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[Comments] (1) Sweet escape: We packed up for a few days and headed to Port Aransas for Aaron's spring break. What a trip. We stayed in this condo that had nice amenities with the Jessops. The weather was not hot enough for me or anyone else for that matter, to brave the ocean. We just went for walks along the shore and the kids had fun searching for sea shells. We were able to take advantage of the pool and hot tub. As for me, one who like scorching showers, I stayed with my kin in the hot tubs.

No one got burned or stepped on a fish bone thank goodness. The only casualties were sleep deprivation due to Lily and Gunnar sleeping in our room with us and maybe a little bit because the adults stayed up late and playing games. I loved playing games, Melissa and Tim are fun ones to play with b/c we have mutual interest in them. The kids staying in our room was not so much fun. Gunnar found it entertaining to wake up every couple hours and wanted to play and goof off with us. It's not so cute at 3 AM. I know he does this every night since he did the same thing to Lily when they shared a room. I think I wrote a post about how he was screaming at her to get up at 5AM one morning and I heard Lily grunting and finally waking up enough to say Gunnar! IF YOU DON'T BE QUITE I AM GOING TO HIT YOU!" It made me laugh. Anyway, he was up to his old tricks (something I am sure he just goes back to sleep for when he is alone) plus both of them woke up at 6AM sharp each morning. Also, not fun.

It was nice to relax and have nothing else on the agenda except whatever we felt like. Upon getting home I felt so sick. I am sure it was from eating at greasy spoons for every meal of the trip practically. One too many fish and chips. We had to take advantage of the seafood being right on the coast. We went to Snoopy's and Moby Dick's for dinner. Very good but I am so done with grease for awhile.

It's nice to be back and still have time to enjoy more days with Aaron home. After his break he has 4 weeks left of school. You don't even know how trippy that is! 4 years and now all we have is 4 weeks. I hope it goes by fast. I hate to think of all we have to do before we move. So much is out of our control and I hate that. I want to be able to take charge and work things out. I don't like these sort of life lessons.

The kids totally crashed early and I am so excited to sleep in my own bed and not have to wonder what the dark stains on the carpet are from. Gunnar had a funny melt down after Aaron but his aah-at (what he calls his blankey) in the washer. He had such a conniption it was almost laughable. He finally stopped but then when I went to dry it, he remembered his loss and didn't settle down until it was finished drying. Not enough naps for him.

Good times, but next time I am going to leave the beach trips for dead of the summer, not spring break.

PS Julie is having a girl!! Crazy thing is, we both like the same girl name and we didn't know it until now. And it is not that common so the taste must be in the genes.

Also: Gunnar was talking in his sleep last night. He said "Woody! Um, EIO." I would love to hear about his sweet dreams.

Quote of the Day: Lately, when I am putting Gunnar down for bed the converstation goes like this I need vroom vrooms. No Gunnar, no vroom vrooms. Just one vroom vrooms. Sorry bud, no vroom vrooms. Trains? I need trains. No trains either.

At first I gave in and was like ok, one car, thinking that it would just be like a doll. Maybe he wanted to sleep with a car, but after hearing him drive his cars on the wall and hearing "whaaaaa, wheeee, whaaaa" I thought better of it. The cutest though, was when he was fast asleep in his car seat and when I was transferring him to his bed, with his eyes still closed he whispered I need vroom vrooms.

[Comments] (9) Done deal: It looks like we have sold our house. We close May 15th and are leasing it back until we move early June. I feel like celebrating. I am so proud of myself. (I need to brag here, I feel so good.) I pretty much single-handedly sold the house myself. I researched a broker company to list it on MLS, I filled out all the paperwork, I took all the pictures after I worked tirelessly to organize the whole house and have it spotless, I continued to keep it clean day after day for a month while we had showings, I have done tons of yard work pulling weeds, planting a garden, mowing the yard, and edging (Aaron helped me a couple Saturdays). I went into uncharted territory, having never sold a home before, and successfully did it in an unfriendly economy with a month left to spare. I totally deserve the 3% we are saving from not hiring a realtor.

