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: Just got back from a falafel run--my first in ages and ages. Yummy, yummy yummy with fries (I kept wanting to say "chips") and garlic sauce. I pounced on Jennie the second she was back from her rush thingy and said "Don't you want falafel?" We looked online to find a place, not far from here, and her freind Alpha came too!

I am taking my second ever Into to EU class. Whee! What is more, these ES people actually exsist. There are 15ish people in my class. I am not alone in my major! (As previously suspected.)

: Mom will be happy to know that I am applying for jobs, which I need more than ever since I just bought some books and a ridiculously expensive reader, all of which I am actually going to read. Off to a good start this quarter!

: "Is it really that necessary to sleep? I mean really?"-Jennie

: UPS seemingly has a vendetta against my family. He keeps bringing me yucky yucky school books. Well, I guess I DID order them... and it's better than paying full price at the book store.

The good news is: I may get a job. It's quite likely, actually. Wheee! (Yes, Leonard, you CAN cash that check. I promise it won't bounce.)

: rachnmi (1:06:28 AM): my fiction skills are blooming

rachnmi (1:07:41 AM): Oh, fabby, i am in love with writing

: It's been so long since I've written a paper, I think I've forgotten how. Oh wait, no, I remember: wait until the last moment possible. Puntuate each sentence with email and word count checking. Be sure there is a wide range of meals, snacks, and beverages available for optimum distraction. Under no circumstances attempt to write if not conducting a simultanious IM converstation. And above all: do not proofread.

Here's to the new school year. Cheers.

PS I have already broken most of these guidelines.

245 words: I may have eye strain from looking in the mirror, trying to find grey hairs.

420 words: Is it bad that this is supposed to be based on reading, and I'm really just kind of making it up?

: I've had two job interviews today and soon am off to a third! Oh, whatever shall I do? Perhaps call my mother while I am stuck in traffic on the way back? I must remember to get a new headset... oh, wait, those cost money, don't they?

It's funny how long the days are when I have my 8 AM. It feels like a whole nother day now.

On the bright side, I'm not a girlfriend of a S.G. but I have found one of my school books to be relatively interesting enough to actually read. It's The Ebbing of European Ascendency by Sally Marks. That's an odd name, don't you think? I remarked to Jennie that you could probably tell my major just by looking at my bookshelf. Besides the aforementioned, there is: Sin and Syntax, Penguin Companion to the EU, Readings on the EU, From EC to EU, The Origins of Major War (just arrived!), The World Since 1945, The Government and Politics of the EU, The End of the European Era, and 501 French Verbs. And all that underlining was a lot of work, so appreciate it!

: I just ate of Mac N Cheese. My stomach has become a bottomless pit.

: I am moving to England, where they believe in progressive government. What were the revolutionists thinking?

Just kidding, I know what they were thinking. It was actually a good idea at the time.

On the bright side, I got a 98 on my paper-let, so I guess I *do* know what I am talking about when it comes to the EU.

Vive la resistance!!: crisbcreme (11:50:29 PM): we need to boycott early class

rachnmi (11:51:08 PM): ooh, yes. we can dress in hippie gear and make signs and go to the cafe and sip coffee instead

rachnmi (11:51:32 PM): or sleep

rachnmi (12:00:35 AM): I'd go crazy if I was sane

crisbcreme (12:00:56 AM): i try to be of service there to you and others

: I am going to apply to an internship in London for summer with the State Dept. It is at the embassy. It's also very competeive because is summer is in the coolest city in the world 3.there is a scholarship, too. However, I am so cool that surely they will choose me over all the other applicants, yes?

Also, the International Insitiute, aka all the majors no one has ever heard of, is forming a Student Association (IISA. Very original). Among my sugestions were: parties, book club, movie nights, theme nights, cafe nights, and a mentor program. Gabby (our advisor): "You like parties, don't you?"

: Just got back from a nice, relaxing weekend at home of reading, relaxing, sleeping and petting the kitty, bringing lots of laundry and other stuff back with me, and... hurrah! The elevator is broken! What is more, I have class at 8 tomorrow, and my bed is not yet made. I am tired. Perhaps I will sleep on top of my quilt.

