La Vie En Rose for 2002 October

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: This isn't too hard to figure out, but its difficult for me to make it to the study center for emails, especially on the weekends, so I hope that nobody is worried (mom) because my entries have been on the sporatic side latley and probably will be for the rest of the semester.

I've been super busy. yesterday I went with Laura to visit her family in the suburbs and they feed us good food and we watched a movie and played with the dog, that was really nice. This morning we went to see this impressionist collection in somerset house because its free on mondays (I reccomend) and tonight we have front row tickets for My Fair Lady! Then tomorrow we are going on tour with our program of Westminster, and sometime before Spain I have to write a analitical essay on Mary Poppins!

The Best News EVER!!!!: I got into UCLA!!! Wahooo!!! This is all very exciting. Things are working out quite nicely. Now I just have to figure out where I am going to live! Which should be fun, considering I am 6,000 miles away from LA for the next 3 months....

Other things to look forward to: trip to Spain in a week, Mom and Leonard's visit for Thanksgiving, and Harry Potter movie #2 coming out in Novemeber. I love my life!

: It's raining. I guess I should get used to that...

Friends went to Camden Market today, but I came here to work on my paper instead (which I have not yet gotten to...) I guess it is just as well, considering the rain. Yesterday was Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick Castle, which was fun. Stratford was a really cute town, but the whole Shakesperare's Birthplace was kinda overrated and I would have enjoyed it more if we had gone to a Royal Shakespreare Company play. The castle was really nice, though.

Speaking of Sheep...: Our tour guide told lots of funny stories about sheep while we were driving through the cotswolds (sp?) on Saturday. Involving chewing gum, a wedding, and lots of snow. Apparantley, sheep are always eating. Unless they are sleeping, or dead. Am I a sheep? Notable Quote: Rachel: lets go get some handmade soup! Baaaahhh...

One thing I have noticed about English grammar is that, is a series (such as apples, banannas, and oranges) they leave out the last comma (so it reads apples, banannas and oranges). At first I thought this was an error and was tempted to fix it like my mother used to, but then I realized thats just how they do things. One of those cultural differences, I guess.

: Now I'm mad, because I came to work on my paper and I realized I forgot a stupid disk! I guess I could email it to myself.

Hurrah!!: Have come very far on my paper. Almost done, in fact. Go on, ask me about British society in Mary Poppins. I dare you.

: Spain tomorrow, yipee!!! I will be back on Tues (which means I miss my EU lecture, a point of great sadness to me, so maybe I will ditch Shakespeare and go to the Thurs one. Maybe it's nerdy, but I really look forward to EU lectures!) and I have a midterm Wed and a paper duee Thurs, yikes. But I am going to have a great time, anyway. It's almost time for class and I haven't had time to transfer the revisions from the hard copy of my paper to the computer, ahh!!

: I love Spain!!!!!!!

: Ackkk!!! Midterm!

: Paper turning in time!!!!

Tonight in Shakespeare we are getting our scene assingments. I'm really excited!!

: Just got back from Oxford Street where Laura and I were shopping. There was a sale at Topshop but we only ended up buying underwear (but I got a 20% discount for students in the month of october, so that was good). We ran into Laura's cousin in Topshop- "Seven million people in this city and I run into my cousin", but then I pointed out that it IS the world's largest fashion store.

I think I am having issues finding housing for Winter Quarter, so all you Bruins out there keep an eye open for me!!

We have been trying to eat healthy and so far are doing pretty well!! Today for breakfast I ate Oats so Simple, which is just like Cream of Wheat except oats, and a bannana. Laura and I both like Cream of Wheat despite people making fun of us for doing so. Then for lunch we had organic tomato and basil soup with a fresh roll, yum!! Last night for dinner we had a salad based on the BBQ chicken salad from CPK. It has black beans on it, but they apparantly don't have canned black beans here, atleast not a Sainsbury's, so we had to go thru this whole process of soaking overnight and cooking for 2 hours just for a few beans to put in our salad!!! It was really good, though.

If anyone is coming to England, please bring me canned black beans and Cream of Wheat. Thanks.

: Nothing to say, really. let me think. oh yes, notable quote- Austrialian Guy: "Your lipstick matches your shirt. Did you plan that?" I love how people assume that when I match, it's never planned.

Oh, and if you are interested in what I did in Spain, I had an awesome time and Jennie took very good care of me. We saw lots of cultural stuff like famous musems etc and that painting by Picasso, Guernica I think is how you spell it. I also bought cute shoes for very cheap and various other cute stuff. And now, I have a newfound desire to learn Spanish!

: Just got back from the V&A and I'm feeling very cultured! We'll have to go back, though, to visit the Versace exhibit. My only disapointment was they took away the stained glass exhibit.

They say that education completley changes your experience of things (well, I'm pretty sure they do) and I think it's true; ever since learning about the importance of South Kensington (museum area)- amoung other things- in terms of the emipire, I have been paranoid that everywhere I go I am being brainwashed with Imperialistic propaganda...

Yesterday I went to Camden Town with Laura and we spent way too much, but I got really good bargains for my money, including 2 pairs of Doc's. One of the pairs are tall black boots, and I know I already have tall black boots, but there are those who understand that them being Doc's makes all the difference (right mom?) They were a steal compared to what I would pay in the stores, not to mention I looked in the stores and couldn't find them, having wanted these shoes for some time. So I'm very happy with my new boots. And I think the guys at the Doc Martens stall are very happy with me, too.

Notable quotes: Laura: "I don't care if we see the man of our dreams and he costs 10p, WE CAN'T SPEND ANYMORE MONEY!", Rachel: "I got it at Express for 70% off of 50% off!" Tom: "So that's... 120% off!"

Pictures: nevermind

Let's try this again: check out:

hmmmmm: I don't think I like computers... I dunno, maybe it worked?

People keep bumping into me as they enter the computer lab and its really annoying. What, am I invisible?

La Vie En Rose for 2002 October

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