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Retrospective: Gunnar is the same age Lily was when Gunnar was born, give or take a day or two. It is sort of mind blowing to me that I did all that, looking back at what I accomplished. It takes a lot to have a newborn and a two year old, then a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old, and so on. I have a lot more to say on the matter, but it is something I think I will journal privately.

Alyson and I have had long conversations about this very thing, and I am very thankful to her, for her sage wisdom and perspective. I love that she went through it before me and can pass along good advice. She is always there when I need her. Thanks for being such a great big sister Aly! Love ya.

[Comments] (4) (Marathon:the extended version. For the Readers Digest version, please see my picture blog.) I didn't drop dead, so that's good news: However, I think it is a myth that Pheidippides died on the spot after delivering the news that they had won the battle. If he truly died, it was probably from the 150 miles he ran in two days previous to the battle (which he may or may not have been in) and then ran the 26.2 miles to deliver the news.

But enough about him, let's talk about me. This past weekend I participated in the Cowtown (Ft Worth) marathon, and I loooved it! I'm still sore yet I have already looked up another one for the end of the year. We shall see. It is a very cool feeling to know you have done something of that measure. All the way home I kept having this feeling of something big like I went through a rite of passage. I really like that feeling. A lot. And it was worth every ounce of sweat and physical pangs I went through.

The little dear Erin, watched Gunnar and Lily on Fri so Aaron and I could head out early on the road to get to the hotel with enough time to stretch and mentally prepare. Also, thanks to David and Ashley who watched the bebes overnight and the whole next day. We left around noonish and stopped in Waco at the Cracker Barrel for a nice carb fest of pancakes, biscuits, and cornbread. The drive wasn't too bad, about 4 1/2 hours, and we made it to the hotel and checked in. We stayed at the Hilton with a special "race participant" rate. It is the same hotel JFK stayed in before he was shot in Dallas. We checked out the expo and met up with friends- Matt and Nancy, and Jessica and John. I got my packet with my race number, chip, and sweet t-shirt. I am going to wear it with pride. Aaron and I got Jamba Juice and then headed back to the hotel before 7 for some wind down time. It was early to bed and early to rise.

Lucky for us racers (sarcasm), the wind came into Ft Worth which makes for unpleasant running conditions. After the Endurathon which was sooo cold and windy, I was in no mood to duplicate that. Man, that race sucked-at mile 14 there was a steep hill and all I could think was just get up the hill and you will be home free. Only 1.5 more to go and it is downhill or flat. Wrong! At the turnaround at the top of the hill it felt like someone kicked me in the chest because the wind was so strong and I had to fight it the whole way. But I digress, the weather that morning was in the 30's but with the wind factor it was supposed to feel more like 23 degrees. I love running in cold weather, but I hate running in cold windy weather. I get pretty hot that I don't really need much extra clothes except for the first mile really. Luckily, I didn't think it was worse than the Endurathon. Some people thought it was still pretty chilly. I thought the wind felt good.

The lines for the port-a-potties were long, and that is where I hooked up with Kelly. Cousin Kelly. My running inspiration. She's amazing. I couldn't find any of my other running mates-no pun intended. Aaron, Kelly, and I shoved our way to the start line. The gun went off, and we stood still. The crowd was so large, but I loved it. It was adventurous to see how long it would take to get to the walk, then the trot, then to the run. I ran my first 4 miles with Kelly. She was taking it "easy", haha. I was going my pace. So at mile 4 I gave her my blessing and told her I think we needed to split since I knew I didn't want to be dragged along by her like an old school toy phone with a string attached that had a roll over and was then bouncing around while being dragged. That is what Kelly would have been doing in a sense if I had stayed with her until I took out my pocket knife and cut the string.

That is when I took off my long sleeve shirt. It is comedic, how many pairs of mittens, gloves, ear warmers, and sweatshirts I saw discarded along the way. If I had taken my $2 mittens with me (which I handed off to Aaron at the gun) I think the cheapskate in me would have tucked them into my belt and taken them with me to the bitter end. I couldn't bare to toss gear away. Around mile 6 I was looking out for Aaron. When we went over the map the night before to see what stops he could make to take pics, it was only around mile 6 and then 11. The other miles were as such that he could not get there in time and then the ones he could, he would not be able to make the finish line in time if he hit those ones. It turned out that he missed me at mile 6. I was too fast, hehe, but it was good for me because I kept looking forward to seeing him other places. Like maybe he will be at this aid station, and it kept my mind off of running, looking for him.