This weekend: Mom thinks the fish pond is gross, but I think it is a breeding ground for happy fishies. Still, though, I cleared out some of the pond scum. I looked for Harry and Ginny, but I didn't see any fish cuddeling. They may have been hiding in the remaining pond scum. Mom went outside and drilled holes in the ground to plant her bulbs (daffodils? tulips?) in. I said she should have just had me walk on the dirt with my heels on, but she said the holes wouldn't be big enough. Jen and I went shopping for magic pants, but we didn't find any. I did find a black skirt on sale for $6 at Express. And, yes, it IS different from all of my other black skirts from Express.

Rachel does homework... I love Politcial Science: "he just saw the car coming down the street as was like.. 'hey its the heir to the A-H empire! I've got this handy gun in my pocket... let's see how many people we can piss off!!'"

I'm not going to stress. I've got a PS paper due on Thurs, but that's not what I'm worried about. French paper next week. *Hides* I'm not even sure what the topis is, because she explained it in French, to give you an idea of how well I'm doing. Soemthing about... Our reaction to the style or something. Fabby. My reaction : "Huh? HUH??? @#$&%$%^&.... ZZZZZZZZ" Certainly not 4-5 Pages. Oh well. I only need a C.

: The Geology building tried to eat me! It wouldn't let me out! It was just like Jonah and the whale. All I wanted to do was find a short cut.

On the bright side I finally remembered to ask Trang's boyfriend to open a jar of spagetti sauce that I've been wanting forever. Now there is lasagna baking for dinner (yum) and I had crumpet pizza for lunch. (Not quite the same as english muffin pizza--or as good--but will do in a pinch.)

Right. MUST write paper.

: Kristi has come back from the dead. Or France, as some people call it. Also, Marisa is coming to see me this weekend. All this would make me a happy person if it weren't for this silly, silly French paper. This class is making me hate all things French. Hopefully that goes away when the class is done. Meh.

0 words: If only there was a button you could push that would make you want to write papers.

: Ok, I am going to unplug the DSL cable from my computer and WRITE MY PAPER. As soon as I send some emails. I've downloaded lots of nice classical music for study purposes. I mean, uh... bought lots of nice CD's! *hides from copyright police*

I bought a bar of swiss hazelnut chocolate at Trader Joes on Sunday. It's almost gone. I wonder where it went?

: It is amazing how little my paper on the origins of WWI for Hist 141 I can reuse for this assignment. History and Political Science really *are* two different subjects! Who knew?

Unplugging the DSL cable worked really well. I got quite a lot done before I scurried off to an IISA mtg. Now I'm almost done... unfortunately I may have to pull the plug again to finish.

I've decided its not the paper writing that I mind so much. (Except in French--every word is by the skin of my teeth.) It's the getting started that is difficult. Once again, though, I seem to have made most of it up when it is supposed to be based on readings. Maybe I can *trick* him into thinking I did it. He went to BYU, after all, and we know they aren't too bright! JUST KIDDING! *winks at mommy, susie, and john* I love you all!!!

Speaking of Susie, she showed me how to look up the stats on this lovely "blog", and here are some interesting tidbits: the most emphatic(exclaimation marks: 68) entry was on the day I went to see Chamber of Secrets. "Harry" is the 22nd most often used word. "Going" is the first. Followed by "really". I am REALLY GOING to go work on my paper now. Score!

: Now I'm tempted to type "Ginny" 50 times so she's up there with Harry. But I shall refrain. Ginny. Is that the right word? Ginny. restrain? Ginny. Why am I not an English major? Ginny.

I'm normal! I swear! Ginny.

Thanks, Sus, now I'll never get my paper done. *unplugs*


: It's too long! My paper is too long! When have I had this problem before? Never!

The explaination is simple. I know too much. I must purge my brain of excess knowledge. Perhaps I will do that this weekend.

Ok, so maybe the page about how the EU has improved our society today wasn't really necessary. Whatever.

Oh, nevermind. I fixed the margins (they were 1 1/2 inches... wonder how they got that way?) 6 1/2 pages. Perfect. I am a Political Science genius (yeah right).

: Just returned from office hours, so I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about my French paper. My professor liked my notebook, but somehow I don't think that guarentees and A. I had a nice conversation with a Belgish guy while waiting my turn. Oh blast, I should have asked his opinon on the EU.

The French paper has, btw, been postponed to the same day as the test, which is also the same day as another Poly Sci paper, and the day before an Econ midterm. Whee.

Number of people who have complimented my notebook so far: 5. But I'm sure many admire it from afar.

Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny.

Now I am going to read something non school for a change, though I probably really shouldn't.

: Today I: painted nails with Marisa, took a nap, laid in bed trying to think in French, went jogging*, got clean, and have been "working on my econ proj" for the last half hour or so.

