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Omne Animal Triste is my first full album in over five years. Home recording technology has made huge strides since 2001, and I'm also a better guitarist, so this album sounds a little better than the previous ones. I used Audacity for multitrack recording and Hydrogen as a drum machine. Here are the tracks:

  1. Butter with Bulletproof Wings: The song I wanted to write eleven years ago, but I didn't know how. (OGG)
  2. Mattress King: Jake Berendes and I wrote this song by trading off and writing two lines at a time. (OGG)
  3. Gods and Numbers: A love song. (OGG)
  4. Get Around: An "I Will Survive" style jilted-woman anthem. Also, the jilted woman is Godzilla. (OGG)
  5. Terrestrial Minds: The song that explains why space aliens prefer rural landing sites. (OGG)
  6. Reality Does Not Meet My Needs: An antilove song. (OGG)
  7. Polllination Techniques: If eusocial insects could write sappy songs you'd get something like this. (OGG)
  8. Tomorrow: A song about what happens after things stop happening. (OGG) This song is a sequel of sorts to "Malibu" off of Nowhere Standard Time.
  9. Sweet & Lowbrow: A song about growing up. Probably the best song on the album. (OGG)

Or just grab all the OGGs or MP3s.

[Note: although the music and lyrics are licensed as CC-BY-SA, the cover images are taken from sources not licensed for commercial use.]

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