I finally saw him at mile 11, but it went by too quickly. Just a wave and a few pics and I ditched my long sleeve shirt with him. At the half marathon point I was stoked. My time was 1hr 55mins. I was thinking if I kept my pace I could finish around 3hrs 50mins. I couldn't imagine that being in my sights and was elated. I felt great and on top of my game. Even at mile 16 I was feeling good. I was in a good mood listening to my music, thinking about Lorna when the song 'Low' came on and how she wants some "Apple Bottom jeans". I was jamming out to Beastie Boys, thinking "I could so do another marathon, this is fun" and then somewhere in between mile 18-19 I could feel it. The tide was slowly turning. My left ankle on the side, whatever muscle that is was starting to get sore and my right hip flexor was getting pretty stressed making my right lower back a little tight. It was slowly starting to get to me. I promised myself a walk break at mile 20 but took it at mile 19 during an aid station to down a GU and Gatorade. I then gave myself a mental talk about starting the race anew at mile 20. It was going to be a 20 mile race then a 10k. I broke it up in my mind thinking I could hopefully get a fresh start at mile 20. It doesn't work that way. The race just went downhill from there. I mean I still ran, only losing a little of my pace, but the energy it took to maintain what I had was huge. I had nothing left to 'step it up'. There wouldn't be negative splits in my future, but I didn't beat myself up too much about it, being my first marathon and all. I kept thinking, only an hour left of running, surely I can do another hour and then I can rest.

Mile 23 was definitely the longest for me. I kept thinking, oh surely I am on mile 24 by now, they just didn't put up the mile 24 marker. Then I saw it. Crap! I had only gone a mile. Miles 24-26 were just sheer focus and will power to keep my pace up. My right hip flexor at that point had actually spasmed a couple times making my stride feel like my leg was going to give out beneath me at times. I didn't see mile marker 25 at all, so you can imagine my elation when I started recognizing streets and knowing I was in the final stretches. Finally when I rounded the last corner and saw the finish line I dug deep and found energy I didn't know I had to sprint to the finish line. I passed 4 or 5 people in that sprint, it was sweet.

I was really worried in the end. My goal time was under 4 hours, meaning that anything with a "3" in front of it would make my day. Even if it was 3 hours 59 minutes and 59 secs, I would be happy with that. But the official gun time was about a minute ahead of my real start time. I knew I would most likely get my under 4 goal, but I also didn't want my gun time to be over 4. I wanted the time clock in my pictures to say "3" as well, not just my chip time. I think that was part of the reason I was able to sprint it out at the end when I saw the clock flashing 3:59:20,21,22,23 and so on. I needed to finish under 4. So my real time was 3:58:31 and my gun time was 3:59:30. I told myself I would be ok if it was anything less than 4hrs and 30mins, but I really wanted that "3". My final stats were 8th female in my age group to finish, 44th female overall, and 271st person overall to finish the race out of over 1100 runners-about 200 of which never finished the race.

I got my medal and stood around looking for Aaron, waiting for him to come to me. There were a lot of spectators around and I didn't want to waste energy walking through the crowds. About a minute later he came up to me and then I saw Michelle a split second later. She had tears in her eyes and was sad that she just barely missed my finish. Parking was atrocious. We walked through the food tent and grabbed some snacks (free food). I put it all in the bag, nothing sounded good to me at all except the semi frozen thing of orange juice and popcorn. Weird because I am not really a popcorn person. Along the way of the race there were jellybeans, bananas, oranges, GU packs, water, Gatorade, Snickers bars, and a few other things, but nothing sounded good to me. I forced myself to down those nasty GU packs b/c I knew I needed them, but I almost barfed when I had to.

After the race Matt and Nancy and Jessica and John met up with us at TGIFridays. I would have loved to hit IKEA on the way home in Austin but Aaron would have had to push me in the wheelchair because the highest I could lift my right leg was about 2 inches. I was the sorest Sat night. Sunday I was still sore but a bit better. Today I woke up sore but don't really feel to bad this afternoon. It's amazing what you can accomplish and get done at home when you aren't training for a race. I cleaned so much. I do have to say that I wore some moleskins for my blisters on my feet. They were a lifesaver and definitely a thumbs up. I didn't get any bad blisters this go round, but it was funny, when I took off my socks I originally put the moleskins on the pad of my foot underneath my big toe. When I saw them again, they had pushed forward and were clear up almost on my toe nail. A lot of movin and groovin going on there.

Overall, what a positive experience. I definitely want to do another. How quick we are to forget the pain. The end result overshadows it all.

[Comments] (4) Work horse: I've been work, work, working like a crazy person all week to get our house in shipshape. Our house is finally on MLS. Now I just need to finish the yard to have it presentable to potentials. Sigh. I am sooo glad we will be renting this next time around. I don't want to go through this again anytime soon, especially in a terrible housing market. Incidentally, Obama is giving away 8 grand for free to first time home buyers, you know, so there is more of a reason for people who can't afford to buy homes, to get a home. It's all good, maybe they can buy my house, it's going real cheap.

