La Vie En Rose for 2003 November

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[Comments] (2) Blue skies, LaLaLa: The rain is like a breath of fresh air in this war-torn country. (The country isn't really war-torn, but the southern part of the state is fire-torn.)The bad news is, the chances for Rob's house are not looking good. I feel so bad for everyone who's lost their homes. I can't imagine what it would be like. Just awful, I'm sure.

The good news is, I got to see Laura and Marisa. I had a really fun halloween and I was a super-cool fairy. The highlight of the evening was an adorable owl, and there was also a witch. I got really excited and asked if she was from Harry Potter, but she didn't know what I said and had to consulte her parents before saying "Si". Just goes to show the universality of Harry Potter. (Ginny Ginny)

"I think I'm just not special" - me.

"You are special, Rachel. In soo many ways."- Laura

: I had a dream that I was apologising to Jennie for my stuff being all over, and she said "It's ok, just don't fall out of the bed, because then you'd take up the whole floor."

Why has the weekend o' fun gone by so quickly? On the brighter side, Phil and I had fun wandering Santa Monica last night, I took the bus for the first time, and I got an aplication for Express.

"You are so obsessed with movies." - me

"Because you don't know the meaning of obsession at all!" - Phil

A V. Bad Thing: Three words: leftover Halloween Candy. Let the Holiday Dieting Games begin!!!

[Comments] (2) Bad times ahead...: Except, not really ahead, because they are now. Cheering is needed.

: "The growth of political cooperation also reflected a growing growth of political voice."

Oh, help

[Comments] (1) : Bad times have gone awayish. I am happier now. I love you all!

This site was the ninth result for a yahoo search on "la vie en rose". How about that?

[Comments] (2) : One more month until I can eat cheetos again. *Wistful sigh*. I am going job hunting tomorrow. After I discuss my research paper with my professor. "LA is the typical example of how they don't want cities to develop" she said today, meaning Eastern Europe, meaning inequality. I am soo taking off this 8th Grade Blue nail polish from Halloween.

Yesterday I came to a realization. My Econ professor is exactly how I pictured Umbridge. Minus the bow and pink cardigan. And evilness. Though not the self importance.

Let's just HOPE that none of my professors/TAs run across my weblog. Or atleast certain ones of them. I always have to remember to not include my signature when I send them emails.

[Comments] (3) : Would someone like to EXPLAIN to me WHY it is NECESSARY to SCREW UP my GE requiremnets NOW??? Is it TOO MUCH TO ASK to have ONE SET of requirement for the whole time? Instead of having me THINK I need ONE THING when TWO QUARTERS BEFORE GRADUATION it MAGICALLY CHANGES to SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT??????

WHY?? WHY? WHY? I ask you, WHY? and HOW?

Can't get enough: rachnmi (11:01:37 PM): I need to go back

luvmeeshee (11:01:48 PM): me too, I am almost out of Ribena

rachnmi (11:02:26 PM): My roommate came back from sussex, and she brought me Nivea deodarant AND a Sophie Kinsella book

luvmeeshee (11:02:38 PM): OHHH

: I went to Whole Foods and bought a salad, even though I shouldn't have, as I'll probably have to be paying an extra portion of rent because PEOPLE SUCK! But there was no food in the apt that I wasn't sick to death of eating and it was yummy, a salade nicoise. I don't think I've had one since... Nice! Then Jennie&co brought me a taco, and I HAD to eat it because they brought it to me! *gains ten pounds--and not the good kind*

"Study! Write a paper!" - Jennie "I don't HAVE a paper!" - me "Write one anyway, for fun. Suffer with me!!" -Jennie

[Comments] (2) Tonks here I come!!: And mommy, and Gretel...

My dreams are becoming too vivid. It's a sign of sleeping disorder. I'm sure I've got one--sometimes I sleep for 12 hours, yet one the weekdays I'm lucky to get 5 because I can't fall asleep. Anyways, today in PS the prof announced we would be getting back our papers and I turned to the girl next to me and said "Did'nt we already get them back?" Or maybe I am just psychic, because I remember thinking while walking to PS that I would have to do a really good job on the Cold War paper to make up for the B I got on this one.