*I've decided, per Marisa's advice, to start jogging vs. going to the gym (which wasn't working very well anyways, because I never went, because it was always too crowded when I did go). So, that is the story.

Marisa said something funny this morning that I said I was going to use as a quote, but now I can't remember what it was. Something about girls... liking boys, maybe. Or boys being dumb. I don't remember.

Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny.

: *checks stats*... Damn it.

Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny

The ironic thing is, "Potter" is the 50th word on my top words list, so by adding "Ginny" I'll be knocking "Potter" off. Oh, now I have to type "Ginny" two more times to counteract the additional "Potter"s. Ahh!!

Ginny Ginny Ginny.

: Yesss! Now "Harry" and "Ginny" are happily together at number 22 and 23, both 31 times each. Now whenever I type one, I must type the other, so it stays that way.

It's funny, isn't it, how the most random things can be sooo amusing when you have more necessary things to be doing? At least I'm not signed onto IM. Susie says I'm getting "whacked out" or something. You can blame school for that.

But I need the internet for my project, so I can't *unplug*. I'll never get done....

Putting curlers in my hair: Idon'twannadoitIdon'twannadoit. Too bad *it* is due tomorrow and 8 AM and noon respectively*.

*Is that even a word? Do I even care?

Unlike Sumana, I have not yet seen Bend it Like Beckham. Those of you who know me well understand how great a travesty this is.

I just realized I may have made a tragic mistake. Yesterday or so I ordered the fourth Georgia Nicholson book, Dancing in my Nuddy Pants, which means that it will be arriving in a week or so. Perhaps I should ask Jennie to hide it until Wednesday post-midterm.

It's amazing how many entires there are in my weblog when I have other things I need to be doing. Right. Supply and Demand!

: In the intrest of being academically minded, I went to a special guest lecture on European Cities by a visiting professor from France.

I'm soo sore from running yesterday, I can barely walk. Unfortunately, I still have to go again today. *Moans* It will have to be a short one. And, it's hot out.

: Computers truly confuse me. But then, many things so. French, for example.

[Comments] (2) My brother is a genius: Hey guys, guess what!! By clicking on the little blue triangle, you can now add comments!! Yes, just like at xanga! So now everyone can tell me how nuts they think I am!! Whee!!! Comment away.

Speaking on my brother, he thinks I'm nuts, too.

It's kind of funny, don't you think, that I get more email from my Econ professor than anyone else, combined? It's not that people don't love me enough to send me email or anything, she just sends out A LOT of emails.

I've been to every single class (even if I tend to get there a bit late) so far this quarter. Although, I have an inkling this might change tomorrow at 8 AM. NO, I MUST go. I have a midterm on next Wenesday. Oh I hate I hate I hate Econ.

But not as much as I hate French.

According to Alex: Nice, succinct & to the point (kind of like you actually).

*looks up succinct in the dictionary* Ok, I can deal with that... Though I'm sure many would object (my PS TA being one).

: I MUST go to Econ. I've already printed the notes--8 pages. This class is a serious waste of ink. I wouldn't be able to stay awake even if I didn't spend the whole time cutting up my graphs and glueing them in my supercool notebook (which two more people complimented me on today, making the grand total 7) and coloring them with colored pencils.

The same guy who did the lecture yesterday came to EU class today. It was interesting enough for a while, but there's only so much Regions and Cities a girl can take. I only got a 92 on my paper this time. I must be losing my touch. Still, I didn't know much about Regions and Cities to begin with, and if you had seen me writing the paper, you'd probably be amazed I even got a 92.

I only have to suffer through 2 more days of class, then I get to go home and see my kitty. I think I'd be a lot happier, in general, if instead of French and Econ I was taking two more classes as enjoyable as PS and EU. Maybe next quarter I'll be better off.

Rachel is too sore to go running today.

Tonic Tonic To--Oh, no, I'm only kidding! Doesn't mean I don't love you, Tonic ;)!

[Comments] (6) Missing my kitty: My foot encountered something furry underneath my desk and for a split second I thought it was Tonks. It was my slipper. Now I am sad.

Do you ever get out of the shower only to realize you forgot to shave one of you legs? Me, neither.

My book came today. I saw it, sitting on top of our mailbox when I came in from class. And now I see it, sitting on the shelf of Jennie's desk. Looking at me... wanting me to read it... She did not do a very good job of hiding it.