[Comments] (5) Pamper me: I think I might have opened Pandora's box here. Today, after ample amounts of yard work, I had to go to the store. Lily begged to come, and it's hard saying no when you feel so flattered that someone wants to spend time with you that bad. As I looked down to put my flip flops on I shuddered at my feet. My poor feet. I needed a pedicure, stat. The wheels started turning and I thought, why not take Lily with me to get a pedicure.

At first I just thought she would sit next to me and we could have some girl time, but I remembered this place did have these little chairs made just for little girls. I thought, why not? Maybe Lily will be turned into a spoiled brat b/c she is getting pedicures as a 4 yr old, time will tell. But we sat in our chairs side by side and hung out. She didn't know what to think about the water at first, and she was a little squirmy. Not as relaxing as I would have liked. It was cute the way she picked her nail polish color. At first sight she went straight for the pink with sparkles. I tried to distract her with other colors b/c the one she wanted would be see through and boring. She finally settled on this ruby red sparkly one. It is really pretty actually, but I went with a hot pink/orangish since it is spring here in San Antonio. It's been hot enough anyway.

When Lily saw the guy cutting back my cuticles she kept telling me she didn't want that. Tell them not to do that to my feet, I don't want that, it will hurt lol It was a fun mother daughter thing even though I think I have created a monster. Hopefully she won't think pedicures are normal to have often or that they are a right. Four is pretty young, but she was pretty darn cute to look at in the little chair right there with me getting her feet and legs massaged. Such little legs. It kinda bugs me that I can't understand a word that the salon people say to me, plus they speak so quietly and I am hard of hearing. I would really love a hearing test b/c I honestly think some of my hearing is gone. I really would like to know what they are saying instead of just nodding and smiling. I think it is crazy that they talk to each other across the room and they can understand each other even though they speak so quietly. I just wondered if anyone else thought that was strange. But the lady that was doing Lily's asked if she wanted her fingernails painted. Of course she wanted them painted, she's 4, but for $10 more, I will paint them myself. Sheesh! Ask the parent next time. I didn't hear her and when I realized she was painting her nails, it was too late. Oh well, they are pretty darn cute though. Little Lily, Miss Priss.

[Comments] (2) Love/hate relationship, and how to solve the world's problems: Dirt. I love it and I hate it. I just spent the past few days in wonderment and awe while planting flowers and in semi-disbelief that merely putting them in the ground would let them flourish. I mean I've done it a hundred times. I know it works, but it is still amazing to me that I can transplant little individual pansies with roots in a hole, and pack dirt around it. And they grow and look fantastic, at least most of the time. My irises are already blooming, and my gerber daisies look awesome. I just think it is great, and it has inspired me to go ahead and plant a vegetable garden this year. I took last year off, and the year before that was kinda a bust since Lily ripped most of the newly planted fragile peat pots out that took a month to start. Plus we are admonished to have gardens and it's nice to save on groceries.

I hate dirt because it has been my bane for the past couple days as well. I have been washing windows and blinds and dusting ceiling fans, furniture, and a/c vents and wiping down baseboards and doors so much that I can barely move. So much work, so little time, and finite energy. I don't want to see another speck of dirt in my house again, or at least until it is sold.

Which brings me to my next point- how to not look like an idiot 101. Last night I forwent doing the dishes in order to wipe down said items. Big mistake. Always do dishes in case a realtor calls at 8 in the morning wanting to show your house in an hour! Holy crap, talk about STRESS! The kids weren't even fed or changed. I scrambled like crazy and things looked good except for my room. Ah! I felt like such a retard. Hi, here's my house, don't mind the clean laundry in the corner or the bed with the comforter thrown on top. I didn't even have time to brush my teeth or put on a bra before I had to get out of the house. How embarrassing.

Finally, I know most of my problems would be solved if I had a big walk in pantry and bigger walk in master bedroom closet. Seriously, poof...problems would be solved. I need more space!

rootinest, tootinest cowboy: Gunnar's current obsession has fallen from Finding Nemo, to EIO- or any Baby Einstein, now to Toy Story 1 or 2 or "Woody" as he calls it. Before it was- walk into the door and he would say ah Nemo/EIO and now it's ah Woody. He's hooked. I asked who was his favorite buzz or woody, and he said buddy! He is a song and dance man too, Gunnar loves to sing-along to "You've got a friend in me". So cute. He also gets really upset when in the second Toy Story when the toys are crossing the street and the semi wrecks and the big cylindrical concrete tube rolls off the truck and rolls over the piece of gum, he goes "ah no, no, no mommy no, ah gum". I have to calm him down and tell him the gum is not hurt. Or maybe it is just cause he doesn't want to see gum getting wasted. He loves gum.