I am super grateful that we are making money on the house as opposed to so many that are in the hole after all is said and done. I feel sorry for the people in markets where the bubble popped and they are now in debt $100,000, $200,000...and so on. I know someone who knows someone that owes $400,000 and no house to show for it! Thank goodness that is not me or that we won't even owe $1,000. Such a relief.

I am going to miss the home showings though because I love having to have my house clean. Sometimes I think 'what's the point in making my bed, no one will see it, and what if I want to take a power nap and wasted work on having to remake it anyway' but I like having the motivation to keep things nice and it feels good. Overall, we are so blessed. I prayed every night that things would work out and left it up to the Lord and I really feel like my prayers were answered.

To sum up: It's a good thing I don't have the car today. (It's actually a bad thing, we have already spent $2000 on repairs last month alone, and it won't start again and check engine light is on. The stupid thing's trade in value is $3000 at best and I am mad I tell you! I am tired of my car being in the shop.) I was confined to my home and so I updated my blog with an obnoxious amount of Easter posts. Pretty much the past week/weekend. Fun was had by all. Sad we will be moving away from dear family, but excited for new adventures.

Not-so-eventful events: I finished a survey study today for pull-ups for Gunnar. I got $65 for participating in the survey and free pull-ups for the week. Pretty good deal if you ask me. All I had to do was have Gunnar wear them which I do anyway. Diapers that is, but he loved the new Cars pull-ups. No potty training on the horizon. He only told me once the whole time that he had "cold pull-ups" on. (They feel cold when you pee.)

I've just been getting things done around the house and doing some closing tasks. I will be relieved to hand over the key and be done with it. Just glad the work will be over, really. I actually teared up when I found out our house was going to belong to a stranger. I didn't want other people in my house and sleeping in my room. After all, it will always be mine/ours.

My body is over daylight savings. It is about time. I can wake up around when the kids wake up with not too much protest from my body. That's good.

I won a cute accent tray from a Southern Living party last night. I love free stuff.

And some eventful news, Jared and Cherie, Aaron's cousin, and her kids are coming to stay with us as they vist SA and Sea World tomorrow. We are excited to play with them.

[Comments] (2) Tidbit: Gunnar is the most ticklish person alive. Ever.

[Comments] (2) A boy and his B: Gunnar decided he wanted to take off his diaper and pee on the carpet after I put him to bed. (Not unusual) So when I checked on him an hour later and found him asleep on the floor with a naked bum and a pee soaked rag, I threw the B in the washer. During the diapering, he woke up enough to be coherent. About 45 seconds after I put him back in the crib and closed the door, I heard him crying hysterically, Mama, open the door. Ahh-at go?! Open the door, please, having reached for his B and not find it.

That washing and drying later he went to bed, but not for lack of trying earlier. He just would not stop bawling unless he was in the family room with us. He's got us pretty well trained.

[Comments] (6) It's official: Aaron is heading home from his last day of clinic. He is now Dr. Aaron Smith. I am a Dr.'s wife. teehee He still has the WREB to pass so he can officially practice on patients, but right now he has his DDS earned with blood, sweat, and tears. His patients blood, Aaron's sweat, and my tears.

Aaron's group leader, Dr. Hill, told Aaron that he has the best hand skills in the whole group. He said even though he is not totally on the ball, organization-wise, he said those people don't necessarily make the best dentists. You don't have to tell me that he has great hand skills, heh heh. (I'll wait for you to come back from the bathroom vomiting.) But it was very gratifying and sweet to hear that, especially after feeling like Aaron cannot plan his way out of a paper bag sometimes. (Don't think I am mean, he'll tell ya.) I've always known Aaron is talented, and I believed in him even though we were scared spitless at BYU wondering if we were ever going to make it here. He hates school!! For his professor to endorse him as one of the best dentists in his year, I find that a big payload. Here's to Dr. Smith!! You rock, babe!