I have a purring kitty on my lap right now. : That's all I really wanted to say. I am a Happy Girl.

[Comments] (7) : Everyonce in a while Mom (who is working on geneology) will interrupt me (who is working on Uncle John's Christmas scrapbook)and say something like "This guy is married to himself," or "This guy is married to a girl, than married to a boy," or "This guy has a child 100 years before he is born". Or my favourite, So and So the Queen of France, related to us by 5 generations of "unknowns". Honestly!

I think I am reverting to my vegetarian stage. Lately the idea of meat has been very unappealing.

: Took Gretel for a walk wearing my pj's. (Me, not her.) Got lots of stares. So it goes.

"And that's not just my opinon, it's the truth!" -Mom

Happy Birthday to Jen!!! (though she never reads this...)

Playing hookey tomorrow and going back Tuesday. Spending my time sleeping, eating, and reading about the Cold War. Mostly the first two.


We're 3 fun-loving females seeking a fourth female roommate who is easy going, studious, and clean. The apartment move in date is negotiable.

The apartment is a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom with 2 balconies and a fireplace. We have dsl, cable, and laundry facilities. You would be sharing a room with one other girl=)

*The room has a private bathroom *A spacious walk in closet and another large sliding door closet. *Right across the street from Parking lot 2 (Hilgard & Westholme Ave) *Gated parking space comes with room *Rent is $525.00

Oh blast...: Not only did I leave my pizza at home, I forgot to get batteries. What does that mean? I'll have to buy some. With my non-existant money. Or go insane. Fabitty fab fab.

Quote from Jennie: Why do midterms happen to good people? Why?

: There are TONS of books on British Foriegn Policy and European Integration in Young Reseach Library. I am in Nerd Heaven.

[Comments] (1) : POA trailer is out!! Happiness abounds!

Related quote: "I can't believe we still have to wait 7 months!" - Me "Hey, remember when it was a year? We're making progress!" - Jen

[Comments] (1) : Me: *goes to get French paper* "Bonjour".

Ma Prof: "Where is you paper?"

Me: *had heart attack*

Luckily, she belives I turned it in, so I just have to put another copy in her mail box tomorrow. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem as before: MY PAPER SUCKS! And now it's really going to stand out in her mind. Why oh why oh WHY do I hafta be soo bad at French? I mean, for the amount of time and effort I put into that 2 1/2 page dump I could've written a beautiful 10 pager History something.

On the bright side, my ))))0000 key has decided to fix itself.

: Dinner. Ramen. Again.

[Comments] (2) : "Many students don't know how to make healthful food choices," says Dr. Shuldman. "A diet of Ramen noodles night after night just won't cut it."


: Sometimes it seems like all I ever do is write.

Click, click, click: the sound of my keyboard typing away. See how studious I am?

[Comments] (3) : I've discovered I have a wicked streak of delicious torment.

Some people might not get my sense of humour. I'm ok with that.

[Comments] (2) : Things to survive til Christmas (and ONE MONTH of FREEDOM!):

(1) Roommate to find, Econ Final, Econ proj, Poly Sci final, Poly Sci paper (due tomorrow yeech!), French papier, French examen, Euro St research paper

(2) Econ quizzes, EU weeklies, sessions of registering for class

(3) Euro St lectures

(4) Econ lectures, French lectures

(5) Poly Sci lectures

: *stabs self with salad fork* (yes, I am eating SALAD!)

I hate writing papers. No, not really. I just hate trying to get started. And who cares about the Cold War, anyway? It's OVER!! And, no, not ONLY because of Reagan.

"Well, that means your computer is @#$%! up"--Andy, after I described my symptoms. "Fabulous. EXACTLY what I wanted to hear!"

: Me: Will I finish this paper before midnight? Magic 8 Ball: Yes. Here's to hoping.

Update: "How do people like us get into UCLA?" - me. "It's magic." - Jennie

[Comments] (8) : I've decided not to go to grad school. Okay, so I haven't so much decided as can't. Here's why: I was supposed to take the GRE's about two weeks ago. Obviously, I didn't. Ok, but I could take them in December (I think) except that I can't, because it costs $115 and I don't have $115. I don't even have enough money to pay rent. Oh, I have enough to pay my portion of rent--just--but not what I actually have to pay because @#$%%^ decided to $%^&*$%^!!! And that's not even getting into the, what, $50? for each application... Or what I'm going to be eating for the next who-knows-how-long until I can actually find a job. Ramen, I guess.