J'ai decide de ne parle qu'en francais jus-ce que j'ai fini mon papier. That would have been more sucessful if I lived somewhere like Canada. Or, you know, France.

[Comments] (2) : "I don't wanna be here. I wanna be around foreingers that I don't understand."--Aeby

Both of my sections are a complete waste of time. My PS TA and I are ideologically opposed. I can't wait to see what he gave my paper. I spent PS wondering why I woke up from my nap and Econ marveling at how badly I need a haircut (Friday). At least until the quiz, which I probably didn't do very well on, but I can't bring myself to care. As Sumana points out, beginning Econ is all based on the assumption that people behave rationally. I'd like to see how that applies to international politics. I have the same problem with all the theories in PS. When do people ever behave rationally, I'd like to know? So what is the point of making up theories when they will no doubt be proven wrong? The only one that I think is any good is institutionalism, and the is because the EU is the way to world peace. My TA, however, does not think this. Oh well, what does he know? Ok. I am now done complaining about school. For now.

IM from Jennie: can u see ur book now? :0

: I love running into people from London. It puts me into a good mood all day. Because it reminds me that there are people out there like me. "Once you go, you have to go back said Josh. The is the truth. See Aeby's quote of yesterday.

Today in PS the prof was asking if a book had come in to the bookstore yet. It hasn't, and probably won't for a while. I suggested, loudly (as it is a class of several hundred people), that people buy the book online. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts. Ok, this I am used to, but how did them come to that conclusion based on me buying books online? Is it really that unusual? Oh well. Who has the book, whenever one else doesn't, and not only that paid less than everyone else is going to? Oh, that would be me.

I have to run back on campus to turn in the thing I forgot I volunteered to turn in, then after I pack up I get to go home! Yay!

[Comments] (1) : Tonks seems to have "braiding hair time" confused with "playing time".

I saw Mrs Polite, Ms Richards, and Mme Bousquet today (She says hi to Susie). It was a bit odd to be back at BHS. Then Chris and I went to see Jen at Too Fat and went back to his place and played with Callie for a while. Now I must work on my French paper. And my application thingy. Grrr I don't want to.

: Je deteste tout les choses francais.

Eating a pomegranite (yum--thanks, Mom!): Application thingy almost done. Yay!

I've decided to cheat and let myself eat a bag of cheetos if I am a good girl and get everything done that needs to be done tomorrow. I have major self-discipline problems. Perhaps I should join the army or something. Or not. I don't know. I don't have issues NOT doing something, such as eating cheetos, or doing something simple, like excerising or going to class, once I make my mind up about it. It's just the writing papers thing that I have difficulty with. French in particular. Maybe I could get some sort of marketing research job where I am paid to come up with ways to procrastinate. THAT would be awesome.

I am now going to try to arrange my classes for next quarter so I don't have any in which I feel the need to a. put off papers til the last minute (like that'll happen), b. tell off my professor (and/or TA), and c. rail against all things French everytime I think of the class.

[Comments] (1) Haleluja!!!: I found an extra hour hiding in my closet, and have dragged it out to share with everyone!!

: Except I got really confused as to what time it was this morning. I didn't know if it was 9, 10, or 11.

And my 0 button has gone funky. Typing "zero" is now much more of a pain than it used to be. I hope it doesn't die completely.

Working hard to earn those cheetos.

: Wait a sec... I must have misread my Poly Sci paper the first time I looked at it. I thought I got a B, but it turns out I got an A! A rather high A at that. I am smarter than I thought! (I just have bad eyesight.>

On the other hand, I am very confused. I used to be sure that I wanted an MA in History, but now International Affairs sounds mighty interesting. Oh well, I am going to a Grad School Fair on Tues (instead of studying for Econ> so that should help me along my path to self-discovery.

I know what you are thinking. "What does this have to do with French?" you are thinking of posting in the comments section. You're right. *Back to work.*

[Comments] (1) : rachnmi (7:38:58 PM): whats another word for connectivity?

swishina (7:40:00 PM): john & susie?

On the way over to the library I saw large tents bedecked in blue and gold being deconstructed and thought to myself "There must have been some big event this weekend.

Oh, yeah. Homecoming." Go Bruins!!!

: Just got back from running errands. Made copies, ate a pretzel, bought a French Dictionary (because my old one has myteriously disappeared. I don't remember throwing it out the window, but perhaps that's what happened) as well as a present for my self, which I don't need strictly speaking, but was too Londonly cute to say no to, asked for a job (and was denied, yet again), bought frozen strawberries from Whole Foods, and Fed Exed my internship application to the State Dept.

