La Vie En Rose for 2004 February

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: Just got back to my lair. Plugged my speakers into the laptop and couldn't figure out why the music was still coming from the laptop speaker, and my other speakers were making a buzzing noise. Mic plug. Oh. Duh.

[Comments] (1) : I had a fabby weekend at home. I got my new glasses! and Jen and I went to see Major League Improv, then out to dinner with Chuck and some other people. Kim Canfield was playing, apparantly she is back in Bakersfield. I still don't know what to do next year, but am trying not to stress about it. Ok, and now that my sock drawer is organized, time to do homework!

[Comments] (4) : It's not raining. It's POURING! In the five minutes it took to walk from Bunche to Cafe Roma, I (and my suede jacket) got soaked to the bone. On the brighter side, despite the rain, people actually came to my cafe night! 2 people who aren't on the IISA board, my roommate, or friends of my roommate! A huge success, especially for a first time. I got to spread my HP knowledge, which makes up for that fact that my hair was a frizz ball. I came home and stood under the scalding water until I turned red. It's lucky we got a ride--I doubt we'd have survived the walk home. Probably end up drowned in an overflowed gutter or swept all the way down Wilshire on a huge tidal wave. Next week we are hoping to get the diplomat in residence to come.

Today in class, the randomest thing: a guy walks up to me and says, "Were you in a commercial with a singing hot dog?" Um, no.

[Comments] (5) : While walking home I saw a girl with a H&M bag at the bus stop. I didn't ask her where she got it, because it looked like she'd been carting her stuff around in it since her most recent trip to NY/London/Paris, not like she'd just popped in for a quick sweater on her way home from work. Besides, if they were opening up an H&M in LA, someone would tell me, yes? Though it might be better not to...

Got paid today. Woot.

[Comments] (4) : This is totally random, but the guy next to me (and I mean RIGHT next to me) in the Oceanography examen today had BO. I think my grade may suffer because of it, as I went thorugh the questions in a rush just to get out of there. Oh, but wait, I don't HAVE a grade because I am taking it P/NP. Hahahaha.

Whee!!: Just got a notice with GRADUATION information!

[Comments] (1) : "You're bringing me incense! I feel like the baby Jesus!"--Me, to Sneeekie.

[Comments] (21) Almost my B-day Lalalala...: Ok, well, in about a month. But still! I'm adding a digital camera to my wish list, because, as Sneeekie points out, by the time I buy film for Europe, it will have paid for itself!

Perhaps I will shop around online to find one I like, but for now.... Kafka!

Oh, and can someone give me advice for cooking rice. No, scratch, can someone tell me HOW to cook rice? The traditional way? Thanks.

: I learned something in oceanography that actually applies to my major: the gulf stream pushes warm water all the way from Texas to Northern Europe, explaining why the climate is so much warmer than similair places in latitude.

[Comments] (5) Today Sucks: That's all.

[Comments] (6) Boo!: I am still sad about Clark, but Leonard is famous. Hopefully I'll get to see him when he stops in Bakersfield, since it doesn't look like he is coming to LA.

Last night I had a dream I was packing for Europe. I have that dream a lot. I wonder if it means something?

Also, I keep forgetting to mention, but the other day I saw a bumper sticker that we used to have: Well-behaved women rarely make history. Either I'd forgotten how much I like it, or I like it more now (probably the latter). I wonder where I could get one for myself? (I have a bumper sticker place on my car, now--*sob*)

: pushed "publish" twice....ugh

[Comments] (2) : I need to get back into writing-everything-down mode. Several times a day I think "that's a great weblog quote." What is? Oh, I don't remember!

[Comments] (1) Happy Friday the 13th!: Yay! Only, little did I know, years and years ago, when I was calculating when my next Friday the 13th Birthday was, that it would be ROBBED of me by leap year! Boooo! Oh well, one month until my birthday! Here is a reminder wishlist:

Digital camera
Well behaved women bumper sticker
Harry Potter poster
Eurail pass
Norah Jones CD
Gift Certificates to Target, LUSH, or Trader Joes
Donations to Send Rachel to Europe Fund

Thanks. Good news: I was a worker today AND got a hair cut. Bad news: I did not go to Berkley. Good news: I get to see John on Monday. Bad news: I think my computer is dying.

[Comments] (2) Happy Valentine's Day!: I got two! One is from Susie, in which she says "hope you have a great one, even if you don't have a *boy* to share it with"--that's ok, I have Sneeeks, and the entire population of LA, who all decided to go to TJs at the EXACT SAME TIME. The other is actually a converted thank-you card from Marisa, and she says "Boys are gross, except for Prince William because I can marry him & become English."