I'm going to go cry in a corner now. Except that I can't even do that, because I have to work on an assignment due in two hours.

[Comments] (1) Better (ish): I registered to take the GREs next Sunday--apparantly I was confused about when I could actually take them. Thanks for clearing that up, Michelle. I put it on my credit card.

I hope I can put the application I am working on now on my credit card, too.

: Got my transcript requests in. Just need one more person for letters of rec. My kitty is hurt, Poor Baby! And I went to a luncheon with the Dutch ambassador today. V. interesting. Transatlantic relations. *hugs* to the Dutch, our oldest friends!

[Comments] (2) : Oh, yeah, and I had first pass today. Realized I was confused about a class I REALLY should take (American Foreign Policy) and its actually at the same time as (count them) three other classes I wanted to take. Not only that, there's TWO lectures of that class, and they're BOTH at the same time! Explain that to me! If I had a time turner, yeah, maybe I could be taking all the classes I wanted to. So I randomly decided to take History of Ancient Political Thought, and if I get into Celtic mythology and Oceanography (#$%^^ GEs) then I'll be happy. Too bad about the Euro St humanities that sounds really interesting... But I'm petitioning for my other humanities credit, and do I really wanna take 5 classes?? Do I??

Found on Jennie's Xanga: Rachel (cool roommate): Jennie! Jennie! Jennie!

Me: Huh?

Rachel: I don't wanna write a paper.

Me: hah!

Rachel: *pulls blanket over head* *silence*

[Comments] (1) Since I can't figure out how to upload photos: check out my pictures.

[Comments] (1) : Mommy came to take me to lunch today. Well, see came for something else, but took me to lunch, too. Yummy food. I am getting spoiled lately.

Weekend of research papers, feeling guilty because I should start French, and Grad School apps. And missing my kitty. Tuesday!

Another death in the apt: I think I left the hotpot plugged in. Oops. Now we have to boil water the old-fashioned way. On the stove.

[Comments] (3) Hello to everyone I don't know!: My life must be appealing to read about, somehow, for people who don't even know me. In the last week I've had three emails from complete strangers.

[Comments] (3) : "I don't know if you should be reading this, but something about eating makes me not care."--Chris

"I guess I just bring out the bite in you"--Chris. "That could so easily be misconstrued."--me. "Not if you add more construe to it!"--Chris

"I LOVED it! I totally reminded me of England!"--me. "Especially that time when you ran into JKR and she said 'He's going to grow up and marry you! Isn't that what you want to hear?'"--Chris. "Yesss!"--me.

[Comments] (1) : Meh.

Word to the Wise: NEVER TRANSFER!! It is a royal pain in the rear and will HAUNT you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

[Comments] (3) : Traffic SUCKS! There was an accident on Sepulveda pass and it took me an HOUR to get from my apt to the Getty exit. That's what, 5 miles? And it was BRRR all the way through the mountains. Doesn't help that the sun roof on my car is stuck open so I had the draft from that blowing on me the whole way down. *sigh* I live a ghetto life.

And I'm SOO looking forward to the LONG drive up to SF tomorrow.

[Comments] (2) : Safe in SF and having a good time. Traffic wasn't so bad as I thought it would be. We'll see about tomorrow.

I wish I had brought something other to read than French. I thought that would mean I would be forced into reading French, but really it means I'm not reading anything. I shall try again, but OH, these books are impossible to read.

Mary Kay Open House Tomorrow! : Please come and do your Christmas shopping!

[Comments] (1) Back and safe in LA: Yes, already. I left at 6:30 to avoid the traffic. Now a bit jittery from tiredness, I guess, and nerves--GREs in a couple of hours, then it's study hell from now until Fri Dec 12.

: Hide me from the real world...

: I know! I still have a no-EU weekly left. I think I will use it now. I'll probably regret it next week when I am even more hectic and stressed than I am now (wait... is that even possible?) but oh well, here's to instant gratification! And simecon... ugh.

La Vie En Rose for 2003 November

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