Sunshine on my sholders makes me happy: In honor of earth day, I am going to enjoy the sun and weather out by my mom's pool. I *heart* the earth. Especially spring time. It's a great day to be alive.

I have to say that Lily has said some pretty funny things lately. She refused to wash her hands claiming that she is allergic to water. But mom, I am allergic to water. As I drag her kicking into the bathroom. She got that from me when I told her Aaron is allergic to cats after she begged to get one. She also fell and scrapped her knee pretty deep at recess yesterday. It is the kinda cut that it hurts to walk on b/c it is so tender, and she was limping around. When I saw it I gushed you poor thing, oh Lily, are you ok? And she said It's ok, I didn't cry. I was very brave, mom.

Also, she drew a picture on the magna doodle and was like Look mom, it's our family. (There were 4 bodies in the picture) But that's not Gunnar. He's not in the picture. That's my new baby sister. Now I have to clarify I am not pregnant, but Lily keeps telling people I am pregnant and that I am having a baby in the summer. Whenever we go to Target or Old Navy she asks to get an outfit for Emerson. She's got something right, if we have another girl I told her we will name her Emerson (which could change whenever), but she honestly thinks we are having a baby sister for her and she asks when she is coming all the time. Not for awhile sweet pea, sorry. Poor Gunnar though, he is on Lily's bad side right now. Most the time they play great, but every now and then...

Gunnar, too, has said some quips. Mommy Sir!, when he is angry with me or trying to get my attention. I'm pretty sure it derived from me reprimanding him by saying No Sir! Another crack up is when he is very upset he goes Never, ever, ever again! Never, ever! I think he is telling me to never do whatever I am doing to upset him again. It is hard to take seriously, and oh so funny.

Happy Earth Day!

[Comments] (2) Convos with Aaron: Aaron and I were outside pulling weeds from the garden and I said I sure hated that when you pull weeds it turns your fingers and hands green.

Aaron: That's why it's called green thumb.

Me thinks: Oh, so that's why. I thought it was because you want to keep your plants green.

Even funnier--listening to Aaron's one sided conversations with his buddies while playing WoW. He is such a dork! Now grab the sacred staff. I need res...heal, heal, quick heal me. Oh man, that battle was epic. Summon again. Pretty sure a game where you have "mounts" named fiery war-horse you are pretty 5-star LAME! During his raids I just picture him as a 14 yr old pimpled face dork in his parents basement playing games. Kinda like Bill Haverchuck in Freaks and Geeks.

Animal lovers: We have a neighbor kitty that takes naps in our backyard in the same spot. It frequently visits us and my kids get really excited to see it. Gunnar is surprisingly kind and gentle with it. He loves to go and say hi and pet it when it lets him. Sometimes he will try and feed grass to it. It is very sweet that he likes animals. We all know he didn't get that from me. Although I liked our cats when we first got them, I grew out of the animal thing when I became more aware of smells and dirty hands feeling.

Lily asked me what the point on the unicorn's head was called. I told her it was a horn I guess, but it was just pretend anyway, because unicorns were not real. She argued, they are real because they are nice, and nice things are real. Only mean things are not real. I like that kind of selective acceptance. Like the nice unicorns in movies are real but the mean antagonists (witch/monster) don't exist. I too take on this philosophy. When eating a sweet, the calories consumed are only what it says on the box, regardless of serving size...yes please, I'll have another. And we all know that treats eaten on the Sabbath don't count altogether.

[Comments] (2) From the mouth of babes: "Mommy, you need to hurry up and get married so I can have another sister and brother."

I am not quite sure what she thinks 'married' means...even more unusual was the other day Aaron was scolding Gunnar for something and Lily retorted "don't yell at him, he's my husband". She will also say that she and Gunnar are going to get married when they grow up. Pretty amusing.

Sunny 9 for 2009 April

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