La Vie En Rose for 2004 September

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[Comments] (1) Books &c: I had to go to the BioMed library to get a book on Scottish Women's Hospitals. Scary! I've only been once before, and I got lost. I guess the person I asked for directions this time was better at it. I found my books and it was covered in the thickest layer of dust I've ever seen in a library. Apprently it was just about to be pulled, so I have rescued it from the obscurity of the Southern Regional Library Facility (which I picture as this huge warehouse in the middle of the desert where they perform odd experiments on people and forklift huge amounts of books around). Actually, it would have been a lot easier for *me* to request the book from SLRF and pick it up at YRL, where I'm at practically everyday anyway...

[Comments] (2) Hum: I wonder what Susanna wants for her birthday?

[Comments] (4) If you don't notice it, then maybe it's not too bad?: It was a nice clear day today. For the first time, I noticed that you can see the Hollywood sign from Santa Monica when turning into my neighborhood.

In other news, my roommate is looking for a new home for her two cats, so if you or someone you know is interested please let me know!

[Comments] (1) Dreading Friday: I really think funerals are the worst part of death, all the gloom and doom and crying. I'd much rather sit outside Cafe 50s on a bus stop bench & talk about how my grandpa used to take me for rides on the orange cart at the ranch.

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Ronald Wilson Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King Day

Baltimore Orioles win the World Series

Washington Redskins win Superbowl XVII

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[Comments] (5) An actual update for once: This weekend was grandpa's funeral. As far as funeral's go... well, it wasn't as sad as I thought it would be (which is actually not saying much...). It's good to know that grandpa led a full life and was well-liked and loved. Even though I miss him terribly, I know he must be much happier after how sick he was, and I think that makes letting go easier. A bit. It was so sad to see Aunt Helen and Uncle Larry's headstones. I don't think I'd been to that cemetery since Aunt Helen died.

In other news, after the funeral Leonard, Sumana and I went to Target to buy presents for Susanna. By fate, they were sold out of OOTP paperback, so we went to Russo's books, a fun independent bookseller in Bakersfield (which is actually where I bought OOTP when it first came out). I thought to ask if they were hiring, and they are! For morning shifts. So I have my whole ideal daily schedule worked out now. I can ask for fridays off, drive to LA thursday afternoon to work, then have all day friday to work here as well. I dropped off my resume on Sat and am going to be proactive and call on Monday to hopefully schedule an interview for Tuesday or Wednesday. I really hope I get this job, it would be sooo perfect. I may not have too much retail experience, but I have a degree! and that ought to be worth something.

A lot of people have been asking when I am going to move back to Bakersfield, and a la Rick Blaine, I reply casually, "I never make plans that far ahead." Actually, Tara, the girl taking my room, has been travelling in India and her email is over quota, so every one I send her asking when she is moving in gets bounced back. I have taken matters into my own hands and decided the day is Sunday. This gives me plenty of time to tie up lose ends, take another load back to Bakersfield and get a job at Russo's, hang out with LA friends one "last" time, visit Marisa in SD on Friday for her birthday, pack up the rest of my stuff and super-clean. If Tara shows up before Sunday, I'll just have to do some rearranging.

Ahem: 7 weeks left.

Grrr: The microfilm gods hate me. Do you know how hard it is to print when the stupid film keeps jumping? Completely unprompted?

[Comments] (1) Well: I am home all safe and sound. another story.

[Comments] (2) : I am much closer to being unpacked than I was yesterday, but still not done. I spent most of today re-arraniging my room, so now it is much more efficent space-wise. And clean. Tonks wandered around looking bemused at me struggeling with the furniture and is now in mom's room, cuddleing no doubt. Cats are so fickle. While moving furniture I managed somehow to dislodge the phone jack, so now no internet for little Dave. This is very, very distressing. I cannot convey how distressing this is.

Went to rehearsal for Major League Improv tonight. I decided to join the team when I moved back and am really glad I did, it was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I'm going to a)call Russo's and harrass them into giving me an interview b) call Jen and see when we'll hang out c) drag msyelf somewhere condusive & get actual work done and d) make a budget, like a real adult.

I wonder how Los Angeles is faring without me.


[Comments] (4) Exclusive!: Does anybody want a Gmail Invite?

[Comments] (2) This is the same girl who thought buying a huge bag of halloween twix was a good idea: Mom is feeling sick, so I was on my own for dinner. Amazing how the fridge can be full yet there is "nothing to eat". Well, a lot of it was TPN. So after moaning about indecisivley I settled for a sandwich and put a roll in the toaster to defrost, managing to charbroil it. I cut off the edible end and made a tiny sandwich and had a very large class of gratefruit juice. Go me.

[Comments] (4) Also: I face a small dilemna in that Tonks has usurped my suitcase as his bed. Now I can't put it away or I'll be taking away his bed and he'll think he's not welcome in my room! which of course he is. AND it has Tonks hair all over, now.

[Comments] (1) : Another improv practice down. And now I am full of rosemary's ice cream. Yummmmm...

[Comments] (1) Oh dear: Tonks is growing rather attatched to sleeping in my suitcase?

Perhaps he is afraid I am going somewhere without him.

Also: we have had an earthquake but remain undamaged. I felt it this morning but the animals and pond water were both so calm I thought it was my imagination.

[Comments] (4) Books, books, books: I'm up to my ears in books!

La Vie En Rose for 2004 September

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