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[Comments] (4) : I now understand why medical students like to spend so much time at the hosptal. My roommate toni (an ER nurse) and I do not have school for the whole month of January. As such we only work and attend athletic events. (Being in the medical field has killed our social lives). Since 3 days a week is full time at work, we spend a lot of time doing nothing, almost wishing we were at work, because it's better than nothing. What do people do with their days? Since I'm caught up with my scrapbook, I decided to read Eragon. I read Eragon AND Eldest in 6 days. I severely need a new hobby until school starts again in Feb. so I will take any ideas!!!!!

i'm so dysfunctional: Once upon a time I flushed my cell phone down the toilet. i don't know what my problem is. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life though. I don't know how it made it in there so fast. Totally random.


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