Some other things I love to hear Gunnar say are tookie (cookie), tisses (kisses), me, I do! (when you ask who wants...), oh man!, tos (because), how bout..., sandwich, show me (when he wants to show me something or have me get something for him), and my all time favorite- ah hold you (when he wants me to hold him). Lily did this too, and I am sure most toddlers do. I asked him the other day when he was getting into my drawer 'what are you doing?' and he goes stuff... He's a clever one.

When I am reading a book to him, and he sees something creepy, like spiders, he goes no ah get me as he pats his chest. Then I reassure him that they won't get him, that they are nice and he goes ah nice, ah nice spiders, and he might throw in a kiss for good measure. He has started sitting at the table for meals too, and been pretty good about it. He sits still way longer than in the past. Such a big boy. We've been playing Sardines with the kids lately and Gunnar is very cutie. It's good practice for him to count. After we are done counting he goes ah check here, no not here, shh!, check, I found you.

The days of sharing a room and no more. We moved the crib back into Gunnar's room. He was so upset that guess what he finally did the first night back into his room? He climbed out of his crib for the first time. He actually learned to climb out of the port-a-crib while at Ashley and David's a couple weekends ago for the marathon, but this is the first time he has done it in the big crib. He did great in a big bed after that for 2 times, a nap and a bed time, but then all the sudden he was terrified to sleep in the big boy bed again. He freaked out and he said it was "not safe". So he won't sleep in a twin. He leaps into his crib. So now we lowered the bar so he can easily get in and out of the crib on his own, hopefully transitioning to a regular bed soon. It's better this way though, Lily and Gunnar separate. I am so glad that is over. We gave it a good 2 months. Oh well. Maybe when we move and have bunk beds, the kids will share better.

[Comments] (1) That's what you get: I went through some old archives and read this entry. I had to laugh and share. She is still the same ol firecracker. What a crack up. We are going to have a blast together when she is a wife and mother...then I can bring up to her all the hell she put me through when we're on the phone and she is complaining to me about her kids misbehaving.

[Comments] (2) What daddy does: I still don't think the kids comprehend what Aaron does all day. So when we went to the dentist yesterday there was some apprehension. Lily wanted Gunnar to go first but they had her. She took one look at the dental chair and clung to my leg. I finally had to put bawling Gunnar down (he was offering up some sympathetic cries on her behalf) so I could man handle her into the chair. She became relaxed after they gave her cool sunglasses to put on and let her hold the mirror. She started laughing when they brushed her teeth, saying it tickled. And when they gave her the treat bag she was in heaven. She said it was fun and wanted to go again.

When she was younger, the past 2 times she has been to the dentist, she was awesome, no problem whatsoever. Gunnar on the other hand has always been the sensitive type. He was afraid of water the first year of his life, so a trip to the dentist sent him into pathetic cries. I had to hold down his arms but the helpful thing about his crying the whole time, his mouth was wide open and you could see everything. Wouldn't you know, he is teething and I had no idea. He is getting his two year molars in on all sides. I never see that far back in his mouth but after this, he will have all his baby teeth. Gunnar is not a baby anymore. He loved his treat bag too of course. He didn't actually stop crying until we left. I loved the snuggles though. After he was done, he wrapped his arms around my neck and didn't let go. What can I say, I love hugs.

[Comments] (3) Oedipus complex: So the other day Aaron was giving me a big hug, and Gunnar comes up and goes Hey! My mommy! No Daddy, no! Ah my mommy! As he was shoving Aaron away, he was clinging to my leg and hugging my leg while pushing on Aaron's leg. Guess someone has some competition in this house. haha Maybe he will say he wants to marry me when he grows up like Ethan did to Hailey. I still chuckle about that.

I can't say how much fun it is to have a sweet little boy like Gunnar. I just love him. I will sometimes say Who's my baby? And he'll say- ME! Who does mommy love? ME! Go out and get you a Gunnar b/c seriously, they are aDorAbLe!

*We went to a car wash that was pirate themed and ever since then he keeps asking to go back to the yar! car wash. He loves car washes now which is strange considering he was terrified by them a few short months ago. Every morning when we get in the car he has something to say about going to a car wash.

[Comments] (2) Thoughtful: We were watching tv, and the commercial for Oxyclean stain detergent came on. Lily was dazzled and amazed at the guy pouring it on the stain and the stain disappearing. She goes, Wow, it's magic. Hey mom, do you me to get that for you for your birthday? How sweet an offer and so thoughtful of her to want to make my life easier. Every time I'll remember this, I'll chuckle.


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