Retreat from Serbia by Olive Aldridge: "All this misery and all the roadside tragedies were happening not because anybody was going deliberately out of their way to be unkind to anybody else, but it was the inevitable result of war and invasion. And so long as countries recognize war as a legitimate means of settling their differences, so long as countries are greedy for their neighbors' territory, these tragedies will be re-enacted."

[Comments] (4) : I feel kinda lonely, because most of my family was together in some way this weekend, and I could really use some guidance at this turning point in my life... And discouraged, because it seems like, even though I stayed home this weekend to be a worker, my ever-increasing To-Do list will never be done.

[Comments] (2) Just so you know: I *am* alive (barely)... Back to reading!

[Comments] (4) checking in: still alive!

At home: Puppyness is cuteness, but rather annoying as her and gretel think it's fighting and growling time (when really, it's waste time online for a few second before crawling into bed with a Serbia book time). It's amazing how early I go to bed here (possibly because Mom does, and there's nothing else to do?) but unfortunately, I don't have time to do a major sleep-in session tomorrow. I could really use some catching up, considering the week I have had.

[Comments] (4) : I HATE ANTS!!!!!

At Northern Lights (my new fav hangout): One hour to go til presentation time. *biting nails nervously*

: Just send the gazillionth email to the PS dept re: the petition I turned in LAST QUARTER. Oh, and when I am supposed to register? Hummm... Thursday. Thanks. Why are people such idiots?

If this petition doesn't go through, I am going to be majorly pissed. Not to mention, majorly screwed.

[Comments] (3) Strange...: I can't seem to get any work done at night anymore. I'd rather go to bed early, then get up and work before class. I need to find a better way of discipling myself, other than IM bans that never really work out. Perhaps I am magically morphing into a morning person? First buyer's guilt, now THIS? Next thing we know, I'll be campaining for Bush. (Hahah, not really. Ok, I shouldn't even joke about that.)

[Comments] (1) : I told Kerstin, the girl I work with who is living for the Peace Corps in two weeks, that I have pretty much decided on staying all next year and working--I really have no other viable options. Then I asked if she thought it would be ok if I took a month or two off to go to Europe (after all, I can do research there), and she said that should be ok, as long as I promise to come back...Hum. Well, I suppose I don't really consider runnning away to Europe a viable option. At least not until I save up some money. Perhaps next year? *SIIIIIIIIIIIIGH* My quarter-life crisis keeps not ending.

I am thinking the key to keep ants away is simply eating all the food in the house.

[Comments] (2) : Oh, yes, and when I was running back into the house to get my paper summary for Celtic Mythology, I tripped on a sprinkler head and ripped the leather on my favourite pair of Doc Martens. AND I register tomorrow, and have not yet heard back from the powers that be at the PS dept about the petition I gave them LAST QUARTER. Fabby. O wonderful day.

[Comments] (10) RANT sur les stupide GEs: Um, yes. I am a college student. Hi. I am supposed to be taking classes that will prepare me for my future career. This is the point of college, yes? My present and most probably future employment deal with historically English related things. Classes on this subject are most helpful.


UCLA feels the need for all of its students to take pointless, uninteresting classes for the sake of "general education".


I could discuss all of the ways in which I am already well rounded enough thankyouverymuch, but I have to study for my oceanography exam. Because I have NOTHING BETTER to do with my time.

[Comments] (1) Another rant sur le stupide-ity d'UCLA: Apparantly, the European Union is not Poli-Sci-y enough for the PoliSci Dept. And I had to go, wait for an hour and be late to class, over two months after I submitted the petition, in order to find this out.

Am thinking of seeing Prof. Knudsen, then raising hell, vs. taking another course.

[Comments] (7) : Christina is over for mental health, and we just finished watching Pirates. Orlando is my BOYFRIEND! But what I want to know is, how is Will's father dead, when he was cursed? Also: Keira Knightley probably DOES NOT eat ice cream by the gallon.... :D

[Comments] (4) : I am saving my emails, &c, which involves cutting and pasting into a word document... if only I weren't such a complusive, having to save everything; then maybe my hand wouldn't be cramped from hours of ctr+c and ctrl+v ing, and my eyes wouldn't be drooping, and my bed wouldnt be covered in magazine cuttings, so I could go to it.

Today's mental health day consisted of shopping at the Grove/ Farmer's Market with Christina, where I bought, amoung other things, cheese. Then I came home and did email and cut things from magazines and above all did not think. I even signed onto AIM for the first time in at least a week. I'll probably pay for today tomorrow, but I don't care! Bed time!

: I just finished loading down my hair with LUSH junk--Arabian Bright--and now Sneeki and I must go to TJs to try and avoid the midday rush. Oh well. If anyone comments, I'll just say I need to look my best for the oscars tonight!

La Vie En Rose for 2004 February

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