybe not by some of your standards, but for Logan to be 80-90's in May, there is a problem. I'm settling in for working full time this summer...not particularly excited. So far my summer has consisted as the following: Graduation-->California for my Aunt Frances funeral-->SLC-->St. George for Elise's wedding-->Orem for Matt and Kari's wedding-->Provo to play with Dirty Dave-->Logan. This was a very crazy emotional time that took place in a 6 day period. But every second of the craziness was absolutely worth it as I got to play with family and friends.

sing for me: As a tradition I went with Sarah, Jared, Dustin, Brad, Dan, Jessi, danny, Jilaine and Ryk to sing phantom of the opera and other random broadway/Frank Sinatra hits. We have been doing this randomly for years. I don't really sing, but sit and enjoy Jared's booming "sing to me angel...SING FOR ME!!" and Brad get giddy while we sing his favorite song Prima Donna. This time we went to sing as part of Danny's bachelor party, because he is getting married as I write this--nice bachelor party...a bunch of people singing in a church :) We could sing and play all night long.

I love to play...: I love to play M.A.S.H. This game has, in the past, entertained me and my friends for hours.

[Comments] (3) let's go to the movies...: It is finally summer. Lots of good things happen in summer. BBQ's, fireworks, camping, long days filled with friends, free time, and fun. One of my favorite parts of summer though is all the new "dork movies" that come out. "dork movies" are defined as any movie where people will dress-up and stand in line for hours to see it opening weekend. my first dork movie of the summer was XMEN 3: The Last Stand. it was very enjoyable. Unexpected, but I really liked it. Upcoming dork movies I am excited for: Superman, Pirates of the Carribean 2, and eventually spiderman 3. yeah for summer, yeah for movies that keep you inside when it is finally nice enough to go outside. lol


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