R/T airfare to London at STA is only $266. That's not even half a months rent.

Why does the weather have to be so nice during midterms week?

[Comments] (1) : After getting my pretzel I was passed by a tour of high school students, most of whom were taller than me, making me wax nostolgic for the days (back in 5th grade)when I was the tallest. It's odd, isn't it, that I had my growth sprut so early? This is what I think: my mom has been lying to me about my age, and I am really 1 or 2 years older than I think I am. This would explain why I feel so wierd answering whenever someone asks me how old I am. 20 sounds so young. I feel a lot older than 20. I feel like, maybe 22. This would also explain why I get along so well with older people (i.e. Laura and Kristi). And the white hairs.

On the other hand, I don't know where this puts Susie. Perhaps she is older than she thinks, too. Or perhaps she is adopted. Or perhaps I am adopted.

: If only I were writing about Defense Against the Dark Arts-ism instead of dadaism que ne signifie rien, my job would be much easier.

Shout out to Jennie and her buddy Tim, who rock cuz they brought me IN-N-OUT!

[Comments] (8) When Midterms Win: Marisa send pictures of her backyard--singed trees and a melted shed.

It's been unusually warm, and I can't help wonder about the cause and effect-ness of the weather and fire. Is it warm because of the magnitude of fires? I doubt. Or are there fires because of the warmth? I also doubt. Perhaps they are unrelated goods. What is the elasticity of the fire? If I buy more of Good X fire will I buy more or less or the same of Good Y warmness? Perhaps the warmness and fires are dynamic differentials; the warmness was declining in power, and saw that the fire was rising, and decided to attack while it still had a chance of winning. Thus, WWIII. But, no, that doesn't work, because we are merely deterring the lessons learned from WWI, and the situation is entirely different now. The warmness is Dadaiste, while the fire is more of a surrealiste. And how will this effect EU expansion? The EMU and the Euro? The CAP?

Oh, help.

Even more reason to be slightly apprehensive: the other night I had a dream I ran into Michelle Barr while traveling in Europe. She was with Georgianna Bowersox and Gabe Smith; I was with Dan Hunt. It's a very odd combination. Perhaps a subconscious longing for my high school roots, brought on by my recent visit to BHS. Freud would know. Maybe I should try automatic writing. Or not, since I seriously doubt I could do anything automatically these days besides sleep, eat, and check my email.

: Leonard is going to Arkansas to work on a political campiagn. Like, for a year. Just when I thought activism was dead. And to think, I was planning on abandoning the country altogether and moving to England. Though, to be fair, I'd thought about some sort of campaign to get people to send it their absentee ballots. Every vote counts. We should have learned that in 2000. And, honestly, this place will go to the dogs if we don't do something soon. Look at who our governor is.

Leonard also answered my email. My zero key is still funky, though.

On the other news front, I am still safe from fire, and Marisa mentions that it has stopped raining ash, and that her bunny is excited to see me this weekend.

Additionally, it is confirmed that the Prisoner of Azkanban trailer will be shown at the Looney Tunes movie, which opens Nov 14. This isn't a scheduled home weekend, so I may have to do some rearranging. Date, Mom? (Yes, I'm going to see a movie just to see the trailer. You think that's wierd? Then you probably don't know me.)

: Networks are very interesting. I mean, that whole friend of a friend of a friend thing. You might think that the people you know don't know people you know, but you'd probably be wrong. For those of you who don't what Friendster is, it's an online community where you have a list of all your friends who are members, and you can see who their friends are, etc, etc. Today I got a message from K via her co-workers' account, who I am connected with through 6 differnet people and 4 degrees of seperation. *sings* It's a small world after all...

: rachnmi (9:40:47 PM): my computer just randomly crashed

Iwtoam (9:41:00 PM): Strange...

rachnmi (9:42:07 PM): so i guess it's lucky I hadn't done much on my paper...

Iwtoam (9:42:43 PM): See, it's God looking out for you

Done! Hurrah! : The cutest thing ever

I have done with midterms! Let the weekend ensue!

"Achoo!" "À te souhaits!" *I think I am allergic to French* On the bad news front, it turns out I am indeed the loser. Said book has come in, in quantity of 17, and we are no longer responsible for reading it. Oh well. I'm sure The World Since 1945 will come in handy for me someday...

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